Vankaaya Paalu Posina Kura (Green Eggplants Cooked In Milk)

Green Eggplant or green brinjal, (aubergine, vankaaya, baingan or badinjan), is one of the most common vegetable which is grown all year round in Andhra Pradesh,the state I belong. They are round to oval in shape with a thinner skin unlike the purple eggplants. The small purple variety of brinjals are used to prepare the famous Andhra delicacy Gutti Vankaaya Kura (stuffed brinjal curry). The green brinjal has fewer seeds and are white which is a sign that they are fresh and tender. These eggplants have a delicate flavor and cook easily and are best suited to prepare this dish and Vankaaya Pachadi, an Andhra brinjal chutney recipe similar to Baingan Ka Bharta.

These eggplants sometimes have a bitter taste, especially during summers, and you can offset the bitterness by sprinkling a tsp of salt over them and place them in a colander so that the bitter juice of the brinjal pieces trickles down. Then wash them thoroughly in water and squeeze off excess water. Vakaaya Paalu (milk) Posina (pour) Kura is a very simple, easy-to-make, healthy dish where the brinjals (as name suggests in Telugu) are cooked in milk which gives the curry a rich and sweet flavor.




Vankaaya Paalu Posina Kura

  Prepare time:
 Serves: 2

 Main Ingredients:

  •  eggplants


  •   1 large green brinjal (chopped into small cubes and place in salted water for 10 mts)
  •   1 finely chopped onion
  •   1 slit green chilli
  •   1 tsp cumin seeds
  •   5-6 slightly crushed garlic cloves
  •   1” finely minced ginger piece
  •   1 tsp red chilli pwd (adjust)
  •   pinch of turmeric pwd
  •   1 tsp coriander pwd
  •   salt to taste
  •   1 cup skimmed milk
  •   10 curry leaves
  •   1 tbsp oil

Method for making Vankaaya Paalu Posina Kura

Heat oil in a cooking vessel, add the cumin seeds and let them brown.
Now add the garlic, ginger, curry leaves and green chilli and fry for a few seconds taking care not to burn the tempering.
Add the chopped onions and saute till the onions turn pink.
Add the chopped brinjals and saute them for a few mts. Add the chilli pwd, coriander pwd and turmeric pwd. Combine.
Add salt and continue to saute for another 3-4 mts on slow fire. Now cover with a lid and cook till the brinjals are almost cooked.
Now add the milk and go on stirring on medium heat till milk is completely combined with the brinjals and you attain a thick curry consistency. This could take about 7-8 mts. You need to ensure that the milk doesn’t curdle, so keep stirring till the brinjals are fully cooked in the milk and then turn off fire. Garnish with coriander leaves.
Serve with steamed rice or rotis.


  • Ashwini

    That looks yummy. I wish I could get the green one here but I will try this with the Thai eggplant. Thanks for the tips too!

  • Ilva-Lucullian delights

    Do you know that 5 minutes ago I was wondering what you were doing, if something had happened to you and Bling! you pop up on my Bloglines! Love it!

  • CJ’s Food Fantasy


    I’m glad to see your back and on fire….I love those cute green oval eggplant…It’s nice to see how you cook them -sigh now It reminds me something and someone but thanks for sharing your wonderful recipe…


  • Annita

    Looks mouth watering.I’m a great lover of eggplant dishes.But I haven’t seen these green variety of eggplants anywhere in our area.Will try it with what i’m getting here…

  • Priya

    This curry sounds totally different from ouru usual brinjal recipes. I never knew that eggplants benefits ppl having high blood pressure. CAn u tell me the diff between aubergines, egg[lants and brinjal.All are the same right.

  • Lera

    Sailu, been a long time since I got to see a gravy based dish from Andhra…this paalu based dish with green brinjals are a must try…..thanks for the recipe…sounds delicious:)

  • Kitchenmate

    Sailu: Cool recipe, would love to try this, but is it ok to try with purple Indian egg plants. I bought green egg plant from a Chinese store sometime back, but those egg plants were so matured and too much seedy that i have to throw away. Love the look of those white less seedy egg plants…

  • sailu

    Your welcome,Ashwini.

    *LOL*..Ilva,I am absolutely fine…:)

    Annita,this particular curry will taste good with most brinjals which are tender and less seeds.

    Tin,reminds you of someone and something..???

    All are the same,Priya.Called by different names in different regions of the world.Yes,its good for people with high blood pressure.

    You will love it Lera and it goes well with hot chapatis.

    Yes,KM,you could try with the small purple variety too.Ensure that they are tender and fresh.

  • Lakshmi

    nice recipes, and mostly like the presentation style of them.

  • Santhi

    Hi Sailu,
    Thought You disappeared..:):)
    BTW I am one of the brinjal non-likers. I do eat it thought because of all the good it is supposed to do.:):)

  • Luv2cook

    Cool Sailu..never heard of vankaya paluposina koora…also thank you for that wonderful information about eggplants..

  • Sue

    Omygod, you’re from Vizag! I grew up there and you bet I miss the food. Was just going through your dosa recipe and reading the comments there when I saw the Vizag bit.

    Keep the recipes coming, I will check them out!

  • Kay

    I’m so glad to see you back. I was wondering about you and then read somewhere 😉 that you’ve been busy with your volunteering work!

    Sailu, This dish looks very yummy. Can you post that Vankaya PAchadi recipe too… At home, mom makes a similar Kathrikai bajji (not a fritter, but something like baingan ki bharta). I’d die for this dish. I’d love to see your recipe too..

  • Lakshmi

    Hi Sailu,
    Just wanted to tell you that as I am a new blogger, updating something or the other… changed my url.
    I get inspired when I see your site. Nice Work

  • Zoubida

    Hi Sailu,
    This looks so good. My men don’t like eggplants, or so they think ;-)) I have yet to find a recipe for eggplants I won’t end up eating alone. Maybe this one…

  • Ram

    God! This is awesome! I thought only my mom made this dish .. one of my fav. I keep asking her over the phone how to make it. But never ends up like the one she makes. This looks very much like what she made.
    I am going to go run get some eggplants and try it.
    Thanks a million!

  • nivedita

    i am searching for green brinjal recipes as i am new to this type of brinjals. i prepare this milk curry with black/purple ones. can i use these greens without hesitation for pulusu,milk curry and chutney?

    Yes, Nivedita, you can use the green brinjals to prepare pulusu, milk curry and chutney. Infact they taste good esp with the green variety. Just ensure they are not bitter.

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  • R.Punitha

    Hai Sailu, I’m punitha, Hats of you Sailu!!!!!!!
    Green brinjal recipe is a super combination to chappathis. My son’s coleages are also enjoyed your recipe. I got a good name from them on behalf of you Sailu …. Thanks a lot….

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