Weekend trip to our farm

Over the weekend we visited our village, less than an hour’s drive from Vizag (45 kms). Here are a few pictures from our mango grove, fruits and vegetables grown in the backyard of our ancestral home, taken during this trip.

  • http://cookingmedley.blogspot.com Luv2cook


    Great pictures, Sailu. Oh..the pleasures of living in India….

  • xtine

    Hi Sailu,

    Now I am totally jealous, those GUAVAS and MANGO trees are the kind of fruits that I really missed. You’ve been so blessed with nature -sigh now I am terribly homesick and just can’t wait to go back home soon.

    Take care!


  • http://arcthomas.blogspot.com/ Archana

    Ohhh, Sailu, thanks a bunch for posting these pics

  • http://malluspice.blogspot.com/ shaheen

    Your farm photos are awesome. Makes the mango snaps on my site seem like far away memories.Enjoy them, all the more for the indians missing them in US.

  • sowmya

    Hello SAilu garu,
    collector mavidi kayalu chala bavunnayi. beach road lo koorchoni collector mavidikaya mukkalu muri mixture tine rojulu gurthu vachayi.


  • http://kitchenmate.blogspot.com/ Karthi Kannan

    Oh… We dearly miss all these and great pics Sailu and these pictures take me to our farm in Cumbum(TN), Glorious India:)

  • http://mysamayal.blogspot.com/ sudha vinodh

    hi Sailu, what a treat to eyes.we really miss all those fruits here..How i wish i could get some of them ..The fresh smell of the village, the pollution free air..so many nice things of village..:-) Thanks for sharing these photos

  • http://greenjackfruit.blogspot.com mika

    Having a farm and reaping its benefits – How lucky are you! Thanks for the visual treat.

  • http://vineelascooking.blogspot.com vineela

    Hi Sailu,
    Nice farm with all veggies and fruitful fruits.
    Nice to see your pictures.

  • http://kitchenwonders.blogspot.com/ Sumitha Shibu

    Hey Sailu,this is really bad you must not post pictures of such fresh veggies and fruits to us.And those guavas and thothapuri mangoes……….very very bad!

  • http://isouthpotpourri.blogspot.com shynee

    Wow! Can smell India in u’r blog…gorgeous snaps…bt leaves us all the more nostalgic n home sick here!!

  • http://manpasand.blogspot.com/ Krithika

    I agree with Sumitha. You shouldn’t have posted these pictures. I have tears in my eyes. Just want to take the next flight to India. Excellent pics !!

  • http://gattinamia.blogspot.com/ gattina

    Oh beautiful shots! And very nice presentation!
    I missed the pineapple hill in my father’s village, your photos bring me back all the sweet memory!

  • http://myworksh0p.blogspot.com/ RP

    I miss my home. ๐Ÿ™
    And all those goodness growing in our land. ๐Ÿ™

  • http://orugallu.net/vinDu Mythili

    Your blog makes me come back to India for good. That’s all I can say.

  • http://www.tastecorner.blogspot.com BDSN

    Hey Sailu!!

    Great pics!!!What a way to go!!

  • radha

    Hi Sailu,

    Nice pictures sailu remind me of india so much, we too have rice farms in kakinada, AP, we use to go there often during summers and have lots of fun in farms jump around gauva and mango tree, playing in the farm well for hours.After coming home grandma use to make hot rice with rasam and her delcious curries. Thank u so much for making me nostalgic!

  • http://www.trialsnerror.blogspot.com Nabeela

    beautiful pictures….i miss guavas…haven’t eaten them in a looong time….you are so lucky to be eating the fruits and vegetables you grew up with still:)

  • Nila

    Hi Sailu,
    I agree with sudha vinoth, its definite treat to the eyes. Enjoy it buddy. wow look at those gorgeous pictures. I want to taste all the fruits. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for sharing.

  • http://mtastes.blogspot.com/ Lera

    Sailu, the fresh fruits pictures are so awesome…especially the pineapple looks so beautiful.

  • radha

    hi sailu,those pictures were a pleasant visual treat,for a moment i felt jealous because i can only dream of those farms or see them in movies and be happy.you are damn lucky to be so close to all beautiful things in life.btw i just love your blog.

  • http://injimanga.blogspot.com L.G

    I am going crazy over here! How many acres do you have? What all do you cultivate? Please do write a post about it all.

    If you are interested in gardening too, welcoming you to participate in Green Blog Project — which is so easy in India or a normal life routine.

  • mae

    Beautiful Sailu! Everything! Want some of those fruits. Now!

    Btw, i love the way you’ve done your slideshow. Mind sharing how you’ve done it? You can email me on riceandnoodles at maegabriel.com i do remember Sam of poshandbecks have dones something like this before too. I hope you don’t mind sharing.

  • chitra

    great pictures. it reminded me of indiaa. thanks sailu ji

    Your most welcome, Chitra ji..:)

  • bhavani

    hi shailu
    your recipes are great. all ur recipes are mouth watering as well as great in taste. tried few of the recipes.
    keep up the good work

    Thank you so much for your encouraging and kind words, Bhavani..:)

  • Raj

    Hi Sailu,
    Great work ! Keep it up.
    I am from Vizag, now living in Boston. You brought back many memories of vizag and my visits to grand parents place (a village) in West Godavari.


    Thank you for your kind words, Raj and am so glad the pics brought back memories of your grandparents home..:)

  • Priya

    Sailu, I havent seen you,But i can see your nostalgic mind from your website. You are a nice girl-may be like me..!

  • Ram & Radha Burela

    Sailaja garu,

    Marvelous effort! Like many of visitors to this site, we too feel all the void of living outside of India and some of the simple yet exotic privileges of living in a rural setting.

    We grew up in Vizag too and used to visit our grand parents near Srikakulam. Again, we must not be sad and complain as this kind of living in the United States in our choosing.

    I only hope that such pristine rural settings and living traditions will last for future generations to experience and cherish.

    Once again great work and many thanks for the content!

  • Sangeetha

    Oh! What mouth-watering guavas and mangoes! When, oh when, will the day come that we move back. I am from Visakhapatnam too. How I envy my friends and you too who live in Vizag! Makes one think – what am I doing in this far-off country??!!

  • Sangeetha

    I should go and visit my grandparents’ village before all my relatives move out of there. Thanks for giving me the inspiration.

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  • Sowmya

    Great pictures Sailu gaaru! Those mangoes are really tempting..I’ve always wanted to grow veggies in the whatever little space our urban home offers..these pics are inspiring