Shahi Paneer Recipe

shahi paneer recipe – restaurant style recipe of shahi paneer

shahi paneer recipe
shahi paneer

Yesterday, I made Shahi paneer to go with homemade kulcha for dinner. I usually make a large batch of paneer and freeze the cubed paneer in ziplock bags. As and when I require, I thaw a batch of paneer, place the paneer cubes in warm water and am good to go. To learn how to make paneer from scratch, follow the paneer recipe I have blogged earlier. After I posted the homemade paneer recipe, I have been receiving emails to post easy paneer recipes and special dishes to serve for get togethers and parties.

A rich paneer dish that is apt to serve on special occasions is shahi paneer. It is a rich, onion-cashew nut paneer gravy dish that makes for a flavorful side with roti, naan, kulcha, paratha or pulao. The key to this fragrant curry is to use blanched onions and freshly ground spices. Usually tomato and turmeric powder are avoided to lend the dish a white shade.

how to make shahi paneer
shahi paneer restaurant style

I did not saute the paneer in ghee/butter before adding to the simmering gravy. I soaked the paneer cubes in luke warm water for a few minutes and added them to the simmering curry. The paneer is cooked to perfection in the spiced gravy and attains a melt in the mouth texture. If you are throwing a party, do add this dish to your menu. This restaurant style shahi paneer will please your guests. ๐Ÿ™‚

Follow the instructions below to learn how to make shahi paneer
How to blanch onions

Shahi Paneer

  Prepare time:
 Serves: 5

 Main Ingredients:

  •  paneer


  •   Paneer - 1 1/2 cups, soak in warm water for 15 mts
  •   Onion - 1, very large, blanched and pureed
  •   Tomato - 1, large, blanced and pureed (optional)
  •   Green chili-ginger paste - 2 tsps (2 green chilies+1/2" ginger piece)
  •   Bay leaf - 1
  •   Cinnamon stick - 1"
  •   Black cardamom - 1
  •   Cashew nuts - 8, soaked in 1/4 cup milk and ground to a paste
  •   Turmeric Powder - 1/4 tsp (optional)
  •   Malai or fresh cream - 2 tbsps
  •   Yogurt - 1/4 cup, thick and beaten smooth
  •   Kasuri methi - 1/2 tsp (optional)
  •   Oil - 1 1/2 tbsps
  •   Ghee - 1 1/2 tbsps
  •   Coriander leaves - 3 tbsps, for garnish
  •   Salt to taste
  •   Dry roast for 2-3 mts and grind to a fine powder:
  •   Coriander Seeds - 1 tsp
  •   Green cardamoms - 3
  •   Black peppercorns - 6
  •   Clove - 1
  •   Cinnamon stick - 1/2" piece

Method for making Shahi Paneer

Blanch the onions and grind to make a paste. If using tomato, blanch it and grind to a paste. Set aside. (I have provided the link on how to blanch onions above)
Grind cashew nuts along with the milk to a smooth paste and set aside.
Heat oil and ghee in a heavy bottomed vessel. Once hot, add the bay leaf, cinnamon and black cardamom. Add the ground onion paste and saute for 6 mts.
Add ginger-green chili paste, turmeric powder and kasuri methi and saute for 4 mts. Add the tomato puree and cook for 6-7 mts.
Add the cashew nut paste, mix well and cook for a mt. Add the beaten curd and mix well. Add a cup of water and allow to simmer for 4 mts on low flame.
Add paneer cubes and mix gently. Simmer for 8-10 minutes and add the ground garam masala powder and mix. Finally add the fresh cream and mix. Turn off flame and allow the curry to rest for 15 mts.
Remove to a serving bowl. Garnish with fresh coriander leaves and serve warm with kulcha, butter naan, roti or pulao.


  •   You can add saffron infused milk for a richer flavor.
  •   You can omit the tomato and turmeric powder. I have added it to add some color to the dish.


shahi paneer recipe is a rich indian paneer curry. learn how to make shahi paneer restaurant style that's easy to make & goes well with naan, kulcha, pulao.
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  • Claudia

    This looks amazing! I love paneer and I am always looking for new recipes. I will definitely make this one of these days. Thanks for posting it!

  • sridevi

    Hi Sailu,
    I am frequent visitor to your blog……love all your recipes… Can you pls let me know the recipe for home made garam masala powder. Not satisfied with the flavors available in the market. Else can u pls let me know the best brand available.

    • pari237pb

      Sridevi, for making home made garam masala powder, first you roast kaali mirch, lavang daal chini and badi elaichi in equal quantity. Then after getting cooled grind it in a pawdery form then mix the podwer well with the equal quantity of coriander powder. Your home made garam masala is ready to use.

  • cooking with pina

    Hi Sailu Ji
    I made the Shahi Paneer and it was great. The recipe is on the dot.