Reliance Fresh And Summer Salads

Satish can live off salads 365 days, literally. Unfortunately we don’t get lettuce which is his favorite but I try my best to get some, thanks to my chef friends who get fresh lettuce from their regular suppliers.:)

With the recent opening of Reliance Fresh in Vizag, I have been able to find some vegetables like purple cabbage, brocolli, zuchini, parsley, red and yellow peppers and fruits like grapefruit, green apples and Australian grapes, to name a few. These were never available at any of the grocers in Vizag till a few months ago but thanks to Reliance Fresh outlets, I do find them on their shelves ‘sometimes’ and not on a regular basis.

At Reliance Fresh (RF), I find that the stock is not always fresh (especially the greens which are shrivelled and limp), hardly any range and lack of quality expected of this huge conglomerate, Reliance Group. Till the old stock is cleared, they don’t use the fresh arrivals. Obviously even the fresh produce would be old stock as they are put up usually a day later. My overall shopping experience at RF isn’t very satisfactory.

I prefer to buy the regular fresh vegetables and greens at the rythu bazaar (farmers market) and go to RF only to pick up vegetables/fruits which are usually not available at the rythu bazaar. I picked up some red cabbage, red, yellow and green peppers and pineapple at RF to prepare salad. Over the week, made salad with two different types of dressings. Simple to prepare, delicious and with a glass of buttermilk/juice, a complete meal.

Salad with ginger-honey dressing recipe
Chop one each of red, yellow, green peppers, onion, red apple, 2-3 baby corns, 1/2 cup cabbage and few green seedless grapes. Whisk together 1″ grated ginger, 2 crushed garlic cloves, 1 tbsp lemon juice or vinegar, 1 tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp honey, 1/2 tsp soya sauce and pepper to taste. Combine this dressing with the chopped vegetables and fruits. Chill and serve.

Salad with honey-mustard dressing recipe
Chop one each of red, yellow, green peppers, one onion, one apple, 2-3 baby corns, 1/2 cup cabbage and 1/2 cup pineapple pieces. Whisk together 1/4 cup low-fat mayonnaise, 1 tbsp mustard pwd, 1 tbsp lemon juice, 1 tbsp honey and pepper to taste. Combine this dressing with the chopped vegetables and fruits. Chill and serve.

Reliance Fresh And Summer Salads

  Prepare time:
 Serves: 2

 Main Ingredients:

  •  green peppers
  •   mayonnaise


  • Sukanya

    That salad looks perfect. Excellent colour. Easy one, ginger-honey dressing is a lovely recipe. I love it a lot…great picture.

  • sia

    Thats nice to know, Sailu about RF. there r outlets of nilgiri’s in karnataka who too have the vegetables which r not available in usual farmer’s market. i was bit disappointed to see the quality of vegetables as they were quite limp and not that fresh. i guess its to do with the storage system as here in most of the supermarkets vegetables and fruits are kept at cold temperatures so that they remain fresh. with the high temperature we have in india especially in southern india unless they tackle the storage system we r gonna get wilted, limp veggies. and another thing is the vegetables sold in nilgiri’s were quite expensive compared to the one’s at farmer’s market, almost twice what we pay @ FM. price is still not an issue if we get good quality fresh ingredients.:)
    oh!!! looks like i have been rambling here 🙂 sorry for that! what i actually wanted to comment was on the salad dressings u have prepared. loved both and have book marked 🙂

  • Deepa

    Nice colorful salad ….heard from my mom abt reliance too …thks for sharing

  • Swapna

    That’s such a colorful and refreshing salad..Cool pics

  • Sreelu


    So colorful, I guess this makes up for your 5 colors a day as recommended by doctors. I love baby corns we don’t get them as abundant as in India.

    Pretty salad

  • Revathi

    Hmm interesting. RF claims fresh food from all over the country. So why would they bring zuchinis, parsley when they are not grown in our country ( Well I assume that )

    I would certainly prefer the farmers market. Hmm love to hear more about RF !! Any pics ?

    Am not really sure if they actually import some of those vegetables on their shelves. I will try to post some pictures of RF one of these days, Revathi.

  • anusharaji

    beautiful n colorful
    this is first time i saw somebody put ginger, garlic together.:)
    luv it

  • nalini

    What a colorful medley of veggies! And healthy too!!

  • Shylaja

    Hi Sailu

    I am a regular reader of ur ur blog and just thought i will leave u a comment on how good ur recepies are..

    Keep posting more Andhra Foods n wishing u all the best.

    Thank you, Shylaja, for your kind words and wishes.:)

  • roopa

    Sailu it is really true, i was very disappointed during my stay in bangalore when the veges were not even fresh as we get here.
    i loved your salad dressing, we are lovers of salad too. everyday there is bowl with dinner. i have bookmarked to try in the next couple of days.

  • lavanya

    hello sailu
    i am a regular visitor of ur site. u r really a great cook. ur salad looks delicious. i will try this. i started blogging recently and did add some recipes. u can see my blog bye

  • musical

    Love those dressings! Prefect for summer time meals 🙂

  • viji

    Sailu, time post, and they look so fresh. Very nice presentation as usual. Viji

  • sandeepa

    I liked your first dressing, it will be a nice change from the usual ones. Very colourful salad.

  • Spice Lover

    I totally agree with your experiences at Reliance fresh. The prices are reasonable and I shop there only because I dont have to deal with bargaining or sellers cheating with their tampered weighing scales.

  • mandira

    Reliance Fresh, interesting. Is it opening in select cities at this time? The salad looks so colorful and delicious Sailu. And that dosa…OMG, if I could only get one of those…amazing.

    Yes, Mandira, RF has its outlets in select cities and they intend to move to smaller towns in the long run.

  • Latha

    Oh my Sailu, the salad looks so refreshing! Perfect for summer. I get all these veggies here so easily that I take them for granted! Am going to try this salad soon. You know i will..and will let u know too 🙂 Thanks for a fresh idea!

  • Sharmi

    I loved the color of that salad. looks so fresh and nice. Never heard of RF before. these ppl are into veg/fruits business too:)
    I liked the dressing given to those salads. lovely!

  • Sharmila

    Hello Sailu,
    I really like ur recipes, i browse ur site everyday.
    i am from Vizag too, but now in Paris for last two years ,
    my question is, Where did u find mayonnaise in visakhapatnam to prepare this salad?
    i really appreciate u for your super recipes
    i really miss India by seeing those mangoes
    Where u live in Vizag?
    Thank u

    Thanks for dropping by and your kind words, Sharmila. You get mayonnaise in any dept store like Karachiwala, Trinethra, Spencer’s or Super Market.

  • Mahesh

    I am browsing your blog for the first time and was surprised to take note that you have many admirers. Great! Your pictures had caught my attention as my wife runs a kids website We welcome for your link to our website in turn your pathway to kids community.
    Bye for now,

    Pics are too cool and tempting…hmmmm.

  • padma

    yummy salad!!!thanks for your recipes …:)

  • rachel

    I couldn’t agree with you more on RF…

    Love the salad..refreshing!

  • nripesh

    pix looks great . thanxs for ur great recipe

  • jyothi

    hi sailu,i have a question…..can we substitute mayonnaise?

    • Sailu

      Mayo is essential for this recipe. But you can use hung yogurt. Place a cup of yogurt in a muslin cloth and allow the water to drip completely. Beat the drained yogurt well and follow the rest of the recipe. You can even use sour cream in place of mayo.

  • marilyn

    love those colorful designs.perfect for this summer meal 🙂

  • bronia

    well the salad is not too bad BUT it is too colorful

  • Rinkuprak

    I tried orange juice and lemon juice with pepper for the dressing but the whole salad tasted bitter !

  • Rinkuprak

    I tried orange juice and lemon juice with pepper for the dressing but the whole salad tasted bitter !

  • Lyndaandmike Haggart

    I used pesto salad dressing & it turned out Fantastic Loved it!!!