Tomato Dosa

Preparing different varieties of tiffin recipes for my 4 yr old is a daunting task, sometimes. Yes, after trying out a new recipe, I’m not sure if he is going to eat it at all. I guess, there are some of you out there who would relate to that. But then, it doesn’t stop us from preparing a tried and tested recipe with a twist/variation or an absolutely new tiffin recipe with the hope that our little ones might enjoy it after all.

Tomato dosa, pandumirapakaya pachadi, cabbage pachadi, karivepaku podi

I tried out a new recipe, tomato dosa, from recipe files this week which, fortunately, turned out to be a keeper. The tomatoes gave that kick to the rice+dal batter by lifting the earthy flavor to something tangy, jaggery lent it a sweet touch, and red chillis provided the spice factor. These dosas can be served with any chutney or podi of your choice. My son enjoyed it with white sugar, though.:)

Tomato Dosa Recipe

Recipe Source: From my recipe files

Prep & Cooking: 20-30 mts, Soaking: 2-3 hrs

Serves 5-6 persons

Cuisine: South Indian



1 1/4 cup raw rice and 2 tbsps of tur dal, soaked in water for 2-3 hrs

2 tomatoes chopped

2 tbsp grated fresh coconut (optional)

2-3 dried red chillis, de-seed and tear

1-2 tbsp grated jaggery

1 tbsp chopped coriander leaves (optional)

salt to taste

oil as required

1 Drain and grind smoothly the rice and tur dal with chopped tomatoes, dried red chillies (de-seed), grated fresh coconut, jaggery, coriander leaves, salt and little water to form a dosa-like batter.

2 Heat griddle on high flame till hot, reduce heat, pour a laddle full of dosa batter, spread the batter with the bottom of the ladle evenly making circles to form a dosa and drizzle with some oil along the edges. Cook on medium heat for 1-2 mts and increase to high flame for a few seconds and flip the other side and cook for 20-30 seconds or till done.

3 Serve hot with any podi or chutney of your choice like karivepaku podi or coconut chutney.

Happy Republic Day!

Tomato Dosa

  Prepare time:
 Serves: 2

 Main Ingredients:

  •  tomatoes


  • Aruna


    The tomato dosa look delicious….Will try it.
    The dough does not need fermentation thats an advantage…

    BTW could you share how to prepare “Cabbage Pachadi” please…Thx

  • Pavani

    That is a delicious twist on the good old dosa.. Looks colorful and awesome. Thanks for the recipe Sailu.

  • Jeff

    That looks beautiful!

  • Asha

    WOW!! A visual treat! Always a pleasure to come to your site. Yummy food and a great photo. I will save this recipe.Thank you so much!:)
    Happy Republic Day!

  • Krithika

    What a great recipe. Will surely try this for my twins. Love that color.

  • Suma Gandlur

    Dosa looks yummy. Mee pachchallu, podi neelu vooristhunnayi.
    Thanks for dropping my blog and I hope you would keep visiting.

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  • sri

    Tomato dosa wow will definitely give it a try. Thanks for the recipe ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Pavani

    Hi Sailu,
    Just wanted to let you know that some of your recipes and pictures are being used in another blog. Not sure if you have already noticed it, but heres is the blog:
    and I have seen your tomato dosa, coconut chicken and pepper chicken pics on this blog. I went to this site from Sangeeta’s blo Apparently Sangeeta’s pics and recipes are being used also.

    Appreciate you informing me about it, Pavani. It’s unfortunate these things happen.

  • Linda

    Hi Sailu — I think we all face the same challenge regardless how old the kids grow ๐Ÿ˜‰ Tomato dosa looks just delicious. Inspires me to try some dosa again!

  • madhuli

    Hi Sailu, that’s a lovely recipe. am surely going to try that with my little one! it sure is difficult to feed little ones! thanks a lot.

  • sia

    hi sailu, thats wonderfully good and delicious recipe. grinding tomatoes with rice is really good idea. i make tomato dosa using maida. i love this orangy red colour of this dosa:) just love it:)

  • Padmaja

    Hi Sailaja
    Wow, wonderful recipe. My lil one loves dosa’s and tomatoes are his fav snack. Picture looks fabulous

  • haripriya

    simply delicious!!!!:)

  • sia

    sailu, i have tagged for MEME. do chk the for the details in my blog.

  • seema

    I am here thro Andramirch( you know what you and I went thro’). Loved your blog and every picture in here. Gonna bookmark you rightaway so I don’t miss out any of your recipes from now on . Loved this tomato dosa as well. Will try it soon and let you know how it turned out.

  • sandeepa

    I love the way you present food sailaja. It looks so inviting

  • laxmi

    Hi Sailaja,

    What a innovative dosa. Someday I will try this. I tried your Dal Makhani recipe. It is a big hit in my house. All my friends and Husband liked it. And I also tried your classic chicken curry recipe. It was so good. You have a wonderful site. Keep up the good work.


  • Aruna


    Your recipe for tomato dosa turned out to be a hit…. it was delicious…Thx.

  • swapna

    wow sailu..very creative.i have tried ur beans in peanut was very good indeed very tasty..thanks for sharing..

  • musical

    Hi Sailaja,

    Gretar blog-very neat design…’ve put in so much effort into every word of it, every recipe presented here-it all makes it worth it…..its quite a pleasure just to drop by and browse through…..i am a foodie too, just a lil’ lazy to write recipes ;). but am really delighted to see ur new blog (i used to occasionally visit ur earlier blog)…..

    Brilliant, i am so excited to just be here.

    Thanks sis,


    Thank you, Musical..:)

  • Coffee

    What a twist to the normal DOsa!!!!! The red colour to it looks awesome!!!!! An abdolute visual treat!!!!

  • Lera

    Sailu, That’s a colourful dosa, loaded with nutrients, I am sure your son would have had a great time savouring them:)

  • Shilpi

    Hi Sailu,

    I tried this dosa yesterday and my husband and I loved it.I also have to try the coconut chicken masala recipe, it looks yummy.After looking at your site I have fallen in love with Andhra food.Everyday I surf this site and think what should I try today? Thanks a lottttttttttttttt!

  • nandita

    interesting recipe. But doesn’t this batter need fermentation? Instant batter is so convenient. Pl clarify!

    Doesn’t need any fermentation, Nandita. Instant!!

  • Menu Today

    Hi Sailu,
    My mother used to make like Rawa dosa. Your version looks simple .
    Lovely treat of dosa with different chutneys.Thanks for sharing.

  • vyhsali

    Hi Sailu Garu,

    The Tomato dosa looks awesome, I am going to try this.
    Your pics look extremely good.

  • Deepa

    Great site and wonderful recipes.
    I tried the tomato dosa and we all loved it. It’s great and a different recipe from regular dosas.

  • Smitha

    Hi Sailu,

    I have been trying out some of your recipes and they have been coming out great. You are an awesome cook with very good ideas..Keep it going!!!

  • Yamini

    hi sailu,

    This is yamini, i have a doubt regarding the measurement of rice in terms of cup.Are you refering to small cup or big one? Please let me know the exact measurement.

    Its a standard cup which measures approx 1/4 kg rice.


    Hi Sailu garu,
    Thanks for the recipe. Going to try this .looks very colourful.

  • Rama.

    Hi sailu,

    Already, some one has asked this question, but, could not find any reply from you. Can you pls post recipe for pandumirapakaya pachadi & cabbage pachadi? And, what is the English name for the former veggie?

    Thanks and waiting for yr reply.

    Fresh red chillis are pandu mirapakaya. Is that what you were asking for?

  • Rama.

    ok, atleast, can you pls post recipe for the same? Looks very yummy, cant wait to try it..


    Will post cabbage pachadi recipe and pandumirapakaya pachadi sometime soon. Pls be patient.:)

  • Varsha

    Wow…looks yummy. Some queries

    You didn’t ferment the dough..or did you? Isn’t unfermented dough a bit tough to spread in circles?
    Why the need to deseed chillies? Is it to make them less spicy for your kid?

    I liked your site a lot. There are a lot of recipes I had been on a lookout for…like the Tomato chutney made by Tamilians..thanks, keep up the good work.

    No, I didn’t ferment the batter, Varsha and you will not have any problem in spread the dosa. I de-seeded the chillis to reduce the spice and for easy grinding of the batter. And thanks for your kind words.:)

  • Jeena

    Hi there, I like your blog! Nice recipe it looks yummy ๐Ÿ™‚ Feel free to visit my blog too ๐Ÿ™‚

  • rathika

    this is the second recipe i tried out frm this site after thotakura dal.. this also came out really well!!! i couldn’t believe tht i cud also cook well ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks Sailu for all the wonderful recipes…

  • Mala


    Please Please Cabbage Pachadi recipe post cheyandi. Ee dosa chesanu, chaala baaga vachindi.. cabbage pachadi kuda try cheyalani vundi…

    Many thanks for a nice recipe.


  • Deepa

    hi Sailu

    can you please post the recipe for cabbage pachadi??
    all your recipes are good.keep rocking..

  • Hema

    Hi Sailuji,

    I made your tomato dosai and it came out very well. I have posted it in my blog:

  • Manju

    hi Sailu
    Thanks for sharing the recipe, tried the recipe it came out so well.
    Can you pls post the recipe for cabbage Pachadi too…
    Thanks in advance

  • Soumya

    Hi Sailu,

    I tried this recipe over the weekend and for some reason the dosa came out a little rough and took longer time to cook. Also when not had right out of the stove, it became too hard to eat. Not sure what went wrong. Any idea or suggestions you could think that will fix this next time?

    BTW I had have tried couple of other recipes on your blog and they have been my keepers ๐Ÿ™‚


    Soumya, if you followed the recipe to the ‘T’ you shouldn’t have any problem. Yes, you need to eat hot off the plate to relish the true taste and texture of the dosa. Glad to note you enjoyed the other recipes from my blog. Thanks for the feedback. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Shubha

    Hi Sailu,
    I have been making this dosa regularly for last 8 – 9 months….. This is on our menu atleast once a month…….Sorry for sharing this so late…..just missed out……
    We just love this dosa and relish the taste…..I somehow always had problems making tomato omlettes as they break when I remove them from tawa……After failed attempts on several occassions I stopped making them completely…. it was disappointing as I luv tomato omlettes..
    This dosa has been more than a pleasant replacement…… Thanks for this beautiful receipe…..

  • sheba

    tried this!!!! very nice have blogged about it!!!!

  • Sirisha

    A nice change from the usual Sailu. Very interesting dosa!

  • lakshmi


    I tried this and its amazing. i added a little bit ginger to it. it was yummy. thank you

  • Sweety

    Hi Sailu, do we need to keep the dosa batter to ferment? Wanted to try out this receipes after reading all the good comments.thankyou.
    Regards Sweety.

    • Sailu | Indian Food

      No, you need not ferment the dosa batter.

  • Amrita Joseph Chacko

    Hi Sailu! What would be a good substitute to jaggery?