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  1. Sailu Garu,

    I’m very much impressed with your website and your contributions to Andhra Cuisine.

    I was able to succesfully host 2 parties with the recipes from your website..Big Thanks.


    Thanks for dropping by, JK. I am glad to hear the parties were a success ..:)

  2. Hello Sailu,
    I really like your website amd have tried your coriander rice, palak aloo and egg curry. I’m not a very good cook, but your recipes make me seem like one!
    I am looking for dishes that can last for a few days without the use of a fridge – the weather isn’t going to be very hot. Can you give some suggestions? I need to make them for my father-in-law who is going sight-seeing in the U.S

    Thanks a lot!

    Thanks for dropping by and for trying out the recipes.I am so glad you enjoyed them.
    I have just sent you an e- mail. Any more queries, you can email me at

  3. Hello Sailu,

    My name is Kate. I live in Sydney, Australia and came across your website recently. This is a quick note to thank you for an excellent site and a great recipe source, with which I look forward to indulging my love of Indian food.

    An enormous amount of work has gone into setting up the site, and it works seamlessly – Congratulations.


    Thank you, Kate, for dropping by and leaving an encouraging comment..:)

  4. Hi Sailu,

    I discovered your blog about two weeks ago and since then, have been seeing your site. It is very well done, very interesting.

    I am looking for some info about specific Telangana foods but have been able to find very little – any ideas where I can find it? It doesn’t have to be in-depth. Even if fellow bloggers can help, that’s fine.


    Thank you for dropping by my blog, Sravanthi.
    Unfortunately, there is hardly much info on Telengana cuisine. I hope to find some
    quality links on Telengana foods and update this space with the info.

    Call to Fellow Food Bloggers for help !!

  5. Hi Sailu,

    I love your website and your recipes. I finally got a chance to go
    through most of them. You guys have so much energy and take so much effort to put these together, its amazing!
    If you dont mind, I have put a link on my blog to your homepage. It makes my blog more appealing 😉

    Keep this going!

    Thank you for your kind words on my site, Latha. I have your blog on my blogroll too.

  6. Hi sailu,

    Got the link to your site from vineela..
    Very impressive recipes and clearly explained.
    I know how much of hard work goes into such a work

    Tried few recipes & got good appreciation.
    How to get added to your mailing list…?
    I’d be glad if you can do that for me.

    Thanks a lot & Keep it up.


    Thank you for your kind words on my blog, Chaitanya. Glad
    to learn the recipes earned you good appreciation..:)
    I have a subscribe box in the side bar wherein you can type
    in your email address, you will receive my posts/recipes via

  7. Sailu,

    I absolutely LOVE your blog and I am a HUGE fan! The blog is so professional, it feels like you have a huge group of people working on the blog (and not just one person)! And the RSS feeds on the JFI – Dal, absolutely love it!!

    Thanks again for the great blog!


    PS: I just realized I can use RSS feed on the homepage also. LOVE IT!!

    Aparna, thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment with such kind words.
    I am so glad to note that you are using the rss feed as your home page. Thats so

  8. Hello Sailu,

    This is a great site for food making lovers.

    Thank you for providing such a wonderful website for people all over the world.

    But I also suggest you to mention,…Spice list in your website.Spice list …
    complete spice list in both hindi…english…and telugu…so that every body
    can understand the spices used in the food.

    If anybody knows the spice list website…please mail me at :

    Best Regards

    Thank you for dropping by my blog and your kind words and suggestion, Aparna.
    In due course, I do intend putting up a glossary of spices in different languages and
    I am working towards that.

  9. Dear Sailu,

    My name is Murthy. I have migrated to australia from Vizag a few years back, I was trying my own recipes all these years, but at this moment I was fed up with my cooking and was thinking of finding new recipes in order to impress my wife who will be joining me in Australia soon after our marriage.

    And here I got the website I was looking for and very good recipes with all good photos. I am very thankful to you and ur family and hope to see more recipes. I am very proud of a Vizagite doing this. I should come and say thanks to your and your family when my wife and I will be in Vizag next year.

    Murthy Paluri

    Murthy, I am so happy to learn that my site is helping you..:)

  10. The whole site is very impressive.
    Aesthetic photos, authentic food & elaborate recipes.

    I can boast about Andhra food to all my friends via this site.


    Thank you so much for your kind words, Kalyan..:)

  11. Hi Shailaja,

    I’m from Andhra and currently working here in the US. I’m married and we have a 3yr old and are expecting another one this December. My wife is a Malayalee and is fond of Andhra food and especially during this time she wants to have spicy food.

    I was searching the web for good Andhra recipies that I can make for her and came accross your site and believe me… it the one of the best sites I’ve ever came accross! The recipies are great and the information provided is awesome!

    I wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate on your great web site and thank you for helping us make these special moments even more special! 🙂


    Thank you so much for dropping by and your kind words on my blog, a.k.a.
    It feels so nice to read that you are cooking good spicy andhra food for your pregnant wife. She’s a lucky one !
    Feel happy that I could be a part of your special moments..:):). Wishing your wife a safe pregnancy !

  12. Hi Sailu,

    Amazing and appetising recipes. I am really impressed with the colourful recipes. Actually I was looking for Nalla Karam Podi recipe and came across yours. Can you please help me in this recipe. I have added your site in my favourties. Looking for more and more.

    Thank you for your kind words on my blog, Neeraja. I am planning to do a spice powder series soon, hopefully I should blog Nalla Karam Podi also.So you can look forward to the ‘podi’ series, Neeraja.

  13. Hi Sailu,
    I am Sumitha from Muscat. Your blog is really amazing!!! Really wonderful!!! I have tried many of your recipes. Just oe doubt. I tried your “Butter Paneer Masala” yesterday. The taste was yummy!!! However, I didnt get the exact bright orange colour that your picture had. If you dont mind, please tell me whether you have added colour in the recipe. Expecting more and more tasty recipes from you!!!!

    Hi Sumitha,

    Thanks for dropping by and your kind words on my blog, Sumitha. I am glad to know that you enjoyed Butter Paneer Masala. The color of the curry is due to the use of the chilli pwd which we prepare for home use by sun drying spices like turmeric, kashmiri chillis, methi seeds, garlic, cumin etc. Generally I use this masala chilli pwd or kashmiri chillis. When I fried the paneer pieces in ghee, I added a pinch of haldi too.

  14. Hello Sailu garu,
    Mee website chala chala bhagundi.
    meeru gelatine gurinchi raacinadi chusanu.
    Gelatine ki baduluga what can I use to make some mousses like recipes. I am vegetarian.
    Thank you , Sailu garu.


    Hello Lahari garu,
    Thank you for dropping by my blog and your kind words. These days you are getting vegetarian gelatin in the super markets. I dont know the company or brand name.

  15. Hello Sailu garu,

    Your website is very very impressive(the best I have seen infact). Mee kuralu chustunte maa amma gurtu vastundi. The traditional andhra dishes and the famous ones just the way they ought to be.

    Great job!
    I will look forward for more stuff on your site!

    Best Regards,

    Chaala santhosham, Vishali. I am so glad the recipes bring back memories of amma’s food and thank you so much for your kind words.

  16. Hi
    I saw u r website today . Recipes r good and knowing that u r from Vizag (me too from vizag) is too good . I saw the photo of u r farm . We used to live in China Waltair and (parents) moved to Madhurwada recently . I currently live in U.S.A.
    Hoping to see more recipes from u. Thanks again.

    Hi Lakshmi! Thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment. So nice to know that your from Vizag too..:)

  17. Hi,
    Would someone please tell me how to make andhra chicken pickle recipe.

    My Husband is from Hyderabad and he like it a lot, so I would really appreciate it if someone could give me the recipe for Andhr chicken pickle.

    Thanking in advance

  18. Hello Sailu garu,

    If any book/papers you made on vegetarian recipes. I would like to have it. Kindly help me to get.

    Chakravarthi N T / Scientist

    You can print each of my recipes as there is a print option for each post. I dont have any books/papers on vegetarian recipes.

  19. Hi Sailaja garu,

    How are u? This is Kalpana and I live in Canada.This is really exciting visiting your website and I happened to see this when I was browsing thru google and it was a very happy accident. I checked some of the recipes and they are really good. Keep going and have a good time and give our love to your 3 year old.Take care.


    Kalpana, I am glad you came by accident thru google, thank you so much for your appreciation and encouraging words. I appreciate your good wishes for me and my toddler..:):)

  20. hi sailu,
    i wanted to make tomato curd. can u please help me out! thanks a lot

    Zeenat, are you talking about tomato perugu pachadi (tomato-curd chutney)?

  21. Hey Sailu,

    Your website is really awesome.
    Though I am Maharashtrian, I love Andhra food.
    I wanted one favour from you. Was wondering if you could give me a receipe for Bhenda kay.


    Thank you for your kind words, Manjusha. When you say Bhenda Kay, I assume you are talking of Indian Gherkins. I have blogged a stir fry dish with bhendakaya, you can check out. If you need any particular recipe, do let me know.

  22. Namaskar Shailaja,

    Love your website and have been following it for quite some time. Unlike you, I haven’t grown up with Andhra food but have grown to love it (and also cook some of it) after marriage (my husband is Telugu). I learnt by helping out my awesome MIL. Keep up the good work. An allam pachadi recipe will be highly appreciated.


    I am so glad to hear you have grown to love Andhra food. I will surely blog allam pachadi recipe. Stay tuned, Sonu.

  23. Dear Ms.Sailaja

    Have been visiting yr website very often for Andhra recipes (I am an Andhra and my wife is Kannada). So I miss Andhra food and hence try out cooking Andhra dishes for which your website sets the stove and my gastrnomic buds aflame.Today was going through the Hindu Business Line and found an interesting article about you and your website and found that u stay in Vizag,(where I have been staying for the past 25 years,the world is truly getting flatter).Keep the good work going

    MH Bhargava (98494-57779)

    Nice to know you drop by my blog often to cook Andhra food, Bhargava. Yes, the world is truly getting flatter..:):)

  24. Dear Sailaja,

    Recently I came to know about this site while browsing the net. It is amazing. Being from Vizag I am really proud of you. Your way of maintaining the site is very nice.

    My complaint is that you are saying you prepare kaakarakaaya regularly but there is only one recipe. As we are very fond of this vegetable I am expecting more recipes from you .

    Wishing you all the best for your venture.


    Thanks for dropping by, Gauri and your kind words. You will see more of Kakarakaaya (bitter gourd) recipes in the near future, so stayed tuned. You wont be disappointed..:)

  25. Hi Sailaja,

    I am very much happy after visiting your website. Though I am from Rajasthan I love South indian food, as I was born and brought up in Vizag. I love Vizag beach. And now a days I can prepare all the South indian dishes mentioned in your website.

    I am not a big person to appreciate your website still I cant stop myself to do so. Really I appreciate your efforts in preparing this website.


    Hi Ashish,
    Thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving your comment. Nice to know that your from Vizag too and who would’nt love Vizag beach..:):)

    Thank you for your kind and encouraging words, Ashish.

  26. Hi Shaila garu,

    I did not find some of the festival receipes in your site.
    Could you please add them to the list.

    Here are the findings:
    1. Vyundralu (Ganesh Favorite receipe)
    2. Chakra Pongali
    3. Panakam (Srirama Navami)


    Kiran, all the three recipes have been blogged earlier. Have a look at the following links.

    1. Undrallu
    2. Chakra Pongali
    3. Panakam

  27. Very nice site. I appreciate ur input. Happy Vinaayaka Chawithi.

    Thank you, Kalpana and wish you the same. Thanks for dropping by and your kind words..:)

  28. Hi: My name is Valli and I came to your site from Indira’s Foodblog. I love the quality of your photos. Do you mind if I ask you which camera do you use? Thanks any information you can provide.

    Valli, I use a digi cam – Sony Cybershot (W7)

  29. hello sailu,

    i am happy to see ur site, i want the recipes of avapettina chikkudikaya, mostly avapettinavantalu, can u help me? please help me.


    Thanks for dropping by, Rajani. I will surely blog more recipes using mustard.

  30. Namaskaram Sailajagaru,

    Chanced upon your website while googling for translation of kandi pappu in malayalam.;-)

    Neverthless, absolutely impressed and enjoyed roaming in your space. Kudos to the efforts in coming up with such a pleasing ambience(even virtually). The music plays an important part.

    Do you run a restaurant/food business of your own by any chance?
    Serve more dishes…….


    Thank you for your kinds words on my blog, Sarvesh. No, I don’t have a food business of my own.

  31. Hi Akka,
    Music thing is great. Going well with style of the site.

    Small suggestion, if you can keep the music player along with top banner (which remains constant thru out the site) users can listen to the song without interruption.


    Kalyan, for uninterrupted music, I need to use frame for the header which I am not very keen on. Still working on it and hopefully should find a solution soon..:)

  32. Hi,
    I love ur site. I tried a lot of recipes from this site and I’m really thankful to u and ur site coz it helps me in a lot of ways. Thank u so much for the lovely site.

    You most welcome, Kusum..:):)

  33. Hello Sailaja garu,

    I must say your site is simply the best. I understand how much effort went in setting up this. Your recipies are awesome. I am drooling now as I read some of your recipes. All are so familiar (I am also from vizag) and yet simple to make. Thanks again for such wonderful recepies.
    Do you still live in vizag and by any chance you own any restaurant in vizag?

    Hats off and keep the good work going!


    Prasad garu,
    Thank you for dropping by my blog and your kind and encouraging words. Yes, I live in Vizag and dont own any restaurant here. Its my interest in cooking that got me blogging about food…. 🙂

  34. Sailaja gaariki namaskaaram. nenu mee blog chuudani rooju vundadhandii. vruththi reethyaa I am a doctor . But am poor in cooking. Can u please tell me how to make chalimidi?
    wish u good luck
    keep posting nice recipes
    take care

    Thank you for dropping by my blog, Kalpana. I have blogged Chalimidi recipe earlier. You can find the link here. You can use the search feature in the blog to find recipes.

  35. Wow.. Thanks a lot for such a wonderful site. It is really presented well & the pics are awesome. Keep it up.. I have your site bookmarked & have told many of my friends here in US.

    Thank you for dropping by and your kind words on my site, Reddy. I appreciate you telling your friends about the site. Hope they like it as much as you do..:):)

  36. చాలా బాగుందండి మీ వంటల ఇల్లు. మంచి ప్రయత్నం.

    చాలా సన్థొష‌ము, సుధాకర్

  37. Thank God for your site. I am a hapless mother of two growing, ever hungry kids. My problem was lack of variety which kids demand. Tiffin was always a problem but your site has lot of yummy ones to satisfy the kids. I tried some and the results were good. Keep it up. My only suggestion is some more tiffin items pleaseeeeeeeeee.

    Sindhu shanker

    Thanks for dropping by and trying out the recipes for your kids, Sindhu. Your not alone, I have a 4 year old myself and I always am looking for new tiffin recipes to try out. I will surely post more tiffin items in future, Sindhu.

  38. Hi sailu
    Went thru ur site it is fabulous. I was searching for a recipe in snacks “chakalu”. Thats what we call at home I dont know if we have another name for it. could anybody just pass me the receipe?
    Its a great Andhra site especially for newlyweds and Andharities who are brought up outside andhra. Kudos keep it up!

    Thank you, Kiranmaye, for your kind words..:)

  39. Hi

    I have just discovered your site which is excellent! I will bookmark it!

    My flatmate is Indian and he has introduced me to the Indian cuisine. I am Swiss and live in Zurich, Switzerland, however, I’ve started to cook Indian food about once a week.

    I am looking for an Indian cooking magazine that I can subscribe to. Can you suggest any? I have tried to look for some on the internet, but as I don’t know any titles I have not been successful so far.

    Keep up the good work!

    Susanne from Zurich

    Thanks for dropping by, Susanne. I am not aware of many Indian cooking magazine which you can subscribe to, other than Savvy Cookbook which is a monthly cooking magazine published by Magna Publishing Co Ltd. You can email them at Its a good cooking magazine which I subscribe to.

    The famous culinary queen of India, Tarla Dalal also publishes a cooking magazine. You can send an email to to subscribe to her cooking magazine.

  40. Hi Sailaja garu….ur site is the best..and I would like to know how to make “chakalu”..can u pls send me it..and u have done a good work.


    Thanks for your kinds words, Sailaja. I hope to post Chakalu recipe soon.

  41. Hi Sailaja garu,

    I am fond of cooking. I want to know the recipe of mysore bajji or mysore bonda. My husband likes it very much. When I was in India, my aunty would prepare it, I never learned it. Now I want to surprise my husband by preparing it. Hope u can help me. Thanks in advance. Bye, Pranati.

    I hope to blog Mysore bonda in the near future, Pranati.

  42. Hi Sailu,

    Great work! I love ur recipes. I have subscribed to ur blog so I get mails whenever u add something new. I love Andhra foods, they taste so yummy. Sailu, one small request, I can’t see half the photos. Sailu, can u please look into it? Thanks and take care.


    Thanks for dropping by and subscribing to my blog, Joe. I dont think you should have any problem in viewing the photos now. Maybe its a browser issue. I can view the pictures without any problem.

  43. Hello Sailu,

    Love your site! I’am pregnant and mainly eat vegetarian food (fish occasionally). These days I’m so stumped as to what to make that is protein rich and nutritous…would love some ideas/recipes from you specially for pregnant women, seeing as you are a mother too!

    Keep up the good work!

    Thanks for dropping by and congratulations on your pregnancy. I hope to post more protein rich foods, infact today I posted a protein rich podi, Nuvvulu Podi.

    Appreciate your kind words and you can look forward to more nutritious recipes. Have a safe pregnancy, Reema.

  44. Hi Sailu,
    I’m having a recipe “annam pakodilu”. How to send that? I don’t know. Give me some info.

    Nuthana, if you have the recipe and if possible a picture of annam pakodilu, send it over to me at and I can publish it as a guest post.

  45. Hi sailu,

    I tried your spicy chicken curry and traditional simple chicken curry. Both were sinfully delecious. My husband liked it twice as much. Can you share recipes of authentic muslim dishes? I am married to a muslim family and would live to impress my family… of course with your help.


    I am so glad you and your hubby enjoyed the chicken curries, Anu. I am very fond of Authentic Muslim dishes but never really blogged about them. Now with you request, I will surely try to blog more Muslim dishes.

  46. I have been in Hyderabad last week at the Natural dyes International Symposium and I learned receipes to print with the block prints.I’ m searching tamarind powder to make it .Could you help me,please? many thanks
    Paola Barzanò

  47. I found your site through the KQED food blog web site. Your site is unbelievable! My wife and I are going to have a ball exploring all of these recipes. Many thanks for your contributions in sharing your culture with the world!
    Jay Rivera

    Thanks for dropping by, Jay. That’s what I love about food blogging – sharing and learning about different cultures through food!

  48. Hi Sailu,

    One of my friend forwarded me the link to your website couple of months ago. I hate cooking and dont enjoy spending time in the kitchen at all. Your site is amazing and the way you presented (love the pictures) them makes me feel like trying out all the recipes. You have done a great Job!!!

    Thank you for sharing and bringing sweet memories from back home through your recipes.

    -Sailu (I am also Sailaja(Sailu))

    Glad you dropped by, Sailu. Thanks so much for your kind words and am glad my blog brought back sweet memories of home..:)

  49. Hi Sailu

    I tried ur recipe for onion pakoda…it is the best..
    I am happy that we have a site for andhra recipes.
    Thank you so much. Can u pls post some recipes for fish varieties. I really dont know how to cook fish at all…plss e-mail me.

    I’m glad your enjoyed the onion pakodas, Sravanthi. I have posted a few fish recipes earlier. Hope they help you, Sravanthi.

  50. I read ur receipes and could manage many of them…I request u to let me know if you could email me a few receipes to my email id.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Shikha, you can subscribe to my blog feed, all you have to do is leave your e-mail address in the side bar (feedburner) and you will be able to receive the recipes as and when I update my blog.

  51. Hello Sailaja Garu,

    The pictures that you post for each recipe are wonderful and mouthwatering. It has become a habit for me to browse through your blog atleast once in a day. With your recipes I have learnt how to make cooking easy and fun. Thanks for all the blogging. But unfortunately I am unable to view images for some of the recipes. Is that something from my side or will it be resolved soon. I really miss the pictures. Please let me know.


    Mrudula garu,
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and its nice to know that you visit my blog every day..:):)
    I think the pictures you are unable to view are the ones which have been blogged prior to May 2006 as these pictures were posted on blogger (my old blog ) and subsequently moved from blogger to wordpress.

  52. Hello Sailaja Garu,

    You’ve got the best recipe site. Mom is a grt cook..but its not the same with me :). But now with ur website..i’m sure i can atleast TRY to be like mom. On weekends i make it a point to try one of ur recipe. with the pics on ur site i can manage without mom’s help (coz i’m lil bad with ingredient names). ur website is a my secret weapon to impress mom. Andhra food is now very famous at my work palce coz of u. Thanks a lot mam. Keep the good work going.

    Nice to know my blog is helping you get to know ingredient names and the fact that you make it a point to cook atleast one recipe from my blog on weekends, Jem. Thank you for your kind words and am glad Andhra food is popular at your work place..:):). Secret weapon, eh?!! -:)

  53. Dear Sailajagaru,

    I came across your site by sheer chance and since then have been a regular visitor to this site. I am a HUGE fan of your blog…

    I have recommended this to my sister who also lives in the US and she has become a huge fan of your blog. She has tried many recipes and is very impressed with your beautiful pics and very detailed descriptions.

    This is really great work on your part.

    I was checking out the Pachadi section and was wondering if you have the recipe for ‘Bendakaya Pachadi’. I had eaten this in many restaurants in Hyderabad and Bangalore but could not figure out the recipe. Please share this recipe if you have.

    Thanks for sharing your recipes and a great blog.

    Happy Blogging !!


    Mala, thank you for your kind comment and recommending my blog to your sister and am glad to note she has tried out many recipes. Yes, Mala, I do have ‘Bendakaya Pachadi’ recipe. Its been a long time since I made it and now with your request I’ll will prepare and blog about it too..:)

  54. Hi Sailu!!


    These recipes are so authentic I have yet to try one, I just discovered your website today ! I’m living in Sydney and I can’t wait to try these recipes and the pictures are just fab! Thank u very much! I will be noting down ur recipes for future cooking!

    Keep the excellent work, I love ur site already, its the best indian cooking website I’ve seen so far. Ur so rocking!!!

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. I hope you like the recipes your going to try from my blog. Do let me know how they turn out..:)

  55. Dear Sailu,
    Thanks for the coriander coconut pachadi recipe, along with the others included on the page. Guess what I am hankering for after having seen that picuture of the dosai with pandumirapakaaya pachadi? Yeah that’s right – do you have a recipe for this colourful pachadi which surely must bring tears to ones eyes with the heat of it? If you can do post the recipe – looking forward to this already. Thanks for sharing your recipes, Sailu. : )

    Sasi, I will surely blog pandumirapakaaya pachadi.

  56. Hi,

    You have a wonderful website.The music on the homepage is impressive. Could u tell which album the music is from.


    Thanks for dropping by and your kind words. I have an assorted collection of music, Vishnu.

  57. Hi Sailu….

    I am shravani….havent done much of cooking…except when it was an emergency…some kind of a phobia that u need magic in ur hands to cook well.

    This sankranthi…i was planning to do something special for amma….and i chanced upon ur blog. ITS A BLESSING. U R SO TOTALLY AMAZING. the site is superb…the presentation is so cool….it makes me want to learn cooking ASAP. also…the recipes are exactly like what amma makes.

    Im sure she will love it….

    ill mail u once my mission gets accomplished.

    Thanks so much sailu.

    Sankranthi Subhakaankshalu!


    Thank you for your kind words on my site, Shravani. It’s so sweet of you to make something special for amma on Sankranti. All the best and hope the recipes come out well. Sankranti Subakaankshalu!

  58. Sailaja Garu,

    Your website is fantastic and the recipes truly authentic. Hats off to you.

    I am an investment banker in London who is planning to take a career break and come over to Hyderabad and start an authentic restaurant. Please would you agree to be a consultant?

    I have researched the internet heavily for authentic recipes and found that your recipes are indeed the most authentic and the best in taste.

    I will understand even if you decline, but just wanted to show my appreciation and regard.

    Thank you


    Subodh Garu,

    Thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving very kind and encouraging words.
    Consultant?! Feel very honored -:). Cooking is a passion which I followed sincerely by way of this blog. I really don’t have any professional experience in the food industry as such. Wish you good luck in your new venture and feel free to e-mail me on any queries/suggestions and I will be glad to reply.

  59. I am extremely impressed by your website and how well you have maintained it. With two little kids and a full time job in the US, it is hard to stay on top of everyday cooking let alone specialty cooking. But going through the simple recipes here and the delectable pictures have revived my passion for cooking different variety of food. I am going to try at least one recipe from here every week. I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work and dedication to Indian cooking and making these recipes available to all of us. YUMMY!!

    Your most welcome, Roli and thanks for visiting my site and am glad to hear that you will try to prepare atleast one recipe every week..:).

  60. Hi Sailu,

    Have been visiting yr blog and am quite impressed with all the dishes. Basically, I am from TN, still, fell in love with Andhra food.

    Anyhow, you have mentioned here a sweet recipe called Chalimidi, but, could not find the recipe anywhere. Found some in web, still, yr prasadam looks very appealing. Also, had recently a dry curry called Eggplant pakodi in a Andhra resturant. Can u share the recipe for the same.

    Sorry for the botheration and thanks for understanding.

    Happy Sankaranti..


    Thanks for dropping by, Rama and nice to know you enjoy Andhra food. You will find Chalimidi recipe at the end of the post at this link. I guess your talking about vankaaya pakodi kura. I like this dry curry and do intend to blog about it sometime. Happy Sankranti!

  61. Hi Sailu

    I discovered your site while looking for Andhra podi recipes which I had tasted during my one-year stay in Hyderabad in the late 90s.

    And boy, was I hooked! I have checked out your archives and bookmarked a lot of recipes that I will try out soon. In fact, I have spent almost an entire evening just going through your site. And I have checked out my pantry and fridge a number of times to see if I have some of the ingredients. I am going to make my foray into Andhra cuisine thanks to you. Very impressive work.

    I have added your site to my favorites. And was just writing to say that I appreciate your efforts.

    You’ve got a wonderful thing going here!


    Thank you, Anita. I am so glad you are making a foray into Andhra cuisine..:)

  62. You are amazing, Sailu. Thanks a lot for the prompt reply.

    And, cant wait to see pakodi dry curry in yr blog; still, pls take yr time.


  63. Sankranthi Subhakankshalu Sailajagaru !!!

    May this Sankranthi bring lots of blessings in your way !!

    Thank you and wish you the same, Mala garu.

  64. Hello Sailaja garu,

    Great work going on as always ..

    In your recipes you sometimes say ‘ a cup’ of measurement. Can you please tell me what is this standard cup ?

    I have been trying out many recipes of yours and all of them came out really good….Thank you for such a great blog !!!!


    Mala, it usually means, a cup measuring – 1/4 lt/250 ml and a big cup would measure upto approx 280 ml.

  65. Hi Sailu,

    Today, I prepared curry leaves powder and loved it so much. But, the color was green and could not get the attractive color like yrs (Is that a Andhra professional touch), can u tell me why??

    I am yet to taste coconut powder and will let you know, once we taste it.

    And, also saw someone has mentioned abt chitla podi, pls do post it whenever find time. A gentle reminder for eggplant pakodi.

    Thanks a lot for yr prompt replies in advance.


    Rama, when you stir fry the curry leaves, ensure that the leaves turn crisp and dark green. Also use Kashmiri red chillis.

  66. Thanks, Sailu..

    And, for lunch, tasted coconut podi with rice and it was A1. Addition of garlic makes a big difference.


    Yes, your right, Rama. Garlic is the key factor here..:)

  67. Hey sailu,

    It is me back again with coconut podi results.

    Need to say that turned out excellent!!! My 8 yr old son literally had podi with idly(instead of idly with podi), that great it was.

    Thanks thanks so much, sailu..

    Your most welcome, Rama. I so happy to hear your son loved the podi.

  68. Hello,

    I had been wanting to make ‘Rosagulla’ for a long time now. I tried some suggested recipe but am not happy with the results. Please let me know if there is any recipe available for this.

    As always wonderful blogging of your recipes and your pictures look amazing.

    Thanks !


    You know Mala, I have been wanting to prepare rosagulla, its been ages since I made this sweet. I do have the recipe and will try it once again. If I am happy with the results, I will send you that recipe and maybe blog about it too..:)

  69. Hi
    Sailaja, there say a women is a devil in the kitchen but here I find it’s angel in the kitchen.

    Any biryani recipies??

  70. A visually appealing and an excellent site with tried and tested recipes. Your passion for cooking is so evident. I’ve scoured so many sites.. but I must say that yours is one of the very best! Genuinely impressed.

    Thank you, Deepa. Appreciate you dropping by and leaving your kind and encouraging comment.

  71. Hi Sailaja,

    The tomato dosa sounded too good, so tried it as soon as I could and it came out very well, excellent recipe. Thanks a lot !!

    I missed the cabbage pacchadi recipe though 🙁

    Great stuff as always !!!


    Look out for cabbage pachadi recipe, Mala. Intend blogging it soon.

  72. Hello Sailaja garu,

    I am Naveen Pinapatruni. Even I hail from Vizag. Ippudu US lo untunnanu…Pursuing my Masters

    I’m very much impressed by your website. I really appreciate your passion for cooking.
    Mee website refer cheyyakunda okka roju kooda cooking modhalupettanu….Ty 🙂 for all your efforts.

    Hope your webpage reaches gr8 heights.

    Keep going.
    Gud luck :))

    Chaala santhoshamu, Naveen. Thank you so much for your nice words and wishes. All the best with your Masters!

  73. Hi Sailu garu,
    naa peru shashi, nenu Hyd, loo vuntanu kani epudu Dubai loo vuntunanu. me website loo mana Andhra vantalu chusanu chala bagunavee. ma ammaye ki August loo marriage ayindi nenu mee website loo vantalu chuse nerchukoomani chepanu. mee uluvala charu chala bagundi maa intloo andariki chala nachindi/chala thanks. naku kotha vantalu cheyadam chala estam. mee vantalu kothaga vundevee chala chesanu chala chala thanks.


    Chaala santhoshamu, Shashi garu. Mee interest chusi chaala santhoshamga undi..:)

  74. Hi Sailaja,
    My aunt Ms.Ramani (Pedhamma) is a retired botany lecturer from Mrs.AVN College in Vizag. I live in Phoenix, AZ – USA and right now my pedhamma is visiting me. She and I while browsing the internet came accross your website and have been experimenting the recipes you post for the past 3 months. Also have been reading about you and your family on your site. BTW : Nice pictures/ plants/ flowers that you posted yestreday. She is coming back to vizag next weekend and was asking me i can get your phone number so she can call you (Just to say hello!!). Please email me at if you choose to let her call you. 🙂

    Thank you, Hima. So nice to know that your pedamma and you are experimenting with recipes from my blog. I hope these expts turned out well..:)

  75. As I am a nursery man i want some very good quality seeds of drum stick, by this good quality of seeds i can serve really a good publicity of it, so please reply as early as possible with seeds rate.

    I don’t sell or trade drum stick seeds, Patel Jayraj. This is only a food blog of recipes.

  76. I am very impressed with this various recepis of drumstick, I am really so impressed and i am thinking when i will get this dishes.

  77. Dear Sailu, Congratulations on the lovely work and making our mouths water…..I have been a regular at your blog for many months and have tried out many recipes to the delight of my family……I am looking for a recipe for pandu mirapakaya pachadi. can you please post one / direct me to where i can find it cos i have been trawling the web with no luck.

    thanks in advance….arundati

    Thanks for dropping by, Arundati. There have been several requests for pandu mirapakaya pachadi recipe. I haven’t come across a recipe for it so far. I will probably blog about it sometime. Please be patient..:)

  78. Hi Sailu,

    Thanks for your NUNE VANKAYA recipe. I prepared it today and it came out well. The recipe was really very good. The pictures add more va1ue to the recipe.

    Thanks again.

    Your welcome, Ranga..:)

  79. Hi Sailu,

    My name is akila. I live in uk. I discovered your blog about 3 months ago and since then, have been seeing your site. It is very well done, very interesting.

    I am looking for some info about chilli fried idli receipe. Can u plz post me how to make it??


    Thank you, Akila. Can you be more specific about the recipe?

  80. Hi Sailu,

    thks for ur quick response…the name of recipe is chilli fried idli. I had it at saravana bhavan hotel. but I don’t know how to make it. when i searched that receipe, i came to know that it was made from left over idli. first u need to make idli,then cut into square shapes.then fry in oil. but i dont know exactly. so i asked u if u know that receipe,cld u post it. then after frying the idli u have to add fried onion and capsicum for finishing touch. so i asked u if u know that receipe.

    Take care,

    Yes, I tasted this dish, Akila. But I haven’t tried it at home..:)

  81. Hey Sailu,

    I happened to visit ur website for the first time & its awesome!!!

    The pix are so damn tempting, it feels like running to the grocery store, get all the stuff needed & start cooking immediately :)…hats off!! hey i wanna suggest u something..i prefer a GO TO TOP link at the bottom of each page, so that i can go to the page top easily, scrolling up each time is a big pain especially when the page is tooooo long. Ok .. keep up the good work! Bye.

    Thanks for your kind words and suggestion, Lakshmi. I have a kept a ‘top’ icon at the bottom of the page.

  82. hi,

    Not pickle. Something like paste , can mix with rice.
    I dont know the exact method of preparation but with the taste
    i assume lemon juice, methi seeds and red chillies are used.


    Sujatha Raggopal

  83. Hello,

    I’m a frequent visitor to your website and not a week goes by without trying one of your recipes. I always thought of sending you a thank you message for maintaining such a wonderful site and I think it’s high time now 🙂 The main reason I’m leaving a message now is because I wanted to inform you of possible plagiarism. A picture from your website (from the recipe: is being used on Since I don’t know for a fact if they’ve already sought your permission to do so I wanted to let you know of that. If they are doing it without your permission it’s very cheap on their part to do so. I think you have every right to write to them for such heinous act of theirs.

    Good luck,

    Thank you, Dee. I really appreciate you writing in to me and informing me. I’m aware of it, Dee. Yes, its very unfortunate that reputed sites resort to plagiarism. They haven’t sought my permission and haven’t removed the image inspite of writing to them.

  84. Sailu garu,
    I was browsing your site and I was searching for Chalividi(Sweet)
    I was not able to find it. I would appreciate, if you could post the recipe on your website.
    Prior to this, I have got the recipe from your website for bobbatlu..and it turned out very good.


    I’m glad to note that bobbatlu turned out good. Uday garu, I have blogged chalimidi recipe earlier. Here the link to Chalividi recipe.

  85. hi , you have not replied my query yet. I am eagerly visiting your site everyday for your reply.

    I have never prepared the nimmikaya kaaram recipe which you have requested for earlier.

  86. Dear Sailu Garu
    I live in a small country town in Victoria, Australia. I have been looking at your site and have found many recipes that I would love to make for example the Chandra Kaantalu Recipe. But I have never heard of Yellow moong dal/ pesara pappu? If yourself or any of your readers know somewhere I can find ingredients, I would really appreciate the help!!!!

    Hi Linda, glad to know you want to try out Chandrakaantalu. I asked one of my friends who lives in Australia and I was told that it might be available at Woolsworth or Asian groceries. I’m assuming you have already tried at the Indian grocery store but with no success. If you do go to Sydney, check out the Indian/Asian groceries as they are available there, according to my friend.

  87. Hi,

    I am a huge fan of you blog. The recipes you post are fantastic and I enjoy trying them out. Now my in-laws have become a your fans too. I chanced upon your blog when I searched the internet for recipes using Soya chunks and the first link was to your Vegetable Pulao with Soy Chunks. Since then I check your blog everyday. So far have tried out Veg Pulao with Soy Chunks, Rice Khichdi with Veggies, Brinjal peas curry, Stuffed Tindora, Dahi Bhendi, Adraki Palak Kebab.

    I love that you take beautiful pictures of each dish during various stages of its preparation. I like that you post simple recipes which are fun to try out.

    My husband absolutely loves the new recipes that I try out. He is very supportive and encouraging. He enjoys helping me when I try out your recipes. We enjoy cooking new recipes together and eating them together. I have sent the link of your blog to my sister and my friends.

    Thank you for inspiring all of us to try out new dishes. I enjoy cooking so much. I enjoy it more, now that I have newer dishes to try out from your blog. Thanks a lot.

    Purni Siddarth

    Purni, it really feels nice that not only you but your in-laws are also enjoying the recipes. Isn’t it fun, cooking and eating together?! I sure have become a part of your family which gives me immense satisfaction and pleasure. Appreciate you sending my blog link to your sister and friends. Thank you for dropping by every day and also for leaving a sweet and encouraging comment..:)

  88. Hi..

    I liked ur website a lot…
    thanks for egg pulusu recipe.
    U have a very good collection of recipes and photography is very good.


    Your most welcome, Rachana and thank you for your comment.

  89. Dear Sailaja,

    I don’t have words to appreciate your immense talents. Not only that you are good in cooking / photography but explaining in detail for many of us to learn / experiment. Your presentation is simply superb and I can hardly recall a week not looking up your blog and trying something new.
    Thanks very much and keep up the great work.

    Best wishes,

    Appreciate your encouraging words, Madhavi. Glad to note my blog helps you try something new each week.:)

  90. Sailu,
    Tried out your salsa recipe today and every one loved it. We usually go with raw salsa (everything is chopped and mixed together no cooking needed) but yours was refreshingly different.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the salsa recipe, Blondie.

  91. Hi Sailu garu,
    First of all A BIG BIG thanks.
    Yours is the only authentic telugu foods site with no plan for profits(Although you should be able to make a fortune with the kind of traffic you have)
    There are three things we love at your site
    Best andhra dishes
    Best photographs (Uristhu untai chudagane)
    Obviously your love and passion for cooking.
    Even though I’m a food lover and I love cooking, could never manage the time and effort for this kind.
    A BIG Thank you from all of us NRI living abroad who miss our food dearly.
    Kishore & Kanchana

    Kishore garu and Kanchana garu,
    Honestly, I am overwhelmed by your comment and really appreciate it. I feel so good that my blog is able to bring back warm memories of home cooked Andhra food (back in India). Yes, food blogging does take a lot of time and effort and of course my love for cooking, immense encouragement from Satish (my husband) and the sweet, kind and encouraging words from my loyal readers and visitors keeps me going. Its all about love for cooking and for the joy of sharing!
    Ugadi subhankankshalu!

  92. Dear Sailaja garu,

    Amazing mexican dishes. I have always wanted to know how to make sour cream and yours is just YUM !!!

    Thank you so much for your time and effort…and the pics are just too good..:)

    Meeku, mee familyki ugadi subhakankshalu..

    Cheers !!


    Your most welcome, Mala. Ugadi Subhakankshalu to you and your family!

  93. Hi sailu,

    I’m really happy to call you with my name, you are doing a wonderful job here. I guess you must have stayed in U.S.A.,quite long time back, your website is a very good website and you are describe very nicely and the website quality is ultimate. Keep it up. i know how tough it is with a 4 year old kid. Anyway keep doing it…our country needs people like you and ugadi subhakankshalu to you.
    Sailaja Kiran

    Thank you so much for your very kind and encouraging comment, Sailaja. Ugadi Subhakankshalu to you and your family!

  94. Hi sailu
    wish u & ur family happy Ugadi. did u try chilli fried idli. plz try it and let me know abt the receipe. Have good day.


    I’ll have to try it sometime, Akila. I’ll definitely let you know once I prepare it.

  95. Hi Sailu,
    Two weeks back, I was surfing internet for the recipe of “Balti Imli paneer – I had it at Ohri’s Hotel in Hyderabad” although I could not find it anywhere but I found your website and have tried various recipes posted by you. Now my family is very happy with the food I make and with me too :). You are great Guru. I bow in your honour.

    Damyanti, I’m so glad you chanced upon my blog and sharpen your cooking skills. Its all your effort and its my pleasure to share.:)

  96. Hi Sailu gaaru,

    Mee Bellam Gaarelu and Chandra kaanta lu pictures copy kotti Andhra jyothy lo vesaaru. Daarunam. aa Pics choodagaaney Sailu site lo vi ani anumaanam vachhi check chesaa. Fight cheyyandi Andhrajyothy vaaditho. Here is the link.

    I’m aware of it since its publication on Sunday, thanks to alert readers like yourself. Appreciate you sending me the link, Annapoorna.

  97. hi sailu garu,
    u’r doing a great job!
    i really like all the recipes in ur site.
    i visit ur site regularly for home made andhra food.
    the best part of ur site are the pictures which helps us to understand better.
    i am newly married and this helps me a lot to cook well and make my husband happy.
    thanks a lot!
    great going! keep it up!!

    I’m glad you enjoy the pictures and recipes, Deepthi.

  98. Hi,

    Your photography enhances your content so well. I love the way the food is photographed. Currently home-sick in the US for yummy Indian breakfasts on your site. 🙂 Got to try them soon.
    Great website and keep going!


    Thanks for dropping by, Lavanya and your sweet words.:)

  99. hi sailugaru

    ur recipes r grt..meeru pette pictures chusthunte ventane tinali ani anipisthundhi…..meeru mee ugdaiki carrot kottimeera pachadi chesukunnam annaru kada..can u plz post the recipe of that……
    thank u…..

    Chaala santhoshamu, Sravanthi garu and thank you.:) I have posted the carrot kothimira pachadi recipe today.

  100. Sailu Gariki,
    What a fantastic blog. You posted a comment in 2005 after the mouth-watering masala dosa recipe that you would post some pictures of vizag. Did you ever do this? I lived there briefly in the 70’s and would love to see what it looks like now. Thanks for your recipes!

    Jan garu, thanks for dropping by and your comment. I haven’t posted any Vizag pictures but I intend to upload a few Vizag pictures on Flickr. Once I do that, I will inform you.

  101. Hi Sailaja,

    Thanks for your receipt for Corn and Salsa. I was waiting for this receipe. I am also thinking of creating my blog. Once ready I will inform details.

    Your welcome, Shielesh and look forward to your new blog.

  102. Hi Sailu,

    You have been a lot of help to me. I am newly married and had cooking problems but because of u it has been much easier and tasty too.


    I’m glad to hear that, Uma and your most welcome.:)

  103. Sailajagaru,

    Mee site appudappudu ‘page can not be displayed’ error vasthondi….

    I wonder why that is happening !!

    I just do not want to miss your wonderful blog..such tasty recipes and great pictures !!!

    Cheers !!


    I was having some server issues and hence ‘error’. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Hopefully it should work well now. Thanks for your patience, Mala.:)

  104. Hello Sailaja,

    I was just worried that it might have been something else !! As long as you are aware of this, no problem…:)

    There is no question on patience of your blog readers as you are doing such a wonderful job!!! It is your patience that should be commended…:)

    As always great recipe on carrot-kothamiri…u r the best!! your blog is a heaven for home sick people like us who stay abroad and miss home and our food…

    Thanks !


    Your most welcome, Mala and feel nice to know that my blog brings back warm memories of home.:)

  105. hi sailu
    thats really grt that u’ve posted the carrot pachadi recipe soon…i’ve been eagerly waiting for this..thank u..

    Your welcome, Sravanthi.

  106. Dear Sailu,

    Thanks a Lot for presenting all food varities in a very very nice way. Pictures given are very tempting to prepare the dish. I would like to say thanks to your site because I am a telugu girl, born and brought up in Tamil Nadu but married to a pure andhra guy. Initially I was bit hesitant to prepare food for my husband because I can’t prepare Andhra food. I was sharing this problem with my husband when he found your website thru google search. Since the day I came to know about your site I become a regular visitor and started preparing Andhra food also at home. Thanks a lot.

    Sujatha Rajgopal

    Your most welcome, Sujatha. So happy to learn you are preparing Andhra food at home with the help of my site.:)

  107. Hi Sailu,
    I just thought I would tell you how much I like your website – it is so informative and well presented. I love Indian food and I am always trying to find out how to make it authentically – and your page certainly does that! Sometimes I am unfamiliar with the ingredients but I can soon find out what they are when I go to my local Asian cash and carry. Well done and keep up the good work!

    Thanks so much for dropping by and appreciating my blog, Holly. It feels so nice to learn that you love to cook authentic Indian food at home.:)

  108. Hello shailu ,

    I am a fan of your site !!! Pictures and recipes are awesome. I have a recipe website Please let me know your comments about that!! Also could you please add indimom to your list of recipe websites. Thanks and good luck.


  109. Sailaja,
    I’ve just found your website and am very much impressed. Finally, nice and authentic Indian recipes. I have already decided to try at least 10 of your recipes. I’ll be coming back for more. Thank you.

    I am glad you found my blog otherwise I wouldn’t have found your website on Turkish cuisine.:). Really good blog you have going, Burcu and thanks for you kind words on my blog. Hope you enjoy the recipes from my blog.:)

  110. Sailu Garu,

    I’m very much impressed with your recipes and your contributions. Especially the pictures you present make me try the recipes.

    I have request for you: Is there a way that the names of the recipes can be displayed when we click on the links on LEFT hand side of the site or a place where we can see all the names of the recipes under each categories?



    Thanks for dropping by, Krishna. Presently, I’m working on the categories list and hopefully you should be able to access all the names of recipes month wise. Visit this link to view recipe-wise

  111. hi sailu garu,

    ur website is very nice. i am also very happy that ur from visakahaptnam because even i hail from same place. i was referred to ur website by 3 people at the same time today, my sis and my 2 frnds. i am going to try ur recipe quesedilla today. i’ll let u know how it comes out tom. why did u use baking powder for flour tortillas? it sounds like chapati only, so why does it require baking powder?


    Thanks for dropping by, Madhavi and nice to meet another Vizagite. The baking powder I feel is to give a slight lift to the tortilla and I assume its the only reason.:)

  112. sailu garu, quesedilla was yummy! we loved it. i followed exact recipe except mushrooms. i will look forward for good vegetarian recipes. i have read in another blog of yours the perfect guttivankaya recipe i was looking for. i was looking for a recipe without that standard pappulu one and bagara baingan. thanks for that recipe also sailu garu. keep rocking!!

    Your most welcome, Madhavi.:)

  113. Dear sailu,

    Last few times, have been noticing-whatever I type, it is coming in the preview; but, after pressing the button “submit comment”, it is not displaying in the column, why?? Can you see the problem and fix up?


    That’s due to comment moderation, Rama. There is a lot of spam due to which I have enabled comment moderation. I publish the comment after due moderation.

  114. Hi Sailu,

    I prepared Tomato Kothimira Pachadi. It was tasty and my husband liked it very much. Thanks. Keep posting mouthwatering recipes.

    Sujatha Rajgopal

    I’m glad you both enjoyed it, Sujatha.

  115. hello shailaja,
    ur recipes r very nice. cooking is my hobby. i’m not that perfect but i’m learning from ur recipes. thank u.

    Your welcome, Vani.

  116. Dear Sailu,

    Could you please tell me how to cook basmati rice ?
    Whenever I cook grains are not separate, it gets pasty.

    Sujatha Rajgopal

    This link should help you – All about Rice

  117. Hi Sailu

    I love your blog and visit often………

    A couple of days ago I looked at a recipe for Masala Dosa on your site (you’d included pictures) but could not find it today……..have you removed the link? I really would like to try it out myself.


    Thanks for dropping by, Brenda. I haven’t removed the link. Here’s the link to Masala Dosa post.

  118. Hi Sailaja Garu,
    This is the first time that i am leaving a comment in blogs..I have gone through sooooo many sites (as i am very poor at cooking) but this is the only site which impressed me most and forced me to leave a comment. Your’s is the best site that i have ever viewed till now. I am not talking with reference to taste cos it varies from person to person and depends on how u cook though the measurements may be same, but i am impressed with your way of presentation (brief and at the same time informative). your site look is really really appealing..not filled with too many colours, simple and beautiful, your other interests, gardening and of course your photography. Your pictures inspire me to cook though i am not in the mood to cook. thanks a lot for creating such a beautiful site and helping people like us in cooking. keep it up.

    Lalitha garu, your most welcome and thank you for your very kind and encouraging words.:)

  119. We are from Kerala (now in US) and my husband is a big fan of Bisi bele bhath since he used to work in Bangalore before we got married. I have tried maybe 5-6 times different recipes but never came out good. After almost 9 years I found the bisi bele bhath recipe that gained his applause in your site. Thank you very much. Even my 2 year old eats it with relish.

    I have also tried your Soya pulav which is so delicious. So now every week I try one of your recipes and everything has turned out exemplary. Your pachadis are something else we love.

    Thank you very much for sharing and please do so again.
    Regards, Lakshmi

    Your most welcome, Lakshmi. I’m so happy to learn that you finally found the bisi bele bath recipe you were looking for.:). Glad to note you liked the soya pulao and pachadis.

  120. Hi, I am gujarati but I really like south indian food. I don’t really know any one who can share south indian recipes with me. I am very impressed with your website where I can look for particular recipes and cook them at home. I have a request. Everytime I go to a Udipi restaurant anywhere here in USA, I without fail get chilli pakora from there. I tried to make them at home so many times but I didn’t get the same result. I went to Udipi in Pittsburgh and they had long chilli pakora but when I went to the one in washington their pakora looked like fried Jalapanos. I will be really glad if you can share the recipe of udipi chili pakoras. Thanks well in advance.


    Nehal, I’m sorry but I don’t know the recipe for Udipi Chilli Pakoda.

  121. Amma sailaja,

    This is not a comment on anything on your site but my spontaneous response on the visit to your site. As a matter of fact when i am browsing through your site,especially the pictures of garden, flowers and fruits, I lived a dream of mine for some time, which I could not fulfil in my real life I am a working woman. I am feeling refreshed and pray God to give me a life like this when I can associate myself with flowers, fruits and gardens and greenery. I hope you appreciate my anxiety.

    One more thing, i want to see your photograph. I stay in Hyderabad, if possible and if you permit i would like to see you in vizag in person whenever possible.

    About me, I am 57 and a mother of three married post graduate daughters and grandmother of one granddaughter – komalika and one grandson – abhinav sharan swarup. I like making friends irrespective of their age and so on.

    Please do not think I am a ‘chadastam manishi’. I am only little depressed at times and i feel relieved when i browse sites of this kind. Due to this downhearted feeling, I am unable to keep my house in form and maintaining a garden and nurturing an ambition is like a dream come true, which I do not think can happen in this life.

    Thank you once again for sharing wonderful things through your site. i apologise if i have wasted your time and bored you. bye.

    Srilaxmi garu, please don’t apologize and you haven’t bored me nor are you a chadastam manishi. I am like your daughter and it feels nice that my site could give you solace and lift your spirits. I can understand your desire to live close to nature having missed out on it. Thank you so much for your kind words and am very happy that my site could touch your heart.:) What more can I ask for?

  122. hi sailaja! inspired by you and many other bloggers like you i am in the process of creating a blog of my own. i wanted to ask you if i can add your website as a link in my blog with your permission and also can i ask you any help technically if i need?

    Welcome to the food blogging world, Madhavi. You can add my site to your blog roll and you can seek my help.

  123. sailugaru,

    mee mexican recipes chala interesting ga vuntunnayandi. avi chudangane try cheyyalanipisthondi. kani naa deggara aa taco mould ledu.a vi lekunda ela cheyyalo cheppandi veeelaithe. whenever i read ur mexican recipes, i get questions in my mind. i thought i’ll ask you today. because u said u r from vizag and even i am from vizag. i want to know how do know mexican recipes? are there any restaurants in vizag that serve mexican food and if yes,where? i really want to try next time i come to vizag. also, ee taco shells mould meeru tayaru cheyinchara mee gurinchi or alage dorukutunnaya?

    Madhavi, nenu mexican food Vizag lo kante, Hyderabad/Bangalore lo try cheysaanu. Nenu, Hyderabad lo Mexican food festival visit cheysaanu, akkada chefs tho interact ayyannu. Naaku chef friends kuda help cheysaaru. Ee mould naa friend dwara tayaru cheyinchukunnanu. Mould laykunda try cheyaali ante, meeru muffin moulds tho bake cheyachu. Though I never tried it myself. Give it a try.

  124. Thanks for sharing this info with me sailu garu, also i’ll definitely give it a try and let u know how it comes out. Ippudu koncham busy oka one week, so tarvatha chesi cheptha ela vachchayo.


    Your welcome, Madhavi.

  125. Hello,

    My wife and me have been looking up recipes from your website and having an awesome time cooking them. Eating them is even better :D.

    Awesome website from the content to the presentation.

    I had a quick question: Does the website allow you to earn? through Ads (I didnt see any) or any other way.

    I wanted to get my wife started with her own website on Gujarati food and wanted to ask if I can make it a source of income too.


    Google adsense offers a good source of income if you have good traffic. Good luck on your site on Gujarati food.

  126. Hi sailu garu,

    this blog of urs is very interesting…. awesome pics and great recipes….have one kashmiri recipe which i thought wud let u know…. i think u wud be the better one to publish…. the recipe is simple and easy… if u dont mind can i send it to ur mail?? so that u can publish in ur blog…. u are the right person to publish that…

    Thanks for dropping by, Tejasvi garu. Can you send me the recipe along with a picture (if possible)?

  127. Hello sailu,

    i’m a great fan to ur site. mainly the pics u take. jus wanna know whether u learnt any photography. to be frank never tried ur recipies but will soon. i jus go thru ur site to look at the mouth watering pics. when i see ur pics i feel motivated to step in to kitchen n try some stuff.
    n i’m also 4om vizag presently staying in california. so with ur permission can i meet u when i come to india. i would be v glad to meet u.


    Thanks for your kind words, Geetu. I never took any photography classes, learnt along the way and am still learning. Nice to meet another Vizagite and do email me when you come to Vizag.:)

  128. Hi Sailu,

    This website is absolutely fantastic !!! its great to know that i dont have to keeping calling mum for homemade (andhra) food recipes 🙂
    Keep up the great work !


    Thank you, Krupa for you sweet words.:)

  129. are u from gudivada?? If so I am so eager to know abt u b’cos I am also from gudivada

    No, I’m not from Gudivada.

  130. Hello Sailu,

    Mee site recent ga chusanu, when i was searching for tandoor items. mee site entha bagundante…..asalu ela cheppalo artham kavadam ledu. asalu fotoes, meeru receipe explain chese vidhanam, anni ultimate ga vunnaii.
    kumpati lo pompfret fish roast chesaru kada …idea chala bagundii:)
    I am a working women, living in hyd and native of cuddapah. meeru rasina dosa-avakai try chesanu, chala baga vachindi..perugannam ki aithe super ga vundii:)
    Meeru konchem sambar powder, rasam powder, and pickles gurinchi kuda add cheyachu kada…prati sari ee MTR powder, priya vi vadi vadi bore aipoyamu……so plz ee podula gurinchi kuda add cheyandi.
    Maa office lo gals andariki kuda mee site link fwd chesanu, andariki chala baga nachindi….really very useful.

    Chaala santhoshamu, Valli. Feel happy that you like the recipes and are trying them out. I will definitely blog about podis and pickles, Valli. Thank you for forwarding my blog link to your friends, appreciate it very much.:)

  131. Hi,

    I really like your website, trying out cooking for the first time, its really helping me out, one quick question pls if you dont mind, how come you dont have any Moghulai Dishes? can you pls try out Hyderabadi Briyani, etc., I am sure there are lot of Hyderabadi’s who would love to share their recipes. come on guys, tks.

    Yes, I don’t have any Hyderabadi recipes so far on my blog. Thanks for the feedback and will definitely work on some Moghulai dishes. I usually go slow on high calorie food but its alright to indulge in some rich food once in a while.:)

  132. Hi there,

    I am a great fan of your recipes. Yesterday when I saw an advt in TV about the Kurkure…I suddenly remembered only you. Hope you have heard it too. Why don’t you try something and get yourself printed and be known to everyone.I know you can do it with all your creative skills. Advance wishes. Bye.

    Thanks for suggestion, Priya, appreciate it. But that’s just not me.:):)

  133. Hi Sailu,

    Lovely site and lovlier recipes. Your site is a boon for new cooks like me who dont start cooking till we have to (when we come abroad). I’ve tried out some recipes and they’ve come out perfectly. Coriander rice was the best.

    I have a small request. Can you post the recipe for Karivepaku Annam? Curry leaves rice? I love that but am not finding a good recipe for this. Thanks in advance.

    Thanks again for the great site and recipes.

    Thanks for dropping by and your sweet words, Shewta. I will definitely blog Karivepaaku Annam and you can look forward to the same soon.:)

  134. We used to live in Secunderabad many moons ago, and cannot forget what food we ate there! You have done a great job by apparently taking a lot of trouble and effort to organise your website, let alone the meticulous recipes with photos to go with them – keep it up! But where is/are the real Andhra Restaurant(s) in London? And I dont mean the ones the local Tamils and Gujuratis in Wembley and East End – purely and strictly Andhra ones, please. Help! Thanks.

    Thank you, Avnish for appreciating my website. Honestly, I have no idea about authentic Andhra restaurant’s in London. Sorry about that. Probably some of my readers/visitors in UK, may enlighten us.

  135. Hi

    Just loved your website. there is so much of passion written all over the site. Was wondering if you would have a good recipe for chicken biryani..typical hyderabadi style. thanks

    Thank you for your kind words, Pavitra. I prepare 2-3 versions of Hyderabadi Biryani and am yet to blog about biryanis. Maybe sometime soon.:)

  136. hi sailaja,
    can u plz post the recipe of alu kurma. i am looking for something in restaurant style. will be waiting for that post.

  137. Dear sailu gAru,

    I was wodering if you are also the owener of the site!

    By the way, your site is nicely documented. I plan to use it in our telugu-community web site at Mumbai.
    with best regards,

    N. Rao.

    No, I don’t own that site you mentioned, Rao Garu. And I’d appreciate if you could inform me as to how you intend to use my website?

  138. Hi Sailu,

    Last night I prepared mango spicy salad but without olive oil. Taste was good. My husband liked it. Onion with mango , first time prepared something like this. Different taste, normally we used to have as a juice or plain. Thanks.

    Sujatha Rajgopal.

    Your welcome, Sujatha.:)

  139. Hi Sailaja,

    Thanks a bunch for such lovely recipes. Your instructions are very easy to understand and cook. Wish you will post more in the years to come!!

    Convey my regards to your family.

    Thanks again,

    Your most welcome, vsroses. Thanks for dropping by and your sweet words, appreciate your good wishes.:)

  140. Hello Sailu,

    You have a great site. Its a pleasure getting to know a site so well documented and dedicated to Andhra cuisine.

    My blog also features mostly on Andhra cuisine along with other Indian recipes. If time permits, please do drop in and let me know your views on my blog.


    Thanks for dropping by and your kind words, Srivalli. Will definitely drop by.:)

  141. Dear Sailaja,

    I’m Gila from Switzerland and love Indian food. After having had an Indian Cooking course recently I surfed the internet for new recipes and came along your website. THANKS FOR THAT GREAT WEBSITE.
    I have already cooked one of your recipes: Kodi Guddu Munagakaaya Kura ~ Egg – Drumstick Curry. It was delicious – I only had one problem, I didn’t know how to eat drumsticks. Since the outer part appeared to be unedible I opened the drumstick pieces and only eat the soft inner part. Is that the correct way to eat drumsticks?
    Then I have another question: Can you tell me how to “compose” a complete Indian meal. Which criterias have to be observed? Each and every one of your recipes sounds and looks delicious but I have no idea how to combine them to an original Indian meal. Thanks in advance for your kind answer and help.


    Gila, so nice to know you enjoy Indian food, so much so that you have taken a course and are learning how to cook Indian food. I’m so glad that my site is helping you harness your skills in Indian cooking.:)

    Gila, your right, the inner pulp of drumstick is edible and the outer skin to be discarded. Glad you enjoyed the curry.

    To answer your second question, cooking an Indian meal is simple and not as complicated as its made to be. A typical home South Indian meal would consist of plain steamed white rice with a dal (lentil dish), a stir fry, curry, pachadi (like a salad or condiment) and curd (yogurt). That would be an elaborate meal. You could start of by making a lentil dish with greens, a simple vegetable stir fry (egg plants/lady’s finger/ivy gourd/bitter gourd etc) and end the meal with yogurt rice. Begin from there and slowly as you develop a taste for different kinds of seasonings/masalas, you can move on to more elaborate meals be it South, East, West or North Indian food. I can help you with the recipes and preparation whenever you have a doubt (to the best of my knowledge-:)). You can email me anytime, Gila. I will be glad to be of help.:). Love your enthusiasm.

  142. Hi Sailaja garu,
    WOW! I can see your passion for cooking and quality lifestyle all over your site. From photographs to colors, to layout! Very inspirational.

    I love cooking with random recipes but seeing your site wants to me to try out traditional Andhra foods. I added your site to my list and even made a live RSS bookmark.

    Good luck in bringing us many more authentic Telugu food recipes like Bobbarrulu attu, Bobbattu, senaga pindi attu, Pakundalu, etc which are all well know around Godavari districts. Hope you also add receipes of our many Andhra Pachallu.

    Food Lover,

    Thank you for your compliments, Krishna garu and appreciate you adding my site.:) Hope to bring more traditional Andhra recipes like the ones mentioned by you and also pickles. I have already blogged bobbattu recipe.

  143. Hi Sailu,
    I visit your blog often and admire your photography. Do you mind sharing the make of your camera? Do you use any photographic lighting accessories when shooting? Have you taken any photography courses? Please let me know.


    Thank you, Arpita. I use a DSC-W7 Sony digi cam. I take all my pictures in natural light, most of the time before noon, sometimes during late afternoon too but never after 4 p.m. I haven’t taken any courses.

  144. Hi Sailaja,
    I am Padmaja living in USA. Really ur site is awesome, by seeing the snaps itself my mouth waters. I have tried many of ur recipes, they came out well, infact I daily browse ur site for recipes and cook at home. I love cooking but am not aware of many recipes so ur site is really helpful to me. My request is, can u post the recipes made with pancake mix, i am eagerly looking for it.
    Thank You.

    I am glad you are enjoying the recipes, Padmaja. I don’t use pancake mix since its not available here. I make the pancakes from scratch.

  145. Hi Sailu,

    I am very impressed by your site, thanx to my friend Mayuri for introducing you to me. Sailu i love lotus stems and wanna know some recipes using them…please let me know.

    Thanks for dropping by Akila. I have never cooked lotus stem .:).

  146. Hi,
    a big thanks for such a wonderful site!! am an indian student residing in us and having a hard time to cook tasty recipes as i needed to call mom for each n everything 🙁 i just saw the site n it has so many details with pictures so tht i can cook on my own atlast 🙂 thanks a lot for the recipes!! especially fish pulusu which i hv heard of but never ate.. am gonna try it 🙂 thanks again…

    Your most welcome, Rathika.

  147. I think that it is a very useful website & impressive also. I would like to send my recipe. How can i send that?

    Thank you. This is my personal space where I blog about the food I prepare, Aakriti. If you like to share your recipe, you could send me the recipe along with a picture (if possible) of the dish to sailusfood[at]gmail[dot]com.

  148. Hi Sailu,

    I came across your website while browsing for some paneer dishes. This site is very nice with mouth watering recipes. I also hail from Vizag. My father Dr.N.Syam Sundar is HOD of Physics Dept and Vice-Principal of Mrs.AVN College. From now onwards I will be a regular visitor to this site and will try the recipes.

    Thanks for dropping by, Jyotsna and nice to meet another Vizagite.:)

  149. Hey Sailu, I sent you an email and was hoping to get a reply for that. Its reg infant food. A prompt reply would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for your email, Madhavi. You can expect an email soon on your queries.

  150. Hi Sailu,

    ur site is simply superb!!!!!!!! and ur recipes are great and easy to make. i have tried most of your recipes and everything comes out very good just like what is shown in your photos. i am a great fan of andhra food. whenever i go to hyd i really freak out on food. i want the recipe of andhra chicken biryani, i don’t want the moughal style i want the traditional andhra biryani GREAT JOB !!!!!KEEP IT UP!


    Thank you for sweet and encouraging words, Laxmi. I intend to blog our traditional Andhra biryani sometime. You can look forward to that.:)

  151. Dear Sailu Garu,

    I really can’t express myself in words to tell how impressed I am with your work in your website. U know what, your recipies are so simple but they fetch a grand look to any party. I am really tempted to try cooking all the recipes. Thanks for such a wonderful work. You really don’t know how much you are helping a newly wed bride through this website.

    I wanted a favor…We had neighbour’s who belonged to the telangana region. Whenever they used to make mutton biryani they used to make a side dish, a tomato gravy kind of thing. I exactly don’t know the name but that would go very great with the biryani. If you have any idea of what that recipe is please do post it. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot.

    Thank you for your very sweet and encouraging comment. Glad to learn my blog is helping you.:). I’m not sure about this gravy you mentioned above, Sravanthi.

  152. Hi Sailaja,
    Your recipes are great especially I liked the kakarkaya pulusu. It was very delicious. I appreciate your effort to answer to everybody’s email and also providing such great recipes.
    I have a small request for you. I am great lover of sea food and I am basically from hyderabad, living in US, where there is not much authentic sea food prepared. I would highly appreciate if you can take sometime out to put in a CRAB CURRY recipe. I really love crabs but never had a chance to have it except once. Thanks once again for all the effort.

    Thank you for dropping by and your comment. I haven’t cooked crabs so far, Vinod.

  153. Hi Sailaja,

    I liked your website a lot. It reminded me of my amma and ammamma’s cooking. Even I am from Vizag. The recipes are too good. Got to know many recipes. But still I am not familiar with many recipes. My favorite sweet dish is Chandrakanthalu. Thanks for the recipe. I am looking out for the recipes of Allam nilava pacchadi and also cabbage nilava pacchadi (The priya pickle that we get in the store). If possible can you pls email me that recipe?
    I appreciate your patience and interest in presenting the recipes. It is a one stop to find almost all the Andhra recipes.

    Thanks a lot for the recipes.

    Thanks for you kind comment, Subhashini. I have never prepared cabbage nilava pachadi but you can look forward to allam nilava pachadi recipe.

  154. hi sailu,
    i have a problem. i am not able to view all your recipes. for ex: if u have say 45 recipes under rice section then i am only viewing about 3. why is that so? i want to check all the recipes that u have in your website. pls reply asap.


    Sonali, there are only 3 recipes per page. As you scroll down the page, you will find a link which says ‘previous entries’ which will take you to the next page which contains another 3 recipes and and so on. Hope this helps.

  155. Wow. What a fabulous website. Thank you for all the time and effort, it is a real labor of love.


    Thank you very much, Neil.:)

  156. Hi Sailu

    I googled “andhra recipes” and landed in your website. I haven’t tried any of the recipes yet, but totally loved the photographs of your dishes and also your garden. Awesome! Do you take the pictures yourself? I’m from Vizag as well and live in the US and am going to try your veggie recipes soon, esp vankaya vepudu. Also, could you post a recipe for Chamadumpala Pulusu?

    Thanks a lot for a beautiful website and keep up the good work!

    Thank you, Aruna. Yes, I take all the photographs myself. I’m glad you enjoy the recipes. Will definitely post chamadumpala pulusu sometime.

  157. hi sailu,

    sonali here. thanks for replying to the mails so efficiently. now i just want to know how to keep curry leaves fresh for a long period of time. i have planted a curry plant in a pot but it is dying. i dont know the reason. so we buy in bulk and keep in the fridge but its flavour and smell does not remain strong after few days.

    pls let me know if u have any idea.

    bye for now. by the way tried sabudana khichdi and tomato pappu. both were excellent.


    Sonali, you need to dry the leaves first before storing in a zip-lock bag. They will stay fresh upto 3 weeks atleast.

  158. Hi Sailu,

    I’ve been cooking from your blog for a long time. Recently I started my own and wanted to let you know that I added you to my favorite blogs. You have amazing pictures and delicious recipes.

    I wanted to ask you if you had a recipe for Achar. Mixed veggie pickle or Green Chili Pickle. I cannot seem to find the right one (therefore I buy the ones by Patak´s). I d be very grateful for any advice.


    Thanks for dropping by, your kind comment and adding my blog to your list of favorite blogs. I have never made mixed vegetable pickle or green chilli pickle so far, though I would love to try it and maybe blog too.:)

  159. hii sailu,
    lovely site and lovely recipes….i daily check ur site if there are any new recipes posted…..u r doing a great job and keep posting in the same way….and sailu can u post recipe on madatha kaja….i am desperately waiting for this recipe….hope to hear from u soon….

    Thanks for dropping by and your sweet comment, Namrata. Unfortunately, I don’t have the recipe for Madatha kaja.

  160. hi sailu garu,

    looks awesome and i find the flavour of andhra dishes…hope i can make then as u do….i really appreciate ur hard work and thnx for letting us know ur dishes.

    Thank you Karthik.:)

  161. Hi Sailu,
    As you are from Andhra, let me ask you one thing. Do you know the recipe for Vegetable Hyderabadi? I tasted it in a restaurant and found it to be very tasty. It is mixed vegetable curry in green colour sauce. If you know the recipe, kindly post it. Thank you in advance.

    Sumi, I don’t have the recipe for Vegetable Hyderabadi.

  162. HI

    I have been visiting this site for the past few months,,,,,n each time i visit every dish makes me feel that even i can cook…the reason being that all the recipes are simple,easy to understand n very eye catching…THANKS FOR MAKING COOKING BE SUCH A FUN.

    I really keep waiting n wondering what the next recipe will be .This is the perfect place for andhra home cooking n thats how my mom also cooks. Not only andhra but u do cook others as well mexican, chinese etc n i also do love all of them.

    u share a lot of recipes so thought i could share one of mine that i found interesting on the femina website along with a nice video. here is it recipe for CHICKEN ROULADE from
    n the video is just below the recipe, i tried it with different type of stuffing n it turned out to be a good n healthy appetizer for one of my party.

    Wish u also enjoy trying it……Knowing that ur from Vizag ….even i am from vizag n i really miss it a lot


    Nice to meet another Vizagite, Amukta and thanks for sharing Chicken Roulade recipe.:)

  163. Hi Sailu,
    How are you? One recipe is missing. Guess what? Hyderbadi Biryani.
    Waiting for your post on Hyderbadi Biryani.


    I’m doing good, Arun and yes, you can look forward to Hyderabadi Biryani recipe.

  164. I want to try your recipes soon, hopefully next week or the next. But on a couple of recipes, I need some help on. We don’t have gourds that you eat here. Or maybe we do but I have never known to cook them. There is an indian food store about 30 miles from us. I’ll have to ask them too. Anyway, you use the word drumstick and you put that it is a ridgegourd. Until I go to the indian food store, what can that be replace with? A drumstick here is usually a chicken leg. So when I saw drumstick, I was thinking chicken leg until I saw your beautiful picture. I am so grateful for your beautiful pictures. They are the best food pictures I have ever seen. Thank you so much for putting so much into these recipes. I plan to use them as much as I can. And thank you for the information you give on other things as well.

    Thanks again,
    Trish (Alabama)

    Trish, I am so glad you want to try out Indian food.:). Well you can’t really replace any other veggie in place of drumstick as it has its own unique identity and flavor. But you could make the recipe without the drumstick as well. And thank you for your kind words on my blog.

  165. Good content.. in ur website.

    One thing i noticed is I am browsing your website on a T1 line and boy.. it is slow..

    It is the pictures that takes so much time to load and you may not get enough visitors if your site is slow.

    Just a suggestion, you may want to reduce the size of the images that you upload to this site.

    Of course, those who subscribe to your RSS feeds might be ok. But nothing like visiting a website that renders content fast.

    Thank you for your feedback, Viji. Will incorporate the required changes so that the page loads fast.

  166. Hi Sailu,
    I am trying your recipes since one month, and was successful. Thanks a lot for your recipes and photos. Especially those Mexican recipes are very tasty. When I was in India, I use to go to restaurants only for soups, I love chicken and corn soup and tomato too. If you know how to make those can you add it to your pool of recipes. Also waiting for different styles of chicken biryani recipes. And nilava pachadlu especially andhra avakai and tomato mukkala pachadi(sun dried tomatoes).
    We grow juicy tomatoes in our back yard, can you please post recipe for tomato mukkala nilava pachadi asap before our plants stop producing. Thanks, Sirisha.

    I find a lot of requests for Hyderabadi biryani recipe and andhra pickles/pachadis. Definitely, Sirisha, I will blog more pachadi recipes in future. About tomato pachadi, please be patient as I can’t promise the recipe right away due to time constraints.

  167. Hello Sailaja,

    Great Mexican recipes..I will have to try them soon…and the spaghetti looks delicious..

    In your post you said you make lasagnas..Could you please please PLEASE post veg lasagna…I have had it in a Italian restaurant here and had been wanting to make ever since..and unfortunately they have stopped making veg lasagna here… 🙁

    Thanks for a wonderful site and even more wonderful recipes..

    Nothing I have made has disappointed us so far ! 🙂


    You can look forward to lasagna recipes, Mala and am glad the recipes turned out fine.:)

  168. hi, i recently came across ur blog. i am also from andhra. it is great looking at ur recipes. i have tried a few of them and they were good. must say a word about ur pictures, they r great and very appealing. thank u so much and looking forward for more recipes in future. bye

    Your most welcome and thank you for your very sweet and kind words, Sona.:)

  169. Dear Sailugaru,

    Your site is unbelievably cool. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful things with us.
    One thing I missed was an Italian Section here. Let me tell you, when I went to Jacksonville, Florida, USA. I tasted one of the finest Italian food and the taste was close to our andhra recipe.


    Thanks for dropping by and your kind comment, Saamaja. I intend blogging more Italian food in the future and you can look forward to that.

  170. Hi Sailu
    Just had a question. Since I moved to Hyd I have been looking for basil and don’t find it anywhere here. Once I found a bunch of really wilted basil at an organic store here and then they stopped carrying even that. I am sure it would grow really well in the weather here. But have no idea how to…
    Have you ever found/grow basil here and how?

    Please let me know

    I’ve never found basil so far in Vizag and am on the look out for a basil plant myself, SL. Once I have find it, I will definitely keep you posted on growing basil.

  171. Hi Sailu garu,

    I have been going thru ur website these days but i’m not able to find many recipes.for example if i got to chutneys or pachadis am only loooking at those old ones but not any new….previously u have posted many recipes but these days not that many. i’m ur website fan so please post andhra chicken curries.


    That’s due to time constraints, Kiran. I miss blogging more authentic Andhra recipes. You can definitely find more Andhra recipes coming soon.:)

  172. hi sailu,

    i’m having a great time cooking your recipes. can u pls tell me the recipe for kandi podi and mirialu charu. i hope i got the names right. waiting for ur reply


    Yes, Sonali, you got the names right and they happen to be my favorites too. Will blog the recipes sometime.

  173. Hello Sailajagaru,

    I am new to cooking and when I tried to find some recipes on the web I found your site.

    Amazing recipes and really great presentation. All my roommates love my dishes and it is all thanks to you…Your site is a haven for people like me away from home..all your dishes remind us of home…

    I have one request for you…If you know cabbage pacchadi, can you please post the recipe of it ? My mother used to make it and I miss it…..

    Once again, great site and great work !!

    Thanks a lot again !


    I am so glad you enjoyed the recipes and thanks for your kind comment. I will post cabbage pachadi recipe, Venkat.

  174. Hi Sailu,
    I saw mango tree pictures in your backyard posted some where in may. Those are very beautiful and the green mangoes are mouth watering. In the last photo I observed a pipe like thing hanging on the tree. Is it a pipe or a snake? To me it appears like snake. Please let me know what it is. I was a bit amazed and nervous about it. I am crazy too :-). Please post soup recipes ASAP.

    You guessed right, Sirisha, its a snake.:)

  175. Dear Sailu,
    Thank you for all your wonderful recipes and inspiration. I tried your tomato chutney recipe and loved it. I cook it so often it has morphed into something of my own with the ingredients we have here in France. Now that Tomato season is in full swing I have just posted my recipe with a link to your recipe as its original source. I hope that is ok with you –
    all the best Laura

    Laura, you have a great website and I really admire your way of life and that you grow and eat organic fresh produce day in and day out. We are working on having our own organic vegetable/fruit farm and your site is my inspiration and guide. Your truly blessed and fortunate. Thank you so much for sharing. I am so glad you enjoyed the recipe and thanks for the mention.:)

  176. I am very much impressed by ur site.

    I would like to know the telugu names for the following:
    1. Dandelion
    2. WaterCress


    Thanks for dropping by, Hari. The telugu name for dandelion is Simhadanti and is known as Kanphul (Hindi). I don’t know the telugu name for watercress. Watercress is known as Jal-halim in Hindi.

  177. Hi Sailu

    Nice work, Sailu, great site. Sailu, are you from vizag? I’m from there. The muree mixture article kept me wondering. Where are you living right now?

    Thanks for your kind words, Sandhya. I am from Vizag and live here. Nice to meet another Vizagite.:)

  178. Hello Sailu garu,

    I am unable to find the Pudina Pachadi recipe in (y)our site.

    If you have that listed some where, please send me the link or else can you post the recipe in the site.


    I am yet to blog pudina pachadi recipe, Ravi.

  179. Hi Sailu garu

    Thax for giving the telugu name of dandelion. is it available in hyderabad (AP)? if you have any information about the place of availability, please let me know.

    Actually i am facing a “nasal polyps” for that i want to use home remedies to avoid surgery.
    if you get any information please call my mobile or post here.
    HariKrishna Arava
    Cell: 9908344432

    Hari, you should visit a florist/horticulturist to know where in Hyd they will be available. You can even visit the Govt Agriculture Office and they should be able to help you find them.

  180. Hi Sailu, I saw your reply to my message on aug 17th. are you not scared to take a photo of that mango tree when a snake is there? did you find it out in that photo after seeing my email or before itself? I am eagerly waiting for your soup recipes. Please try to post them immediately for my baby.
    Thanks, Sirisha.

    Sirisha, snakes give me the creeps too.:). I found the snake on the tree and took the picture while it was trying to get away to the nearby rocks along the hill (close to our home). Surely will post soup recipes, please be patient.:)

  181. hi sailu garu namaste
    mi vantalu chala chala baguntayi anni recipes try chestanu nenu
    but konni cheyyaleka pottunna because naku miru telugu transalation chei pampandi pls sailu garu mi email kosam eduru chustanu pls pls pampandi sailu garu nenu mumbai lo vantanu pls pls

    Chala santhoshamu, Sneha. Meeru google lo page translate cheysukovachu.

  182. Dear Sailaja garu,

    Your site is great and gives real Andhra flavour and your usage of telugu names makes us feel homely. I like your website and put a link in my site and hope you agree.

    Anjaneyulu Karumudi

    Thank you for your sweet words on my blog, Anjaneyulu garu and you are welcome to add my link. Its much appreciated.

  183. Hi Sailaja,
    I was searching for Kheema Kofta curry recipe and found it on your website. I like the variety of recipes you have covered here. You have an amazing eye for detail, and the presentation and photographs are very nice.
    I will be a regular visitor to your site from now:)


    Thanks for dropping by and your sweet comment, Chitra.:)

  184. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Sailaja madam, Namaskaram.

    We had tasted some of your recipes via your blog and website, interestingly it had made us try more variety during weekends home cooking. It has become inevitable to cook a new item with your recipes as reference.
    In fact many of your recipes are authentic. Keep going and give us more authentic variations, to our hungry taste buds. Our best wishes for future endeavors.

    Two sincere suggestions,
    1. Why not you write e-books?
    2. Redesigning the category will help us to reach faster.

    Parthiban & Kalpana Parthiban

    Thank you so much for your very kind words and your valuable suggestions. I haven’t given much thought to writing an e-book but I am working on the categories and hoping it should be better and faster to find recipes.:)

  185. I have a 17-month old girl and work 40 hours a week. Time to prepare dinner in the evenings is therefore limited: could anybody please provide me with recipes to prepare tasty Indian dishes which are not too time consuming (I love cooking, as so does my husband, but time constraints are keeping me from spending too much of time for cooking). It would be great to receive some recipes where you can marinate the meat/fish the day before and next day just fry some whole masalas (if needed) and add then your marinated meat/fish. Thank you very much in advance. Kind regards. Daniela Majid Khan

  186. Sailu,

    Thank you very much for this website. I am a constant visitor to this site. The lunch box receipes are good. But I would appreciate if you add more to that.

    I really have tough time in preparing them for my toddler who goes to preschool.


    Asha, I have had innumerable requests for lunch-box and toddler recipes. I will definitely be adding more of them in the near future. Please be patient.:)

  187. hello sailu,

    really you are great yaar.
    even i am from vishakapatnam.
    i am an employee but i dont find any time to prepare but your dishes are really fantastic.

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving a nice comment, Veneela 🙂

  188. Hi, we are having a baby shower to my sister. Can any one make or know some one who can make some andhra specials like chalividi, ariselu, etc? I am in NJ.

  189. Dear sailu,
    Can u provide me the recipe of Irani chai.
    If u get any source of this recipe!
    plz plz let me know

    thank u

  190. Dear Sailaja garu

    Thank you very much for your website.
    I insisted my wife to follow this web site.
    Can i have your contact number if you can
    We are staying in kakinada. My wife wants to talk to you (if there is no problem to you).
    Next time maku punukula koora tayaru chese paddati
    net lo unchandi.

    Thanks and best regards


    Thank you for writing in appreciating my blog. I will definitely try to blog punnukulu kura sometime. Your wife can reach me at sailusfood[at]gmail[dot]com

  191. Hi Sailaja garu,

    Very nice website to surf through. Apart from learning new recipes we also have an advantage of our sense of taste revived and reminds us all things associated with being a telugite/andhravalla. Well done.
    will you be able to put on a recipe for ravva laddu and mysore pakam on your website please or if I am mistaken please direct me to where I can find these on ur website.


    Vidya garu, I’m so glad that this site brings back warm memories of home and thank you so much for your very kind comment. I will definitely blog mysore paak and ravva laddo recipes.

  192. Dear Sailu,

    I stumbled on your site when i was trying to search for something new for the family and it’s no flattery, it is the best site i have visited so far. the pictures are real and the recipes are fantastic and very interesing. i bookmarked it as my number 1 site for good recipes. You are the best.


    Thank you, Mosun for your very sweet and encouraging words and I hope you and your family enjoy the recipes from my blog.:)

  193. Hi Sailu,

    I have always loved ur recipes and always turn to ur site first whenever i want search for new recipe. congratulations and good luck for all ur efforts.

    although this post of mine is for some other thing.
    I have a blog of my own in wordpress..i know u had too and now u moved to ur own domain. can u share with which of the webhosters of wordpress do u host this site of urs? r there any issues with support? can we allow advertising if we host with them? pls advice.

    Thank you, Nivi. My site is hosted with ev1, support is good and yes, you can advertise.

  194. Hello Sailu,

    As a fellow foodie, your link is like disneyland for me! Very very interestic and phenomenal effort on your part. I can clearly see how you truly enjoy everything u write about and the passion you have for food.

    Please do check out my Food blog at and my main website

    I hope to keep in touch and exchange and discuss more about food!


    Thank you, Supriya and welcome to the foodblogging world.:)

  195. Great work Sailu. Its looks a professional website with immaculate text. Me too from vizag and found it amazing that a housewife from vizag came up with such a good site on Andhra food. will try to make some of the recipes from ur site as they sound and look great. Only one slight problem Me is a very lazy cook.


    Thanks for dropping by and leaving an encouraging comment, Laxmi. Nice to meet another Vizagite and I hope my blog helps you overcome your weakness and gets you busy in the kitchen.:)

  196. Sailu Garu,
    I chanced upon your website, while searching for a prawns recipe. From then on, I visit regularly. Thanks for the gr8 recipes. I just came to know about the health benefits of this whole grain-quinoa (pronoounced kee-nwah). u get it packed in the US. But to buy it in India, I need to know it’s local name. can u help? what’s it called in telugu? and in hindi?

    Sowmya, I’m not sure where in India you can find quinoa. I am not sure by what name its known by in Hindi or Telugu.

  197. Hi Sailu,

    great web site and very well written recipes, i like andhra food. Basically i’m from Maharashtra and i’m interested in cooking a variety of foods.

    thanks and i hope you daily update your site and send me the best dishes.

    have a nice day.

    Thank you for your kind comment, Mahesh and I hope you enjoy cooking and relishing andhra recipes.:)

  198. does asafoetida(hing/inguva) have any health benefits? any bad effects?

    Hing works as a digestive aid and has certain medicinal uses. Read more about asafoetida.

  199. Hello Sailaja, this is priya from U.K/hameersmith, been watching ur site for a few months after ur friend told me to have a look at this site.
    At present we do run a 3 star hotel and to be frank I have been using ur recipies for our Indian customers. U are just GREAT in ur kitchen. Do like to share a few thoughts, which i have hope u give me ur personal id.

    Thank you, Priya. You can reach me at sailusfood [at] gmail [dot] com.

  200. Hello Sailugaru….

    Ela unnaru?

    i have a request to make. Rava Kesari recipe cheptara? I know its simple and easy to make…but i still wanted to find out what you would suggest so that i can make it. Eeroju temple ki velthu…..cheddamu ante…mind blank aipoindi…… n didnt find it on ur site too….andukane ventane mail chestunnanu.

    thanks andi sailugaru.


    Bavunanu, Shravani garu.:). I was on a blogging break and didn’t get to see your comment. In any case here is a simple recipe for ravva kesari.

    Fry few cashews and golden raisins in a tbsp of ghee and keep aside. In the same kadai, add another tbsp of ghee and fry 1 cup ravva till it changes to a light golden brown stage. Now add 1 cup of boiled milk and water and cook till for about 10-12 mts. Now add 1 1/4 cup sugar (adjust according to your choice) and keep stirring while the rava is well combined with sugar. Meanwhile soak a few strands of saffron in a tbsp of milk. Add this to the cooked ravva and combine well. While the rava is cooking add 1-2 tbsps of ghee. Cook till you get the consistency of your choice. Add the roasted cashews and raisins and combine. Serve hot or cool.

  201. Hi Sailu,

    I stumbled on your website a couple of days back. My husband and me are vegetarians who are struggling to maintain a healthy diet with our workload. I am constantly on the search for healthy simple vegetarian recipes.The recipes and the nutritional information that is published in your website are fantastic. I was delighted to see the variety of recipes. I am a Tamilian who loves spicy andhra food. I cant wait to try and relish your recipes. Thank you for the recipes.


    Your most welcome, Arthi and am glad to know my blog is helping you to maintain a healthy diet.:)

  202. Sailu garu!
    As u are from Vizag, do you know a vegetable popularly called as barbati (long beans) in Vizag? If so, can u pls post any recipes of barbati? Some time ago, I had a masala kind of curry with this vegetable and your blog reminds me of that. You have a great blog sailu garu. Dahi wada and allam kottimeera pachchadi recipes from your blog are some of the recipes which became common in my home.

    Thank you, Madhavi. Yes, I know. It’s known as runner beans. I hope to blog about these beans sometime.

  203. Hi Sailaja,
    Ur recipes r great. pls also post some traditional andhra diwali sweets & snacks.

    Thank you, Sudha. Hope to post more Andhra sweets and snacks in my future posts.

  204. Hi Sailaja,
    I am waiting for soup recipies since long time. I also sent a message to you earlier. Can you make it your high priority. I cant wait for it any more. Thanks a lot for all your recipies and photos. I love trying your recipies. Sirisha.

    Thank you for trying the recipes, Sirisha. Please be patient.

  205. Hi Sailu,

    This is Nehal. Do you have a recipe for the Grilled Sandwich that you get in India? you know the one with chaat masala and chutney and all. If you have it please post it on your website or send it to me at my email ID.



  206. dear sailu,
    i came across ur website while browsing for andhra food recepies.
    i found this site to be very informative, interesting. i being a tamilian wanted to know abt andhra food and this was one of the best sites i could browse to know about it. i have tried your recepies, they came out well and i am appreciated. i ve also suggested my friends to visit ur site.
    one of my friends wanted the recipe of pootharekalu (sorry do not know the exact name). can u please blog it in ur site?
    thanking u once again.

    Thank you, Vimala. I am happy to learn that you have tried the recipes and you were appreciated. Yes, putharekhalu are traditional Andhra sweet and a delicious one at that.:). I know the procedure but have never tried it ever at home. Usually the elders in the family who are experts prepare them during festivals and weddings.

  207. Hi Sailu,
    I just visited India for the first time, and loved the food I was served in Delhi. The home I stayed in served us a dish of potatoes and cauliflower without sauce, and with mild spice. I’ve been looking all over the Internet for something similar, but just can’t find it. Do you have any ideas of what this might be? And could you provide me with a recipe? It was SO good! I love your country and hope to go back some day.

    Its Aloo Gobi, a simple and popular stir fry. Here’s the recipe:

    Heat a tbsp of oil on medium high heat in a wide skillet and wait for the oil to get hot but not smoking hot. It takes a few seconds. Add a tsp of cumin seeds and let them splutter. Add sliced onions (1 onion) and 1/2tsp of grated ginger and stir fry for a few minutes until onion is starting to brown at the edges. Now lower the heat and add pinch of turmeric pwd, 1/2 tsp red chilli pwd, 1 tsp coriander pwd and 1/4 tsp cumin pwd. Stir well to combine the spices. Immediately add cubed potatoes (1 large potato) and combine. Next add the cauliflower florets, about (a medium size cauliflower should be chopped into bite sized pieces) and combine. Add a tsp of salt. Combine. Cover the dish and let the vegetables cook in their own juices. Cook on medium heat and take care to stir the vegetables once in a while so that they don’t burn at the bottom of the dish and the vegetables get cooked evenly. Cook for about 25-30 mts. Check if the potatoes have softened. If you feel the potatoes are yet to cook, add 1/4 cup of water, cover and cook till tender. Add 1/4 tsp of garam masala towards the end and combine. Enjoy with rotis or rice. You can even garnish coriander leaves.

    Hope this helps.

  208. Hi Sailu,
    Wish you a very Happy Diwali.

    Sailu, your blog brought back memories of my childhood. Bhel with murmure is a hit in our house. When we were kids, my dad used to make this dish. I tried other recipes of your too. Everything turned very delicious..Thank you so much for your effort to put this all together.
    Have a nice day Sailu.God bless.


    Happy Diwali to you too, Sumana. Your most welcome.:)

  209. Found Chettinadu chicken dish under “North Indian recipes”. Nevertheless I appreciate your efforts. Will appreciate to some thing like ‘Andhra recipes in 30 mins’ or ‘Andhra dinner in 1 hour’ sort of things like you get to see in Food channel.

    Keep the good thing going.

    You guys Rock !!

    That must be a slip, thanks for informing. Thanks for your suggestion.:)

  210. Hi,

    I have been browsing ur website from the last 2 days and cud not resist complimenting you.

    I am an Ayurvedic doctor myself from Bangalore and was amazed at your ayurvedic recipes. Wondering whether it is a family tradition? Great job!!!

    I am a kannadiga, but planning to give a andhra style feast for my parents…can u please suggest a menu for me?

    Thank you, Anupama. Its not a family tradition, but awareness levels are there as my grandparents are advocates of ayurvedic principles and cooking. Here’s a simple menu you could prepare. Pulihora, Pappu Tomato, Gutti Vankaya Kura, Bangaladumpa Vepudu and Charu. For dessert you could make payasam. These are all simple recipes. If you have any queries in their preparation, do write in to me at sailusfood [at] gmail [dot] com.

  211. Dear Sailu,

    I been visiting your site for quite some time now.
    You have been a great source of inspiration for me in the kitchen.

    I admire your interest, talent and the time you give.
    I have greatly benefited from it and you have become the one stop source of recipes for me.

    Just LOVE WHAT you do.
    Thanks for all your work.

    Your most welcome. Thank you very much for your kind and encouraging words, Swapna.:)

  212. Hi Sailu,

    I found your site recently while searching for some good receipes for Diwali….Its just awesome.. Made me crave for my mom’s food!! 😉

    You have such a extensive collection of andhra food and also other indian cuisine..that its perfect!!

    I just loved your site…Great job!!

    Thank you very much, Soumya.:)

  213. Hi!

    You have no idea how much I relish your recipes. For someone who has been in involuntary exile from home, your recipes offer the opportunity to find my heart at home though my feet tread strange soil. Thank you so much for your delicious recipes. Tamarind Fish Curry! Yay! I have become a celebrity chef of sorts thanks to you.


    Your welcome, Sam and I am glad to hear that you a celebrity of sorts.:)

  214. Hi Sailu Garu,
    I was looking for your personal email id. I am also from gudivada. Can you give me receipe for Kobbarai Karam Pachadi (with red chillies) and also can you tell me how to make Avakkai. I am away from india. Here Mango season started and i want to know how to make Avakkai.


    Its sailusfood [at] gmail [dot] com
    I am not from Gudivada, its my surname. I hope to blog the recipe for Avakai during summer. You can email me, AK garu.

  215. Hi Sailu garu,
    I have been browsing for some recipe sites and thus came across urs…kudos to ur patience and are awesome…from now onwards i would also be a regular visitor of ur site…just cant help appreciating ur wrk:)

    Thank you very much, Revati garu:)

  216. hi sailu,
    hope u r keeping fine. want to know the procedure for perugu mirchi. thats long green chillies dipped in yogurt and dried. want to know the correct method asap.

    thanks and regards


    Sonali, check this recipe for Majjiga Mirapakaayalu, Sun dried chillis.

  217. hii Sailu..

    Ur website is really impressive.. and cool.. i suggest ur websites to most of my friends(who are poor at cooking..whic does include me too 😉 ).. we all are a big fan of these recipes..

    Sailu please do suggest me some recipes whic is less in fat and healthy too.. i mean i am a vegetarian and also on a diet.. (post partum pregnancy dieting now).. as i am from kerala i need recipes with available ingredients here too.. some leaves i come across in this is unfamiliar to me.. thts y..

    also one suggestion for ur website.. y don u keep page with pictures of these grams(black gram and all) and also some common stuff used in the recpies.. so tht some people who knows the ingredients by the way they look rather than the names.. it will b a great help to them (includin me too 🙂 )…hope u will look into into.. 🙂

    bye for now sailu

    Thanks for your kind words and suggestion, Nithya. I will definitely look into it. Nitya, there are quite a few healthy vegetarian recipes on the blog, do check them. I will also blog more vegetarian low fat recipes.

  218. Hi …….
    Just accidentally happened to see ur site yesterday when i was searching for andhra recipes to try out a different dish…..
    I was very much impressed to see the dishes and the effort which u had taken to make this an interesting stuff 🙂
    Hats off to U Madam.

    Basically i ‘m a working women who hardly finds time to cook something special ,….
    but i’ve made up my mind to try out things after going thru your site 🙂

    It would be very useful if u can posts some recipes which can be cooked faster and healthy.
    Thanks 🙂

    Poongodi Udayakumar

    Thank you, Poongodi. I will look into your suggestion for quick healthy recipes.:)

  219. Dear Sailu,

    I had visited your blog a few months ago and since then have been visiting it everyday; I find your recipes very nice and easy to cook. I especially like the way you give the minute details of the time to stir, the time to fry etc., which are very helpful to me.

    I have also told about your blog to many of my friends and we all discuss about the day’s recipe after lunch and this site has become a part of our daily discussion.

    I am very concerned as to where you have disappeared suddenly; my guess is that since it is the season of marriages you are off to one and enjoying yourself but since it is almost two months I thought I would just enquire.

    Missing you and your lovely recipes.

    Your avid fan
    Mayuri 🙂

    Thank you so much, Mayuri. I really appreciate you telling your friends about my blog. I have been busy and yes, one of the reasons is a wedding. Hope to be back by Christmas.:)

  220. hi sailu,

    i had asked u about sun dried chillies and found out from ur blogs. so u need not mention. but pls help me to make double ka meetha, hyderabadi special dessert. an early info will really help.

    kampala, uganda, east africa

  221. Sailu,
    I have been on the look-out for tips and tricks to Andhra cooking and this website is just what I needed! I’m hardly a cook, but I love to experiment. You’ve done a wonderful job with your website and from your previous admirers/comments I can see you’re faithful to your fooding passions. I raise my glass to you!

    Pooja Talauliker

    Appreciate your kind words, Pooja.:)

  222. Hai Sailu,
    How r u? I have tried many of ur receipes which came very well, this is the only site I saw which is very clear. If I see ur site I wont feel I am missing Andhra food bcos I am staying in USA now. Really, after I came across ur site I came to know many Andhra dishes. Thank u, Sailu, now-a-days I am seeing only few new posts, may be ur busy, looking forward to try new receipes.

    I’m doing good, Padmaja, thank you. I am busy with things which require my immediate attention and will resume blogging towards Christmas.

  223. hey sailu garu
    its been a long time now….luks like ur busy..?not seen you around…i also happened to chance across the nasty comment someone left you…hope ur not taking that to heart!!guess someone is very ‘j’ about you!ante….!
    ur such an inspiration for all of us..especially those like me away from home….mee recipes anni chala simplega n super tastyga untayi!! thanks a lot for bringing us soo close to traditional cooking! kudos to ur endless effort! hope to cu soon! thanks a lot once again!
    take care

    Your most welcome, Bujji. I chose to ignore such comments and thanks so much for your support, appreciate it a lot.:)

  224. hi, i am really happy. i am doing hotel managment in chennai.
    your web site has very nice andhra recipes. Its very good.
    thank you.

    suresh nandika

    Your welcome, Suresh Nandika.

  225. hi shailu,
    i am from ahmedabad but a great fan of your site n recipes. whenever i connect to the net i make it a point to visit your site without fail. i am a gujarati born n brought down south but my family (small like yours) love south indian food to the point of licking their fingers off the bones! your egg curry with the tamarind paste was a great hit and after tasting that my son refuses to eat any other regular egg curry. great going. all the best to you.

    Feel so happy to learn that your son loves Andhra egg pulusu. Thank you for your kind words and wishes, Dipti.:)

  226. Hi Sailu,

    I just saw your website today and very happy to see so many recipes here, was searching for some new and tasty recipis, will surely try something and let you know.

    Thanks for all this effort, really helps many people like me…

    Thank You

    Your welcome, Usha. I hope you enjoy the recipes.:)

  227. Hi Sailu,
    Not a single day goes without browsing ur website. i specially like the mexican recipes that u presented in a simple manner along with pics. but looks like u havent updated the website in a long time!!! i am waiting for new recipes.

    Am on a blogging break and you can look forward to more recipes from tomorrow.

  228. Hi Sailaja

    Im happy to see u blogging back, it was like wowwwwwww she is back. From the day i found ur site, i daily check in to see what’s new today. I chanced upon ur website when was just surfing Andhra recipes. Though i have never seriously tried cooking, bcos my mom’s a great cook and my dad and my whole family goes GA GA GA on her cooking (but actually she is — So no second thoughts abt it). So what ever little i have tried till now does not even reach her normal culinary skill level..I wanted to just have a look around and found ur website luckily..

    Must say ur recipes are simple, colorful and look delicious. On the Whole its a treat to the eyes. I get tempted seeing the snaps only..And the best thing is when i read them i feel that i can also try it… So i personally must say thanks to u, bcos of you im going to try them and hope they do justice as i will be simply copying ur dishes.. Hope at least i dish up a decent meal.. Hope there comes a day in future where my children will find me as a good cook as my mom is for me now. 🙂

    Once again, ur work is awesome though i have visited numerous sites’ ur the BEST OF THE REST, U ROCK truly. The 2nd one I like is of Anusharaji. Keep up the great work. And im going to log in daily to see ur recipes…This is a promise.

    Sorry lenghty story rite, what to do ur so good. 🙂

    Thank you so much



    Meeraa, I’m touched and honored! Thank you for taking the time to leave me such a sweet comment. There’s nothing to beat our mothers cooking, there is no doubt about that.:)

  229. Hi Sailu,

    I am newly married and this site really helps me well. Especially your capsicum rice was awesome and got me lots of appreciations
    when i made it from my hubby and in-laws….Thanks to you for all that.
    My hubby says he likes Cucumber rice!…I have searched in google but cant find any recipe for it….can you give me a recipe for that? i will be really grateful to you 🙂

    Your most welcome, Nithya. I have never prepared cucumber rice. I don’t have a recipe for that.

  230. hi sailu..

    i’m a newly married girl who has never stepped into the kitchen till i tied the knot, even after that my mom in law used to take care of the kitchen. i used to just peep into her cooking mostly on weekends;))
    recently my hubby got an offer in singapore and I joined him a month bk… and hmm i hv no choice but to cook now… neways ive really strted enjoying cooking now esp cos of ur wonderful site of yummy andhra dishes!! my hubby thou a keralite now enjoys having all my andhra preparations:)
    Being an andhrite myself i really enjoy making serving and eating them:)
    Thanks a lot…
    keep up ur good work and keep giving us new varieties:))

    Your most welcome. I’m very happy your hubby is enjoying our Andhra food (and you too, Jyothi):)

  231. Hi Sailu,

    Great website. And great recipes. I have just looked at a couple and I can tell you are a great cook. Good work on the website. I recently started my food blog and just learning from all you experts out there. Can you please link to my blog on your website? Its called “All things yummy” @ http://www.pallavi-foodblog [dot] blogspot [dot] com

    Thanks in advance

    Thank you, Pallavi and good luck on your blog.

  232. Hi Sailu,

    Thank you for your great recipes, I really appreciate your work. I do need a recipe for Kandhi pappu podi. Please give your best recipe. Good luck. Please try to include videos in your site, it would be a great learning experience. Thanks.


    Your welcome, Padma. Here’s Kandi Podi recipe.

  233. Hello Sailu garu,

    I would like to know if the pregnant women in Andhra(according to tradition) wear black saree for their (sreemantham) baby shower? and what about black bangles. I know that in Tamilnadu they wear black saree and bangles (ofcourse with different colour border) for their valakaappu. I need to purchase some for my family, would you please let me know as soon as possible.

    Thank you,

  234. Hello Sailu garu,

    I like your website a lot and I really appreciate the way you have explained so many Andhra recipes. I have learnt many telugu recipes by going through your website and I also like your presentation style where u have described every recipe along with some photos. I wish you all the best and would like to thank you for all the recipes. Sailu garu, could you please give the recipe for chakra pongal and chintapandu (tamarind) pulihora.

    Thank you!

    Your welcome, Padma garu and thank you for your good words. Here are Pulihora recipe and I am yet to blog Chakra pongali recipe.

  235. hey sailu garu
    initially i didnt seem to like the new look of your site…[i was so very much used to old one!]…but now i must say its great!! and congrats on the new blog! Lovely pics i must say….ur a great photographer too! thanks a lot for the warm sankranthi wishes n dishes….u make us feel more at home than ever! i’m so thrilled to have found this site…thanks a lot andi sailu garu!

    Your most welcome, bujji garu.:)

  236. Hello Sailu,

    Please see the link below. This website have many of ur recipes posted word to word with pics (copy-pasted). And looks like she thinks there is nothing wrong in that as she is doing a service to people by posting them. Please inform blogspot and I am sure they will close her account.

    iaminhungry [blogspot] com

    Thanks for informing me, Sameera.

  237. hey sailu garu
    have been trying to send you an e-mail….says there’s an error with the email id…..can you pls let me know where i can correspond…just wanted to share a personal msg with you…anduke ikkada post cheyatledu!
    thanks a lot!

    sailusfood [at] gmail [dot] com

  238. Hi Sailu…I tried the Palakayalu recipe and believe me they taste awesome. I even tried the pappu pulusu which was out of the world. thank u for this wonderful website.

    Thank you for taking time to leave your comment, Sharon and am glad you enjoyed the recipes.

  239. Hi Sailu,

    GOD Bless you for your good work!!
    Keep it up. I am a 51 yr old lady from Hyderabad living in UAE and I enjoy making your recipes. I tried the Spinach soup, it was uuuummm delicious. Try it out ladies, children can benefit out of it even oldies like me.


    Thank you, Lavina for your feedback on the recipe.

  240. Hello first of all really God Bless your website, you just have some really wonderful recipes.

    I would ask you a big favor, in your website there was a recipe “ayurvedic spice powder” and the page is down, could you please send me the powder recipe please?


    Here’s Ayurvedic Spice Powder recipe link, Mauricio. Thank you for your kind wishes.

  241. Hi,
    The website seems to have a problem. When you click on a specific category (such as “Vegetarian dishes”) and then click on “Older Entries”, it always gives an error.
    Great recipes BTW.

    Thanks for pointing it out to me, Matt. The issue has been resolved.

  242. Dear Sailaja,
    I stumbled upon your site while searching quite desperately for authentic andhra vegetarian vantalu. I am quite impressed and this is probably the first time in my life that I am writing fanmail! I have a difficult to please 3 year old who won’t touch spicy food. Growing up in the USA, I want him to appreciate our cooking. Any tips/ recipes with mild spices and kid pleasing nutritious ingredients [no eggs/meat of course].
    BTW, I love Vizag [my parents live there] and your photographs are stupendous and make me homesick!

    Thank you for your good words, Sudha and it nice to meet another Vizagite ( I assume you are:)).
    I will try to blog some kid-friendly recipes with less spice. I have a 5 year old who won’t touch spicy food either. Its always a challenge getting him to eat food with even low levels of spice.:)

  243. Hi Sailu,
    Happen to visit ur blog by chance. Must say you r a gr8 cook & this is a wonderful blog site. Will definately try out ur recipes & let you know.

    All the best.


  244. Hello

    I love your website! I live in Sydney, Australia and have recently converted to being a vegetarian. I have discovered that indian dishes offer the best variety and flavour for vegetarians.

    Cant wait to try some of your recipes.

    I was wondering if you could explain something though, lots of recipes I have found on the internet for chutneys and dhal etc say serve with hot rice and ghee. What does it mean? Do I just cook rice and pour ghee on it? Thanks.

    Hi Laura,
    Thanks for visiting and am glad to learn your thoughts on Indian food. Ghee is clarified butter which we use sparingly (about a tsp) along with rice and chutney or dal. You can omit ghee, its optional.

  245. Hi Sailu garu,

    Thank you for you wonderful recipes. Keep checking this website every weekend to see what new stuff I can make. 70% of my cooking pretty much comes from your website. So please continue with the wonderful recipes.

    God bless you!


    Shilpa garu, I’m so happy to learn that most of your cooking is from my blog. Thank you for your good words.

  246. Hello Sailaja garu,

    I have been visiting your blog now than before and more often these days. When we were living in Zurich (I use to phone my mom for lots of recipes) since I found your blog I don’t phone anyone anymore. If I want some recipe, you have it in your blog. Your blog was one of the ways for me to remember and remind myself of our Andhra authentic cuisine. Every recipe reminds me of my mom’s and my granny’s way of cooking. I really have nothing more to say as everyone here has said whatever I wanted to say. But I want to thank you sincerely for your efforts. I have passed your blog link to lot of my friends and told my cousins around the world to look for your blog. All the best.

    Ramya garu, I’m so happy to learn that the recipes on my blog remind you of your mothers and grandmother’s cooking. Thanks so much for ‘marketing’ my blog.:):)

  247. Hi Sailu,
    I have been following your website for quite few days and prepared few dishes from your site and they all turned out very tasty.
    Can I get the best recipe for Daddojanam (prasadam for God)?
    Thank you very much!
    Unites States

    Thank you for your feedback, Mamatha. I hope to blog Daddojanam recipe sometime.

  248. Hi, I am 65 and live in Canada. I also used to call my grandmother Ammamma…unfortunately my Telugu was forgotten when that generation passed on. My ancestors went to S.Africa in the 1860 …and I have no idea where they came from ..perhaps Kerala. All your recipes take me back to those good old days when my mother and grandmother prepared them…It is so good to be connected. Thank you so much for sharing. Monica.

    Your most welcome, Monica. I’m so happy that you could connect to your roots through my website.

  249. heloo Sailu,

    I am Indonesian married to Pakistani and now settled with my husband in Pakistan. My husband only likes Pakistani and Indian food. I know nothing about these foods. I learned cooking since I was little from my mother but never tried Indian and Pakistani food. I am so clueless. I haven’t try your recipes yet but I find so many interesting recipes here. I am now choosing some of your recipes and will try out for my husband. Thanx a lot.


    Yanti, I hope your husband and you enjoy the Indian recipes prepared by you.:)

  250. Hello Sailu,

    I love your website and appreciate your hard work for it. I frequent it at least once a week and have tried out many of your recipes and because of your recipes my family thinks I have become a good cook! I will be trying the mango pickle recipes this weekend.

    Thanks again and keep up the good work.


    Your welcome and glad to know you have earned yourself a good name in your kitchen, Madhu.:)

  251. Hello Sailu garu,
    your website is very impressive. i like all ur recepies and prepare them at home regularly. i have a small doubt…hope that you will clear it…Tasting powder used in curries is ajinimoto or something else…
    hope you will reply soon.

    I’m not sure what you mean by ‘tasting powder’, Sakshi.

  252. Sailu gaaru,

    You have not given many andhra sea food recipes. I wanted to find out about crabs, lobsters, the different types of fish like yendu chepa (dried), bommidaalu, etc.

    I would be highly grateful if you gave some good andhra recipes for me and my family to enjoy. we are all great fans of your cooking recipes and they have helped us live a very andhra life here in US, without making us miss our home. all thanks to you.


    Your welcome, Raama garu. I usually cook only a few fish varieties like ‘vanjaram’ and prawns. I will try to blog more fish varieties in future posts.

  253. hi sailu,
    ur receipes r amazing. i like ur receipes very much. y dont u keep ur pic? ur receipes r very easy to prepare and very delicious. thank u. bye

    Thank you, Vani, for your kind words.

  254. Sailaja,

    My friend recommended your website to me. I am so impressed with the effort you have taken in building this website. I love the details that you provide in your recipes. I tried out the Chicken Chettinad recipe and it came out really well. I am going to try out your dosa recipies and the egg and tamarind curry.
    I must say that this site is a job very well done. Kudos to you!

    Thank you for your kind words on my blog, Ramya. Appreciate it very much.

  255. hai sailu

    iam a big lover of ur site. esp ur way of presentation.

    can u plz let me know spl recipies n care to be taken in early pregnancy.

  256. Hi Sailu,

    It is my great pleasure to write this mail to you. Whenever i get a doubt in cooking or else want to cook something new i first hang on to your site only. I really like the recipes and the way you write them and more mesmerizing are the photos of the recipes. Awesome work by you. I just created a BLOG, with information regarding “Spices”. I will be very much pleased and happy if you add my blog to your list. My blog is

    Thanking You,
    Lubna Karim.

  257. Hi Sailu,
    I love ur website. I cannot stop myself from accessing your site atleast once a day. I love the receipes here and the way they were made. I always feel as if this is way the grands used to make food.

    I am looking for some Picnic meals. Is there any specific food that you choose for picnic (Other than the yellow rices 😉 everyone bring them) I want to make something special. As u know we will have very less time for prepration before the picnic day. So can you suggest some good receipes which you can take out and relish them somewhere other than home.


  258. hi sailaja garu, i am a housewife. i am vegetarian. I like to taste different types of food and whenever i visit ur site ur recipe pictures r very tempting. i am living in saudi arabia. i like north indian curries. here whenever i go to eat at a hotel there is non-veg curries smell and i can not eat there.

    how to prepare north indian curries as prepared in Indian hotels?

    Here are a few North Indian recipes blogged so far.

  259. Hi Sailu,

    I really don’t know how I first visited your website but since then am a great fan of your recipes. I almost tried all veggie recipes. My son likes sweet corn vegetable soup very much. I tried from other websites/books but not upto restaurant soup. Can u suggest me pls..

    Once again Very Good Website. Thankx for sharing with all of us.


    Thank you for your kind words. Will try to blog Sweet Corn Vegetable Soup sometime at Kidszone, my blog on kids recipes (that I prepare for my 6 year old Nehal).

  260. Hi Sailu, these days i visit your site often to search for good tasty south dishes, and did make few of them and they turned out to be great, thanks a lot. by the way do u have the reciepe for shorba what they serve with biryanis at hotel., i tried a lot elsewhere but they are only made with tomatoes and i dont think its only tomatoes in there, your help is appreciated.


    I’m glad you liked the recipes. Will try to blog shorba recipe sometime, Anita.

  261. Hi Sailaja garu,

    I follow your blogs religiously..and thanks for all the efforts u put in to help others in cooking..I love your suvastra website too. Recently I came thru a site which has a few pictures from your website (mango milk shake)and others..wanted to let you know


    I’m glad you are enjoying the recipes. And thanks for informing me.

  262. Hello Sailu Garu,

    Thankful to you for this great effort. As I started learning cooking, your website is the ‘BEST GUIDE’ for me and was able to prepare good andhra style recipies. Keep up the good work 🙂


    Your most welcome and thank you for your kind words, Soujanya garu.

  263. Sailu garu,

    Just wanted to let you know that I really like your recipes and presentation very much. Just noticed the following website has copied your recipes including pictures.


    Thanks for informing me. They had taken permission and that they will acknowledge the source of article. I will have a look. Thank you once again.

  264. Hi Sailu

    I am a goan, with a very limited reportoire of vegetarian recipes. however both me and my husband love vegetarian and specially andhra food. i have always shied away from recipes on the net cause they mostly do not turn out as they look. your blog is an exception.

    thanks to you i now shop for a wider variety of vegetables…….didn’t buy them before because i didn’t know what to do with them.

    your recipes are fantastic and your blog very well written.

    you’ve just won yourself a die hard fan.

    thanks again

    I feel happy when I read comments like yours. Find them very encouraging and am motivated to blog more. 🙂

  265. Hello sailu garu, namaste.
    mee web site chala chala bagundi. all recipes are excellent.
    thank you .
    mee recipes lo thota kura- pesarapappu try chesanu. very nice.
    nenu recent ga shop lo amaranth seed flour buy chesanu. this flour and mana thota koora same plant nundi vachinada? or different? nenu flour ni wheat flour tho kalipi rotis try chesanu, baga unnayi. meeku teliste, detailed ga same ayuna /kada teliya cheyandi.

    Hello Lakshmi garu, Thank you for your feedback. Amaranth seed flour is prepared from the seeds of thotakura and its not from a different variety. Nenu eppudu ee flour try cheyaladu.

  266. Dear Sailu,

    I am glad i found your website, i am very fond of Andhra food and so is my husband. next month i have a small party at home its my son’s 3rd birthday and was planning to cook chicken Biryani/pulav, typically andhrastyle and not the hyderabadi one. can you please help me with the recipe for this?
    thanks so much for providing us with such tasty recipes.

    Warm Regards

    Deepa, I can’t promise but will definitely try to blog Andhra style chicken pulao sometime.

  267. Hi Sailu,

    I had emailed you earlier and wanted to drop a line of appreciation again. I tried your coconut rice-aloo curry combination and it came out very well. Your site is refreshing and the recipes are awesome! Keep up the good work! I have become a huge fan of your website!!

    Best regards,

    Thank you, Madhu, for the postive feedback, kind and encouraging words.:)

  268. Hi Sailu,

    I love ur website and try ur recipes every time…. they come out very good … especially the photos r very tempting ….i almost check the site daily ….keep up the good work … one small request .. i need some recipes for my daughter — peanut butter cookies, oatmeal cookies and biscuits ….
    Once again very Good Website…. Thanks for giving us a wonderful website ..


    Thank you for your kind words, Harika. My son loves cookies and I do bake once in a while. I have already blogged a few cookie recipes. Hope they help.

  269. Hi Sailu,

    Love your website. Anytime I crave for Andhra food, I come here for a truly authentic recipe. I am dying to make verusenaga podi (peanut podi). It will be nice if you can share the recipe.
    Thanks so much.


    Thank you for your sweet words, Sasha. I will blog peanut podi recipe sometime.

  270. Hello Sailu garu,

    I am a bachelor staying in the US, and your website is a boon for people like me. Whenever I try some recipe from your website it always tastes excellent. I have a request – I am greatly missing the fried rice (made with Basmati rice) we get in most restaurants in AP. I think it is an Indo Chinese flavor because the one we get at Chinese restaurants, here in the US is a lot different and its not made with Basmati. It will be great if you can post that recipe. And btw, on my next visit to India I am going to demonstrate my culinary skills to my Mom, and I am sure she will be surprised.

    Thanks a lot for a wonderful website.

    Aditya, I’m so happy to read your comment and feedback. I will definitely blog Indo-Chinese fried rice recipe and I hope you like it. Wishing you the very best and hope you make your mother proud with your culinary skills.:)

  271. Hi,

    Couple of months back, while surfing through for “tomato chutney” I came across your blog. I was truly fascinated by the varied interests you shared and it truly motivated me to pursue them. But I forgot to save your site name…:(:( lots of google attempts finally I am back.

    I went through your “suvastra” blog too and am interested in fashion as well as cooking. I am truly happy that I surfed the net today.

    Lots of thanks, Sailu.

    I’m glad you enjoyed both Suvastra and my food blog, Ash.:)

  272. I came upon your wonderful site while researching amaranth leaves. I bought them at a Farmers Market in Santa Monica, California, (Los Angeles), and had no idea what they were or what to do with them. I am delighted to find that they are used in Indian food and that you have a recipe for them.

    My family and I have simply fallen in love with Indian cooking. Thank you for posting the beautiful photos. It’s too bad we can’t log on to your website for the photos before we place our next restaurant order.

    Thanks for dropping by and your sweet words on Indian cooking and my blog, Nancy.

  273. Hello! Very much enjoyed reading your site. Found it through a link for homemade corn chips! But, was pleasantly surprised to find the treasure of recipes here. I’ve a question for you. Can you tell me what yogurt does to meat when used as a marinade? And, in your butter masala recipe you mentioned soaking the paneer in water after frying it. Can you tell me what benefit that has? Thanks for your time, Joy

    Thank you for visiting my blog and trying the recipes. To answer your question on the marinade, what the yogurt does is to tenderise, add some moisture and also add some flavor to the meat. Adding the fried paneer to warm water yields soft paneer cubes. Hope this helps, Joy.:)

  274. Namastey madam…..

    mee website valla naaku manchi cook ani peru vacchindi maa office lo….
    office vallaki mee site gurinchi cheppanu…..i work in mumbai as Logistics Analyst and veelaki hindi lo mana telugu padalu cheppesariki tala pranam tokaki vastundi…..good job….g8 cheers to ur family members for their support….hope u release a book and let us know….and blessings to ur son…..

    Namaste Satya garu,

    Chala santhosham.:) Mee feedback ki chala thanks. Thank you for you good wishes. Much appreciated.

  275. Hi Sailu,

    A small suggestion, can you add a printer friendly option. I mean only the post content.


    Thanks for the suggestion, Arun. A ‘print’ icon is placed above the post.

  276. Hey Sailu,

    Great photos. What camera did u use ?


    Thank you, Ravi. I use Sony Cybershot DSC-W7 7.2MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom.

  277. I just had a view of your old blog & therefrom to this website. Any word will be too small to admire the get-up or contents of your sites particularly from a person like me, who has just stepped into the world of blogging.
    Request you to kindly visit my site once & please throw some constructive advise which can help me building good sites.
    Thanks & Regards.

    Welcome to the food blogging world, Abhijit.

  278. Hi Sailu,

    How are you?

    You have a wonderful site. The way you put your recipes with photographs is very nice. Any one would love to try your recipe.
    I love cooking…earlier i used to experiment different dishes…but now i am busy with my one and half your old son. i am surprised you manage your time with your kid. you are really great. Can you give me few recipe for my son? cake icing recipe..i tried 2-3 times but it’s not coming properly

    Thanks …regards..& luv to your son…:-)

    I’m doing good, Boji and hope the same with you. I have blogged chocolate cake with icing at Kidszone where I blog kids recipes (that I prepare for my 6 year old, Nehal)

  279. I read a lot of blogs and have a major weakness for food blogs…i have to say yours is the best one i have come across so far…

    i’ve only been cooking for about an year now and love reading recipes and trying them…but usually stick to fairly simple stuff. didn’t come across one that is so inspired by andhra food before – and now i cant wait to try these out…i’m sure i’m make my mum proud by being a real telugu girl for once 🙂

    I’m glad you are enjoying the recipes and trying to make your mother proud.:)

  280. Hi Sailu garu,

    As I mentioned earlier, 70% of my cooking is from your website. I find all your recipes easy to cook and tasty. I do not eat non-vegetarian food but my husband does. I tried cooking the spicy chicken masala curry from your website. He really liked it.

    Meeru Chicken Biryani recipe istaara? Andhra style chicken biryani preferably – so that I can make it in pressure cooker and it is faster too. I find it easy to follow your instructions and cook non-veg.

    Another thing i wanted to ask was – can anapakaya paluposina kura be made in the same style as the beerakaya palu posina kura you have in your blog? In what other ways do you make anapakaya?

    Thank you

    I will blog pressure cooker Chicken Biryani for you, Shilpa. Please be patient.
    Yes, you can prepare Anapakaya same way as Beerakaya (Ridge gourd) paalu posina kura. Will try to blog more Anapakaya (bottle gourd) recipes.

  281. Hi Sailu

    Wanted to try your idly recipe and one of the ingredients there is “Cream of Rice” or Idly Rava.

    I checked a couple of stores but can’t find cream of rice. Is there a local name for it. There were just 4 types of sooji that i could find – idly sooji, chiroti sooji, bensi sooji, bombay sooji. which one of these am i to use?

    Is Idly Rava the same rave you use for Rava Idly?


    We use semolina to prepare Rava Idli. Idli Rava is ‘cream of rice’ and should be available in most Indian stores. Idli Rava is not among any of the 4 types of sooji you mentioned above.

  282. Sailu garu,
    I have been following your site since i got married. Your recipes are gr8 n I love your presentation style. Can u help me with some suggestions/new recipes for breakfast? My husband prefers continental bfast over traditional idli, dosa, puri, upma. he loves spicy food andhra style (so spicy that it makes me cry:-)), but bfast is his exception. But now he’s also bored of corn flakes-bulls eye-toast formula. I am looking forward to some recipes(non micro-wave if possible) from you.

    Thanks n Regards

    Maybe you could try out some breakfast recipes that I usually prepare for my 6 year old, Nehal. I have blogged these recipes at Kidszone, a blog for kids recipes. Even adults can enjoy these recipes.:)

  283. Dear Sailu garu,

    As mentioned earlier to you, a lot of my cooking is from your website. Thank you for these. Could you please blog some more recipes – chicken biryani (using a pressure cooker), curries using barbatti and potlakaya. I am a working woman and find your recipes very easy and quick to make. I do not eat chicken myself but my husband does. I have tried the chicken recipes on your website and he loves them. My mother, husband, in-laws…all of them know your name 🙂


    I will try to blog the recipes you have requested, Shilpa. 🙂

  284. Hi Sailu,
    I am Raji. I tried Rava dosa, Erra karam masala dosa, Tomato chutney from ur blog. My hubby, who usually agrees only if food tastes best, said excellent. Thank u sailu. All came out very nice. Post more recipes.

    Your welcome, Raji.

  285. Sailu garu,

    Its really a gud job. One small request is that so many people do not know how to use a microwave for cooking including myself. In many of the homes its being used for heating purpose only. So please explain in ur site how to use a microwave for cooking.

    Thank you for your suggestion and I will try to include microwave recipes in my blog.

  286. Hi Sailu,

    I was just googling for a recipe and I came across your site. And I am following your recipes quite for some time. I really like your photos and your dedication to working on this site.

    Could you please add ‘pala thalikalu’ to your recipe list. It has been a while (can say 6yrs) since I have eaten this.

    Thanks in Advance.

    Have a look at this post on Vinayaka Chavati Neivedyam and you might find a recipe close to Pala Thalikalu.

  287. Sailu,

    Thanks a lot. Saying thanks is not enough actually. I didn’t know how to make dal when i moved to US after marriage. Now i became an expert in cooking. I regularly follow ur blog.. i learned a lot from u. thanks for educating us in cooking.

    Your most welcome, Bindu. 🙂

  288. Hi Sailu,
    My in-laws live in Visakhapatnam and I lived there for a while in the late nineties. Vizag was a sleepy place then. To see such a wonderful blog from there is amazing! Your recipes are great – but to most Andhra people, they are pretty much what we eat by way of traditional food. What is so laudable is the way you have brought these recipes to a vast public, replete with pictures and easy-to-understand instructions. And you write so well! Many a recipe is spoilt by incomplete instructions and mistakes – not yours! Wishing you all the best and hoping that the magic from your kitchen keeps spreading its aroma worldwide!

    Best wishes!

    Thank you for your very kind and encouraging words, Suchi. 🙂

  289. Hi….

    I have a query…. Some one has given me lots of lemon which the have grown in their garden. I want to make use of them before they get spoilt.

    I want to know if we can store lemon juice for a longer time, without adding sugar or salt ( of course we need to add preservative but which one??) or can we make lemon jam / marmalade as we get orange jam?? if yes can I get the recipe??? or else any other lemon recipe apart from pickle??

    Thanks in Advance

    Juice them and pour in an ice cube tray. When frozen, place them in a ziplock bag and freeze them. Alternately you could boil the lemon juice and cool and pour in sterilized bottles and refrigerate.

  290. Dear sailu garu,

    I found this website very useful.
    I have one small request. my favourite sweet is dilpasand.
    Can you please send me the recipe for making Dilpasand?

    Thanks in advance

  291. Hi Sailu

    I am here again writing to you. Hope all is well with you and your family. Thank you for all the wonderful recipes that you are posting on your website. You really do not know how much of help your website is for people like me who are just “not made for cooking”. You have got me interested in trying out new dishes. Now that I quit my job and am at home I am able to browse your site on a daily basis and prepare something new. As Christmas is just round the corner I would like to prepare coconut burfi (kobbari burfi), Ariselu, Boondi laddu and mysore pak. Just wondering if you happen to have the receipes for the above said sweets. If so would you mind forwarding me those so that I can surprise my husband, who is a hyderabadi and an absolute lover of good food, by presenting him the above said sweets. I had a recipe book written by an Andhra brahmin lady but the book got lost while we were moving from Doha, Qatar to Sharjah, UAE last year. Also I cannot read telugu and was finding it very difficult to read those recipes but at least it was of some help to me but now that I have lost the book, I am totally helpless and would appreciate if you can help me get those recipes. Thanks a lot and hope you don’t mind helping me out. God bless u. lots of love, Esther Aruna

    Sure, Aruna, will try to blog atleast 2 of the sweets you mentioned above before Christmas. Thank you so much for your good wishes. 🙂

  292. Hi Sailu,
    Must say u have a fab blog! appreciate all the work that u have put in.
    I am regular visitor to ur site now and will try out ur recipes soon.

    Kee, appreciate your words and hope you enjoy trying the recipes. 🙂

  293. Hi Sailu garu
    namaskaaram. naa peru samatha nenu oka pravaasa bharatheeyuraalini mee blog lo meeru prachurinche vantalu chaalaaa amogam. amma ammamma daggara thinna chinna naati vantakaalanu prachurinchi vaatini praachuryam loki thesthunna meeku johaarlu. Naaku koodaaa mee laage vantalante chaalaaa ishtam naaku ee madhyane pellaindi maa sreevaariki naa chethivanta chaathuryam appude vantabattindi koodaanu naakedainaa kottha vantakaalalo anumaanaalu vasthe nenu mee blog loki thongi choosi anni telusukuntuntaanu… mariyu naaku chaalaa rakaalaina vantalu telusu nenu naaku telisina vantalu meeku pampiddaamanukuntunnanu so that meeru avi ikkada prachurinchi andariki cheppagalaru… meeru ilaane inkaa enno rakaala vantakaalu prachurinchaalani korukuntu


    Samatha garu, chaala santhosham. Mee comment chusi chaala anandinchaanu. Mee recipes thapakunda pampinchandi. Try chesi, blog chestaanu.

  294. Sailu, Very well done. Keep it going. Nice Recipes and Very well organized info. Cheers to you.
    For Vizag related shopping, health and wellness info, please do check out our website –


    Thank you, Niranjana. I have visited Metromela a number of times and have found the content useful. 🙂

  295. hi sailu garu,

    i recently came through to ur website, the recipies r very nice, & you have done great work for ur website. if u dont mind i have a request for u. while writing the ingredients, pls even mention them in telugu along with english in brackets, so it will be easy for us. plz if u dont mind, could u accept this request, thank u.

    Thank you for your feedback and suggestion, Swetha. I will try to mention the Telugu names of ingredients in future posts.

  296. Hello Madam,

    Namaste. Hope you remember me, am jyothsna. I saw your blog yesterday when i was in search and its really very nice, marvellous creation. i want to mail u personally, can i have ur personal id or phone number. Hope you will see this and answer me.

    thank you

    Jyothsna, email me at sailusfood [at] gmail [dot] com

  297. Hi Sailu,

    I have followed your recipes for quite sometime as my flatmate used to download them and cook while I was a student overseas. I never got hands on to your website until recently when I got married. My mother’s biggest worry was that I didn’t know how to cook anything much to feed my husband. I had learnt to make your sabudana khichadi and Upma from my flatmate but that was all.. Your website has helped me so much that my husband tells me on every occassion, “How can you say, you can’t cook, I do not doubt your culinary skills a bit” Thanx for being there for me at all times 🙂


    P.S. I have a request can you pls add some more veg pasta recipes.

    Your most welcome, Sony. So happy for you. 🙂 Do check out Kidszone (where I blog recipes that I prepare for my son, Nehal) for more pasta recipes.

  298. Hello Sailu, you have a wonderful site here. Lots of recipes that Im interested in trying out at home. Hope you can visit foodista as well and sign up for our beta testing of the new site 🙂


  299. Hello Sailaja,

    I appreciate all your help with mouth watering recipes. I was looking for South Indian Ginger Chicken recipie. Could you please help me out on this? Thank you


    Your welcome, Vaishnavi.

  300. Hi Sailu

    Hey I tried a few of your recipes lately,like corn fingers, Tomato Salsa and Semiya Upma Recipes .. my husband and me loved all of them.


    I’m glad you liked them, Sony. Thanks for the feedback.

  301. Hello Sailu

    Glad to see a write up on your blog in the times of india edition of “Whats hot”. If you didnt get a chance to see it I can send you a scanned copy of it.

    Thanks for sending me the scanned copy of the article, Suchitra. Appreciate it very much.

  302. Sailu,

    Great work here. Not sure if you decided to take down Taste of India. I used to rely on it for new recipes. It was a good effort. Thank you for everything.


    Thank you, Laksh. TOI is going through a testing phase and will be back soon.

  303. Hi ,
    Just wondering why the Taste of India link on your site is not working. It was very useful.


    TOI is going through a testing phase.

  304. Hi!

    Nice move! I’m using the same theme (mimbo) – please let me know if I may help out with anything on your blog.



    Appreciate your offer to help, Sid. Thank you. 🙂

  305. hi sailu,
    ur blog is very much helpful for me. thanking u is not enough for ur sharing of recipes.
    i am here to ask u about royyalu pachadi. i cant find it in ur blog. next time please share this recipe. thank you in advance.

    Your welcome, Sumalatha. Will blog royyalu pachadi sometime.

  306. hello sailu garu, thank u so much for starting an useful site. almost everyday i am visiting your site for receipes. thank u so much. I used to live in vizag. during my college days i know two girls by the name sailaja. we used to call them sailu. so whenever i see your name i feel very happy and i am very eager to know where u studied and how old you are? i am 29 and studied at vmc mahila vidyapeeth, m.v.p colony. if u feel like sharing only then share. u have asked only for comments and i am so sorry for asking u some details.

    Hello Sirisha garu, I went to a boarding school, Rishi Valley, near Madanapalli.

  307. Hi Sailu,

    Wow…Thanks for the mouth watering recipes. I live in New Zealand and am a grt fan for ur recipes. Could you please, please give the recipe for gobi manchurian? I have tried different methods from various sources but I still not happy with my manchurian. Thanks a lot Sailu for your effort and time.

    Your most welcome, Lakshmi. Here’s the link to Gobi Manchurian recipe.

  308. Hi from Adana-Türkiye Dear Sailu,

    I want to know Indian foods…and I want to learn about India its so hard but …And we love bollywood films and also Shahrukh khan::)))

    And I heard “ladoos” Cookies from a film…And ı searched many many times but I didn’t find any recipe…
    If you know could you pls.write me???
    I am looking forward yr answer…


    Happy to read your comment and love your enthusiasm. I am yet to blog ‘laddu’ recipe. When I blog, will email you the link to the recipe. 🙂

  309. Sailaja – Happy new year to you and your family. I made simple mutton curry and fish fry as per your recipes and they both turned out really…really… really good! Thanks so much for the wonderful, easy-to-make, and great-tasting recipes.


    Sree, Happy New Year to you and your family. Thank you for your positive feedback. Much appreciated. 🙂

  310. Hai Sailu garu..

    I really don’t know how to cook. One of my friend suggested to go thru this blog and really i cant explain in words how happy I am … if i want to cook anything i simply take a printout of that particular recipe and cook. One more thing, my name is also sailu and my hubbys name is also satish and we also live in visakhapatnam. its a superb coincidence..any how if possible can you tell me how to prepare chicken dum biriyani? pls let me know..


    Lovely coincidence! Happy to learn that the blog is of help to you. Hope to blog biryani recipe sometime.

  311. Hello Sailu garu,

    You must have heard this a thousand times already but still I will say it again “Your site is AWESOME”.I am totally in awe at your recipes, photos and little stories you associate with each dish.
    I have tried many dishes from your site. My 5 year old loves the carrot milk which I tried from here and keeps asking me to make it every day.
    I especially loved all your chicken and egg curries. Today I am trying out your atukula dosa recipe and am sure it will turn out delicious.

    Andukondi na hrudaya poorvaka abhinandanalu.
    keep more yummy food recipes coming…

    My request for you to post easy healthy one pot dishes…

    Thank you,

    Your most welcome, Jyothy. Appreciate your kind words and positive feedback. Will keep you request in mind.

  312. I am interested in importing the lotus leave plates, Can you provide the contact person and address. ( wholesale price)

  313. Hi Ms.Sailu,
    My hearty Thanks for creating such a blog with tasty recipes. I am basically a Tamilian and fond of Andhra dishes after visiting your blog. And if you need any help in getting Tamilian dishes and Keralite dishes (little bit I know), you are most welcome.


    Appreciate you wanting to share your recipes with us.

  314. Dear Sailu,

    First of all very hearty congratulations for maintaining such a wonderful blog on food. I simply love your recipes. I always try out the vegetarian recipes (I am a vegetarian:) ) that you have here. The pictures of the recipes are wonderful.

    Keep up the good work!!!

    Warm regards,

    Thank you, Soumya, for your kind and sweet words. Appreciate it very much.

  315. Hello Sailu,

    Congratulations on being rated one of the top 10 food blogs. Keep up the good work. Please let me know if you can add my site to your Taste of India aggregator.

    My site is Also do visit my site and leave your comments.



    Thank you, Shobha. Will drop by. TOI is going through a testing phase. You can add your blog feed to TOI once its up officially.

  316. Hi Sailu,

    What a wonderful blog! I’m very interested in learning more about Indian food and cooking and want to expand beyond chicken tikka masala and biryanis! Your recipes look great and I can’t wait to try some out. Thank you!

    Thanks, La Bonbonniere. Hope my blog is of help to you.

  317. Hi Sailu,

    My wife and I are great fans of your site and use it to cook different varieties when we get bored with our own recipes. I understand that you live in Vizag. As a child I used to love ‘Bachala Kura Pappu’ and Pilusu’ cooked by my mom. If at all you cook ‘Bachala Kura’ can you put some good ones on this site please?
    Your site is an authentic infopedia for recipes and a excellent service for NRI’s and RI’s. Infodhata sukhibhava. Neeku ma subha-asisuluu sarvada.


    Thank you, Sudhakar for your kind words and wishes. Will blog some Bachala Kura recipes.

  318. Hi Sailu,
    I am hooked on to your blog like so many others…wonderful pics and great presentation. Appreciate your passion – look forward to many more delightful moments spent on your blog.

    Thank you for your very kind and sweet words, Nivedita. 🙂

  319. hi sailu,
    Congrats, read the times online article…thanks for ur wonderful blog. i live in Dallas n here we find “Asparagus” everywhere in market. i usually prepare pasta n also use them in tacos but can u pls suggest any other recipies. i want to try something different with them.

    I have not cooked asparagus so far since its not available in our market here at Vizag, Jayashree.

  320. Dear Sailu,

    I am a big fan of you. You inspire me to cook. I think every one feels the same once they visit your website. Since one year I never felt like leaving a message over here, even though I admire your blog. The reason for today’s message is your quotations on the top of each page. Each quote makes so much of sense. They reflect your personality. Even though you might have picked them from some where else, I feel your choice or selection is….no words. Believe it or not, I try to go through every recipe just to read them…

    My sincere wishes to a loving, systematic, matured, down to earth, self confident, and dedicated person….

    All the best


    What can I say? Feel so happy to read your comment. Thank you for appreciating the ‘quotes’ on top of each page. 🙂

  321. Dear Sailu,

    I am your great fan. I cannot stay one day also without browsing your site. The way you present, the way you explain and show the stages of a recipe before it is done is superb. The way you explain is like spoon feeding. Any person who has no experience in cooking also can easily follow your instructions and succeed. I check Suvastra also. You are multi talented. You have great creativity. Good taste. We feel very proud of you being our Andhrite. And words will not be sufficient to tell what we feel about you.

    I have a wish to see you. We never find any picture of yours in you blog. I keep checking ‘My Flicker’ also expecting to see at least one snap of yours.

    Coming to the main thing. Recently I saw pictures and recipes like ‘Chicken balls’ from your site that are being copied by other sites. Today that is 28th March 2009, in Sakshi newspaper they copied your Recipe and picture also of your “Mango Payasam”. How come this is happening? This is for your information.

    Hope my wish will be fulfilled.

    Hari Priya


    Dear Hari Priya, really appreciate you leaving a kind and sweet comment. Regarding my picture, I like to be low-key and am not comfortable with my picture on the web. Hope you understand.

    Sakshi newspaper was resorting to copying my recipes and images without my permission. But of late they are giving credit to source. Thank you for taking time to inform me. 🙂

  322. Hai sailu garu

    very nice to c ur blog. nenu telugulo maatlaadutanu..plz

    na peru Ram. i am working in Sakshi newspaper as a journalist. naku cooking ante chala istam. its my hobby. mee vantalu choosanu, very nice. ika meeto regular touchlo vundalankuntunnanu. meeto cooking pai discussions avasaram. veelaithe mee vantalu maa news paperlo kooda vachela choostanu. and my newly Sakshi channello kooda try chestanu. meeku veelayithe oka sari naaku call cheyandi. 9705346089, 9440204036…
    meeru call cheste konni topics matladukundam. and mee site inka develop ayye chances vunnay.

    Sakshi Daily

  323. Hi,

    Your website is very impressive indeed. I have subscribed to your blog,and also added you on my webpage. Hope you dont mind…Thanks, Antara.

    Thank you, Antara.

  324. Dear Sailu,

    I happened be an occasional visitor to your blog for a simple reason that your recipes are just simple to follow. I kind of make quick stop to the site when I’m confused about what to cook and leave the site grabbing an idea enthusiastic to prepare. I must say your recipes differ by far from the zillion fancy recipes that float on the internet. There is always a health dimension added to your recipes besides they are simple and tasty (I see cooking as a great responsibility and as accountable for the health of those eats, I truly believe health is real wealth). I now find some pearls of wisdom on top of the page (May be they are there and I never noticed) which are really motivational. We really need ideas like these in the current troubled times where negativity and selfishness is all round. I just want to congratulate you for the good work. Keep it up.

    Thank you and wish you success.

    Really appreciate your comment, Prasanna. Thank you very much. 🙂

  325. Hi Sailaja,

    I have been a regular visitor to your blog since 3 years or so. Last week I noticed that one of your recipe along with photo was published in Sakshi Paper in the Family Section. I do not remember the date but it is egg curry which you have blogged in Kids Section.

    As far as I remember there were no credits, so I too was bit upset. Thought you will talk to the concerned and it also appears that a person from Sakshi is trying to contact you based on the comments here.

    Best Wishes,

    Thanks for the concern, Sushma. I am in touch with the editor and they have responded positively.

  326. The whole site looks excellent. I’m afraid I shall forget it before I am able to try any recipes.
    Please sign me in to your blog

    Thanks for the kind comment, Ena. You can subscribe to my blog (side bar), just leave your email address.

  327. I tried sending comments last night, but got 504 error. This site has copied many recipes and pictures of sailusfood and many many others. I wrote to this person amitabh last night in comments section, and you wont believe he deleted my comment in moderation. Now when i log in all pictures are deleted of all recipes, only the matter is there.

    Appreciate you taking the time and effort to help me, Subhash. Thank you very much.

  328. hi sailu,
    ur site is awesome!! one of the best food sites i have come across….thanks a lot for all the hard work that u r putting in to make our lives easier….god bless! i was just wondering if u could post the recipe for ”natukoli chicken curry”….hope u wont disappoint me….thanks again and looking forward to more recipes from ur site.

    Thank you for your good wishes and kind words, Kichu. Will try to blog your requested recipe sometime. 🙂

  329. Hi Sailu,
    I stumbled upon your site by chance and am totally hooked. You have such an amazing range of recipes. Most of my lunch breaks are spent browsing your web site. I live in Toronto now but was in Vizag from 93-97 and absolutely love the place. If I could turn back the clock, I would want to continue to live there.
    I had a question and it is, can I use coconut milk powder (Maggi) in place of real coconut milk in dishes like Kobbari Annam?
    Keep up the great work.
    You rock!!!!

    I’m happy to learn you enjoyed the recipes, Deepika. Vizag has a magical effect on people. 🙂 To answer your question, yes, you can use coconut milk pwd in case you do not have a real coconut. You can even use the tetra pack coconut milk.

  330. Hi,

    Your site is fabulous.
    I am staying alone in Chicago and hence forced to cook on my own now.
    I have never cooked before and has always been very reluctant to try it. I chanced upon your site when searching for receipes. After browsing your receipes I feel I can also learn to cook a fairly good meal even if not a delicious one.

    Thanks for your timely help.

    Nice to know the site is of help to you, Mini. Happy Cooking! 🙂

  331. Dear Sailu,
    I love all your recipes. I can not pick a favourite bacuase they are all my fav’s. I do need some help and hoping that I could find here. I am a new mom and my child is 9 months old and i need any indian baby food recipes (solids) to feed her. Any vegetable/non vegs, soups, Jaava’s or any kind of healthy food is great.I would really appreciate if you can list the recipes in detail so that I can try them. She does not eat baby food from the Jar and she likes rice and pappu and I was hoping to find any Indian baby food for her. Please help.

    Thank you so much in advance.


  332. (I posted this message in kidszone, not sure if that is the right place to go, so posting it again. sorry about this)Great site, i am yet to see a better site for home cooking.
    Sailu, there are couple of recipes I am looking for and literally been looking everywhere. i come from hyderabad. Traditionally, boti and seekh kababs were served with a kind of chutney, vaguely remember the taste, but certainly has peanut, mint, raw onion and tamarind, coarsely ground. I have not tasted it in the last 15 years. Now hyderabad has only fast food chain outlets and so called multi cuisine restaurants, no wonder authentic kabab corners disappeared. I am sure a culinary enthusiast like you will dig this lost recipe out. And the other one was called crisp chicken, usually on chinese menu. Again unable find this recipe. Hope you will get these soon. just another humble request- recipe for the sambhar we get in restaurants please!

  333. Hello Sailu

    I am here again with another email address. I wrote to you from Sharjah, UAE. Now I have moved to Doha, Qatar and still visiting your website on a weekly basis. On having a look at the bread section, I just would like to ask you if I can bake the bread on a gas stove rather than a oven as I do not have one in Doha and it would take sometime for me to get all my things cargoed from Sharjah to Doha. What is your suggestion? Awaiting your quick reply so that I can try this weekend.

    I haven’t tried baking a bread on a gas stove, Esther. I’d suggest you wait for the oven to arrive before you bake your bread. 🙂

  334. Hi Sailu Akka,

    This is Srilu from Doctors’ Colony and Visakha Valley. Malli Akka told me about your website. I browsed through it and I am blown away. I love your recipes. So detailed, and the photographs are just amazing. I will get back to you again after I try the unique recipes. I might also send you my Crab Curry recipes. It has been a decade and you are still as amazing and talented. Although we will have to talk regarding a website that focuses on parenting. Only you can do it.


  335. Hello Sailu Garu,

    I love your website. Great work!!!

    I have a quick question for you. I live in USA and my parents in Hyderabad. My mom is suffering with UTI, and the docs are saying eating cranberries will help to an extent. Where in India (Hyderabad) can we find cranberries? I can send them from here but, not sure if they will be cleared in customs.


  336. Dear Sailu garu,
    Nice to know that you are from Vizag as i am also from Vizag.All ur recipes are worth trying and just tried Brownies,they turned Fantastic!!
    Just want to request one recipe i.e, Drumstick and sesame seeds curry(Mulakkadala nupappu koora)

  337. hi sailu gaaru,
    thanks for all the wonderful recipees andi.
    chinna help kavalandi
    do u have any recipees with AVOCADO?
    its very good in good cholesterol and has lots of fibre and lots of potassium
    thank u once again.

  338. Hi sailu…I have been going thru your site for quite sometime and I really appreciate all the effort you r making for us..thank you very much…I have a request. I dont see much of fish recipes…if you could share some spicy fish curries that would be great…thanks

  339. Hi Sailu,
    I tried the Tomato-Peanut pacchadi yesterday night for dinner with Idlis and it was a hit with all.The distinct flavor and color was so pleasing.
    Thanks for posting it.

  340. Dear Sailu,

    I am a great fan of you as ever. I have sent you my comments and my concerns about your great work been used by sakshi news paper.

    This was my comment 346. Hari Priya on March 28th, 2009 at 4:28 am:

    There was a response or coverup from one Mr.Ram as below.

    347. Ram.N on April 4th, 2009 at 2:10 pm:

    But still, your work is being used regularly by Sakshi paper, even today “Fennel Egg Curry” is also printed on their paper. I dont know if you are aware of it, either way they should also project your name if they really want to give you some publicity along with your recipe. iam not against any news paper since i myself subscribed it from the day its launched. its just a matter of professionalism. i would like that to prevail.

    hoping my concerns are taken to account.


    Hari Priya

  341. dear sailu,

    i love your website! i have made many recipes but i love the pies and spicy chicken tikka masala recipes the best!

    i had parties at my house and many of my friends loved the pies!!! 😀

    thanks so much


  342. Sailu,
    A great heartfelt thanks for having incorporated such an informative wealthy website about Indian cooking and recipe’s. For the past week or so everyday I have been trying a recipe from your website and they have turned out to be great and the more I have browsed your site, I cannot stop admiring the efforts that you have put into setting up a website like this. Impressive and Marvelous, two words just not only for your website but for your efforts, your motives and your knowledge.

  343. Hi Sailu

    This is Esther again from Doha, Qatar. Thank you very much for your quick responses. As already told you my husband is from Hyderabad and he loves to eat only hyderabadi dishes. However he would like to have this weekend (coming Friday, 10th July) Goduma (gehu ka atta)dosa. Do you know how to prepare it..would you mind giving me the recipe so that I could prepare it. Your immediate response is highly appreciated. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work.

    God bless u all.


  344. Hi Sailu garu,

    I love ur website so much. It helps me a lot while cooking new things. Can

    you please post pudhina chutney recipe. Thanks a lot.



  345. Hi Sailu,

    It’s a great job you have done, housewife’s ….more correctly home makers ila kooda vuntaara anipinchindi. I feel it requires lot of time, patience, hardwork also resources, and also co-operation from family to do all this. May be you have done it over a period of time but still, it’s great. Hates off to you

    Quality of the contents…..I may not be qualified to comment but it seems it’s more than brilliant.

    I do not know much about cooking but we prepared our food during college days (Intermediate)…so little bit I know. Now, I am getting inspiration from the recipes given in your website/blog….so hope to learn more and more. Thanks n best wishes – Naveen

  346. Hi Sailu

    This is with reference to my request you on 6th July regarding Goduma (Wheat flour) dosa. Will it be possible for you to send me the recipe details as I am intending to prepare it at least this weekend.

    Thanks a lot and sorry for bothering you.


  347. Hi Sailu

    Hope all is well with you and your family.

    Firstly to let you know that the coriander and mint rice came out to be a great success. Thank you very much for the recipe. In my earlier emails to you I had requested for the recipe of wheat flour (goduma) dosa but since I did not receive any reply from you I browsed Mahanandi website and got the recipe. So don’t bother about sending me one unless it is a different one with more flavour and aroma.

    Thank you again and keep up the good work.


  348. Hello Sailu gaaru… your cooking blog is very helpful for people like me looking for homely food here in US, thankyou !! your blog is very well organised and presentation is just great. your blog has become a regular visit for me when ever i think of andhra cooking. thanks again for your wonderful efforts.

  349. Dear Sailu, I was reading the latest recipe for pressure cooker mutton biryani. It sounds yummy. My only doubt is the cup measurement you have mentioned, is it American cup or Indian. If Indian then how much do I have to use as I stay in the US and am comfortable with the American Measurement.

    Samhita, I also follow American measurement (most of the time). Maybe I should do a post on this to help my readers. 🙂

  350. Hello Sailu garu….
    Thanks a lot for ur wonderful website. From the time I got married I cook all my dinners by referring to ur website. Now we are planning to move back to India, but I got so much used to conventional oven for cooking. Can u suggest some good conventional oven to buy in India?
    Thanks in advance.

    Appreciate your positive feedback, Pravallika. I use Murphy Richards OTG which works good for me.

  351. Every day I go to college in the morning at 7.30a.m. It is very difficult to prepare rice&curry. Please send me preparation of easy foods like pulihora, kobbari annam, etc……….

  352. I tried the Andhra Chepa Pulusu and it turned out GREAT! I had also tried ur dahi bhindi and it was amazing as well..Thanks for all amazing recipes..

  353. Dear Sailaja,

    The search engine had brought me to your site…
    Before reading your blog, I always imagined that is very difficult to cook Indian food by myself …
    (I like Indian food very much, but always eat it from the Indian Restaurant available at my place)
    I had changed my mind after reading your nice site with details of elaboration… I really appreciate it as I am not familiar with those spices used in Indian cuisine …
    Started to become one of your fan now 😛
    Will also try out those recipes shared by you… Thanks!

    Chris from Malaysia ^___^

  354. Hi Sailaja garu,

    I was searching for food blogs for my website and found this website. First of all, I want to tell you that, sailaja is also mother’s name and I am from AP. This is one of the main reason, I choose to put your blog on my website which is all about blogs. Secondly, most of my friends and relatives are from AP, so I felt they will like to check this website.

    After revisiting your blog, I saw about copyrights, so I am posting here to ask you permission.

  355. Hello Sailu garu,
    Ur site is amazing. Oh sorry it is our site! I am happy to find a complete site for all the recipes to cook. Thank you very much.

  356. Hi Sailu garu………

    Great, fantastic, excellent, wonderful….. all such words are not at all enough to describe this site andi…… Just today i came across the site and feel so excited to say that i have tried three recipes from the site just now. The three are a great success and this infact made me depressed b’coz i didnt know this site all these days. I will really in need of this site daily as i’m a mother to a 4 yr-aged school going kid. I take the opportunity to suggest you on my very first visit as i’ve been checking recipes since three hours.
    My suggestion is that u introduce a synonym chart (in major indian languages) for all the ingredients that are used in the recipes which will help visitors all over the world and make it easy for everyone to try the recipes.
    Hope u will consider my suggestion.
    Thanking u for this great site………..

  357. Hi Sailu Mam,

    I really love this website. Am really impressed with your work and the variety of recipes found here. Thanks for being a support for starters like me.

    Can you make HYDERABADI BIRIYANI and post it for us. I am really waiting for that dish.

    Excellent work from you.

  358. Namastae Sailu garu,
    Your site is so amazing.’The interview with God’ link is so …. I got no words to say.I wish to be a regular visitor to your site.Great job!

  359. Hi Sailu gaaru..

    nice recipe as usual…will try this one for sure.
    I saw picture from your blog (Paala Undrallu & Kudumulu – Vinayaka Chavathi Naivedyam)in vasundhara ..eenadu online paper today..19th sep’09.
    wondering if they asked your permission.


    They have not taken my permission, Suma garu. Thanks for taking the time to inform me.

  360. hi sailu garu… this is such a beautiful website…we r very hungry now….and u did a great job….hey i have one suggestion ..if u publish in telugu most of the telugu people will i want to give advice for telugu printing also…and this is a very superb website….and all the best to ur traditional cooking website sailu…bye


  361. Hi Sailu,

    I was searching for some new recipes and ended up on a site called Thalassery cuisine. I was surprised to see a picture from your blog (Spicy Chicken Masala Curry) on one of the recipes NADAN CHICKEN CURRY

    I thought i should inform you. I am not sure if they seeked your permission before using your pic. I feel bad when i see this kind of stuff..

    Anyways, keep up all the good work that you are doing. Always a fan of your cooking.


  362. Hi Sailu garu,

    I am looking for recipe of the Kerala sidh Avial and i could not find it. If you have the recipe for it in your archives can you please point me to it.


  363. Hi Sailu,

    I’ve successfully followed a few recipes from your blog. The pictures and instructions make things look so good and easy. I am hosting a dinner party and would like to use some of your curry recipes. just wondering, how many people do your recipes usually serve?


    They usually serve a minimum of 4 to 5 people.

  364. Hi!

    As I am getting more familiar with your site, I have more and more appreciation for you. I think your sincere and down to earth personality is reflected in your entire site as well as your recipes. It is not surprising that so many people get hooked on to your site. I have been searching for recipes on internet for a while but no other site has got me hooked like this one.

    Kudos to your work !!

    Hope you continue to find success in all things you do.


  365. Its a very nice site for women

    This is my recipe
    Cabbage Pappula Kura
    Cabbage-1/4kg(grated and boiled)
    Fresh Coconut-( grated coconut)1/4kg
    Chana Dal-senaga pappu(100grms)
    Onions-1 large
    Velluli-2 or 3 leafs
    Coriander leaves
    Green chillis-4

    First do popu (minapappu+avalu+zeera)with ghee add splitted velluli fry for 2 mins & Add onions, green chillis, grated carrot, chana dal, salt, fry until it cooks, then add coconut and fry for 7 mins then add coriander leaves
    regards Syamala

  366. Hello Sailu,

    Needless to say, I am a BIG fan of your recipes. I was recently diagnosed with high cholesterol and am required to be on a diet plan. I could think of no one but you to help recommend some “health food” recipes from your kitchen. It may be a good idea to have a category for Health food on your website. I am sure it will help many like me.

    Meanwhile, could you point me to some non-fatty, non-spicy health food recipes on your website?


  367. Hello Sailu Garu,

    Your website is great and i came across it at a time when i was thinking of giving up cooking as a ‘bad job – can’t do it anymore’. Not anymore – i am going to try all the vegetarian recipes (am a Veggie) and surprise my husband. Infact just yesterday, i made the Beerakayi pachadi after looking it up and he was surprised at its taste!

    Thanks a ton! Keep up the good work. Looking forward to learn more from you.

    Take care,

  368. Hi Sailu,

    U have a wonderful blog.
    I have been visiting ur blog very often but couldn’t leave any appreciation anytime.
    Ur way of explaining and detailing the receipe is excellent.
    Thanku for such a wonderful blog.
    Looking forward for many other wonderful receipes.

    take care,

  369. hello sailu garu,

    this website is really helpful to me.
    i tried ur recipe BOORELU and it turned out very good. this is the first time i made boorelu on my own with ur help.

    thanks a lot.

  370. Hi Sailaja,

    How are you? Your blog is becoming interesting and attractive everyday with all new recipes, colorful food pics, etc. Keep it up!

    BTW, I wrote to your gmail id a week back on something interesting for your blog. Please could you look into it and respond. Thank you.


  371. Hi Sailu Garu….
    Mi website chala bagunadi. Eenadu lo nunchi mi address chusanu. meeru rasina style chala bagunadi. fired rice try chesannu. chala baga vachinadi. intolo andariki nachindi.r emaning items kuda try chesthanu. naaku 9months baby undi. thaniki aa food items petacho chepputhara. infants zone kuda mi site lo add cheyandi. so that it will be useful for people like us. bye Haritha

  372. Hi Sailu garu

    Your website is very good and useful. When ever i want to prepare something I’ll open your website. The outcome is always successful. My friends always says that I’m a very good cook. But they don’t know the real cook behind me. Thanks for maintaining such a wonderful website.


  373. Hi Sailu,

    ur website is fabulous, i have learnt a lot of cooking from it. thank u, a small request can u give me more snack items which can be made easily in the evenings cos i m working lady and i want something to me made taking less time, i would feel happy if u post me with some.

  374. Sailu,

    I feel this is the best Indian food blog I have seen till date and so do my friends and relatives. All of your recipes are so authenic and perfect. I love to cook for my family and friends and any doubt in my mind the first thing I do is refer to your blog. Not to mention the beautiful pictures. 🙂

    You are doing such a good job by sharing all these recipes with us. Being a food lover I can’t stop appreciating your effort. Keep going.


  375. hi sailu,

    Thanks for such a wonderful site! I love it! Can you please tell me what oven u use to bake?


    Swetha, I use Murphy Richards OTG (Oven/Toaster/Grill).

  376. Hi Sailaja,

    Goan chicken looks very tempting. BTW, I tried your capsicum-chicken last weekend. It went very well with phulkas as well as with hot steaming rice.

    Get more chicken recipes coming 🙂

    PS: Could you please look into your gmail, I responded with IndusLadies banners. Thanks.

  377. dear sailaja garu,

    I tried preparation of Herbal Bath Powder (Sunnipindi) by watching your site. It is fantastic. By opening the lid it is getting good smell all around the room. If we add some Camphor (Pachakarpooram) to it, it will get beautiful fragrance. thank you.

  378. Hi shailaja this is satyavathi from Satya Communications. We are doing a television show in hmtv (Telugu) news channel daily. We are planning to do a show with you. If you interested on our proposal please contact on my email. We hope you will contact us.

  379. Hello Sailaja,

    I had always been visiting your blog…oblivious to the fact that you are from Vizag…imagine my immense happiness when i realized you are from there…just love the place …grew up there…so i share the exact same feeling as you do about the beaches.
    And your blog …I must say the recipes are amazing, photos absolutely gorgeous…and please keep more of the andhra flavors coming in…nothing to beat it !!

    Thanks & Regards,

  380. Hi,

    I think you have a great collection of Andhra recipes. Whenever I need fresh ideas for a meal, I come and check your site and usually, I find something interesting to cook for the day. Thanks for sharing a collection of easy to follow recipes.

    – Sambhavi

  381. Hi

    I like this Website.

    Could you please add these following recpies also

    1) Dum Chicken Biryani

    2) Normal Chicken Biryani


  382. మీ బ్లాగు చక్కగా వుంది
    ఒక ప్రశ్న: పొద్దున్న వండిన పప్పు/కూర ఎన్ని రోజులు రేఫ్రిజిరేటరూ లో వుంచచ్చు

    It will stay for a few weeks if you freeze it but only 4-5 days if kept in the refrigerator.

  383. i do not know whether it is with ur permission or not..however, still have a look at dis website……ur pic has been used…

    btw i love ur recipes and i also got a kid who’s name is nehal 🙂

    Thanks for informing me. He has not taken my permission. Glad you like the recipes. 🙂

  384. I love ur website. I have never been a cook and recently got married. Ur website has helped me cook. Thank you so much for that. I love the Andhra food.

    I have 2 favors to ask.
    1) Can u publish chicken majestic dish. In Hyderabad there is a restaurant called Blue fox and I had the dish there. I have been craving for it but don’t know how to make it. Can u help me with it?

    2) I like to go over ur Categories, but now a day’s u have so many more but they are named after people more that dishes. It is confusing.

    Thank you for this website

  385. I love ur website. I have never been a cook and recently got married. Ur website has helped me cook. Thank you so much for that. I love the Andhra food.

    I have 2 favors to ask.
    1) Can u publish chicken majestic dish. In Hyderabad there is a restaurant called Blue fox and I had the dish there. I have been craving for it but don’t know how to make it. Can u help me with it?

    2) I like to go over ur Categories, but now a day’s u have so many more but they are named after people more that dishes. It is confusing.

  386. happy new year 2010 to u and ur family
    may this new year give all the happiness and prosperity to ur family
    thank you for the wonderful recipes

  387. Dear Sailaja – your site is wonderful and comprehensive. Its amazing how people like you and Shilpa from aayi’s kitchen share so much with aspiring cooks like us. A fellow blogger also mentioned that I could add my site to your feed on Please guide me on how I can link up … would love to network lots more with like minded foodies. Thanx in advance 🙂

  388. Hi Sailu Garu,

    After visiting your website, I started preparing food as per ur direction and instructions. It is nice and my preparations are coming out well. Every one in my home says it is sailu’s food.

    I am happy, please keep posting differed foods. It is very useful. In my home all are great fans of you.

  389. Hi Sailu,
    Your blog is great. Your recipes are excellent. Have tried out a couple of them. They have come out well. Really appreciate your patience. All the very best to you.

  390. hai sailu garu me recipes chala bagunai. i can find any thing in ur site, what ever, what not. thank u. but we have one suggestion. why cant u publish the ingredients in telugu also so that we can understand easily. i think meku telugu vachu ani anukunta, so we hope u understand our problem.

    thank u once again for your recipes………..

  391. I liked the non vegetarian recipes. Lot of hard work must have gone into the making of dishes and blogging. I hope you’ll reap soon. All the best.

  392. Hi,

    i would like to introduce to you about our organization,

    We are the largest school meal run ngo in the world we are currently feeding 1.2 million children cross India every school day
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  393. hello sailu,

    nice recipe. pls tell me the equivalent in hindi or english for marati moggu. also can you give the recipe for nilgiri chicken korma.

    thank you

  394. Like your site.
    Maybe soon you should think about recording the process of the cooking and posting a video of the recepies. It is always easy to see a video than to read and follow that.

  395. Hi Sailu,

    Can you give the recipe of malai kofta? You have an amazing website and recipes here. I have tried many of them and they are very delicious.

    Thank you,

  396. Sailu garu,

    We are planning to buy a Microwave oven. Can you please please sugest me what are the features I have to look for to purchase. Or it we be more easy if you can straight away tell me the model and Company which is better. I want it for heating, cooking, baking, grilling…. What is “Convention”. I have no knowledge at all about Ovens. Please do help me. Thank you.

    Hari Priya

  397. Hi Sailajagaru

    Your website is very good and have some very authentic as well as day to day preperations from Andhra. I check your site daily atleast once. If I can suggest, I wanted to suggest an ingredient wise recipe browser as in . Because I feel as though I’ve read all your recipes but I still find some surprise hidden recipes once in a while. So if you can have such categorisation we can refer to the recipes as per the ingredients on our hand. I tried your methi murg, its yummy. Thank you for all the wonderful recipes from Andhra. Your website is like home, when away from home.

  398. Dear Madam,

    I really feel satisfied visiting ur site. i could find all kinds of recipies at this site but i was unhappy for not finding one of my favourite tiffins, that is mysore bonda or bajji which we find in most of the local hotels. i would be really feel happy if i find this receipe on ur site. i really enjoy visiting this site, i have tried most of the items which are a good success for me, since i was not a good cook.

  399. Hi Sailu,

    You are amazing. I love your blog and recipes so much that I started enjoying cooking for our family. Thanks for taking the time in creating such a wonderful wealth of recipes for all of us to enjoy.

    Would you happen to have any recipes that we can take for picnics to the parks with little kids?

    Thanks so much,

  400. hello sailu garu…,

    i want to learn from u how to cook cup cakes….bcoz for this summer my brother children are coming to my home for holidays.As i am newly married i dont have enough crokery items that means like i need easy way to cook cup cakes in pressure cooker and decorate it with some colour cream.and i need all this to be prepared at home without much hadavidi….hope u will help..and i dont know where to check for u r reply….pls help me better u mail me

    thank u

  401. Hi

    This is Omkar Potdar from Colosceum Media Pvt ltd Mumbai .We are a production house and make tv shows . we are going to be shooting a show for the hunt
    of the best amateur chef in India . The show is for star plus. We are just in the process of selecting candidates all over india. Let me know if you are interested or if you can help us in any way.


  402. hi sailaja garu

    i made tomato uragaya but added too much salt. any suggestions what i have to do? thank you

    Prasi garu, you will have to make more tomato uragaya without salt and combine with the already prepared salted uragaya.

  403. hi sailu, im a 24/m from haryana currently studying in california(for past 8 years), and i just wanna say that your website has often been a tremendous source of information/inspiration to venture into cooking on my own, and am glad to say i have mastered quite a few recipes such as bhindi, paneer, chicken masala etc. Living far from home, i feel nostalgic sometimes for not just the taste of home food, but the colors and smell as well, and your recipes are so down to earth that i am a full blown cook in the making now. Lastly, i have to really commend you on the job you did on this website; the organization and content is remarkable! I dont mean to sound offensive, but i wouldnt have imagined one person, let alone a busy house wife, could administer such a tremendous website. My mom and maasi are great fans of yours too. I hope whenever i get married my wife shares my enthusiasm for this as well. You are the best example of how internet can help unearth a persons talent and passion. Thanks for putting the effort into this, a tribute to indian culture and cooking.

  404. Hi sailu,
    your recipes are very nice,
    can you suggest me one thing.
    i dont get soft chapathi’s or roti’s, i saw electric chapathi maker,
    can you suggest whether its good to buy,for softer and easy chapati’s or rotis.
    please reply for me.


  405. hi sailu,

    this is bhavya. Cant stop appreciating ur recipes tht u put up. they r really so helpful for starters like me !!!! learnt few of the recipes from ur blog! i would like to send some simple recipes to u. how can i send them. do lemme know!

  406. Hi Sailu,

    I was trying to add my site at Taste of India, but the page access denied. Can you please check and add my site.


  407. Dear Sailu,

    You fully deserve all the accolades you get for your fantastic recipes. Your photographs are amazing too, and it is heartening to see that they are not simply digital trickery, and that we can actually reproduce these visually appealing (and fabulously tasty) recipes in our kitchens. I have one complaint, however; I couldn’t find a recipe with mango in your Dessert section. Mango! Our national (albeit annually short-lived) obsession. And this is the season now! So please find the time to put up something with mangoes in your Dessert section.

    Thanks in advance,


  408. Hi Sailu

    sorry for repeating my post, but I updated a blog last night and can’t find where I wrote it..

    Again, I love your website, your receipes form the backbone of my cooking… my husband loves what I cook (aka thanks to you!! 🙂

    I live in the UK and but love indo chinese food. Pls help. I know you have a few posted but I’d love – typical chicken fried rice, with chilly chicken or chicken manchurian etc.. no peanuts..

    Pls pls pls help.. i am craving for this food and really missing home..

    Lots of luv.. and god bless u for what you do..

    Loving your work!!

    – A

  409. Namaste Sailu garu,
    Mee recipes are very very good and tasty. We like your recipes, many many thanks.
    Can you pls let us know, how to make dal/pappu with drumstick leaves.
    Can i use tiny stems or only leaves?
    pls explain recipe.

    Thank you Sailu garu.

  410. Hi…
    I am big fan of yours for all the Andhra recipes… i tried so many typical Andhra style dishes from your recipes ..they all turned really good.

    but There are 2 things i wanna request you.. Avakai and Maagai !!
    Please post a recipe for both of them…for small quantities like ..with one or 2 mangoes !

    Thanks Sailu.

  411. hiii sailu

    ur recipes are awesome and i am here to say that can u please post recipe of chicken birayni easily done in rice cooker or presuree cooker hope u will consider my request and post the recipe thank u bbyeee

  412. Hi Sailu,

    Looking at all ur recipes thought u would have an idea on how to perform ramadevuni pooja.Could you please help me on that also I have taken the recipes for sri ramanavami but heard that ramadevuni prasadam is different from sri rama navami recipes..

    Many thanks!

  413. Hi Sailaja,
    You are amazing and when ever i open your site i feel like i am visiting my mother. The recipes remind me of my school days and college days when i used to come home hungry. I am happy to see some thing online that could really be cooked and enjoyed at home. I love home food and your website has become like a second home for me. Thank you for making me feel so good b’cause it is not easy to make someone feel so good and in that aspect you are doing an amazing job by making so many people feel sooooooooooo good. Love you and stay happy and healthy and write many more wonderful recipes.
    Wish to see you when i visit Vizag.

  414. Hi Sailuji,
    I envy you in a really nice way. You are so dedicated, obviously talented and a very, very good cook. Your recipes are amazing and the photos are yummy. You make it look so easy.
    My daughter has been learning cooking using your website and your recipes. She is a beginner, but your recipes are so easy to follow all the dishes are turning out so good and she is so motivated now to cook and try more recipes.
    Thank you so much. Keep up the good work.

  415. i do have an oily skin my body colour is fair but my handa and face due to exposion to sunlight becoming darker day by day ia worried plz tell me the permanent sunnipindi that suits to my body type send reply to my id plz

  416. Hi

    i was interested in the photos that you have on indian food. Is it possible for us to come to some financial arrangement for your pictures.

    please let me know.


    Abdul Hamid

  417. I see your recipes from here appearing in ‘Saakshi’ news paper. It’d be great, if you put the same recipe in Telugu as well (may be, you can copy the JPG file from sakshi e-paper and put in here along with English version). Many people like to read the recipe in Telugu 🙂

    for eg, the baby corn manchuriya recipe in Telugu: [IMG][/IMG]

  418. Hi Sailu,

    My dad cannot eat oily food or spicy food. Can you please mail me some oil free and easy to digest recipies so that we can cook the same for my dad?

    Reply back on

    Thanks a Ton!!


  419. hiiiiiiiii madam can u tell me how to prepare a chicken fry with some gravy..pls mail me how to make a chicken fru curry..

  420. hiiiiiiiii madam can u tell me how to prepare a chicken fry with some gravy..pls mail me how to make a chicken fry curry.

  421. Hello sailu garu,

    i am very much interested in cooking and always try new recepies. i am very much interested in cooking your andhra dishes.

    i am looking for lotus root curry, i am in singapore. here most of the chinese people cook with lotus root.

    pl help

  422. hi sailu,

    i regularly follow ur site not only for ur recipies but also for ur quotes. i taught my mother to use my laptop n now she regularly browses ur site. pls tell us how we can prepare “Stuffed Capsicum ” using mwave its my favorite.



  423. Hi Sailu,

    I am Divya and I am very new to the world of food blogging. I am 25 and just about getting really interested in ‘experimenting’ in the kitchen and trying out different recipes (still unmarried!)

    I am planning to pick up an OTG by the end of this month… wanted to know which one do you use? I remember reading in a reply to a post that you have a Morphy Richards OTG. Do you still use this? If yes, can you please tell me the model and how many liters is it?

    I really like your website and came across this about 2-3 days ago via another food blog called Pepper Mill.

    Keep the great recipes coming… and I shall try them and let you know how they turn out!

    Cheers.. Divya

  424. Hi Sailu,
    This is Ramya here. I am a regular follower of ur blog and love trying out ur recipes. Keep up the fab job. Have a query. I want to prepare green chilli paste at home but have been unsuccessful until now as it goes off after a week. I tried adding salt as a preservative but it didnt seem to help. I somehow dont like the taste of the green chilli paste from the Indian stores here. Can you please help me with this? Many Thanks.

  425. Hi Sailaja,

    I was searching for a recipe for egg pulusu, and I came to your blog since you blog about Andhra food…I also did a general google search and I found another blog with exactly the same recipe…even the intro to the recipe was exactly like yours. This is the link to the other blog

    Is that one of your blogs? Or did you give permission for your recipe to be reproduced? Or did you get ripped off? You might want to check it out…


  426. Sailaja Gaaru, just saw this recipe on another blog and was wondering if you had given your permission, since there is no acknowledgment.

  427. Dear Sailu,
    I tried many recipes from your website, chicken pickle, chicken recipes, veg curries and many more. My children were overjoyed. I am an employee and when I come to see my children, its a festival for them everyday with new recipes. I have no words to express my gratitude. Thankyou and God bless you.

  428. hi Sailu garu:

    Your work is really appreciable. When ever I want to cook something, I open ur web site. Thank you. I have a small request. Can u also post some diet recepies. (andhra style).

    Thanks in advance

  429. Hi Sailu Garu,

    I have been following your blog for a long time and your recipes too.
    I have a small request.Can you post the recipe for making Crab Curry (Andhra Cuisine).

    Thankiong you

  430. Dear Sailu Garu,
    Thank you for your wonderful website. I am a Chef-Instructor with the Culinary Institute of America and teach Asian Cuisine’s. One of my students posed a question the other day that I am hoping you might be able to provide the answer or perhaps some of your readers can comment on this topic. The question was, “Why do Indians remove the skin from chickens before cooking.” On my travels to India I also posed this question and was given the impression that Indians revile chicken skin. Can you or your readers enlighten me? My students and myself would be grateful for any information you can provide for us.

    Chef Ken Woytisek CEC CHE ACE

  431. Thank you for all the hard work in making this website. I am Gujarati and I love Andra food, your recipes are delicious. Please keep up the good work.
    Thank you.

  432. Hello Sailu gaaru

    My daughter goes to 1st grade here in US and lastweek she was given an appreciation certificate that she packs very good healthy lunch to school, that made me soo proud.

    I wanted to THANKYOU because apart from my moms recepies, i also have been following your kidzone recepies. You make soo innovative, easy at hand for kids, thanks again, your hardwork and dedication truely appreciated, THANKS AGAIN !!!!

    Mrs Badri

  433. Hi Sailu Garu,

    I really luv your site & my fav website where I start my day. Recipes which you post are absolutely amazing… 🙂 I’ve been a regular visitor to your website since past 5 yrs. I just wanted to let you know that it seems some one is copying your recipe pics, and the recipe content as it is… I came across couple of sites who are using the same information please check it… After seeing that I felt bad abt some people how they use someone’s hard wrk and publish it as theirs.. 🙁 I can understand how much hard work u did from cooking to the photography of each recipe.. So, that is the main reason why I wanna keep you posted abt this… Here is the websites where they are using most of your recipes…

    I also wanted to tell you personally…you always remind me of my mom with the recipes you cook. Really missing Amma after coming to US. But, happy to see your recipes. I always tell my mom abt your recipes. I really luv your presentation & the photography. My best wishes to you & your family. Keep on Rocking…

  434. Hey Sailu,

    What a lovely collection of recipes u’ve got here,I have been complimented quite a number of times for the recipes I chose to prepare from your website.I was a software professional until last year turned into a home maker and a new MOM taking care of my lil dalin,u’r website has inspired me somehow to pick up on cooking as a favourite thing to do most of the times.
    I am gonna tryout “CARROT MILK” tomorrow morning 🙂
    Can you help me with the gobi ka paratha U’R STYLE 😉


  435. Hello Sailu garu,
    I like your blog. The first place that I search for an Andhra recipe is your blog. I also found that you have sections for Gardening and Flowers.I am big fan of Jasmines. Right now I live in US and I have a Mysore malli variety of Jasmine and Boddu malli (Grand duke of Tuscany). I have plans to reproduce these plants. I came to know that it can be done by cuttings. If you are aware of this procedure could you help me by letting me know how to reproduce the Jasmines?

    Thank you.

  436. Hi sailu garu.

    I really like your web site a lot Its like my mom at my side and giving me all the tips to cook. Thanks again. Recently you probably noticied that people are putting awful lot of weight any suggestion from cooking side so we can keep a tab on this.

  437. Hello;

    I sent my comments in your column but no reply. 🙁 Actually I would like to try paneer recipes but I couldn’t get one here in Malaysia. Can I substitute with other cheeses….. Please suggest a few. I tried some of your recipes during this Navarathri and it turned out well. Kudos.
    And my last question is when you asked to simmer the coconut milk that you used in some of your recipes, don’t they turned oily if we simmer it and becomes cholestorol if we eat them. I am confused , please clarify me.



    1. You can use Tofu in place of Paneer. While using coconut milk in gravy curries, add coconut milk towards end of cooking process and cook for less than 3-4 mts. Turn off heat.

  438. HI Sailu..
    I happened to find the same image of your spicy chicken curry in this link!!

  439. ur recepies are really good mam…..even my grandparents love your recepies….is there any book available with ur recepies???

  440. hi,sailu garu, i am lalita,house wife. we are offering seo services. your blog is very nice. more seo to your blog, your blog is good position in search engines.(google,yahoo,msn)


  441. hi Sailu
    I am an ardent follower of your blog and I especially try all the baking recipes!
    do u have the recipe for Mawa Cake ? if you do …..please please share it with us 🙂
    I have tried a bunch of recipes I found online but have nt had any success. Since all your recipes I tried have come out awesome ….I think u are the best person to ask !
    have a wonderful day !



    i really like your recipe blog. i must admit that i really learnt a lot of recipes from you! thanks to u! 🙂 and i have one concern though.. i have seen many cake recipes and frankly i follow the recipe and try to make the cake in the oven not microwave.. it turns out to be very hard but good taste though. i dont know where i am going wrong and especially i dont understand when people say for the cake we need to preheat the oven for so and so minutes and after that put the cake batter for 25 min. can u be more clear here. after preheating the oven say at 170c i open the oven and place the cake batter and now what again set the temperature to 170 c and bake it for 25 min is it? thats what it means????? pls help sailu garu… im really getting fed up of making a cake! im thinking of attending home baking courses as a last resort, if your explanation fails to teach me! pls let me know..

  443. HI SAILU,
    this is sowmya again. i have this morphy richards OTG 24 oven. every time i try to bake a cake in it comes out very hard. i followed the recipe exactly but still every time it went wrong and this OTG demo guy was telling me to preheat the oven at 250 for 5 min and then put in the cake batter and bake it for 20- 25 min at 150 C (for any cake) i donno how far its true. pls let me know if u have any idea regarding this and also i dont understand what is preheating at 150 c for 30 min and baking the cake for 30 min (at what temperature)?? again at 150 c we have to bake it for 30 min??? thats what it means? pls help

  444. Hi Sailu,

    very beautifully presented!
    What is the cake featured on your facebook page?
    Please do post the recipe.


  445. hello Sailu

    I got to your blog when i was browsing another blog and i am so glad i did. This weekend i tries three of your recipes: chicken masala balls, murgh methi and garlicky spinach dal. all three were a great hit with my family. Next on the list is gobi manchurian.

    Thank you for an amazing blog

  446. Hi Sailu

    I just come across ur blog when i was searching for some new dish to impress my hubby. I am newly married one and always interested in trying new dishes.

    I have few queries…
    1. How to make Garam masala, and when we are adding it while making dishes appx how much we need to add it
    2. What should be the consistency of sugar syrup while making kaju burfy or cashew burfi. or if possible please tell us how to make kaju burfi

    Thanks for ur mind blowing wonderful yummy blog

    1. Grind 10 gms of cinnamon, 10 gms cloves and 5 gms of cardamom to a fine pwd. This should suffice for a few weeks. While cooking for two, a pinch of garam masala will suffice. For non-veg add about 1/2 tsp of garam masala pwd.

      I will blog Kaju Burfi sometime.

  447. Dear Sailu,
    I’m Uma from Vizag too. I fell in love with your blog and simple recipes. Many dinners at my house have been inspired by you! I just have a query… your recent blog of iceberg lettuce salad had me wondering… where in Vizag do you get it? I love iceberg lettuce in my sandwiches and subs, and would love to get it regularly here.

    (PS:It turns out we have a common friend, Nishaat Jeelani! I realized that when I spoke about your site to her!)

    1. Nice to meet another Vizagite. We have a common friend too. 🙂

      Uma, the lettuce I use is from Hyd/B’lore that my husband picks up on his trips. Seriously, people may laugh but I actually have my husband pick up a lot of ‘hard to find’ grocery/culinary stuff when he travels outside Vizag. Sometimes, I’m lucky to have one of the chefs in our ‘star’ hotels gift me veggies like zucchini and lettuce from their kitchens. :)These days Spencer’s is stocking on red/yellow capsicum, chinese cabbage, leeks, celery, avocados and lettuce too. Check them out.

      So happy to learn you enjoy the recipes. Happy cooking, Uma.

  448. Hi Sailu,
    I have prepared dosa batter (2cups of rice & 1cup of urad dal/3cups of rice &1cup of urad dal)Fermented over night.My dosa batter stuck on ladle when it spread on griddle(it happened many times).Why it happened Kindly give me the tips so that it will not happen again.

    1. Use 3 cups of parboiled rice and 1 cup urad dal, add a tsp of methi seeds and soak for 8 hrs. Prepare dosa batter and ferment for 8 hrs. While preparing dosas, use a iron griddle/tawa, grease with a little oil. Cut an onion into two and use one half of onion to spread oil on the tawa in a circular motion. Increase heat for few secs, reduce flame to low, sprinkle few drops of water. The water should sizzle. The tawa is ready now to prepare dosas. Drizzle some oil along the edges of the dosa while preparing it. Hope this helps.

  449. Thanks, SAILU!

    There’s a Mother’s touch to your recipies/fotos/blog. Appreciate & pray to Almighty that you will be successful in making many homely receipies that you may be working on. I have a request. How to make Tutti Fruity? I had tried using Raw Papayas/Carrots/Beet Roots. But they do not come out rigid after draining off the syrup. Can you suggest a method & the same for Cherries (red color) that is seen in the Bakery shelves. There is a preservative syrup, its not sugar syrup. Could you suggest & advice.


  450. Hi,
    Your recipes are so much similar to the one my Mom and Grandmother make at home…I love the variety of recipes you’ve posted here…
    Keep posting more and more recipes for learners…

  451. Hello,
    Hope you are doing well.
    My friend wanted to bake an eggless chirstmas cake for this christmas.If you have a reliable recipe pls mail me( or post it on your blog.

    Merry Christmas in advance.
    Warm Regards,

  452. Hello Sailaja Garu

    Happy New Year
    I love your website and your recipes too. Thank you so much for your simple and delicious recipes. I tried few, esp indo-chinese and eggless cake recipes, everyone of us enjoyed. Wish you all the success and good luck.


  453. Sailu,

    I like the quotes on the top of your blog about how we perceive difficulties and what they seem to God.


  454. Hi sailu,
    Happy New Year. I’m from chennai.I have one doubt… I’m having morphy richards otg… when i bake a cake..the taste, texture are very good…i get brown colour in the sides and at the bottom of the cake…but on the top it is white…its not browned…i dont know why….somewhere i read in comment section that u are also using the same oven…could you help me

  455. Dear Sailaja

    Thank you so much for this wonderful site. I love to try out recipes I have never made before.
    I made Nilgiri Chicken Korma yesterday and had a question for you:
    The Roast (Not dry roast)ingredients at what stage do you add to the korma? The recipe came out superb despite missing on the roast ingredients.


  457. Dear Sailaja Garu,

    My husband and i are great fans of your recipes and the blog.
    Your presentation skills and cooking skills are impeccable and would definetely like to commend you for the same.

    We were looking to bake the famous Karachi biscuits at home since we live in the US and have no way to find them any where here.
    Would you be kind enough to post the recipe ??
    ( I did try the recipe on Zaiqa, unfortunately they do not match the taste of the biscuits that we get in Hyderabad.)

    The recipe is highly appreciated.

    Thank you

  458. Hi, I am writing to thank you for your site. I stumbled across it a few weeks ago and have been coming back for more ever since. The recipes I have tried so far have been delicious, and I am looking forward to trying more of them.
    So, thank you!


  459. Dear Sailu Garu,

    we are great fans of your recipes, i do try every recipe of yours and it
    turns out good but sometimes it doesn’t get that same texture look as your dish.. though it tastes good 🙂 just a request if you can post the step-wise photos of the cooking demonstration at least the main things of roasting onions tomatoes etc so that it gives us clear pic, representation of the texture of gravies and all. Thanks. i really appreciate your time for teaching us good recipes.

  460. Hi I am 6 weeks old pregnant and I am looking for vegetarian receipes during pregnancy. If you can suggest some good and nutritious receipes that would be great.

    Thank you,
    Usha Sree

  461. First off, congratulations on such a fantastic website. I am a foodie. I live in the bay area now and i constantly look for my comfort food here (andhra stuff). Most of the time I am disappointed by the food I see here. Part of the problem is with the ingredients here in the US. They are kind of what i call taste-free. The other part is lack of authentic recipes!!! I may be telling you what you already know — these are authentic recipes. I will try some starting in the morning.

    One request — if you find a recipe for the hyderabadi chota samosa — the one with onion filling, it would be great!

    Thanks again,


  462. Sailu stop people from plagarising your recipes check hot andhra cuisine i have also sent you an email. please act.
    with best wishes

  463. Hello Sailu Garu,

    I am very glad to see your blog by sheer chance. I am recently married and new to cooking. I was searching the internet for recipes when I came across your blog. I stay abroad and the recipes that you posted make me feel like I live in India…

    very nice pics …your blog is wonderful

  464. Dear Sailu,

    A friend once came over to our place and showed me your website. Since then, I am regular visitor of your blogs and every Friday night in my house is Sailu’s Kitchen night:). Thanks for the wonderful recipes. I am a vegetarian and love Thai food and curries. Any help there would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks heaps for yummy recipes.

  465. Hi Sailu garu, Im from Vizag, and settled in Hyd. Im a ergular visitor of your site, really “Noru voorinche” vantalu. hats off to you. One suggestion from my side, why dont you maintain your site in telugu language also, bcos when ever my mom wants to try some dish from your site, she needs my assistance to translate, so just think of it and do the needful.

  466. Hi Sailu Garu,

    I am a frequent visitor to your site. The moment I am not comfortable in preparing any curry I log on to your site for a quick reference.

    They really come out so good. Thanks and good going.

    Could you please post me the recipie for potlakaya pachadi i.e with yogurt. My husband loves it. Please.



    1. Hi sailu,

      This is not actuallly replying to sarita for potlakaya perugu pachadi but I am putting up the way I make. And I would appreciate if you could add ur suggessions in it.

      Take a pan, add some oil. Add mustard seeds, asefotida, curry leaves and slit green chillies to it. Cut the potlakaya into small pieces and add to it. Add some salt and let it fry till the potlakaya is completely cooked. After that take the entire thing in a seperate container and add curd to it.

      U can also put ajwain(vamu) to it if u like the flavour.

  467. Hi Sailaja garu, I am sunanda mother of 2 boy kids aged 11yrs and 9yrs. Your blog is very much impressive and I very much like to follow your recipes and tips for cooking Andhra cuisine. I am following your site since 1 yr but I have no time to appreciate you, sorry. Your recipes are very easy to cook and very good on appearance also. Your recipes photos are mouth watering. Two days back I have asked you one doubt, but I have no reply. My doubt is my children liked to eat small round balls like punukulu sold at pakoda & bajjis bandi. I have tried to prepared that with rice & minapappu (taken equal parts) soaked for 6hrs. and grided it into smooth paste, after mixing salt and soda I put it into small balls in hot oil, after few seconds that balls are fluttered and the oil spilled over me. what’s the cause I d’nt know. please clarify soon. with regards, sunanda.

  468. Hi,

    I love your food. Am looking to cook for 12 adults and 7 kids for a dinner party. Not very formal, just close friends.
    I’m comfortable making a coconut rice that will cover adults and kids alike, but am stuck on which chicken dish to make that will go well with it for the adults! Any thoughts?

  469. hi sailu first time visited your site when i was looking for some recipes.nice blog with good recipes and nice pictures.pls have a look at my blog too and give your comments.


  470. Hi Sailu,

    I have tried few breakfast recipes from your post and all of them were success 🙂
    I appreciate the tips that you provide along with your recipes. My daughter is 19 months old and does not eat anything I have to blend everything for her… she is also sever anemic… We are vegetarians can you suggest some Iron rich recipes..

    1. Try palak paneer with a dash of lemon. Kids love paneer. You can roll it up in roti or use it as a spread on any bread that your kid likes. Good luck!

  471. Dear Sailu,

    I accidentally happened to visit your website and found it to be the most well organized & well presented one. Great site for food making lovers. Not only are the pictures awesome (in some cases I want to make the dish as quickly as possible) but it is the only site where there are a diverse and good variety of cuisines (Bengali, Maharashtrian, Kerala, Indo-Chinese, Fusion and Mexican (one of my favourites) to browse thro. I am a huge fan and will try all the recipes one by one. A real boon for those who want variety in their cooking.

  472. Dear Sailu garu,

    i am a big fan of you blog. i made lot of receipes from your blog. i arranged so many dinners in my house successfully from your blog. every item was successful.
    i have a request that please blog how to make icing on the cakes, and what is the difference between icing and royal icing?
    have a nice day.

  473. Dear Sailu,

    No words to thank you for such a good work you are doing…..I’ve always relied on your recipes whenever guests drop in. Do you make Chicken tikka masala at home? Can you please give the recipe for Chicken tikka masala gravy? Looking forward for your reply…

    Thanks in advance


  474. Dear Sailu garu,
    I googled for a recipe of Kofta curry & the beautiful pictures brought me to your site. Somehow I landed on the stuffed bhindi recipe where you’ve mentioned Rythu bazar…all the while I was thinking you are probably somewhere in the US (most of the indian food bloggers I’ve come across are in the US esp andhraites)….am startled by the mention of rythu bazar….cos’ that’s in Vizag..& I spent 30 years of my life there (Steel Plant Township)…untill just before I got married & traveled to Oman. The picture of the boat said it all….. it’s ever beautiful Vizag & the enchanting sea 😀 Am sooo happy to see your blog. Will keep visiting this blog often now 😀


  475. Dear Sailu garu,
    I googled for a recipe of Kofta curry & the beautiful pictures brought me to your site. Somehow I landed on the stuffed bhindi recipe where you’ve mentioned Rythu bazar…all the while I was thinking you are probably somewhere in the US (most of the indian food bloggers I’ve come across are in the US esp andhraites)….am startled by the mention of rythu bazar….cos’ that’s in Vizag..& I spent 30 years of my life there (Steel Plant Township)…untill just before I got married & traveled to Oman. The picture of the boat said it all….. it’s ever beautiful Vizag & the enchanting sea 😀 Am sooo happy to see your blog. Will keep visiting this blog often now 😀


  476. Dear Sailu garu,
    I googled for a recipe of Kofta curry & the beautiful pictures brought me to your site. Somehow I landed on the stuffed bhindi recipe where you’ve mentioned Rythu bazar…all the while I was thinking you are probably somewhere in the US (most of the indian food bloggers I’ve come across are in the US esp andhraites)….am startled by the mention of rythu bazar….cos’ that’s in Vizag..& I spent 30 years of my life there (Steel Plant Township)…untill just before I got married & traveled to Oman. The picture of the boat said it all….. it’s ever beautiful Vizag & the enchanting sea 😀 Am sooo happy to see your blog. Will keep visiting this blog often now 😀


  477. Hi sailu,

    Thanks for the wonderful recipes u post. I have a request can u plz post vegetable kofta curry.I have been looking for the perfect recipe from a long time. thanks a lot and happy navaratri !!!


  478. Hi sailu,

    Thanks for the wonderful recipes u post. I have a request can u plz post vegetable kofta curry.I have been looking for the perfect recipe from a long time. thanks a lot and happy navaratri !!!


  479. Hi sailu,

    Thanks for the wonderful recipes u post. I have a request can u plz post vegetable kofta curry.I have been looking for the perfect recipe from a long time. thanks a lot and happy navaratri !!!


  480. Hi I have just come across your site. Can you advice at what temperature I should bake your pressure cooker eggless mango cake recipe.Thnks vey much, would appeciate it very much.

    1. Yes, you can bake in the oven at 200 degree centigrade for 10 mts and then reduce to 180 degrees and bake for another 25 mts.

  481. hai sailu garu i like ur recipies.really u r wonderful woman to spend ur valuable time for lakhs of people.iam very happy 2 share my words with u and i want 2 share recipies with u

  482. Dear Sailu,

    I have become a big fan of your site. These days almost all my recipes are from your site. Thank you so much for sharing such delicious recipes with us. The pictures make your recipes irresistible. God bless you and your family.

  483. Hi Sailu!! I learnt cooking only through ur site, its really so helpful and its jus like my mom’s way of cooking 🙂 I’m really happy for ur helping so many amateur cooks.Sailu i sometimes run out of vegetables suddenly so can u pls post some recipes which wil make a quick meal without using vegetables.

  484. Hi Sailu,
    I tried many of ur recipes……
    I want to learn Fry piece chicken briyani……..I searched in many websites……Do you know how to prepare it?…….please let me know.
    Thanks in advance

  485. Hi Sailu,
    I tried many of ur recipes……
    I want to learn Fry piece chicken briyani……..I searched in many websites……Do you know how to prepare it?…….please let me know.
    Thanks in advance

  486. Hi Sailu,
    I tried many of ur recipes……
    I want to learn Fry piece chicken briyani……..I searched in many websites……Do you know how to prepare it?…….please let me know.
    Thanks in advance

  487. Hi Sailu
    I must say you have an amazing food blog ! I always refer to your portal for any kinds of receipies and my daughter loves those too 🙂 Hats off to your cooking style and the way you have maintained your blog – again just awesome!

  488. i want to send some maharastra sweet recipies to u. ur food blog (photos) really amazing add some more northern varieties

    1. I am working on this, Rais. Once I have that section up where contributors can post their recipes/pics, I will announce on my blog.

  489. Hi sailu,
    I learnt making a lot of recipies from ur site….can you post the recipe of making pullatlu which is generally done by soaking rice in buttermilk….

  490. Hi,

    Sorry I write you via comments. But I could not find contact e-mail or feedback form on your site.

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  491. hi….sailu ji…..
    i tried….manchuria….. its supb……… than q….. nd
    i would like 2 know……….how 2 prepare badham milk
    wl u say r mail me

  492. Sailu garu I have enjoyed all your recipes and often make them. I want to know if you have the recipe for ghee dosa (neti dosa) which is prepared for vaikunta ekadasi. I will wait for your recipe.

  493. hi sailu garu,

    i have tried some recipes that are in ur site. they r superb. can u please send me the recipe for ariselu , kobbari boorelu please. i will be waiting for ur reply ..thanx

  494. hi sailu garu,

    i have tried some recipes that are in ur site. they r superb. can u please send me the recipe for ariselu , kobbari boorelu please. i will be waiting for ur reply ..thanx

  495. Hi Sailu,

    Thank you so much for this great source! One thing I noticed is that there are a lot of fried foods, or at least those with a good dose of oil. I am reading some diabetes books (by Dr. Neal Barnard) and I noticed what he was heavily advocating was a fat free diet, which use only a minimum of even vegetable oils. It all sounds exactly like what my grandmother used to tell us about 50 years ago fried foods are not good for us. She used to have a good number of non-oily recipes and I was wondering if you have come across any of them. You will be doing us all a great service if you could post any, especially since we are going to have a diabetes explosion all across the globe in the next few years. It also keeps our traditions alive. Thanks! … Murty Challa, Columbia, Maryland, USA. Email: (P. S. I am a native of Visakhapatnam too.)

  496. You have recommended use of pressure cooker as oven. Doesn’t the protective lead seal melt when the cooker is heated for 40 mins on gas ?

  497. hi Sailu….
    this is the first time im visiting ur site highly recommended by a fan of urs..i am a freelance commercial designer..Sharanya told me u were looking for someone to design a logo for ur self…i will be glad to do so…kindly get back if interested…thank you…Kavita Bhargava Anand

  498. hi Sailu….
    this is the first time im visiting ur site highly recommended by a fan of urs..i am a freelance commercial designer..Sharanya told me u were looking for someone to design a logo for ur self…i will be glad to do so…kindly get back if interested…thank you…Kavita Bhargava Anand

  499. Hi Sailu,

    If there is something missing in your website, its definitely Chilly Chicken (nandini hotel style) with lotta chillies and green in color.

    Please upload it soon….all ur recipes work like charm 🙂

  500. Hi Sailu,

    If there is something missing in your website, its definitely Chilly Chicken (nandini hotel style) with lotta chillies and green in color.

    Please upload it soon….all ur recipes work like charm 🙂

  501. Dear Sailu,
    I fell very glad to get the solution for egg-less cake. really happy with your solutions. bcz i am a good eater and cook also.


  502. Dear Sailu,
    I fell very glad to get the solution for egg-less cake. really happy with your solutions. bcz i am a good eater and cook also.


  503. Dear Sailu,
    I fell very glad to get the solution for egg-less cake. really happy with your solutions. bcz i am a good eater and cook also.


  504. Hi Sailu,

    Could you please post the recipe for ‘Kaju Rolls/Pista Rolls’.
    Are they also called as Kaju Barfi/Pista Barfi ?


    1. hello dear

      i am ganesh kumar from new delhi .you website providing very good info about cooking and food. thanks for sharing. dear i am website promoter(SEO) if you need any help any body please contact me on my mail id call@ 9650955598

  505. Hello Sailaja garu …
    I always follow your blog when I live a forced bachelor in other countries because I have to cook for myself 🙂 … I have started using ur blog again after a gap of 3 years and I noticed that your blog has grown like anything. Highly Appreciate your efforts and the help we get from it. Today I read about your profile and was happy to see that you are also vizag. My entire family is in vizag. I dont miss home food when I cook looking at your blog. Thanks for all the dishes and all the very best for your future posts…. inka selavu…..

  506. Hello Sailaja garu …
    I always follow your blog when I live a forced bachelor in other countries because I have to cook for myself 🙂 … I have started using ur blog again after a gap of 3 years and I noticed that your blog has grown like anything. Highly Appreciate your efforts and the help we get from it. Today I read about your profile and was happy to see that you are also vizag. My entire family is in vizag. I dont miss home food when I cook looking at your blog. Thanks for all the dishes and all the very best for your future posts…. inka selavu…..

  507. guest. Hi Sailu the venila cake recipes you have on post . I have question for that, how do you
    make chocolate shape in the of the cake . I also like eggless baking but i also bake with eggs.
    So reaply as soon as possible. Thanks

  508. guest. Hi Sailu the venila cake recipes you have on post . I have question for that, how do you
    make chocolate shape in the of the cake . I also like eggless baking but i also bake with eggs.
    So reaply as soon as possible. Thanks

  509. hi sailu.

    i love your recieps they come out perfect when ever i cook…i always browse ur recipes to cook something diffrent… your recieps are really gr8…..
    pls can u hepl me with my question, about nilgiri korma is that when do u add the shallots, mint and corriander paste as i read ur reciepe several times and i could not figure it out pls help me…

    and pls help me when i make pakoras they turn out very heavy and hard.i dont know where i go wrong pls help.thanks

  510. Hi sailu, recently tried your cabbage fry recipe. It came out really well. Thanks for poting it.
    Best wishes to you and your family!

  511. Hi Sailu,
    I am from hyderabad I had a munnur kapu friend who would get the best koftas.Is it possible for you to get that recpie( it was melt in your mouth koftas with I think it was a yougurt baser gravy)I do not have any kappu friends who could share that recepie

  512. Hi Sailu,
    I really appreciate ur awesome recipes.And specially the tips u give with them .But I have a question abt baking-whenever I bake a cake it comes out nice but after few minutes it becomes hard.Please help where i’m lacking.

  513. Hi Sailu,
    I really appreciate ur awesome recipes.And specially the tips u give with them .But I have a question abt baking-whenever I bake a cake it comes out nice but after few minutes it becomes hard.Please help where i’m lacking.

  514. Hi Sailu!
    It all started with me searching for a good Kerala Stew recipe.After browsing for a while ,I came across ur recipe and wow,it tasted super with apams.

    I loved ur recipe coz it was simple with step by step directions. I have just started spending a lot of time in the kitchen. Regina ,my cook of 20 yrs has spoilt me since i got married. She has turned 70,so comes thrice a wk now.

    You have given me the confidence to cook and i want to say a big thankyou!

    Warm regards,
    Aminta Peres

  515. Hi Sailu!
    It all started with me searching for a good Kerala Stew recipe.After browsing for a while ,I came across ur recipe and wow,it tasted super with apams.

    I loved ur recipe coz it was simple with step by step directions. I have just started spending a lot of time in the kitchen. Regina ,my cook of 20 yrs has spoilt me since i got married. She has turned 70,so comes thrice a wk now.

    You have given me the confidence to cook and i want to say a big thankyou!

    Warm regards,
    Aminta Peres

  516. Hi Sailu!
    It all started with me searching for a good Kerala Stew recipe.After browsing for a while ,I came across ur recipe and wow,it tasted super with apams.

    I loved ur recipe coz it was simple with step by step directions. I have just started spending a lot of time in the kitchen. Regina ,my cook of 20 yrs has spoilt me since i got married. She has turned 70,so comes thrice a wk now.

    You have given me the confidence to cook and i want to say a big thankyou!

    Warm regards,
    Aminta Peres

  517. Hi Sailu!
    It all started with me searching for a good Kerala Stew recipe.After browsing for a while ,I came across ur recipe and wow,it tasted super with apams.

    I loved ur recipe coz it was simple with step by step directions. I have just started spending a lot of time in the kitchen. Regina ,my cook of 20 yrs has spoilt me since i got married. She has turned 70,so comes thrice a wk now.

    You have given me the confidence to cook and i want to say a big thankyou!

    Warm regards,
    Aminta Peres

  518. Namaskaram Sailu Garu,

    Love your blog, great and simple recipes with nice pictures, I have a request, would like to see few pork recipes on he blog, thanking you in advance.

    Keep up the good work of sharing, with best regards,

  519. Namaskaram Sailu Garu,

    Love your blog, great and simple recipes with nice pictures, I have a request, would like to see few pork recipes on he blog, thanking you in advance.

    Keep up the good work of sharing, with best regards,

  520. Namaskaram Sailu Garu,

    Love your blog, great and simple recipes with nice pictures, I have a request, would like to see few pork recipes on he blog, thanking you in advance.

    Keep up the good work of sharing, with best regards,

  521. Hello Sailu,
    I enjoy you website and facebook page. I am marketing a home tandoor called the Hōmdoor. and facebook at Hōmdoor Tandoori Grill. We are interested in creating an ebook with recipes for tandoori cooking. Would you be interested in contributing a recipe to the book with full credit to you? I am reachable through the Hōmdoor website contact us form. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Your kind attention is appreciated,

  522. Hello Sailu,
    I enjoy you website and facebook page. I am marketing a home tandoor called the Hōmdoor. and facebook at Hōmdoor Tandoori Grill. We are interested in creating an ebook with recipes for tandoori cooking. Would you be interested in contributing a recipe to the book with full credit to you? I am reachable through the Hōmdoor website contact us form. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Your kind attention is appreciated,

  523. I think this is a charming site and would love to try the recipes, but hope you can make things easier for folks, like me, who are not native to India.

    250 gms kabuli channa, soak in water overnight I CAN LOOK THIS UP, BUT WHY NOT JUST IDENTIFY IT FOR YOUR ENGLISH SPEAKING AUDIENCE?

    3 green chillis, slit length wise

    1 tsp grated ginger

    1/2″ cinnamon stick

    1 whole black cardamom

    1 bay leaf

    1 large onion, finely chopped

    2 tomatoes, finely chopped

    1 1/2 tsps red chilli pwd (adjust)

    fresh coriander leaves for garnish

    salt to taste

    1 1/2 tbsps oil

    For Masala Pwd: (dry roast on low to medium flame for 4 mts and grind to a fine powder)

    1 1/2 tbsps coriander seeds

    1 1/2 tsps anardana (dried pomegranate seeds)

    3 cloves THREE CLOVES OF WHAT?

    1″ cinnamon

    2 black cardamoms THE WHOLE SEED, OR JUST THE INSIDE?

    1/2 tsp pepper corns

    3/4 tsp cumin seeds

    Thank you.

    1. Kabuli Chana are garbanzo beans or white chickpeas. Cloves are a type of spice. Peel and use the seeds of the black cardamom. Hope this helps

  524. Hi. Miss Vidhya
    Hope find you answer
    Julienne usually applies to vegetables prepared in this way but it can also be applied to the preparation of meat or fish, especially in stir fry techniques.

  525. Hi, This is my first visit to your blog… Just WOW!!!!. I am in search for KID recipes, which are both tasty & also look appealing. I have a 3 year little girl. Was very happy that you have a large collection for Kids… will definitely try some.
    Thanks for sharing such wonderful recipes!

  526. Hai sailu garu

    I have tried Tomato rice from your post . Chala Chala bavundhi. Thank you so much.

    Can you pls post chicken fry ?

  527. Hi Sailu, Thanks for your recipes. I have tried out some of your recipes. And they have come out really good!
    I saw Shaheen’s Malabar Recipe and was interested in her recipes as well. But somehow could not access her site. Do you think you can help me get in touch with Shaheen an email or something? I would be really grateful.Thanks!

  528. Hi Sailu,

    I love your blog. I tried a lot of your recipes and all of them taste great! i have a request for you. Can you make all easy to cook recipes under one section? It would be great for people who are busy but still would like to make tasty food in the little time they have.

  529. Hey sailu.. ur gr8.. great effort , excellent dishes.. wow !! super.. i can’t resist myself.. cooking these and eating them..

    thank you for your interest…..

  530. Hey sailu.. ur gr8.. great effort , excellent dishes.. wow !! super.. i can’t resist myself.. cooking these and eating them..

    thank you for your interest…..

  531. Hi Sailu,
    I wanted to know if I can use some of your images for my website?
    Its a small site which gives information about dishes.

  532. Hi there,
    My name is Katie. I am American and have been teaching myself how to cook Indian food particularly for the past two to three years. I love Indian food… the affair began during Culinary School; one taste of Rogan Josh and I was hooked. From then getting proper spices in my small Midwestern town was hard; I tried and experimented with what little I could get. I read and learned the names of spices so foreign to us beyond baking, some I had never heard of. I have learned so much over the years, mostly how to appreciate God given food I never ate growing up and enjoy making it for others knowing it’s healthy 🙂 Now I live in the South and we have a decent Indian population with a few stores here so it’s easier… haha my friends think I’m crazy but I am in heaven!
    Your website is one of my favorites, I use your recipes almost daily. Thank you so much for this site!!!
    Happy Cooking

  533. Hi Sailu,

    I love your recipies and posts. I have tried a few and they have come out amazingly well. Your recipies are very simple too. I was wondering if you have any recipies for Green apples other than juices or fruit salads. Something different maybe? I am stuck with quite a bit of green apples usually and I have no idea what to do with them. They arent too sweet to be eaten as a regular fruit and doesnt taste well as juice either.


  534. My husband doesn’t like paneer. So I want to try some recipes with Tofu. I tried but I myself did not like them :). Appreciate if you can show some Tofu recipes

  535. hi i am poonam agrawal i like cooking , i would like to cook for foodfood. i want to be a part of foodfood channel

  536. hello there i am four mnths pregnant right now so what should my my diet plan for now and for after delivery so that me n my baby both will not suffer any problems as we dont have any elderly support during my first pregnancy my MIL was there to take care but now i dont have anybody to tell what to eat and what not to eat . Somethings i remember that potatoes lady’s finger and so on are restricted after delivery so plz let me know something like this.Thanx .

  537. Hi..Im trying to get the recipe for Malabar fish curry but I suppose only those invited to your blog can access it. Can you please help.

  538. hi i am sushma……… how ru? i tried some of ur recipes it worked awosome……..if u post any new recipes let me know

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  540. Neighbor gave me what I thought was Halwah with cashews and raisins, but they called it something wlse. It was kind of a sweet doughy bread. Any idea what it was ?

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    Hari Priya

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    I tried your Vankaya gasagasala koora,Onion pakodi,chicken pakora,Bhindi sambhariya,erra karam masala dosa n all.And all came out very well.My mom n dad are just wondering how I ma doing this tastier as I jus dont know whats what about the Kitchen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also iam sharing my recipes with ma frns and they are also trying and r happy!

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  569. Hi, I have been looking for a particular recipe with no success. Many years ago, one of my non-vegetarian friends had me at her house for an overnight stay. The following morning, we ate the most delicious breakfast. It was really simple but I fell in love. It was a sort of a creamy, chewy, doghy rice thing. It was not an and Idli. It was not a dosa. It was just this mass of doughy rice which we tor off and dipped into a spicy oil. I have asked everyone I know about it and can’t find the recipe exactly on line. The rice dough had no other ingredients in it that I could detect. Perhaps salt but no spices and no herbs or veggies. It was just plain like a rice Idli but not round and cupcacky like an idli. similar flavor but more of a sticky texture.

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