Nongu paal, taati munjalu or toddy palm seeds summer dessert

Nongu paal, taati munjalu or toddy palm fruit dessert popular in S.India especially Tamil Nadu

nongu paal
nongu paal

Inspite of the sultry weather, I look forward to summer for three reasons – mangoes, toddy palm seeds (ice apple/taati munjalu) and vacation. I absolutely cannot do without any one of them. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yesterday, I made Nongu paal, a sweet summer dessert made with sugar palm or toddy palm seeds (nongu in tamil) popular in Tamil Nadu. A perfect summer drink to beat the heat.

Recently, I posted a picture of toddy palm seeds in Sailu’s Kitchen facebook page and there has been a tremendous response to that post. I gathered a lot of information about toddy palm seeds, its health benefits, desserts prepared with it as well as the local names by which it is known in different parts of the country. For the benefit of my dear readers, I’m also sharing the local names of toddy palm seeds. Telugu – Taati munjalu, Tamil – Nongu, Bengali – Taal shash, Gujarati – Tadfali, Talfadi, Galeli, Konkani – Targula, Kannada – Taati lingu, Tulu – Eroll, Marathi – Tadgola, Malayalam – Karimpana thengu, Urdu – Munjal, Odiya – Tala Saja, Bihar – Taar ka koa, Hindi – Tari or Taal. It is a natural coolant, contains vitamins and minerals, improves digestion and works as a mild laxative too.

taati munjalu
taati munjalu, toddy palm fruit, nongu, tadgola

In Andhra, toddy palm seed vendors sitting with clusters of palm fruit along the highway road is a common sight. I am fortunate to have access to fresh toddy palm seeds every summer. Ever day, a sugar palm seeds vendor comes home and delivers fresh taati munjalu. Often, I crush the peeled tender taati munjalu, add some sugar and chill for an hour before relishing it.

During my visit to Tamil Nadu, I relished nongu sharbat and rose flavored nongu paal sold by street hawkers. I have never seen taati munjalu being transformed into a dessert in Andhra. I was quite intrigued with the idea of adding crushed nongu to nannari sharbat (sarsaparilla orsugandhi) and served chilled. Both nannari and nongu have a cooling effect on the body. Digging into a bowl of chilled nongu paal on a hot day is like manna from heaven. It leaves you refreshed and is quite addictive too.

nongu recipes
nungu paal

Learn how to make nongu paal

Nongu Paal Recipe

  Prepare time:
 Serves: 2

 Main Ingredients:

  •  toddy palm fruit
  •   milk


  •   Nongu - 6, peeled, crushed into small pieces
  •   Milk - 2 cups, boiled
  •   Sugar - 1 tbsp (adjust to suit your palate)
  •   Cardamom powder - 1/4 tsp

Method for making Nongu Paal Recipe

In a vessel, bring milk to a boil. Allow to simmer till it reduces to three fourth of its original quantity.
Add sugar and cardamom powder and continue to simmer for few mts. Turn off flame and bring to room temperature.
Add crushed nongu/taati munjalu and mix.
Chill in the refrigerate for a few hours and serve.


  •   You can use honey instead of sugar. Add honey to the boiled and cooled milk.
  •   You can add a few drops rose water instead of cardamom powder to the boiled and cooled milk.
  •   You can blend one or two toddy palm seeds and add to the drink.


Nongu paal is made with toddy palm seeds & milk. Summer dessert recipes with fruits like nungu are refreshing. Easy to make taati munjalu or nongu recipe.
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