Raw Food ~ Pineapple Paneer Salad

Today, I went on an almost 100% raw food diet, basically to de-tox. There was a time when I was a raw food diet on a regular basis but was not consistent in maintaining it. Now, my goal is to eat raw once a week and be consistent. ๐Ÿ™‚

Pineapple, Paneer & Vegetable Salad

Bring together 1/4 cup of boiled kidney beans (rajma), 1/2 cup cubed paneer (sauteed in a tsp of olive oil), 1 small chopped onion, 1 small chopped cucumber, 1 small chopped capsicum, 1 chopped tomato, 1 1/2 cups chopped pineapple, peeled orange segments, 1/4 cup sprouts of your choice, tbsp of chopped coriander leaves, tablespoon of honey, salt and pepper to taste. Toss well. Add any fruit and nuts of your choice. For a vegan experience omit paneer.


Monday raw food diet ~

Morning: 6.15 am – Glass of luke warm lemon water sweetened with honey
Breakfast: 7.30 am – An apple, sprouts, few soaked and peeled almonds and tender coconut water
Mid Morning: 10 am – Large glass of Mosambi (sweet lime) juice
Lunch: 12.45 pm – Pineapple Paneer Vegetable Salad
Late Afternoon: 3.30 pm – 2 oranges and tender coconut water
Dinner: 6.45 pm – Spinach-Papaya-Flax Seeds Smoothie and few dates
Drank more water than usual.

Raw Food ~ Pineapple Paneer Salad

  Prepare time:
 Serves: 2

 Main Ingredients:

  •  pineapple
  •   paneer


Today, I went on an almost 100% raw food diet, basically to de-tox. There was a time when I was an almost raw food diet on a regular basis but was not consistent in maintaining it. Now, my goal is to go raw once a week and be consistent.

22 thoughts on “Raw Food ~ Pineapple Paneer Salad

  1. Wow.. just was going through some raw food diet and here you go with a nice recipe.Was just planning to start one this Monday. Thanks for the recipe.
    It looks great!

  2. Raw food diet to detox once a week is a superb idea! I think I wanna try it too. Please keep posting on your blog what you are having as the raw food diet on a weekly basis.
    Also, could you please do a pictorial post on Mosambi (sweet lime). Its been such a while since I had seen those.

  3. hello sailu gaaru….i was waiting like anything for ur next post and here it comes. fish fry tharuvaatha chala time teesukunnarandi. sorry i should not say that but i am unable to wait. eppudu eppudu new recipe post chestaara ani eduru choostu untaanandi. this time also ur post is as good n useful as before. meeru 100% correct andi…manam andaramu mana health gurunchi raw food alavaatu chesukovaali. daily thinalemu …but meeru anattu weekly once it is better. monday roju inka better ..bcos sundays ekkuvaga nonveg thinevaariki …immediate gaa detoxify chestundi kada body ni. sailu one small doubt…can we take only fruits in a day like this raw food diet? And sailu …please post all raw food recipes that ur taking every week. even we want to follow u. thank u sailu…for ur all efforts. bye.

    Yes, Rani garu, you can take only fruits in a day along with good quantity of water.

  4. Hi,

    Can it be prepared in the morning and stored till lunch time? I thought of giving this to my husband for his lunch.


    Yes, it can be assembled in the morning. Omit salt altogether and add a dash of sugar. If he wants a bit of salt to his salad, let him season with salt at lunch time.

  5. Sailugaru,
    Awesome recipe.. Was fwding it to everybody that I know ๐Ÿ™‚
    will this help in weight loss. I am sure you have good diet plans for weight loss. Can you post good diet plans, if you have any.
    Looks like I am giving you some business ideas here to start a weight loss center ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Good Luck

  6. The salad looks great! One caveat though, it is not completely raw. Raw foodists don’t cook anything over 104 degree F. So the beans, paneer, the olive oil and honey would be out….unless the olive oil and honey is unprocessed and raw.

    Yes, Mary, I’ve mentioned that its almost raw (meaning its not completely raw). ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Hi sailu,
    Yum salad. The smoothie got me intrigued. can you please post it here? Would love love to have the recipe. and where to buy flax seeds in India. I mean is there a telugu name for them. I used to buy them abroad but after moving back haven’t found any here. I need them really bad for eggless baking. Can you help me in this?

    They are known as ‘Avise ginjalu’, Rupa. I bought them a year ago at an annual exhibition which sold different types of seeds/herbs. I dry roasted them before storing. I remember seeing them at ‘Nilgiris’ departmental stores but I think these stores are no longer in the market. Will post recipes featuring flax seeds.

  8. its wonderful recepie , actually i like all ur stuff !
    keep posting such exotic recepies awlays !!!

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