Kadai Paneer – Cottage Cheese Creamy Curry

Admist most of the curries I prepare,Kadai Paneer,is probably one of the most favourite North Indian recipes I have learnt.This is a recipe I learnt from amma who in turn learnt it from our Punjabi neighbours (who taught us many authentic Punjabi delicacies like Sarson ka saag,Makki ki roti,Baigan bhartha).Infact the Matar Paneer Parantha recipe I had posted earlier is courtesy our affectionate Punjabi friends.When hubby dear informed me that an old friend of his was visiting us tonight,the first thought that occurred to me was the fresh paneer I made this morning and was sitting in the refrigerator.Kadai Paneer with rotis..perfect!

Kadai Panner,a typical Punjabi fare is a creamy curry dish where paneer (cottage cheese)cubes are cooked in a kadai(wok) with onion and tomato pastes and simmered with capsicum(bell peppers) and tomatoes and served in a small kadai(that’s the way its served in Indian restaurants).The use of the herb Kasturi Methi (dry fenugreek leaves) as one of the ingredients imparts a strong aroma and flavour to this truly special and flavorful vegetarian dish.


200 gms paneer (cottage cheese) cubed and sauté in a tbsp of ghee till golden brown and remove into a dish and add a cup of hot water to the fried paneer cubes and let them sit in it for 5 mts.Drain the water and keep aside.

1 big tomato (deseeded and diced)
1 big capsicum (bell pepper) diced
In the same kadai in which the paneer cubes were sauted,add the diced tomatoes and capsicum and sauté for 2-3 mts and remove from heat.

1 1/2 tbsp oil or ghee
3 medium sized onions (make a paste)
1 tsp ginger garlic paste
¼ tsp turmeric pwd
1 tbsp coriander pwd
1 tsp cumin pwd
1 tsp chilli pwd
1 cup tomato puree or paste
¼ tsp kasturi methi (dry fenugreek leaves)
¼ tsp garam masala (make a pwd of 3 cloves,2 green cardamoms and 1” cinnamon)
1 tbsp fresh cream(optional) for garnish
salt to taste

Heat ghee or oil in a kadai or vessel and add the onion paste and fry it well till oil separates.It should be well fried till the raw smell of onions disappears.
Add ginger garlic paste and fry for 3 mts.Add turmeric pwd,coriander pwd,red chilli pwd,cumin pwd and salt and mix well.
Add the tomato puree and mix well and cook for 5 mts.Add kasturi methi and the fried paneer cubes and let it cook covered for 2-3 mts.
Now add a cup of water,garam masala pwd and sauted capsicum and tomatoes and mix well.Cook for 5 mts covered.
Garnish with fresh cream and serve hot with rotis(Indian flatbreads)/naan or paranthas.

Note:You can prepare this dish without kasturi methi also.If you dont have kasturi methi,garnish with chopped coriander leaves.It tastes equally good.

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Kadai Paneer – Cottage Cheese Creamy Curry

  Prepare time:
 Serves: 2

 Main Ingredients:

  •  paneer


  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/800481 Stephanie

    Another yummy dish, for sure!

    I only wish I had nice, helpful, neighbors who could share recipes like this…looks delicious.

  • Anonymous

    ooh-la-la….drool-worthy! 🙂


  • Rorie

    Sounds delicious … you are inspiring me to try creating some Indian cuisine at home. We usually get take-away or go out at least once a weke to our excellent neighborhood Indian restaurant … but your posts are really making me want to try cooking some myself!

  • Ashwini

    Kadai paneer is my fave too and this is exactly how i make it.

  • http://mtastes.blogspot.com/ Lera

    What a delicious dish sailu ,I do have a weakness for this one in particular:)

  • sailu

    Stephanie,it’s wonderful to share recipes and the food we cook with our neighbours especially during special & festive occassions.


    Rorie,I’m glad I could inspire you to cook Indian cuisine at home..:)

    You can say that again,Lera & Ashwini,my weakness too..:)

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/13519825 Ilva-Lucullian delights

    Sailu, all I can say is mmmmmmmmmmmm!!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/10972861 Patti

    Sailu, that looks wonderful! You blog inspires me to try some Indian dishes at home. Does US cottage cheese work? You cannot cut it into chunks.

  • CJ’s Food & Discovery

    I never had a chance to view your profile but not until this morning. I knew for sure with all of your Indian Cuisine – you’re close to it! Now can you help me find the best curry powder mix here in the U.S. that I can use for my cooking?

    This dish really looks delicious and I love the combination of pita bread or flat bread.Yum!


  • Anonymous

    hey sailu,ur’s is the first food blog i read everyday.i love trying out all the recipes uve given..i have a quick question though..how do u make paneer at home?i want2 try making some and am not sure how:(..so culd u pleaseeee let us knw which is the best way of doing it?..thanx again..
    – Sudha

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/17120769 Priya

    mmmmm they r delicious , tried it today and great results.hanx for sharing the recipe. DO u make paneer at home or, buy it ?

  • Anonymous

    Sailugaru, meeru chakkati website petti, inka andam ga photos teesi, saraina font tho recipes ni publish chesthe meeku inka manchi peru vastundani naa abhiprayam. Website host cheyatam pedda pani kaadu. Intha talent ni inka baaga project chesthe chaala baguntundi. Mee recipes ante naaku chaala ishtam. Chaala baaga rastunnaru. India lo markets, manushulu and vantillu photos teesthe inka santhosha padatanu. Please do consider hosting a more professional looking website.
    Naa peru Ammu. Maadi Hyderabad. USA lo untunnanu. Mee ulava charu, bobbattu vanti vantalanni ikkada try chestunnanu. Thanks for all your great work. Kudos to your patience and enthusiasm!

  • sailu


    Cj,best ready made curry pwd in US?I will make my enquiries and e-mail you.

    Patti,I am glad you could draw some inspiration to cook Indian food at home.I cant talk about american cottage cheese as I havent seen it(I blog from India).But you can make Paneer at home.
    Indira of Mahanandi has given the paneer recipe with pics here.Hope that helps,Patti.

    Hi,Sudha,thanks for stopping by every day..:)This is the method I use to make paneer.Boil 2 lts of milk in a heavy bottomed vessel and once the milk begins to boil and look foamy,quickly stir it and and reduce heat and add 1 tbsp of lemon juice and keep stirring(approx 2 mts).You will notice that the milk separates and appears curdled and the residue(whey)is like a light liquid.Turn off heat.Drain into a colander and discard the whey.Now take a thin muslin cloth(cheese cloth) and place the paneer in this cloth and tie the ends of the cloth and hang it such that the remaining whey drips thru(about 20 mts or so).Remove and place something heavy to top of the paneer along with the muslin cloth and let it sit for 15 mts.Now remove the muslin cloth and cut the paneer into what ever shape you desire or refrigerate until further use.

    Your welcome,Priya.I prepare paneer at home.If it’s urgent I pick up from a lady who sells good quality home made paneer.

    Ammugaru,chaala santhosham.Mee feedback nee positive ga consider chaysthaanu.Ipudu nenu na mobile cam tho photos theesthunnanu.Naaku enka kocham experience avasramu..ee blog start chaysi 2 months ayindi.Appreciate your kind words,Ammugaru.

  • Linda

    This looks Sooo good! I’m vegan — do you think tofu would work here?

  • sailu

    Thanks for dropping by,Linda.Sure tofu can replace paneer.

  • http://bvnay.blogspot.com Vinay

    Hello Sailu garu,

    I am a single guy living in USA. I was fed up with hotel food and decided to cook kadai panner at home and here I am. Good work, and glad to know you are telugu too!


  • http://thevegcorner.wordpress.com/ Vinitha Sree

    Hi Sailu,

    I love paneer. Tried out your recipe and it turned out real yummy. Have posted a pic of that in my site.. Thanks a lot!

  • Jayjay

    Dear Sailu, Have been visiting your site off and on. Couldn’t help noticing all the comments and decided to chip in too. Going to try the kadai panner for tonite’s dinner. Was wondering whether you could include a print button in your site to speed up the print process. Or is it somewhere around and I cannnot see it?!! Thanks anyway for the recipes. Why do you soak the panner in water and what do you do with the water kept aside?

    Jayjay, Your welcome. There is a print option right at the top of each post for your convenience. The fried paneer tends to harden a bit, so the soaking process for 4-5 mts, the paneer will not stay hard and will tend to be soft. The strained water should be discarded.

  • Sree

    hii sailu,

    i’m the recent visitor to ur blog… really wonderful..
    i tried ur recipe Kadai Paneer and it turned out wonderfully…
    my husband liked it very much…
    thanking u..

    love sree

  • Jayjay

    Dear Sailu, Tried the kadai panneer and it was yummilicious!! Threw in some yellow pepper also along with the green. The water however looked too delicious to be discarded, so poured that in as well. Looking forward to trying more sailurecipes.

  • http://boxofspices.blogspot.com Spice Lover

    Hi Sailu,

    I tried your kadai paneer today.. It was very good… only thing is it was a bit tomatoey for my taste. My husband loved it though. I used the same quantities as you mentioned and the tomato puree i used a 200ml pack of the godrej brand puree. is that too much?

    150 ml would do, I guess. I blanched 2 tomatoes, skinned and pureed.

  • saneetha

    hi sailugaru,thanx for ur recipe.idi chudaganey nenu try chesanu it came out very well.my hubby liked it very much.once again thank u very much.good work,keep going.bye

  • Ammu

    Made this for dinner. So easy to make, yet very tasty. Thank you! 🙂

  • swetha

    sailu ur site is very interesting..thanxs to u for ur superb recipes..last night i made it with parathas n its great…can u tell me the measurements for garam masala preparation?

    Glad you liked the dish. Garam Masala ~ 8 gms cloves, 10 gms cinnamon, 8 gms cardamom, make a fine powder and store in air tight container.

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  • Sriku & Radhi

    Hi Sailu…. Srikanth & Radhika from vizag. We tried this dish, and it came out really good. We’re gonna try some of your other dishes soon.. Thank you..

  • http://spicebuds.blogspot.com Spice

    Hi Sailja,

    I won’t say it’s my first time here but may be second or third, but once in a while I do visit your craft/handmade blog….because I’m a big fan of handcrafed stuff. While blog surfing I landed on your butter paneer masala post & thru that on this post…..looking at the pic & then recipe I was thinking that’s not how Krahi panner is made in Delhi/Punjab but then everybody have their own versions(your version is looking good no doubt) but out of curiosity googled to see what other versions of same dish are on net & guess what I found :


    now reason for my comment here, unless U go with the name “Dairyman of Dubai” also….I think it’s your pic used by someone else,as I don’t see any mention of your blog there, I might be wrong but do check it out…….

    I hope U don’t mind me writing such a big comment but do check that link….


    • Sailu

      Thanks for informing me, Spice. They have not taken my permission to use the image. Appreciate you taking the time to inform me.

  • Lakshmi

    Great reciepe sailaja ..I made it today n it was yummy…….I really like ur blog