Mudda Pappu – Tur Dal, Red Gram Lentil

The traditional Indian vegetarian meal which is simple, highly nutritious and comforting is the dal-chawal (lentil-rice) as known in N.India or pappu-annam as known to us Andhras, down south. No Indian meal is complete without the protein packed superfood, dal, which continues to be our culinary tradition throughout the length and breadth of the country since times unknown.

Traditional vegetarian andhra meal served in a plaintain leaf

Jihva for ingredientsAs its the dal month here at my site, today I am blogging a dal which is very dear to us Andhras, kandi pappu or yellow lentils. Yellow lentils, a major source of protein, form a part of the daily diet of the Andhra vegetarian meal. I have researched about these lentils and complied a list by which this lentil is known in other Indian languages.

  • English รขโ‚ฌโ€œ Red Gram/yellow lentils
  • Hindi -Arhar dal
  • Bengali- Arhar dal
  • Marathi- Tur Dal
  • Gujarati- Tuver Dal
  • Tamil- Thuvaram Paruppu
  • Malayalam- Thvara Parippu
  • Telugu – Kandi Pappu
  • Kannada- Togri Bele
Red Gran,Kandi Pappu,Tur Dal - Both before dry roasting and after dry roasting photo of the toor dal

Mudda Pappu is the quintessential comfort food of Andhras. Pressure cooked tur dal, mashed and salted is served as a first course in the Andhra traditional meal, and is eaten mixed with hot steamed white rice, a dollop of ghee and the famous Andhra avakai (mango pickle). No words can describe the down to earth flavor of the dal and comfort of this delicious combination. Its sure manna from heaven!!

Preparation of ‘mudda pappu’ is very simple. When cooked right, these lentils which are chewy yet tender, are very flavorful and comforting. Traditionally, Indian toddlers and children are fed a nutritious diet of lentil and rice with a dollop of ghee (clarified butter) during their growing up years.


Mudda pappu

  Prepare time:
 Serves: 2

 Main Ingredients:

  •  tur dal


  •   1 cup kandi pappu (yellow lentil)
  •   salt to taste
  •   approx 1 1/2 cups water (enough water for the dal to immerse)

Method for making Mudda pappu

Roast kandi pappu lightly in a heavy bottomed vessel on medium heat till light brown, as shown in the picture, approx 3-4 mts. Both before and after dry roasting photos of the dal are seen in the above picture. The dal can be pressure cooked even without dry roasting. Its your choice.
Add just enough water to the dal till it is immersed. Pressure cook it. Once cooked, add salt to taste and mash it well.
Serve with hot steamed rice, clarified butter (ghee) and avakai (mango pickle) or dosavakai or any pickle of you choice. Other than this combination, most Andhra homes, eat mudda pappu normally in combination with a tangy-sweet flavored gravy called "theepi pulusu" or chaaru.


  • Arjuna

    Muddapappu with hot rice yumm!! My all time favorite..
    Avakaya pachadi makes it even more better.
    Great display Sailaja!! It is a real visual treat..

    Muddapappu with annam,neyyi and pickle is my all time
    favorite too, Arjuna. Isnt it to all andhras?! -:)

  • Mythili

    Hubba – Hubba – Hubba Amazing pictures with all that banana leaf, reflecting a traditional vindhu. Can I borrow these pictures, if you don’t mind?

    Exceptionally beautiful and enticing !!!

    I am so glad you enjoyed these images, Mythili. I have just sent you a
    couple of pictures via e-mail. Hope you like them..:)

  • Latha

    Hi Sailu,

    That Avakai must be this year’s pickle. It looks bright red and beautiful in the photo! This combo is my absolute comfort food. I ate it everyday for a few weeks after I had my baby this past February. Didn’t have time to cook anything else.

    Yes, your right. The pickle was made 2 weeks ago. And you can imagine
    the taste of kotha avakai..:). This delicious combination is absolutely comforting
    and wholesome!!

  • Priya

    Hi Sailu,
    You are so rite abt Mudda pappu.Its every Andhra heart’s comfort food. Any day I will settle for pappu annam and pickle and vadiyalu ๐Ÿ™‚ . Maa intlo aithe chinna pillaliki first thinipiche annam..pappu annam…Even till now all my lil cousins stop crying if its pappu-annam with home made Ghee.
    And aa aaku lo bhojanam is so lovely…miss eating from a leaf..!! It is another form of art I cud say, especially the rasam rice ๐Ÿ˜‰ hehe…

    Priya, my 3 year old relishes pappu annam muddalu along with stories
    being told by his ammamma or me..:). Thank God, the wholesome goodness
    of pappu annam is universally loved and enjoyed by our toddlers.

  • Linda

    Hello Sailu,

    I was going to guess that was a banana leaf till I saw the comments and Mythili confirmed it for me. What lovely pictures (and what a lovely meal!).
    Dal got me hooked on cooking authentic Indian food for myself, and the reason I found this blog-world. I am excited that you chose dals as July’s Jihva! I have one little question as regards pressure cooking and dals: how long, exactly, is a ‘whistle’? I see so many instructions “cook two whistles” etc… my pressure cooker has no whistle. Can you help? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Best wishes to you!

    Thank you, Linda for your kind words..:)
    So nice to know you enjoy dal and cook authentic Indian food.

    Well, to answer your question with regard to pressure cooking..
    Indian pressure cookers come with a weight which helps build
    pressure within the cooker and it lets out a sound similar to the
    sound of a whistle.. which last 4-5 seconds. The gap between
    each whistle can be 3-5 mts.

    It all depends on what food is being cooked, where certain foods
    like tur dal need around 2 whistles to cook for the dal to get soft.
    Some foods take a longer time or more whistles, while some foods
    just need one whistle.

    I have no idea of the pressure cooker available in US which I am
    assuming you use. Anyways, the “whistle system” will not work with
    your pressure cooker…:)

  • tanuja

    Sailu garu,
    Great picture ….chustunte aakali vestundi ….like you said pappu annnam is wholesome and comforting ….just waiting to be in India so that I could eat in a banana leaf just like in the picture.

    Tanuja, I can imagine how much you miss eating out of a banana leaf..:)

  • BDSN

    Hi Sailu,

    WOW the pictures are truly great…My all time fav pappu-annam with avakai pickle..I am literally drooling over here..

    Thank you, BDSN..:)

    • venu


  • mika

    Great feast, sailu! We are unable to eat on a banana leaf here in US. Paruppu saadam with ghee is the ultimate comfort food even for tamilians next to Thayir saadam, of course.

    Dal – the all-time favorite Indian comforting food..:)

  • Karthi Kannan

    Sailu, wow what a great picture! and I long for the banana-leaf course lunch and how satisfied we feel after such delightful lunch and afternoon nap ๐Ÿ˜‰ Nothing can beat the tradition and my son favorite is paruppu sadham + little rasam with a drizzle of ghee, he loves it. Good start for JFI-Dals!

    Thank you, Karthi. Your right about the banana leaf cource lunch..:)
    My son too loves pappu annam with ghee and rasam.

  • Orchidea

    Hi! This looks so good… I like lentils and I like Indian food. Thanks for the recipe.

    So nice to know you like Indian food. Your most welcome, Orchidea..:)

  • Sumitha Shibu

    What a beautiful spread!Missing those banana leaves!

  • sudha vinodh

    Hi Sailu, nice feast both to the eye and to the stomach.:-).I miss having the feast on banana leaf. I feel the taste of the food is really different when served on the leaf. Oh, I miss them so much..Nice pictures and very yummy dishes..

    Oh yes, Sudha, food served on plaintain leaf has a flavor which is unbeatable.

  • Puspha

    gosh!!! rice served on banana leave. Makes me miss home sooo much.

  • Nabeela

    wow….what a beautiful presentation….lately i’ve been hankering for a thali to serve south indian meals in….but a banana leaf beats it all!!

    Thank you, Nabeela. Yes, I agree, nothing to beat a banana leaf..:)

  • xtine

    Hi Sailu,

    Finally I’m back but how are you doing? I already bookmark your new blog. I apologize I’ve got all your emails and comments but were not able to reply back but I’m thankful for your thoughts and prayer – it helps me a lot during those trial period of my life but now I’m back and I had a new blog site as well if you have time just check it over. I love your new BLOG and everything in it. Keep in touch and keep cooking!


    So nice to see back in form, Tin. Was worried about you. Praise the Lord, your hale and hearty!!
    I am so glad you like my new site,Tin. Coming over to check out your new site…:)

  • vineela

    Hi Sailu,
    Nice feast. I am also a fan of pappu and aavakai.LOVELY PHOTOS.

    Vineela, tell me one andhra, who doesnt love pappu and avakai..:)

  • lera

    Mudda pappu with a dash of ghee sounds heavenly….:) The pickle in the meal spread looks so appetising.

    Absolutely heavenly..:),Lera.

  • Krithika

    I grew up eating Paruppu sadam. Now I feed my boys paruppu sadam with a lot of ghee. Your pictures look so good. Mouth watering !!

    Krithika, mudda pappu with avakai is my all time favorite meal, now my 3 yr
    old must have pappu annam/ghee for lunch every single day. He just loves
    it and thank God for that..:)

  • Chandrika

    My best friend is from Ongole, Prakasm District. Though they lived in Bangalore, they have always cooked typical Andhra food at home. I had this thing about dropping into her house exactly at lunch time saying give me this notes or I forgot what time we have college or else, lets go to the tailors, I have to pick up my blouse etc etc. Then she would say, just a second, lets eat and go and then I would eat good food and probably forget to pick up the notes from her. This is how much I love Andhra food. My daughter saw the neon sign Andre at a place in Montreal and she saw it from afar and said, Amma, look Andhra”. when we ran near the place, it was Andre. That is how much we love Andhra food. And Bangalore RR was our favourite place.

  • Chandrika

    I love your site.

    Chandrika, this effort and time that goes into the making of my blog comes from my interest in cooking and sharing about good food and recipes with others…:)

  • sreenivas

    no words………i am drooling……..sailu…thanks….thanks…for introducing like this traditional food….what a picture….really great. i am feeling proud of being an Andhra man and tasted all this becoz of my great mom. thanks once again.

  • sreenivas

    its simply superb

  • shaari

    hiiiiiiiii yam yam

  • Balaji

    We follwed ur instructions,at last we get mudha pappu is very tasty.Thanks for making people to know about our Indian Food .

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  • Madhavi

    Hi sailu garu!
    ee post lo first photo andariki ayirvedam telugu magazine may 2011 lo chusanu.mee charu bowl vallu neyyi ani cheppi circle chesi rasaru.inka konni pics meevi vunnayi aa magazines lo.maa parents intlo chusanu vacation ki vellinappudu .gopalpatnam bunk deggara mahati school valla banner lo kuda mee ugadi pacchadi bowl and pasupu kumkam pic vuntadi.atu velthe chudandi.

    • Sailu

      Thanks for informing me, Madhavi garu.

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