Rooh Afza Lemonade

Rooh Afza Lemonade, Cold Drinks Recipes

rooh afza lemonade

During my childhood, whenever I visited our Muslim neighbors or a few of my North Indian friends during the summer months, I was invariably treated to a chilled tall glass of Rooh Afza or Rooh Afza Lemonade. Initially, the flavor was too strong for me but over time, I began to like the flavor and tried different flavored drinks with Rooh Afza. There are many variety of drinks one can prepare using Rooh Afza syrup. You can even drizzle a tablespoon of blood red colored Rood Afza syrup on desserts like puddings, milkshakes, custard and ice cream. Not only does it look visually appealing but also elevates the flavor. If you want to prepare Rose milk and do not have rose essence or rose syrup on hand, you can use Rooh Afza syrup as an alternate.

For those of you who are not aware of Rooh Afza, it is a exotic concoction of natural herbs, extracts of fruits like orange and pineapple, mint, spinach, rose petals, coriander seeds and other natural ingredients. It is known for its soothing and healing properties and protects one from heat exhaustion and sun stroke. It has a cooling effect on the body and keeps one refreshed, active and energetic. Rooh Afza concentrate is available in most departmental stores.

I like to add a few slices of lemon or orange and crushed mint leaves to a jug of chilled Rooh Afza water and allow to steep for sometime in the fridge. You can even add chopped fruits of your choice like watermelon and apple for variation.

Rooh Afza Lemonade

  Prepare time:
 Serves: 1

 Main Ingredients:

  •  rooh afza
  •   lemon juice


  •   Rooh Afza syrup - 2 - 2 1/2 tbsps
  •   Chilled water or soda - 1 large cup
  •   Mint leaves - 3-4 leaves
  •   Lemon juice - 1 1/2 tbsps
  •   Ice Cubes - as required

Method for making Rooh Afza Lemonade

In a tall glass, add Rooh Afza syrup, add mint leaves, lemon juice and chilled water or soda and mix well. Add ice cubes and serve.


  •   You can make Rooh Afza lassi by beating 1/2 cup of thick curd and 2 tbsp of sugar till smooth. Add 2 tbsp Rooh Afza and a cup of chilled water and mix well. Add ice cubes and serve.
  •   Another variation, is to add a cup of chilled milk and a scoop of vanilla ice cream to 2 tbsp of Rooh Afza and blend till smooth. Rooh Afza Milkshake is ready to be served.


Rooh Afza Lemonade or Roohafza Sharbat, A healthy, summer cooler made with Roohafza syrup and lemon juice. A gem among Indian cold drinks recipes.
  • neelu

    Hi sailu, where can I get roohafza syrup in vizag?

    • Sailu | Indian Food

      Karachiwala (Siripuram) and Spencers (nere Swarna Bharathi Stadium)

      • neelu

        Thank u for the reply. Love your blog alot…

      • Jasmine iris

        Madam,instead of vanilla ice cream ,can i use sapota ice cream?

        • Sailu | Indian Food