Ugadi Pachadi – Andhra Delicacy Reflecting Different Flavors Of Life

Today we are celebrating Ugadi, the Telugu New Year Day, which is the first festival of our Telugu calendar and the first big festival that comes after Sankranti.

Our Andhra festival is known by different names in different states of India like “Gudi Padwa” in Maharastra and “Ugadi” in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Whatever the name this festival takes in different regions, it heralds the dawn of Vasanth Rutu (Spring Season), which is considered the first season of the year (Chaitra Maasam). Ugadi to the Telugu speaking people marks a beginning of a new year in which nature is in full bloom, symbolizing regeneration and celebrating the season’s freshness.

With the coming of Ugadi, mango season is in full swing with fresh green mangoes flooding the rythu bazaars, garlands of marigold, roses, kanakaambaram, chamanti, naturally perfumed jasmine flowers (mallepuulu) which are in full bloom adorn the deities in temples and yes, you find most of our Andhra women’s braids are adorned with clusters of mallepuulu (jasmine flowers). The doorways of our homes are adorned with mango leaves which signifies prosperity and general well-being.

But the most unique and significant tradition of Ugadi is beginning the new year with savoring a unique flavored pachadi (chutney) that epitomizes the spirit of Ugadi called “Ugadi Pachadi”,with sweet, sour, pungent and bitter tastes (shadhruchulu or six tastes). This chutney or sauce is a symbolic reminder of the myriad facets of life in a sense prepares us for the year ahead. Of course, other than the special pachadi we also prepare special foods with the use of raw mango like papppu maamidikaaya, maamidi pulihora, maamidi kobari pachadi,pulihora,bobattulu, payasam and garellu.

Ugadi Pachadi is a special preparation prepared in every Andhra home on Telugu New Year’s day. Its made with fresh tamarind, jaggery(panela), fresh mangoes and neem flowers (margosa). One can add sugarcane, coconut and bananas also. The sweetness of jaggery, the sourness of tamarind, the bitterness of neemflower and the pungent flavor of the green mango skin, spice of the chilli powder ,raw tender mango’s taste and lastly salt form the shadhruchulu or six tastes of the saul.


Each home has its own version of preparing the ugadi pachadi but the main ingredients (reflecting all the six flavors) are as specified above.

The myriad rich taste of this delicacy tickles and lingers on our tongue for a long time leaving a medley of flavors. The flavors of the Ugadi Pachadi signifies that the mixture of bitter margosa flowers and sweet jaggery reflect the myriad facets of life, both joy and sorrow and prepares one to face both good and bad in the year to come. During this season we find people eating neem leaves and flowers at the onset of Vasantha Ruthu and through out the spring season as its a counter measure for kapha dosha individuals (kapha dosha increases around this period).Ugadi Pachadi is a healthy low calorie pachadi where the Neem flowers, new tamarind, jaggery and fresh raw mangoes contain nutrients that cleanse the system and act as prophylactics (prevention of illness or disease).

Ugadi Subhakankshulu! Wishing you all a very happy Ugadi and a great year ahead!

Ugadi Pachadi – Andhra Delicacy Reflecting Different Flavors Of Life

  Prepare time:
 Serves: 2

 Main Ingredients:

  •  jaggery
  •   neem flowers


  •   1 cup of raw fresh mango cleaned, dried, finely chopped along with skin
  •   1 tbsp margosa flowers (neem tree flowers)
  •   1 cup grated jaggery
  •   1 tbsp fresh finely chopped coconut pieces (optional)
  •   3 -4 tbsp tamarind paste
  •   red chilli pwd (according to your choice)
  •   salt to taste

Method for making Ugadi Pachadi – Andhra Delicacy Reflecting Different Flavors Of Life

Mix all the above ingredients to form a sauce like appearence.I f you want a thin and watery chutney add very little water (2-3 tbsps). You can also add small pieces of sugarcane, pieces of ripe banana, putanaala pappu (roasted channa dal) along with the above ingredients.


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  1. you have described the essence of Ugadi very well. We do miss the whole atmosphere of festivals with people dressing up and families getting together etc.

    In karnataka we do the almost the same but we have something called Bevu bella( Neem flowers and Jaggery grated and made into small marble sized laddus and given to everyone saying let this year balance out the good and bad things.

    Have a wonderful Ugadi and prosperous New year

  2. Wish u and ur family a happy and prosperous ugadi.
    I love the kum kum bharani and all those cute little things in the pic. they r beautiful.

  3. Wow. Sailu, you made me feel nostalgic.!
    Just gorgeous!

    Ugadi subhakankshalu to you and your family. Please say hai to your cute son.

  4. Beautiful presentation and description. You just brought me back home to India in a jiffy, sitting 10,000 miles away. Happy Ugadi to you all.

    I have been lurking a while, without leaving comments, today I could not resist…

  5. Happy Ugadi, Sailu! Lovely pictures. Tamilians also make pachadi on Tamil new year with neem leaves. We use dry ones though. Are the fresh flowers more bitter than dry ones?

  6. Sailu
    thank you for your visit.I got late for my posting on ugadi.I thought of my posting early with ugadi but ours is on April 14th .do visit on sunday.

  7. hi sailu i’ve just seen ur recipes and i noted them all. kothimire pachadi is so useful and really liked ur recipes. thanks sailu. now i can make variety of dishes rather than sticking to some stock dishes .

  8. Hi Sailu gorgeous presentation and nice ugadi pachadi.Looking forward for recipes on ugaadi.Please Do tell one.Happy Ugadi to u And ur family.

  9. Andariki Ugadi Subhakankshalu….
    Ugadi Pacchadi choosi inti ni grutu cheseru…

    Thank you so much…


  10. Wish you and your family a very Happy and prosperous Ugadi, Sailu!

    Beautiful pics and gorgeous presentation…

    Ugadi shubhakankshalu to All!!!

  11. Woow !!!! Nice pictures… n presentation….. The clarity n colors of the pictures is tooooooo good. That itself brings ‘Ugaadi’ in my mind……

  12. Sailu –
    Excellent, nifty, organized website that delights all my senses. You can’t imagine how much happiness your site brings to a lot of us. Keep up the good work and wishing you yet another year of ecstatic enthusiasm in sharing your recipes….SARVAAJIT NAAMA NOOTHANA SAMVATHSARA SUBHAKANKSHALU.
    – Deepthi

  13. Andhariki Chandranama Samvathsara Ugadi Shubakanshalu.

    Sailaja Garu, Photolu challa baagunnayi and also very good presentation. I am big fan of your website. I greatly appreciate the effort you take to present the recipes. You are doing a wonderful job , just keep it up.

    Thank you.


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    Lalitha, Appreciate you asking to use images on your website. Yes, you can use the images of this post acknowledging source.

  17. If any body can’t get neem flowers,can use grated kakarakaya. I tried it last year,got the same taste.

    Hi Sailu,
    I appreciate ur recipe’s with wonderful presentation…keep it up.
    I wish u and your family a happy&prosperous ugadi.

    Thank you.

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    Ugadi Subhakankshlu, Valli garu. Please provide a link to this page below the image you are using, giving credit to source.

  21. Hi Sailu. What a lovely website. I arrived here searching for Ugaadi. I wish you and your loved ones a very happy Ugaadi. I would like to use the picture in this post and two lines of this article, with a “read more” linking back here to your page. Let me know if that is okay with you.

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  24. looks like ur photo of this ugadi pachadi became so popular..i get wishes or i see wishes even in fb with this particular on 🙂 🙂

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