Shikampur Kebabs – Minced mutton-based lentil patty

Hyderabad (capital of Andhra Pradesh) and Lucknow (capital of Uttar Pradesh) are the two cities in India where the “kebab” evolved. When and Who introduced the ‘kebab’ to India is another story which requires a separate post by let me reserve that for later.

Lucknow is famous for its kebabs and you will find the great great grandsons of bawarchis(Chefs) to the Nawabs(Kings) carry on the culinary tradition of their forefathers in their dhabas till today. Lucknow’s richly flavoured Avadh cuisine is specially known for the quality and quantity of spices used in cooking meat dishes.Murg tikka,fish tikka,paneer kebab,seekh kebab,kacche keeme ki kebab,kalmi kebab and tangiri kebab to name a few, are the famous Lucknowi mouthwatering array of specialities.

Hyderabad,our capital city,is the home of the Muslim Nawabs(rulers) and is famous for it’s Dum Biriyani,simply irresistable grilled kebabs, kurmas and the famous Shikampur Kebab (mutton mince cooked with cumin,cloves and cinnamon and bengal gram lentil and stuffed with cottage cheese,mint,onions and green chillies) and gently grilled on a griddle or tawa with pure ghee.Shikampur means ‘belly-full’ referring to the stuffing in the centre of the kebab.The famous Shammi Kebab of Lucknow is same as Shikampur Kebab without the stuffing.


500 gms kheema (minced meat)
1/4 cup of Bengal gram lentil(soaked in water for 1/2 hr)
10 cloves garlic
1 tsp cumin seeds
5 pods green cardamom
2 sticks cinnamon
5 cloves
1/4 tsp turmeric pwd
1 tsp red chilli pwd
2 tbsp oil/ghee(clarified butter)
1 1/2 cup water
Mix all the above ingredients and bring to a boil and then bring to medium heat for 2 mts before reducing to low heat until all the water evaporates and the meat and dal is cooked.Stir occassionally to prevent burning.
Then add salt and blend in a mixie and knead it like a dough.Shape into round pattis.

For filling:

3 tbsp finely chopped onions
2 tbsp finely chopped fresh mint leaves
3 tbsp grated yogurt cheese
4 deseeded and chopped green chillis
Mix all the ingredients for the filling.

Flatten the pattis and put a tbsp of the filling in the center and reshape into a patti.Refridgerate for 20-25 mts.

Pre-heat a griddle adding 2 tbsps of oil/ghee and shallow fry 3 kebabs at a time.Let them cook on low heat to medium heat.Flip over and brown both sides till golden brown.
Serve with salad,onion rings and lemon wedges.

Note:The authentic recipe calls for chunks of meat which is cooked in spices and pounded in a stone mortar.I have used minced meat out of sheer convenience..:)

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Shikampur Kebabs – Minced mutton-based lentil patty

  Prepare time:
 Serves: 2

 Main Ingredients:

  •  chicken legs
  •   fish


  • Ashwini

    I love kheema only if its in a kebab form. Great recipe

  • Lera

    Sailu,the Kebabs are so yummmmmy.. similar to Hyderabadi style 🙂

  • Zoubida

    The fish fillet !!! It sounds so great. This morning I bought some chineese 5 spices as I didn’t have any left for my chineese chicken recipe. I thought it would have been great if I’d knew the recipe for this spice mix because I might have just all the spices needed already in my cupboard. I see, reading your post, that I have all it takes to make the mix myself next time.
    Thank you!

  • sailu

    Yes the recipe is great,Ashwini.

    Lera,they are Hyderabadi style kebabs.

    Your most welcome,Zoubida.

  • sadhu

    hey sailu the way you treat food is great i dont think there is a site than yours when it comes to making real authentic food of any style……………a foodie

  • mohammed

    this receipe is pure indulgence, recently had the good oppurtunity to try this great kebab at a hyderabadi freinds home.

  • Nandini

    Hey sailu.. your recipes are really good, have tried a few of them, i refer to them when i cant call my mom for the recipe, and more often than not, the recipes are quite the same 🙂
    For the kabab recipe, when u say bengal gram do u mean chana dal or kabul chana.. i cant tell, could you please let me know.. thanks

  • meeta

    HI ,

    Whts yoghurt cheese ?? and if i use meat chunks will it be the same ?

  • shaikhmohammed

    hey sailu, i must agree with sadhu’s opinion that there is no other great site than urs. really u treat and narrate everything so easily that can be understood by everybody. sailu, is this shikampure kebab same as shami kebab? thanks.

  • Ken

    Hi Sailu, I am a 53 year old British man.
    For me Indian cooking has been difficult, and less than successful because of the lack and quality of the spices available.
    With the increased availability of fresh spices now AND the wonderful recipes by people such as yourself………..WOW my mouth is watering already.Thank you so much

  • khushi

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