Red poha upma

Red poha upma – how to make poha – a healthy poha recipe to add to your list of breakfast items

red poha upma
red poha upma

Red poha or red rice flakes is nothing but flattened rice made from red rice. Red poha nutrition value is high compared to white rice flakes. It has health benefits in terms of having more iron content and is also easy to digest. Rice flakes also goes by the name flattened rice, beaten rice, poha, atukulu, aval and avalakki. It is a dehusked rice that is flattened into dried flakes. There are a variety of rice flakes available in the market based on their thickness. Red rice poha is a healthy alternative to white rice flakes and is an essential pantry ingredient to make quick tiffins or lunch box items.

red poha
red poha or red rice flakes

One of the quickest and flavorful breakfast meal or tiffin one can ever make is poha upma. There are numerous versions or recipes for poha as breakfast items based on the ingredients available at home. Replace white rice flakes with nutrition rich red rice flakes and you have a power packed breakfast which can further be enriched with vegetables and nuts.

red aval upma
red aval upma

Follow the instructions to learn how to make poha upma with red rice flakes

Red poha upma

  Prepare time:
 Serves: 4

 Main Ingredients:

  •  red poha


  •   Red rice poha - 2 cups (red rice flakes)
  •   Onion - 1, medium size, finely chopped
  •   Green chilies - 2, finely chopped
  •   Ginger - 1/2", finely minced
  •   Peanuts - 2 tbsps, roasted
  •   Green peas - 1/4 cup, boiled (optional)
  •   Coconut - 2 tbsp, freshly grated
  •   Coriander leaves - 2 tbsps, finely chopped
  •   Oil - 1 1/2 tbsp
  •   Salt to taste
  •   Lemon juice - 1 1/2 tbsps (optional)
  •   Tempering:
  •   Mustard seeds - 1/2 tsp
  •   Asafetida - 1/4 tsp (hing)
  •   Curry leaves - a sprig

Method for making Red poha upma

Wash the poha and soak in a litre of lukewarm water for 5 mts. Drain completely and set aside to soften for 10 mts, covered. While the red poha is resting, boil the green peas, dry roast the peanuts and chop the onions, green chilies and ginger.
Heat oil in a heavy bottomed vessel, add the mustard seeds, asafoetida and curry leaves and allow the mustard seeds to splutter. Add the chopped onions, ginger, green chilis and curry leaves and saute for 5-6 mts.
Add the softened red poha, boiled green peas and salt and mix well. Place lid and allow to cook for 8-10 mts.
Add grated fresh coconut and mix well. Turn off flame and add lemon juice and mix again.
Remove to a serving bowl, garnish with coriander leaves and serve warm.


  •   You can add cumin seeds and urad dal at the time of tempering.
  •   Vegetables like grated carrot, finely chopped beans and boiled potatoes can also be added.
  •   Sprinkle podi of your choice for variation.
  •   If you feel the poha is to soften more, sprinkle some warm water at the time of cooking at step 3.


red poha upma has health benefits, easy to make and tasty. learn how to make poha at home and find recipes for poha which make for healthy breakfast items.
  • Preethi

    Hi Sailaja garu,

    A big fan of your blog. It’s my go to reference for almost everything related to cooking. We have recently shifted to a gluten-free and also a lentil-free diet. I am always looking out for recipes like the one above. And your blog has been a big help.

    I have two requests: Can you please try and posts millet based recipes and where in Vizag can I buy the red rice flakes?


    • Sailu | Indian Food

      Thank you, Preethi garu. I will be posting millet based recipes as well. You should be able to find it in Spencers/Nilgris. I bought red rice poha in Chennai.

  • nina menon

    I followed the recipe and ended up with a porridge! I used Double Horse red aval flakes. Is there a difference in the poha/aval available? Watched my sis in law make poha and she merely rinsed the flakes and put them in the kadai. No soaking.
    What did I do wrong? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • shilpi

      soaking is not required..