Brown Rice Salad

Brown Rice Salad
Brown Rice Salad

Hoping all of you had wonderful start into the new year. I did.

‘Pearls of wisdom’ ~“Warm up for the year ahead like an athlete would warm up for a competition. Start gently with small movements, increasing the intensity as you go. You’ll last longer and get farther that way than if you take off running at full speed.” I have a daily desktop quote book, ‘Mottos For Success’, sitting by my computer table and what you just read is quoted from it (Jan 2nd).

I’m warming up on a healthy note with a salad using brown rice that will mark the beginning of my food blogging this year. ๐Ÿ™‚

Brown Rice Salad Ingredients Brown Rice - Red Bell Pepper Salad
Brown rice salad ingredients & Brown rice salad

Cook 2 cups of raw brown rice and keep aside. While the rice is hot, mix in 4 tbsps olive oil, 2 tbsps vinegar, 4 tbsps balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper to taste. Let the rice cool completely. Once cool, add 4 tbsps finely chopped red and yellow bell peppers, 4 tbsps chopped cucumber, 2 tbsps chopped carrots, one finely chopped apple, 2 tbsps finely chopped spring onions, 1 tbsp chopped coriander/parsley and 2 tbsps roasted and peeled peanuts and combine well. Enjoy.

Brown Rice Salad

  Prepare time:
 Serves: 2

 Main Ingredients:

  •  brown rice


  • Meeta

    what a lovely salad! i really love rice and veggies! this is so warming!

  • Lubna

    Wow looks healthy and yummy. With all those ingredients recipe rocks… HAPPY NEW YEAR…

  • Alka

    This looks awesome,such a healthy beginning…hope to feast on many more lovely recipes this year,at this place of yours:-)

  • Suma

    … Looks Healthy and Easy, must try it soon.
    Thanks for the cool recipe, Sailu.

  • Cilantro

    I have the brown rice sitting on my shelf for a long time. Nobody seems to like it. I have to try your recipe for a healthy alternative.

  • Aparna Rao

    Looks lovely Sailu, good way of adding brown rice to the diet. It does take a long time to cook does’nt it? Thanks for sharing the recipe…

    Yes, it does take a while longer to cook than white rice. I used long grain brown rice.

  • sudha

    hi sailu first of thanks for ur gud salad with rice dats a great combination…i will try now n let u know tomoro thank u so much sailu…tc

  • krithiga

    Hi Sailu,

    Your recipe looks good..! i frequently visit your website…your are rocking like anything…you are my inspiration to start a new website like you..will take some time..bcoz right now i have 2 is 4 and other 2 months. i have more than 1500 recipe collections which i wrote for the past 8years. i am much pleased to share them..keep best wishes to u.

  • Shibani

    Wow this is so cool and good. Thanks for sharing a wonderful recipe.

  • Deepa

    Hi Sailu,

    Salad looks really superb, feeling like having now itself. I’m newly married… actually speaking, i don’t know to cook. i never used to go to d kitchen, i really feel very bad about this. after visiting ur site, i started cooking……. if possible kindly submit even more easy recipes for those who don’t know how to cook esp for people like me. Thanks for sharing and my best wishes to you.

  • arundati

    this is such a wonderful way to use brown rice…i have a one kilo bag which i have no idea how to use…this seems like a good place to start!! looks very colourful too!!

  • sindhura

    Wonderful brown rice salad. My dad wanted to try brown rice as it has lot of nutritive content. Amma used to deny saying that it doesnt taste well. But now i feel dad has a good recipe and i am gonna make it.
    Inviting you to participate in The Bread Mania event

    Best regards

  • R.Punitha

    Hi Sailu,
    Sailu, the colour of your salad recipe looks AWESOME!!!!!!!
    It must taste great also, no doubt.
    What an imagination???
    Thank you Sailu, keep it up…

  • shashi

    just have to try this out. im sure my girls arwe going to love it.
    can you tell me how raw bananas are cooked?
    thanks for all the wonderful recipes u have been sharing with us all.

  • gayathri

    Dear Sailaja,

    Looks lovely!!! Would be a great start to learning new recipes for a new year. I read somewhere that to make a nutritious diet, just see that there are as many colours in there as possible and thats what this one offers.


  • aquadaze

    In a sudden fit of trying to eat really healthy, i once went and got brown rice (years ago). Made it once, we hated it. That jar of rice has now moved cities with me, I open the jar sometimes and put it right back. This salad though looks so delicious that I am guesing my jar’s going to be empty soon. BTW, I have an event featuring nuts (peanuts) on my blog. Perhaps, you could send this over?

  • Still Life in Buenos Aires

    This is the perfect summer dish that I was looking for, with protein included. I have to admit that I added four tbsp. peanuts. I couldn’t stop myself. ๐Ÿ™‚ It tastes wonderful–all prepared for lunch tomorrow.

    Thank you for sharing your excellent recipes and beautiful photos, Sailu. Your site is perfectly put together. I appreciate the indexing and side bar for easy navigation. Cheers!

  • veda

    wow! really lovely looking salad there…..and a lovely start for the year ahead!

  • Priya

    Sailu! I tried this recipe. I replaced brown rice with bulgar (red) wheat though and added a dash of lemon juice. Was awesome. Keep ’em coming!