Kodi Guddu Beerakaaya Kura – Egg – Ridgegourd Curry

Boiled eggs are cooked in combination with vegetables like ridgegourd, drumsticks, potatoes, tomatoes and minced meat (kheema) and fresh prawns in our parts. One delectable combination is the pairing of ridge gourd with boiled eggs, a delicious Andhra style curry. Today’s milk based gravy dish, with very few ingredients, transforms a simple egg curry into a delicious meal along with hot rotis or rice.

The subtle sweet flavor of the ridge gourd simmered in milk gives sweetish overtones to the dish but the use of dry red chillis as well fresh green chillis lends the egg curry a bit of spice too. So all those who think Andhra cuisine is spicy, this recipe should prove them wrong.:)

  Prepare time:
 Serves: 2

 Main Ingredients:

  •  eggs
  •   ridgegourd



Method for making


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  • http://padmaskitchen.blogspot.com padma

    I think this is a patented dish from Vizag. My mother prepares this often and also adds dried prawn fish (endi rayellu) to it. It tastes heavenly!

  • http://mykitchentreasures.blogspot.com/ Happy Cook

    I love andhra food.
    This dish looks really delicious.
    Looking to you site i have seen lots of delicious recipes. Especially the kheema kofta curry.

  • http://ahaar.blogspot.com mandira

    sailu, the eggcurry is delicious. I will have to try that. Also, send the plantain curry for JFI: Banana to me. I am also accepting plantains. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • http://www.trialsnerror.blogspot.com Nabeela

    I love anything with eggs….I’m sure I’ll devour this curry if I ever make it. Thanks for posting it!

  • http://tastypalettes.blogspot.com Suganya

    How many more egg gravies are you going to treat us with? Love everyone of them ๐Ÿ™‚

  • http://thefancifulmind.blogspot.com/ Kruthika Sridhar

    Am an eggeterian and this recipe looks absolutely fab and yummy!Cant wait to try this out ๐Ÿ™‚ You have a great blog.Keep up the good work!:-))

  • vani

    Sailu garu,

    For set dosa ………recipee…..can i try without parboiled rice? will it come properly?

    pl….answer me.


    Sure do try it without parboiled rice, Vani. It will be fine too.

  • veni

    I tried even this recipe- turned out great.
    So far i never cooked beerakaya for guests but
    from now on I will, u know what i mean.

    thanks for the recipe.

  • Vishnu Varma

    Thanks for your contribution to carry our culture forward through the cuisine.

    I tried another way to get eggs absorb more spices from the gravy, slicing them into small circles using an egg-slicer, dipping them in egg, salt and pepper mix and toasting them on a pan, before adding them in. Worked very well.

    I also like the dry shrimp/prawn variety that someone else suggested here.

  • Swathi Amarala

    Hi Sailu,

    All your recipes are too good. Appreciate your effort of maintaining this website.

  • elcy

    hi sailu

    my mummy makes scrambled egg fry by adding beerakaaya skin to it… try it out it wud be very nice….

  • Madhuri

    Thank youuuuuuuuuuu Sailu !! I wish you could see my happiness. This turned out very tasty. Its raining outside and I made this since all I have at home is ridge gourd, and omg you won’t believe how yummy it is with hot white rice. Thanks a ton Sailu !!