Kandi Podi – Lentils-Spice Blend

The very thought of home ground spice mix aka podi warms my appetite not to mention the aroma that emanates my kitchen during it preparation. Podis or spiced powders/blends are an essential part of South Indian cuisine with each home having their own versions of preparing it. We in Andhra share a fondness for our podis and I know of homes who eat podi each and every day, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. I grew up in a household where podis and pickles were an integral part of our daily meals and not having a jar of pickle or a bottle of podi on the dining table was a rarity. Podis come to our rescue on days when we are rushed up for time or run out of vegetables.

A flavorsome, protein-packed, lentil-spice blend is Kandi Podi, a classic Andhra recipe. Tur dal and channa dal are slow, dry roasted along with red chillis and cumin seeds and finely ground to a coarse powder and finished off with asafoetida and salt. An absolute delight to the senses, almost addictive, Kandi Podi is usually eaten, mixed with white rice and a drizzle of ghee.

Kandi Podi

  Prepare time:
 Serves: 2

 Main Ingredients:

  •  tur dal


  •   1 small cup kandi pappu/red gram/tur dal
  •   1 small cup senaga pappu/bengal gram/channa dal
  •   1 1/4 tsps cumin seeds
  •   7-8 dried red chillis (adjust)
  •   15 curry leaves (optional)
  •   1/2 tsp asafoetida
  •   salt to taste
  •   1 tsp oil

Method for making Kandi Podi

Heat a heavy bottomed vessel and add both the dals and slowly, dry roast on low to medium heat stirring constantly till they turn red. Don’t burn them. Remove from pan and keep aside.
In the same vessel, add the cumin seeds and toss them on medium heat for 2-3 mts. Remove from pan and keep aside.
Next drizzle some oil in the vessel, add the dry red chillis and curry leaves and stir fry for 3-4 mts. Remove and cool.
Once cool, grind all the ingredients to a slightly coarse or a rough texture. Add salt to taste and asafoetida and combine. Store in an air-tight container.
Serve hot with white steamed rice and a dollop of ghee.


  • http://chefatwork.blogspot.com Raaga

    I love this… a store bought version had garlic which I didn’t like. I’m thinking of making this today… I hope to.



    Also, can you please add the AFAM even I’m hosting to the events listing?


  • usha

    Got to try this version. At home my Amma used to make this podi only with toor dal,cumin,salt and red chillies. Thank you Sailaja garu.

  • http://www.paajaka.com Mythreyee

    Got to try this one. Very handy powder for a quick lunch.

  • http://tastypalettes.blogspot.com Suganya

    When dining in AP, I noticed, many restaurants served a podi with avakkai, rice and ghee. I was totally hooked. If this is that podi, I am making this at home right away.

  • http://hotandsweetbowl.blogspot.com/ Sukanya

    Hi Sailu…This is my fav….I really want to try it out…. Mouthwatering one…Love it…

  • Rathna

    Hi Sailu,

    You have got a wonderful website. I love your pictures. It’s very appetizing.
    Kandhi podi is my favorite.We eat it with rice and avakayya. Yum ! I’m definetly going to try your version.

  • Mrudula

    Hi Sailu,

    The pictures are awesome in ur website.. the pics and the way u explain a recipe encourages us to try… Can you also post the recipe of the veggie curry on the plate.. That looks Yummy too…

    Thanks in Advance!!!

  • http://kailaskitchen.blogspot.com Jayasree

    I love rice with podi of any kind. Amma makes this with toor dal. Shall try ur version. Your pic is so tempting that I am going to make it today. Thanks for your recipe.

  • asha

    lovely – will try this

  • http://potpourri-saswati.blogspot.com saswati

    wow sailaja your snaps made me drool like anything.I love andhra food and i am going to try from your blog posts:)

  • http://www.fantasycookblog.blogspot.com Purnima

    Sailu, this is pretty good version of podi, the version we have has rice and pepper!Thanks so much for sharing!!

  • fara

    Dear sailu,
    What lovely pictures on your website. One better than the other. Can’t imagine how you managed to turn an ordinary powder in your household to look so exotic enough for many of us wanting to try this out.Tantalising !!

  • http://www.musicalskitchen.blogspot.com musical

    Yes, you said it, podi with ghee on rice is absolutely blissful! The pictures with all the raw ingredient is so alive and brilliant!

  • http://masalamagic.blogspot.com Latha

    Looks good Sailu. I usually add few black pepper too! I’m hungry now.

  • http://ramkicooks.blogspot.com Ramki

    Hi Sailu ,

    I’ve blogged your Podi as a model recipe in the 1001 Podi cookbook at

    /Thanks for the detailed recipe


  • http://www.menutoday.blogspot.com Menu Today

    Hi Sailu,

    Nice presentation of paruppu podi.Special Podi of Andhra. thanks for sharing,

  • http://www.burntmouth.com Zlamushka

    I love the podi. What a lovely dish. I am always out there looking for more. Do they make porridge out of the podi in Andhra, too?

  • sylvia

    hey, just curious, how long can the dish last for? can it be stored for a bit of time? looks delicious.

    It can be stored for a few months, Sylvia, at least 2-3 months. Ensure you keep it at a moisture free area and store in an air tight container.

  • http://arundati.wordpress.com arundati

    dear sailu…i call podi “little heaps of dynamite” …i can eat a whole meal with just podi, neyyi and annam!! i posted one long ago…check it out when you have the time…


    i made gutti vankaya from your blog a few weeks ago…unfortunately it got eaten before i could take a pic…i will make it again cos i want to post it!!


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  • sahaja

    Sailaja garu,

    All the recepies are very homely with out any confusing ingredients. Pics are making clear what exactly the item is. Thanks for ur site!

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  • http://iluvgoodfood.wordpress.com/ Sujatha

    Dear Sailu,

    I love kandi podi with a passion :-)I can have it days on a end for lunch and dinner without once complaining about lack of variety. Combinations for me would mean kandi podi mixed with fresh avakai and gingely oil.

    Another such combo would be kandi podi with Gongura pacchadi and peanut oil 🙂 hmmm I can feel my taste buds tingling already

    What my mom does for our family secret kandi podi is adding a handful each of minappappu(URAD) and pesarapappu(Moong Dhuli) also and she believes in roasting all the dals separately as they roast more evenly.

    Looking forward to more such memorable recipes.

    Friends please visit my website and encourage me as well as I have started out recently.



  • preethi

    Sailu, all of ur recipes r really fantastic. Thanks a lot..

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  • Vasu

    Sailu, can you tell me if yiu’re using dry curry leaves or fresh ones?

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  • Gopal

    Thank you Sailu for this recipe. I just made it and it tastes really good. No more store bought podis for me. Thanks. Gopal

  • Madhavi

    hi Sailu,

    Thank you so much for this recipe.
    I tried it and it came so good. 🙂