chocolate mousse

Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mousse is a decadent dessert that is loved by all. It’s one of those easy dessert recipes for kids that’s tasty and makes for a great party treat.


Molten Lava Chocolate Cake

We celebrated Valentine’s Day with a wonderfully decadent chocolate dessert. Molten Lava Cake – a perfect Valentine Day’s treat! Its ridiculously easy, quick to make and chocolate-y. Mini warm chocolate cake with oozing, flowing chocolate similar to molten lava.


Mocha Brownies

Mocha brownies are to die for. With deep notes of expresso, fudge like texture, mocha brownies have decadence written all over them. A great way to end a meal is with chocolate, serve it as a party dessert and you will wow your guests who are sure to ask you for the recipe.


Chocolate Truffles

Truffles make for a perfect gift and are super easy to make with just two ingredients ~ chocolate and heavy cream. There are numerous ways by which you can flavor the truffles, alchohol, orange zest/citrus peel, cayenne chili, cinnamon and expresso being some of them. This is a basic chocolate truffles recipe and one cannot go wrong with it.

Cornflakes Chocolate Crispies

Chocolate and cornflakes are my son’s favorite foods and when I combine them both to prepare an easy peasy chocolate covered cornflake crispies they are bound to disappear on the day of preparation itself. Crisp, decadent without being too sweet.

Chocolate Fudge

There’s something magical about ‘chocolate’. I’m a chocolate freak and can’t seem to get enough. I love the combination of peanut butter and chocolate and so decided to make chocolate fudge with peanut butter frosting. Its pure harmony to my palate.

Mocha Chocolate Chip Muffins

Lately, I’ve been bitten by the baking bug. Yes, its the Christmas season and will be on a baking spree over the next few days baking cookies, muffins and cakes. Yesterday, I baked a batch of Mocha Chocolate Chip Muffins which I bookmarked from Divya’s blog who in turn found it at Baking Bites.

Chocolate Marble Pound Cake

We are enjoying beautiful weather today, cool, breezy with a light drizzle. It prompted me to bake a simple chocolate marble pound cake. I wanted to experience the aroma of freshly baked cake. 😉 Nothing fancy going on here. Just basic cake making ingredients – flour, butter, sugar, eggs and cocoa powder.

Marie Biscuit Chocolate Balls

We would relish these addictive chocolate wonders during our growing years. In recent past these impressive treats have re-appeared in my kitchen. For Nehal. 🙂 They are incredibly sweet, making them an ideal dessert for kiddy parties. You can add nuts for some crunch or decorate with granulated sugar, sprinkles or coconut flakes.

Homemade Bourbon Biscuits

Bourbon Biscuits – Biscuit lover’s delight! The home made version turned out almost identical to store bought Bourbon Biscuits, well, ‘almost’. 🙂 Though they appear a bit rustic and cracked they have a great texture with soft chocolate butter filling. Nehal loved them and so did the rest who devoured them.