boondi raita

Boondi raita recipe

Boondi raita recipe is a flavorful, easy to make yogurt based side dish served with pulao. Learn how to make boondi raita thats popular among raita recipes.

fruit chaat recipe

Fruit Chaat Recipe

Fruit chaat recipe made in Indian style with fresh fruits & chaat masala. Learn how to make fruit chaat or fresh fruit salad that’s a healthy summer snack.

Mango Lettuce Salad

Summer at its worst! Lived off salads, juice, tender coconut water and fruits for a good part of last week. Our backyard mango trees have given a reasonably good yield this year. A salad I prepared recently is a mango based one with iceberg lettuce, cherry tomatoes and cucumber.

Tomato Cheese Salad

Summer is in full swing. Going the salad way is becoming a regular routine. We had an abundant harvest of tomatoes this year. Tomato pickle was prepared last week. Today, I prepared an easy, breezy, cheesy, super simple tomato salad using little cubes of cheese and cucumber.

Pineapple Mint Salad

Prepared a Thai inspired salad using pineapple and cucumber, a refreshing medley along with a touch of fresh mint. I omitted roasted peanuts which are an integral part of most Thai salads. You can also add some grated fresh coconut and summer fruit, mango or papaya.

Quick Summer Meals ~ Avocado Mango Salad

Prepared a simple, colorful and flavorful salad using avocado and ripe mango for lunch today. Refreshing with combination of textures – both avocado and mango being creamy, and lettuce providing a bit of crunch, the salad has a mingling of savory and sweet flavors.

Apple Pomegranate Lettuce Salad

During summer, most mid day meals are usually light and many a time, its salad and large glass of a summer cooler or buttermilk, especially during the month of May. Today, I prepared a colorful, crunchy salad and a mint flavored lemonade for our mid day meal.

4 Summer Salads

Past few days had the mercury soaring with me spending as less time as possible in the kitchen. Such days call for cool, refreshing salads. Usually along with salad we drink home grown tender coconut water or buttermilk or fresh mango juice. These extremely easy, cool salads make for a light and filling meal.   […]

Brown Rice with Apple and Walnuts

I’m making a conscious effort to include nutritious whole grains into our diet. And am looking out for some nourishing salad recipes or one pot meals that include brown rice. I’m sharing with you a lovely brown rice, apple and walnuts salad recipe, that calls for a generous dose of toasted walnuts, a hint of […]

Brown Rice Salad

Brown Rice Salad Hoping all of you had wonderful start into the new year. I did. ‘Pearls of wisdom’ ~“Warm up for the year ahead like an athlete would warm up for a competition. Start gently with small movements, increasing the intensity as you go. You’ll last longer and get farther that way than if […]