Murgh Musallam

Rich and creamy, Murgh Musallam, is a party fare that should be relished with family and friends. On Sunday, I cooked this special chicken dish along with phulkas and vegetable salad for a potluck. Everyone enjoyed the rich curry and wanted more helpings. No left overs. ๐Ÿ™‚

Murg Musallam

This recipe calls for some preparation work and you need to have some time on hand to prepare it. I wouldn’t advice any short cut method. Follow the recipe to the T and you have a truly Awadhi style chicken curry to relish. The next time you have a party at home, try this chicken dish with phulkas or any flavored rice and its sure to be a hit.

Murg Musallam Recipe

Recipe source: My recipe files

Prep: 30 mts, Cooking Time: 25-30 mts

Serves 5-6 persons

Cuisine: Mughalai



1 kg chicken, washed and cut into medium sized pieces

2 large onions, sliced

4 garlic cloves, sliced

2 large tomatoes, pureed

1/2 tsp red chilli pwd

fresh coriander leaves for garnish

salt to taste

10 almonds, soak in warm water, remove skin and make paste

2 1/2 tbsps oil

Dry roast on low flame for 3 mts:

1/2 tsp pepper corns

1/2 tsp cumin seeds

1 1/2 tsps coriander seeds

1″ cinnamon

4 cloves

2 elaichi/cardamom

For Marinade:

1 1/4 tsp ginger garlic paste

1/2 tsp green chilli paste

3/4 cup curd/yogurt

1/2 tsp red chilli pwd

1/4 tsp turmeric pwd

1 Marinate chicken with the ingredients called for ‘marinade’ for 1/2 hr. Meanwhile make other preparations.
2 Heat a tbsp of oil in a vessel, add garlic and sliced onions and saute for 6-7 mts till they turn brown. Remove and keep aside. Once cool, make a fine paste of the sauteed onions, garlic and dry roasted ingredients, by adding a little water (approx 4-5 tbsps). Keep aside.
3 Heat a tbsp of oil in the same cooking vessel, add the chicken pieces (keep aside the marinade) and roast them for 6-7 mts till they are lightly browned. Remove and keep aside.
4 In the same vessel, drizzle some oil, add the ground paste and saute for 3 mts. Add salt and red chilli pwd and combine. Add the tomato puree and cook for 4 mts.
5 Add the chicken pieces, marinade, almond paste and 1/2 cup water and combine well. Cook on low to medium flame till the chicken turns soft with a thick gravy.
6 Turn off heat and garnish with fresh coriander leaves. Serve hot with white rice, biryani or rotis.

Chicken Musallam

Murgh Musallam

  Prepare time:
 Serves: 6

 Main Ingredients:

  •  chicken
  •   yogurt
  •   onions
  •   almonds


Rich and creamy, Murgh Musallam, is a party fare that should be relished with family and friends. On Sunday, I cooked this special chicken dish along with phulkas and vegetable salad for a potluck. Everyone enjoyed the rich curry and wanted more helpings.
  • rani

    hi sailu….how come so soon !!! ur back again! it is really a treat for us. sailu…really ur amazing! i wish u post new recipes atleast every alternate day. i am sorry if i expect so much from u but what to do sailu???? i am very much addicted to ur website. i should say that ur website is like heaven. u cover so much information abt good food and health. everybody can use ur site like a cooking guide. And thank u so much for today’s recipe sailu. it really takes time for preparation but it is worth it too. sailu…can we follow same procedure using mutton? By the way sailu…why are you not posting any recipes in kidszone? ok then bye and all the best!!

    Happy to learn you enjoy the blog very much, Rani. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Yes, you can follow the same procedure using mutton. Will update KZ this week.

  • pr117

    Hi Sailugaru,
    What a yummy recipe? Thank you. If we eat this on sunday we must follow with ur monday (yesterday’s raw food day diet) diet because we end up overeating on sunday.

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    What a lovely recipe. Thanks for another delight Sailu. Do you make Chicken 65 anytime? Just waiting for it?

    Yes, Priti, I do prepare Chicken 65. Will blog the next time I prepare it.

  • shaikhmohammed

    hello sailu jee, well done and you have crafted a very exotic and yet simple version of murgh mussallam. otherwise i was expecting authentic “mussallam” as name suggested – stuffed one. any way this version of mussallam is also quiet praiseworthy. thanks.

  • Minu

    Hi Sailu, I am a regular visitor. I visit your blog every weekday without fail. You do fantastic work and I really like your blogs, they are very positive. Recipes ofcourse are without doubt one of the best.

    Quick question : would replacing chicken with potatoes work ? I am a vegetarian, and the recipe seems very good, so, want to give it a try.

    • Sailu

      Yes, will work with vegetables too, Minu. Do leave your feedback if you try.

  • AshaLatha R.K.Prasad

    Hey, that is an awesome pic well presented…… Very creamy rich prep… I would love to have a bite with roti or plain parata….


  • sumi

    great recipe Sailu, Worth all the effort it takes.

  • Maya

    Hi Sailu – I tried this out and the curry was yummy. Today I got back home – felt like having something warm and soupy after coming in from all the snow and ice we are having. So I took some cooked rice, some of the left over chicken musallam – added lots of water, some additional salt and let it all simmer for a few minutes. The result was a delicious rice/chicken soup. The chicken was spicy enough for me – but I guess I could have added some hot sauce if it wasn’t.

  • Seema

    Hi Sailu..

    Nice blog and gr8 recipe. I would like to try it..Can you please suggest me any vegetable dish which would go along with this chicken curry for a party dinner.

    Thank you, Seema. You can try Gutti vankaya kura.

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    Keep posting some great recipes, am gonna try all of them ๐Ÿ™‚

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    sailujee, will you please help me to find out some authentic and popular dosa recipes. thanks

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    Hi Sailu,

    I second the request for chicken 65 :). Simply cannot wait! Its my daughter’s birthday this friday and my entire party menu (adults party) comprises of your dishes ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks to you, I bet dinner will be delicious.

    Hope you have a great party, Tara. My best wishes to the birthday girl. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I follow your blog religiously. I tried the murgh musallam recipe.. it turned out very nice. Thanks for sharing the recipes. I am not a non-veg person, but I am married in the family who enjoys non-veg food every weekend. Your blog is one of the place where I find recipes that tastes very nice.

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    I tried this recipe and it got rave reviews from my family. Thank you.

  • sarita

    Hi Sailu,

    Thank you for the recipes and the time you take to blog them. I really need some advise. I tried out this recipe with 700 gm boneless chicken.

    It turned out bland. I followed the recipe as given. Except I used 15 almonds instead of the 10 you have mentioned. Also when I roasted the marinated chicken there was lots of liquid in the pan. I think it is due to the chicken pieces cut small and not suitable for roasting/frying. Was the quantity of chicken I used too much?

    Whenever I cook any chicken dish it does not come out well. Is it because I use boneless chicken? My family does not like the whole chicken as it contains bones. Your comments/advise will be really appreciated.

    Sorry for the delay in my reply, Sarita. You have to use chicken with bones for this recipe and boneless chicken will just not work. Do try this with bones the next time you try it and your family will enjoy it. ๐Ÿ™‚ And try to follow the recipe closely.

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    I tried this out last night. It turned out mouth wateringly delicious!! This will be a regular chicken recipe in my kitchen from now on. Thanks a ton for the post. Wonder how creative a person can get!!


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    thanks for replying to my query of 16/1/10. On friday I bought whole chicken. Saturday I cooked it for lunch. It was a winner. I will try out all your chicken recipes with whole chicken now and not boneless. Since I work full time I marinated it overnight and not half an hour like the recipe say. I do not find enough time to do the marination before cooking.

    Thanks for your time.

  • deepa

    can i use US measurements for this recipe, for roasting and marinade.

    Yes, but use dessert spoon not US tablespoon.

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    Sailu – first of all, let me say how much I enjoy your very interesting and informative recipe blog

    I tried out the Murgh Musallam over the weekend and while it was definitely very tasty, it sadly did not have the lovely orange color – it was more beige!

    Can you please advise what could be the difference – I followed your recipe to the T!

    • Sailu

      Kashmiri red chilli pwd and red tomatoes gives the chicken curry its color. Glad it turned out well in spite of lacking the desired color. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Hi Sailu, this is an awesome recipie, great looking and even more greater tasting recipie, we love trying out your recipies and everytime they never failed to hit the spot. My wife and I abosolutely loved this dish.

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    keep up with the delicious cooking.

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    Hi Sailu,

    I want to try this recipe today. But have a small query.
    since no one had this query i think i have some issue in understanding.

    In step3, u have said

    Heat a tbsp of oil in the same cooking vessel, add the chicken pieces (keep aside the marinade) and roast them for 6-7 mts till they are lightly browned. By “(keep aside the marinade)” do u mean that we are not supposed to use the marinated one??Are we marinating few and not marinating some chicken??

    And again in Step 5, we are adding the marinated chicken?

    Sorry i am bit confused

    • Sailu

      Usually when we marinate chicken, there will be some watery gravy. You have to use the chicken pieces (for lightly browning) draining away the marinade. Keep aside the marinade for later use. Hope I have been able to clear your doubt.

      • Jey

        Thank you so much..

        • Jey

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          I cant forget the taste of capsicum chicken, it was just AWESOME!

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    • Sailu

      Poppy Seeds are Khus Khus (Hindi)

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  • Sireenekkanti

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