Rice Ravva Upma

I have been experiencing some serious server issues with regard to my blog these past few days. Much to my relief, it has been resolved and the site is up and running. I thank my visitors and blog friends for the concerned enquiries and patience.

Today I’m blogging a very simple, wholesome, healthy tiffin recipe which can be made in a jiffy and can be eaten for breakfast, brunch or dinner as it makes a complete meal by itself. Made from coarsely ground rice, rice ravva (biyyam ravva/uppudu pindi), this recipe can be prepared with vegetables like carrots, potatoes, beans, green peas, onions and even chick peas. The traditional tiffin, upma, is usually prepared from semolina or cream of wheat but then upma is so versatile that it can be prepared with broken wheat, coarsely ground rice ravva, bread, vermicilli, sago, beaten rice flakes, oats, couscous and even pasta.

Need to prepare dinner in less than 30 minutes? Don’t have any veggies in your refrigerator, don’t worry. Rice ravva upma can be prepared without vegetables too. All you need are spices like mustard seeds, cumin, bengal gram, black gram dal, green chillis, ginger, rice, salt and water to prepare it.

Loaded with vegetables or without them, upma tastes great with just the seasoning of spices and its flavor is greatly enhanced with the use of curry leaves and ghee (clarified butter). What I love about ravva upma is its simplicity and great taste. I’m surprised that many fringe at the thought of eating upma. I, for one enjoy a hearty tiffin like upma which can be served with pickle/chutney of your choice or with just a dash of lime.

Rice Ravva Upma Recipe

Prep & Cooking Time: 20-30 mts

Serves 6-8 persons

Cuisine: South Indian



2 cups rice ravva

1 finely sliced onion

3-4 slit green chillis

1″ ginger finely chopped

1 cup chopped vegetables (carrots, beans, peas, cauliflower and potatoes)

1 1/2 tbsp ghee

8-10 cashewnuts or roasted peanuts(optional)

5 cups water


1 tbsp lemon juice (optional)

For seasoning:

1 tsp mustard seeds

1 tsp cumin seeds

1 tbsp bengal gram

1 tbsp black gram dal

2 dry red chillies (optional)

1 sprig curry leaves

1 Heat oil or ghee in a cooking vessel, add the mustard seeds and let them splutter. Add the cumin, bengal gram, black gram, cashewnuts and curry leaves and saute them till the dals turn slightly brown and a nice aroma emanates the kitchen.
2 Add the sliced onions, green chillis and ginger and saute for 2 mts.
3 Add the chopped vegetables and saute on medium heat for 2-3 mts. Add salt and water and bring to a boil and let the vegetables cook in the water for 3-4 mts before adding the rice ravva.
4 Now, reduce heat and slowly add the rice ravva to the water and mix it continuously so that lumps don’t form and it combines well with the water.
5 Combine well till it forms a gooey paste.
6 Reduce heat and cover with lid and let it cook for 10-12 mts. Turn off heat and mix in the lemon juice.
7 Serve hot with chutney or pickle of your choice


You can use oil instead of ghee. Rice ravva upma requires more water to cook than semolina upma and the ratio is 1:2 1/2, i.e 1 cup rice ravva requires 2 1/2 cups of water to cook. For a more gooey paste add more water. You need to use some pressure while mixing the upma as it forms a hard lump unlike semolina upma which is more soft and easy to combine. Traditional semolina upma doesnt call for the use of cumin seeds but rice ravva upma tastes good with cumin, so don’t omit cumin. You can also use asafoetida (hing/inguva) during tempering process. For more variation, garnish with grated coconut and coriander leaves.

Rice Ravva Upma

  Prepare time:
 Serves: 2

 Main Ingredients:

  •  rice rava


  • http://foodieshope.blogspot.com Asha

    Hi Sailu, I am so glad you are back:)

    Rice Upma looks great.I make it the same way but with Rava.I will try with crushed rice rava.It’s a comfort food indeed,with pickle and some yoghurt,YUM!!!

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    Nice recipe. Long time I am missing the vazhai ilai, (plaintain leaf).What a homely look!

  • http://watscookindoc.blogspot.com jayakarthik

    Hi Sailu
    upuma is suppose to b one of the simple recipe
    simple to cook as well simple to see
    but ur recipe looks lovely n love to eat it frm the screen itself

  • http://akshayapaatram.blogspot.com Priya

    Hi Sailu,
    Great to have you back and hope to see you more often ๐Ÿ™‚ I haven’t eaten rice upma directly very often, kaani undralla chestharu amma, upma ni steam chesi. Will try making the upma sometime ๐Ÿ™‚

  • http://coolpepper.wordpress.com/ Bhargavi

    I don’t like upma much,…. when I was child I always troubled my mom in this case. Even now I seldom eat, but ur presentation is mouth watering. Presentation makes a great difference. Typical Andhra presentation….arati aku, lemon n upma,… I liked it.

  • http://thotasandhrarecipes.blogspot.com sowjanya

    Hi Sailu,

    I’ve been waiting eagerly to see your posts for the last few days. Not a day passes when I don’t see your blog. Rice ravva upma is really great. That’s a great picture. I’m Lovin it ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Hai Sailu!!
    I used to visit u’r website everyday to see any updates and wondered whats happening? u know!!
    I try to make u’r recipes every weekend!!
    So nice to see u up and running!!!!

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    Glad you’re back! Food looks delicious as usual.


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    Good to see you back Sailu. I thought you were taking a break. ๐Ÿ™‚ Upma looks scrumptious. Beautiful pictures as usual.

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    Nice recipe… my mom makes yum yum upma with rice ravva.

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    Hi Sailu

    Nice recipe. Reminded me of my childhood when my mom used to make this as a snack.

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    Hi Sailu,
    Nice to see u back.. I make this upma weekly once,but without onion..Thanks for sharing

  • http://www.priya-amrutam.blogspot.com haripriya

    Hi Sailu…We call this as UPPIDIPINDI…and usually my grand grand mother use to prepare it as dinner everyday…and that continues with my grand mother tooo…while we prepare once in a week and we dont use any vegetables in it..we will have ullipayapulusu, kandipodi (gunpowder) and also magaya chutney (pickled mango chutney mixed in yogurt)…anywayz chk out my version…and the recipe of ur’s is quiet interesting !!! Will sure try this one tooo….thnx for sharing!! Am a regular visitor to ur site…:)

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  • http://dalitoy.blogspot.com Manjula

    I got a link to ur rava upma recipe on Aayis Recipes. Nice pictures and cool features allover the site. Listened to the podcast too.

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    Yelcome Yelcome Yelcome. Hullooo hullooo hulloo… Yay !!!! Sailu is back.. Missed you soooooooooooooooooo much.

    Now let me read the posts and comment. Will be back in a jiffy.

  • swetha

    hi sailu
    im living in newjersy,i tried for rice ravva many times in indian stores,but i didnt find it.can u tell me the other names for it.i luv this upma.is it possible for me to make this rice ravva in home.thanks

  • swetha

    this is swetha again.can i use idli ravva instead of rice ravva?is idli ravva and rice ravva are same?

    No, idli rava cannot be used instead of rice ravva. Both differ.

  • wendy

    Hi Sailu
    I live in Canada. I love your site and visit often.

    I know that I am replying to an old posting, but I am hoping you will still answer a question I have.

    I had a craving today for upma. I went to the nearest Indian store and bought a bag of “rice sooji” and tried your recipe. I used your ratio of 5 cups water to 2 cups water exactly. I brought the water to a boil and then added the rice ravva and reduced the heat. I cooked it for over 11 minutes and then let it sit for 10 minutes, but it still didn’t get nice and fluffy like in your picture, or like my childhood memories of upma. There were parts that looked like they were almost fluffy, but it was mostly very sticky (in fact more like glue). A lot was stuck to the bottom of the pot too.

    Any suggestions? Should I just have let it cook longer?

    Also, have you ever tried baking this after all the ingredients are added together? I wonder if it would get fluffy and I wouldn’t have to worry about it burning or making a mess of the pan.

    Your website is amazing. You need another blog just to tell us where you ever get the time to do your two blogs and take care of your family too!

    There is a difference between rice sooji and rice ravva. Was the rice sooji very fine like semolina or like coarsely ground grain? Rice ravva or grain that is coarsely ground needs more water to cook while the finely ground sooji needs lesser water to cook.

    I have not tried baking, Wendy. Your comment makes me want to do a post on ravva and sooji both wheat and rice. Many visitors have queries regarding ravva and sooji. I will do a post sometime.

    Thanks for your kind words, Wendy. Comments like yours and motivate me to make time for blogging. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • wendy

    Yes, please do the post on rice ravva and sooji, including both wheat and rice. I am celiac, so will have to use rice. Most South Indian dishes are great for celiacs because they don’t use a lot of wheat (or rye/barley/oats).

    And please include closeup pictures of both ravva and sooji, with maybe some regular rice for size reference.

    I think ravva must be more like rice “grits” and sooji like “farina”, although many people use the words interchangeably. When I asked at the local Indian store for rice ravva, they didn’t know what I meant, but after some discussion, I was pointed to the rice sooji. And besides the gluey texture, the worst part was that the sooji tasted rancid.

    I have used brown rice farina (I’ll put the link in for any North American readers as it is readily available in many health food stores in both US and Canada — http://www.bobsredmill.com/product.php?productid=3625&cat=124&page=1 ) I buy the organic version if I can get it. It turns out soupy, but the taste is authentic.

    In the meantime, I will try reducing the water a bit to see if that works. My goal is to produce something that looks as beautiful as your picture although I can’t get banana leaves here (or any other kind of leaf either as it is midwinter).

    Thanks so much for taking the time to answer.

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  • Jas

    Hi Sailaja,

    Is rice rava the same as idli rava? that’s how we get it here in the States. Please let me know.

    No, rice rava is different from idli ravva.

  • anupama


    your recipies are too good. pls post your pic also along with food pictures.

  • sravanthi

    hi mam, im new to this site, have a doubt actually……we dnt get rice ravva so we tried soaking rice, grinding it and making ravva pongal…………but its nt coming good so any suggestions about this please

    To prepare rice rava, there is not need to soak rice, dry and grind it. Just make a coarse pwd of rice in the mixer grinder.

  • rani

    podi podiga ravalante emi cheyyali?

  • Venkat1

    This is a Gluten-free dish which regular upma made of Suji is not.