Endu Kobbari Podi – Spiced Dry Coconut Powder

A unique culinary delight of South Indian cuisines is the Podi, a dry spice-mix (powder), where a combination of spices, lentils, herbs or leaves are roasted in oil and ground to make a crumbly powder. These spice mixes or podis are eaten as an accompaniment to South Indian tiffins or breakfast dishes such as dosas, idlis and also mixed with hot steamed rice and ghee or oil.

Kobbari podi sprinkled over steamed rice cakes (Idlis) with a dash of ghee

Traditionally podis are hand pounded with each home having its own variations to the innumerable varieties of spice mixes, in terms of the quantity and type of ingredients used in preparing them and the flavor of each of these podis differing from home to home. Almost all traditional South Indian kitchens store atleast 2-3 varieties of homemade podis in dabbas or bottles, as these podis have a shelf life of more than four to eight weeks.

Simple to make, aromatic, packed with proteins, easy on the stomach and tasty, podis are an essential accompaniment and make a traditional vegetarian thali (meal) or South Indian tiffin complete.

Kobbari podi sprinkled over dosa

Today’s recipe is Endu Kobbari Podi or dry coconut spice mix powder, a combination of lentils, dry red chillis , garlic and dry coconut which are roasted in oil till the aromas are released and ground to make a fine powder. This podi has a strong nutty flavor with a subtle spice taste and a hint of sweetness due to the red chillis and coconut and makes a great accompaniment to dosas and idlis.

Kobbari Podi Ingredients - Dry Coconut, red chillis, lentils and garlic

Endu Kobbari Podi

  Prepare time:
 Serves: 2

 Main Ingredients:

  •  dry coconut


  •   1 tsp oil/ghee for roasting the dals and coconut
  •   1/2 cup black gram dal (minappapu)
  •   1/2 cup bengal gram dal (senaga pappu)
  •   8-10 dried red chillies, tear into two and de-seed (adjust to suit your spice level)
  •   half a coconut, dried, grated or finely sliced
  •   8-10 garlic cloves
  •   salt to taste

Method for making Endu Kobbari Podi

Grate the dried coconut or slice it into thin pieces as shown in the picture.
Heat a tsp of oil in a heavy bottomed vessel and roast the dals and dry red chillis in a pan on low heat till light brown and the dals release their flavor. Remove and cool.
In the same vessel add the grated or sliced coconut pieces and roast on low heat for 3-4 minutes. Dont add any more oil to roast the coconut pieces.
Once the dals, red chillis and coconut pieces are cool, place them along with garlic cloves and salt in a blender and grind to make a powder of a crumbly consistency.
Store in an air tight container.
Serve with South Indian tiffins like dosas and idlis with a generous helping of ghee or oil.


  • http://manpasand.blogspot.com/ Krithika

    Idlis with the podi look so good. I dont add coconut and garlic in my podi. Will try this version. Excellent pics !

    There are many variations to podis, Krithika. This is one such version that is prepared in our home.
    I keep trying different versions all the time for change and variety..:)

  • http://pusiva.blogspot.com Puspha

    Ur pix look gorgeous!!!!

    Thank you,Pushpa.

  • http://krishnaarjuna.blogspot.com Arjuna

    Great description Sailu. This is known as senagapappu kaaram in our household.

    Arjuna, we do prepare senagapappu karam too, without the addition of dried coconut though.

  • http://orugallu.net/vinDu Mythili

    Sailu, You are invited to the Mistress of Spices. Check it out. And the pictures look fantabulous. Dry coconut is always handy so should be an easy one to whip up. But I had one question though – can I use the already available cocunut powder for this?

    Thanks for the invite, Mythili.
    I have no idea what kind of coconut pwd is available there in US.
    If its dried coconut,dessicated or kopra pwd, then it should do.

  • http://www.aayisrecipes.com shilpa

    Sailu as always, your pics are too good. We too make this podi.

    Thank you, Shilpa. I guess, its a regular in most S. Indian homes..:)

  • http://spiceisright.blogspot.com Garam Masala

    Idli with podi is my absolute weakness! That picture is especially drool worthy. Its almost lunch time too 🙂

    GM, Idli with podi is an irresistable combination that is hard to resist…:)

  • Priya

    Hi Sailu,

    Meeru ila nooru oorinche recipelu photolu pedithe nenu mee blog ki ravadam maneyyalsi vasthundi…:-(
    Naa roommate 2 days lo Hyd nunchi vasthundi and thanu Preethi mixer theesuku vasthundi…I am just waiting for her to get back so I can make dosa’s and idli…ikkadi blenders tho pindi cheyyadam kashtam…the motor burns out easily !!
    Kobbari podi one of my favourites…maa amma meeru tips lo rasinattu koncham chintapandu vestharu..(neeku pulupu chaaaaaala ishtam 🙂 )
    Wonderful recipe again 🙂

    I love pulupu too, Priya. Iyytay, Preethi mixer chaala busy ga untaadi !!!

  • Priya

    naa commet lo…spelling mistake chooskoledu….adi “naaku pulupu chaala istham” :-p

    Naaku pulupu chaala ishtam….:)

  • http://greenjackfruit.blogspot.com mika

    Sailu- looks divine. We usually use no garlic and fresh coconut. Looks like I have to try this one since I like the taste of kopra (dried coconut).

    I do make a version without garlic as well and with fresh coconut too. I love that too..:)

  • http://www.kodaliskitchen.blogspot.com Tanuja

    Hi Sailu,

    Kobbari poditho idli’s channa yummy ga unnayi, I make the same kind. Aneetikante mee way of description is excellent, Sailu. Channa opika undi meeku:))

    Thank you, Tanuja, meeku manchi opika undi.

  • http://food-forthought.blogspot.com Ashwini

    I love the idli podis. I got a recipe from my Tamilian friend so I could make it. Now I want to try your version too…lovely photos!

    I am sure you will enjoy this recipe, Ashwini.

  • http://vineelascooking.blogspot.com vineela krishna

    Hi Sailu,
    Yummy. Very nice. I like the color and pictures are very good.
    My mom taught me this podi.
    I want to tell you that dosa looks really nice and yummy.
    Really nice pictures and nice demonstration too,Sailu.

    Thank you,Vineela…:)

  • http://shankari-rajesh.blogspot.com shankari

    I love to have this podi with chapathi. I put some ghee on a hot chapathi and as it melts sprinkle the podi , roll it & yummmmy!!

    Shankari, looks like podi with chapati is pretty popular combo..:)

  • http://menutoday.blogspot.com menutoday

    Hi Sailu,
    Excellent Pictures!!! We too make this podi but without Garlic.I will try your version next. Thanx.

    Thank you,MT. Do try it and let me know how it turns out.

  • Aparna

    We make this podi and call it as “chutney podi”. In early times, sometimes, I used to wrap this podi in chapathi and take it to school, and i never used to get a bite of it.

    Aparna, I can relate to what you say..:). My tiffin dabba was wiped clean by my
    North Indian pals and vice versa.

  • http://towardsabettertomorrow.blogspot.com/ Kay

    Oh my! thenga podi!!!! :)))

    I’m going to give this a try. Can I use dry, dessicated coconut?

    You can make with dessicated coconut,Kay.Its basically coconut powder,right?!
    I have not tried making it with dessicated coconut,though.

  • http://mykatha.blogspot.com santhi


    I make it exactly like you do:)
    Awesome pictures as usual.

    Thank you,Santhi.

  • http://myrasoi.blogspot.com lakshmi

    Nice pictures, Sailu.

    Thank you,Lakshmi.

  • http://greenchutney.blogspot.com reshma

    Lovely images Sailaja, the dosa got me drooling 🙂

    Thank you,Reshma..:)

  • http://www.cookingmedley.blogspot.com Luv2Cook

    The pics are as usual great. I am going to try this version of the podi, Sailu.

    Thank you,LC.

  • http://www.tastecorner.blogspot.com BDSN

    Hey Sailu,

    I love the idli photo with the podi smeared all over it..I just want to have a bite to get a taste…Wow nice recipe …I love andhra for its podis…..

    BDSN, andhra has many varities and variations of podis and they are simple to make and tasty.

  • http://srefoodblog.blogspot.com Shammi

    Sailu, do you normally use any oil or ghee with this podi? To serve with idlis or dosa, I mean.

  • http://srefoodblog.blogspot.com Shammi

    Ok, I missed the last bit of your recipe – “serve with ghee or oil” – silly question! Sorry! 🙂

    That’s alright, Shammi. You dont have to be sorry. It happens to me too..:):)

  • http://kitchenwonders.blogspot.com/ Sumitha Shibu

    How do you take such beautiful pictures Sailu? Your pictures are amazing!

    I am working on my photography skills, Sumitha…:). Thank you.

  • http://kitchenwonders.blogspot.com/ Sumitha Shibu

    Sailu, after looking at the amazing Dosa picture, I searched for it in your site. I could find Masala Dosa recipe but not the recipe for the dosa batter. Can u help me, please post the batter recipe. How does your dosas come out so crisp?

    Sumitha, the recipe for the batter is written at the beginning of the post, have a look. I also add some poha (about a fistful..add water to poha, wash and drain) at the time of grinding the batter.

  • http://kitchenwonders.blogspot.com/ Sumitha Shibu

    I am glad u shared your secret ingredient sailu,thanks!

    Your welcome, Sumitha.

  • http://isouthpotpourri.blogspot.com Shynee Nair

    We love it…I’m tempted to make it at the earliest…feel like flying to India…


  • sabitha

    A good website for all authentic recipes,pictures are really great. Keep it up.

    Thank you for dropping by and your kind words, Sabitha.

  • Sukeshini

    Thanks Sailu, A very good site. The pictures looks too good and the receipes are authentic. One question, is the andhra podi same as Tamilnadu’s podi? (mainly ingredients)


    Thank you for dropping by my blog, Sukeshini. South Indian Cuisine boasts of a wide variety of PODIS and each region has it own variation of the podis, be it Andhra Podi or Tamil Nadu Podi.

  • Jaya

    I am a north indian but love south indian food after having lived in Hyderabad for sometime. The paste that the restaurants use for Mysore masala dosa, is that a version of this podi? What would you make a paste of it in? Coconut milk maybe?

    Jaya, this is not a version of the Mysore Masala dosa podi. You could try making a paste by adding some ghee to the podi and smearing it to the dosa before serving. I havent tried making a paste with coconut milk though..:)

  • Poo

    Hello…Good work…can you please post the “Chitlu Podi” recipe??? I only know that its usually prepared with urad dal and red mirchi.

  • sharmila

    hi sailu…………..fantastic web site!!!! I found your site recently and I really loved it.I tried 8 of your recipies. They came out very well.I didnt find chicken biriyani recipe.Will you post that recipe please? we used to live in vizag.thats a wonderful city.


  • Doshu babu

    Wah Wah………………Kya swaad hain……………what a tasty recipie.

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  • tulasi

    hi sailu i have tryed out ur dishes a lot . they were very delicious .this coconut podi with idly was also superb. i wish for more & more different recipes
    thank u

  • http://thecookscottage.typepad.com Jyotsna

    Hi Sailu,
    This is one of my husbands favourites and I’ve never made it for him! Always bought it. Well all that is going to change…..
    Congratulations on a wonderful blog and outstanding pictures.

  • Diwakar

    Idi chala suluvu ga cheyyachhu sailu garu
    ma avida ki nerpistanu ..

    – Diwakar

  • Raaga

    Hi Sailu,
    It’s really nice. can u post ground nuts powder also. Thank you.

  • at home work

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  • Meenakshi Chheda

    Hi Sailu,
    Thank’s a lot..I have been hunting a lot for a nice descripte podi recipe which gives me more information about the traditional recipe than just the ingredients and method. My hubby has lived in cochin and kerela and is absolutely fond of eating podi with dose and idli’s. And as M living in china i wasn’t able to get Podi in market 😉 By the way ur pic’s are damn yummy and absolutely mouth watering…



  • Bhanu

    I came to your site thru my husband and starting cooking all the podis, chutneys, pindi vantalu for festivals and functions all by myself (with the help of ur recipes).

    All of them were a huge success.

    U r awesome. Keep Rocking 🙂

  • Shirisha

    hi sailu

    could you plz let me know if I can substitute the dry whole coconut with dry coconut powder. Also plz let me know how much amount of coconut powder is required for this quantity.

  • Shirisha

    hi sailu

    could you plz let me know if I can substitute the dry whole coconut with dry coconut powder. Also plz let me know how much amount of coconut powder is required for this quantity.

    • Anonymous

      I cup dry coconut powder.

      • shirisha

        thank u sailu

  • Rima

    Hi sailu, the black gram Dal you referred to is split black urad.. Pls confirm. Thanks

    • http://www.sailusfood.com Sailu