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Summer Meals ~ Grilled Paneer Sandwich

Print version of Summer Meals ~ Grilled Paneer Sandwich

Today’s grilled Paneer sandwich makes for a special morning meal or brunch along with a glass of chilled juice or smoothie. Extremely flavorful and filling sandwich.

Marinate few paneer slices with 2 tbsps of green chutney, a tbsp of hung curd/yogurt, 1/4 tsp chaat masala, salt and pepper to taste for 30 mts. Grill them for 10 mts or pan roast in 2-3 tsps of oil till golden brown. Arrange lettuce leaves, onion slices, capsicum rings, tomato slices and cucumber slices on whole wheat or brown bread that is buttered on one side. Place grilled paneer, drizzle some tomato ketchup (optional) and place another slice of bread and toast both sides of bread. Serve warm.

Summer Meals ~ Grilled Paneer Sandwich Recipe

Prep time: 10 min
Cook time: 10 min
Yield: 3
Main Ingredients: paneer bread

Today’s grilled Paneer sandwich makes for a special morning meal or brunch along with a glass of chilled juice or smoothie. Extremely flavorful and filling sandwich.

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By • May 6th, 2010 • Category: All Recipes, Chaat Recipes, Indian Paneer Recipes, Indian Vegetarian Recipes, Recipes Vegetable Dishes

  • kshipra

    Hi sailaja, great sandwich recipe. looks yummy.

  • Apu

    Perfect for a summer lunch!!

  • harini-jaya

    wow!! never tried paneer in a sandwich…sounds like a gr8 idea…thx

  • Manju Rajender

    Looks beautiful :)

  • Priya (Yallapantula) Mitharwal

    Wow Sailu. This is simply superb :)

  • greshma

    It truly does look and sure tastes good too…Mayb I would alter by shredding the cubes and buttering with chutney to gril!!
    I share yr yummy recipes on FB..Way to go!

  • Nandita

    Yummy!! Craving for one such sandwich now :)

  • The Housewife

    Looks so good! That paneer looks so crispy and delicious. Would be great in a wrap too I’m sure or straight up too!

  • neha jain

    nice very nice

  • Hema

    Beautiful Paneer Sandwich. Picture is simply superb.

  • neha jain

    nice recipe

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  • Padmapriya

    Hi Sailu

    How did u toast the bread? Which toaster are you using? For how many minutes should I toast?


    • Sailu

      I use Murphy Richards toaster to toast bread. It is automatic in the sense, once the toast is done, it pops up on its own and gives out a sound that its done. I use a sandwich griller which toasts the sandwich in less than a minute on both sides. But many a time, I drizzle some ghee or butter on a tava/hot plate and on medium flame, toast the bread for a little more than a minute on each side till it reaches golden brown color.

  • Yaluru

    Hi Sailu,

    I wish you could also add the calories that each serving and the amount of serving for each recipe. This would help a lot as everyone is getting health and calorie conscious.