Sukhi Subji ~ Aloo Bhindi

Aloo Bhindi Subji

I like to explore North Indian subjis especially when I prepare rotis. Today it was Aloo Bhindi. This is one of those simple recipes you can make over and over again and that is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. I wasn’t going to add tomatoes but was convinced by my North Indian friend to give them a supporting role along side bhindi and aloo. I am glad I took her advise.

Delightful recipe that has the spices melding wonderfully with the sauteed vegetables to bring out fabulous flavors. And do not make this recipe without ginger and asafoetida, as they really pull the dish together. We enjoyed our soul-filling nutritious meal today.

Aloo Bhindi Subji Recipe

Prep & Cooking: 40 mts

Serves 3-4 persons

Cuisine: North Indian



2 potatoes, peeled and cubed

1/4 kg bhindi/okra/bendakaya, trim ends, cut into 1″ pieces

2 tomatoes, chopped fine

1/2 tsp cumin seeds

1 tsp grated ginger

big pinch of asafoetida/hing/inguvva

1 tsp red chilli pwd

1/4 tsp turmeric pwd

1/2 tbsp coriander pwd

large pinch cumin pwd

pinch of amchur pwd (dry mango pwd)

salt to taste

coriander leaves for garnish

1 1/2 tbsps oil

1 Heat oil in a cooking vessel, add the cumin seeds and let them splutter. Add the grated ginger, asafoetida, coriander pwd, turmeric pwd, cumin pwd, red chilli pwd and a tbsp of water and saute for 15-20 seconds. Add the cubed potatoes and salt. Cover with lid and cook on medium flame for 4-5 mts, tossing in between.
2 Add the okra pieces and combine. Cook without lid for approx 22-25 mts or till the okra and potatoes are almost cooked. Combine in between every 5-6 mts by tossing. (This is a dry saute dish)
3 Add chopped tomatoes and amchur pwd and combine. Cook with out lid for another 7-8 mts and turn off heat. Garnish with coriander leaves and place lid and let it rest for a few mts before serving. Serve hot with phulkas, parathas or puris.

Aloo Bhindi, rotis and salad ~ our meal today

Sukhi Subji ~ Aloo Bhindi

  • Prep time:
  • Cook time:
  • Serves:

Main Ingredients:

  1. potato
  2. ladies finger



Aloo Bhindi Subji I like to explore North Indian subjis especially when I prepare rotis. Today it was Aloo Bhindi. This is one of those simple recipes you can make over and over again...


I'm a food blogger, food photographer and organic gardener based out of India. I enjoy cooking for my family using fresh produce from my vegetable garden and farmer's market. I love to try out various cuisines and perfect my cooking skills. I believe that hard work, self-discipline, and a positive attitude cannot help but reap a harvest of fantastic results. Say hello and join me on Pinterest, Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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37 Responses

  1. Sudha says:

    Hello Sailu garu…first pic is very nice…

    sailu garu could u post any egg recipes, new varities plz..

    Thank u


  2. Kalyani says:

    I did not try this anytime but i tasted it … its a nice combination…
    Will try this one … thanks for the post …

  3. Aparna Rao says:

    Alu Bhindi looks delish, without onions is new to me. Will give it a try.
    Thanks for the recipe.

  4. Happy Cook says:

    Looks so colourful and delicious.

  5. Suma says:

    Hello Sailu,
    Looks tasty and sounds easy to make! will try it soon.
    Thanks for all the wonderful yet simple recipes with cool pics and presentations.


  6. Deepa Balaji says:

    Hi Sailu
    Very new to your website though, the recipes look interesting.

  7. Madhumathi says:

    Very yummy subzi..I love the combo of bhindi and aloo!

  8. hb says:

    Hi Sailaja,
    Fantastic work! I have been a silent spectator for sometime, then dropped in to give quite a few comments. I have tried numerous recipes of yours. Egg pulusu, beerakaya nuvvu kura and many more which were loved by people around. Well, I just want to compliment you on your work and could I be requesting for certain recipes? It would be great to hear from you :)

    Thanks for the feedback, HB, and glad to note that you enjoyed them.

  9. pavithra says:

    Hi Sailu,

    Its looking wonderful and colour is perfect. Making me tempt. And for a long time I am a silent visitor to ur blog. Recently i have started blogging after my kid started going school. Yourself and some other bloggers are an inspiration for me in starting the blog… So drop in my blog when you find time.

    Keep going …

  10. Suchitra says:

    Hi Sailu,
    I have never tried potato and bhindi combination. I will definitely give it a try. My bhindi turns out sticky many times, do you have any tip on how to make it non-sticky?
    Thanks for the wonderful recipe!

    Adding a splash of lemon juice or a tbsp of yogurt to the okra during the cooking process will reduce the slime. Do not place lid while cooking bhindi.

  11. Kavita says:

    Looks delicious.. wl make it today as my Hubby loves both veggies..

    wanted to know is it ok to fry okra separately before adding with allu.. don’t want its juice mix and spoil it..

    Its your choice, Kavita. You can even fry the aloo separately.

  12. R.Punitha says:

    Hi Sailu,
    It looks delicious,
    You are Rocking Sailu….
    Doing a Good Job,
    Please keep it up.
    Bye , Take Care…

  13. hb says:

    Hey Sailu,
    Really glad you replied. If there is any chance for me to be in Vizag, it would be great to see you :). I would update you with my trials on your recipes.

  14. yamini says:

    Dear Sailu,
    I request you to post the recipe for the soft rotis which accompany your subji’s .

  15. jayasri says:

    hi sailugaru, as usual ur photograhy is beautiful, ur dish looks very delicious…..very yummy…never tried bhindi & potato comb…must try…

  16. priya says:

    Looks Delicious….Mouth Watering…Keep going Sailu gaaru….

  17. Great recipe! I tried a little variation by adding 1 medium chopped onion during the saute stage and this I believe increased the overall flavor of the dish.

  18. so pretty. i love your Aloo Bhindi Subji Recipe wish I could taste it! It looks so royal.

  19. Shreya says:

    Lovely pic! Great recipe. I love bhindi in any form, and so does my daughter! This sukhi subji is perfect because she also loves potatoes, and I have not tried the combo ever.Thanks:-)

  20. Gauri says:

    Simple, homecooked. The picture of a happy family. touchwood..

  21. Ashwini says:

    Hi Sailu,

    I tried this recipe yesterday and WOW!! It came out very well and the bowl was licked clean!

    Thanks for an awesome recipe.

  22. meenakshi says:

    dear Sailu, Would u be able to send some recipes with asparagus. I live in visakhapatnam, but presently at U K with my daughter, glad to note that u r also from Visakhapatnam. THANK U.

  23. Supriya says:

    Hi Sailaja, my mouth just watered when I saw the pic….The Bhindi-Aloo is an amazing delight. I also learnt a new technique of cooking today. Adding some water in the masalas roasting in the oil would definitely bring out a different flavour I guess. The potatoes won’t stick to the pan. Thanks for this one! :)

  24. Regil says:

    Hi sailu garu,

    Aloo bhindi is my favorite combination.Such a homely subji.Nice Pics!!

  25. hb says:

    miss you,,miss you!

  26. VK says:


    I tried this last night. The pic is a lot more delicious compared to the final result.

    You should try the standard Bhindi with Onions and without Potato / Tomato. It is much better.

    Keep posting. Tonight I will try the raw mango – toor dal combination you posted a few days back.

    – take care.

  27. KavyaNaimish says:

    Hi Sailu…
    4 da 1st time I tried dis recipe from ur blog…came out well..only varaition is I added onions to my dish…Thanks for da recipe…Aloo n Bhindi is our fav combination….will try few more recipes 4m urs soon…

  28. srividya says:

    bhindi tomato kura is my favourite even though its slimy. aloo tomato kura is a common favourite of all. this variation with both of them is nice.

  29. neha says:

    Hi ..

    i just saw this link on another website it looks like the pic that you have on your website.. just wanted you to know..

    i love your cooking, and i m inspired by it, and i dont appreciate people copying original stuff ..

    have a good day.

    Thanks for informing me, Neha.

  30. swathi says:

    Hi Sailu garu,

    this recipe and the photos look awesome, i’m going to try it now :)

    i am a regular visitor of your blog, sometimes, i decide what to cook based on the recipes i find in your blog. i would like to tell you and thank you for being a source of interest and inspiration for me to learn to cook (as i’m a student living alone abroad).

    by the way, if you have any recipes with avocado or zucchini (squash), could you please post them?

    thank you.

    good day!

  31. sonal says:

    the dish is delicious, thank u so much…
    i really love your website.

  32. Kanchan says:


    I tried your Aloo Bhendi recipe, It was perfect restauran
    Loved it !

    Thanks :) Also posted about it yesterday :)

  33. Subhashini says:

    Hi Shailu,

    i wanted to know if u can gimme any tip to avoid the stickiness of the okras while cooking….i always end up spoiling it…Please gimme some tip

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