Gutti Vankaya ~ Stuffed Eggplant Roast

Its July and its raining. Overcast skies and drizzles have made their appearance in Vizag. Monsoon that has been long overdue has finally arrived and hopefully we will have good rains this year. On many a rain-filled day you will find me serving hot chocolate to Nehal while we adults enjoy a hot cuppa of coffee, sitting by our verandah, enjoying the cool breeze, smelling the scent of wet earth and watch our garden welcome the shower of pitter patter rain drops. In other words, enjoying the monsoon season.:)

Stuffed Eggplant Roast

Last week, I made this perfect ‘changing season’ dish, a dry saute version of the classic Gutti Vankaya Kura. I adore this stuffed eggplant roast. As you bite into the stuffed brinjal, you taste a burst of sweet, spicy and sweet flavors. Simply irresistible!

Gutti Vankaya Recipe

Prep & Cooking: 1 hr

Serves: 3-4

Cuisine: Andhra



1/4 kg purple brinjals, wash, make + quarters with stalk intact

small lemon sized tamarind, extract pulp

1 1/4 tbsps oil

For stuffing:

1 large onion, sliced

4-5 garlic cloves

1″ cinnamon stick

1 tsp red chilli pwd

1 tsp coriander pwd

1 1/2 tsps ghee or soft butter

1/2 – 1 tbsp grated jaggery or sugar (adjust)

salt to taste

For poppu/tadka/seasoning:

1/4 tsp methi seeds

a sprig of curry leaves

1 Add 1 tsp oil in a cooking vessel, add garlic and cinnamon stick and saute for a few seconds. Add the sliced onions and saute till rawness disappears. Approx 4-5 mts. Keep aside to cool.
2 Once cool, make a coarse paste. Remove the paste into bowl, add salt to taste, red chilli pwd, jaggery, coriander pwd and ghee. Combine well and stuff the brinjals with this paste.
2 Add the remaining oil in a vessel, add curry leaves and toss them for a few seconds. Add the methi seeds and let them turn brown. Place the stuffed brinjals in the oil and cook on medium high flame for 2 mts. Now, cover with lid and let them cook on medium low flame for 12-14 mts. Keep checking in between and stir fry to ensure they don’t burn or stick to the pan.
3 Add the tamarind extract along with a cup of water. Bring to a boil and reduce flame and place lid and cook over low flame for 13-15 mts. The water content should reduce.
Remove lid and cook over low flame and let the brinjals roast well and it appears like a dry saute (mudda kura). It should take about 8-10 mts for the brinjals to be well roasted. Turn off heat.
4 Serve with rice, pappu pulusu or sambar.


Gutti Vankaya ~ Stuffed Eggplant Roast

  Prepare time:
 Serves: 2

 Main Ingredients:

  •  eggplant


  • Pavani

    Mouth watering pics Sailu. Loovve Gutti vankaya and with ulli karam it sounds delicious.

  • madhavi

    wow!Any day is a great day for gutti vankaya.I wish I could grab a couple from the picture.

  • Sree Karuna


    It looks so tempting, feel like buying brinjals on my way home, I think I have to switch the ghee with oil and compromise on taste as I am on a diet :-), Till I read your blog I did not know there were so many variations of Gutti Vankaya.

  • rog

    sounds delicious.

    but i’ve got a question: how do you stuff the brinjals? do you just sandwich the paste in and amongst the quarters of brinjal?
    or is there some other way you have of getting the paste inside?


    You have to stuff the paste amongst the quarters of the brinjal. I have blogged a few stuffed brinjal recipes earlier and here’s the link to an image of stuffed brinjals before cooking. Hope this helps.

  • kalva

    lovely recipe

  • Rajesh

    Shailaja gaaru,

    I am a regular reader of your site and am great fan of you. Especially, the pictures u include are really superb like a professional photographer.

    I love this Gutti Vankaya and in fact I was waiting for this on your website. We will surely try this.

    Another thing is for past few weeks, saakshi news paper is publishing your recipes regularly without any reference. Yesterday only they started acknowledging you.

    Thanks for this wonderful website.

    Thanks and Regards

  • jo

    i like the idea of stuffing onion paste….will try them soon… we dont get the purple small variety of brinjals, we get only the giant eggplant which are more suited for baingan bharta.. however i think i will cut them in big chunks and just add the onion paste and follow other instructions as is… what do you think….

    I guess you could try. But this recipe goes best for stuffed brinjal. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hari Chandana

    Hmmm.. my fav guttivankaya… looks delicious and very tempting.. lovely presentation…

  • Soma

    Looks Yum. I make stuffed ones north indian way, & it is family favorite. Will have to try this way sometimes.

  • DK

    Made this for dinner and am here burping! It was good – I just made couple of changes but otherwise it was lip smacking ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks sailu

  • soujanya

    I am a hard core brinjal lover. I have tasted as well tried many varients of brinjal recipes. But, this was different and truly mouth watering. Yesterday, when i was trying this recipie the aroma reached out of the house, and my father came rushing to see what was cooking in the kitchen. Truly, all our family members enjoyed the dish at dinner.
    Thanks, Sailu garu for introducing one more mouthwatering dish.

  • shaikhmohammed

    this is wonderfull and lips smacking recipe of course. this is first time i came to know in your site about POT ROASTING- otherwise i always read about oven roating. this is correct method of pot roasting. thanks.

  • revathy

    will tell u after i try it. also let me know how to cook it in a microwave. thanks shailu. my sundays are more meaningful

  • Linda

    Dear Sailu,

    The brinjal roast looks so good, I wish I were there now — I would trade one month of rain for one stuffed brinjal ๐Ÿ™‚

    All the best,

  • Foodaddict

    Hi shailu,

    Fantastic recipe, i tried it for sunday lunch and impressed my husband and in-laws totally!!! Hats off to you!!!

  • bayarea

    Hi Sailu,
    I tried this recipe yesterday by following your instructions to the dot. It came out just as shown in the picture. However this is not the authentic recipe, is it? Because I have always seen peanuts and/or sesame, ginger garlic paste used and no jaggery. I like the fact that your recipe doesn’t include peanuts as they would make the curry rich in calories and cholestrol but neverthless guthi vankaya curry is something to have just forgetting that aspect!
    Overall, I was little disappointed that this recipe is called by the same name as the traditional recipe and I was kind of mislead by the outcome as I was craving to have the authentic dish. But I appreciate that you posted this recipe. May be next time I will eliminate jaggery from the ingredients.


  • Cynthia

    Eggplant lovers the world over would rejoice at the thought of this dish.

  • Gauri

    simply delicious!

  • Ambotu

    Dear Sailu,

    Happy to see this receipe.

    Thanks a ton.

  • sunita

    i am looking at your site. good job. can you tell me how can i
    make MEHANDI for my hair. THANKS.

  • Ravi

    Thanks ….

  • Soumya

    Simply Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy!!!!!!!!!!!I never liked brinjals until i tasted gutti vankaya at one of my friends house…since then i try making various variations of the same gutti vankaya…and now i have one more……..


  • Kalyani

    this is my all time favorite sailu … looks great

  • Swapna

    Hi Sailu,

    My name is Swapna and I loved the guttivankaya recipe. I work with a high traffic cooking site called I have tried a few recipes of yours and was very impressed. We would like to make you a featured chef on our site for August or September month. This would provide a bigger platform to present your recipes to a very broad audience.

    We really like the recipes and other content you post on your blog/site,which is why we’d like to make you a featured chef. Creating a profile and uploading recipes can be done in just a few minutes, and I can help as much as you need me to.

    You can reach me at Or just sign up on CookEatShare and send me a message through the site. My profile name is Swapna. I look forward to present the best of India’s culinary talent and promote Indian food to the world.


  • k

    Hi Sailaja,
    I tried this dish with trepidition since i usually don’t like adding sweet to vegetables dishes.
    I was wrong…what more can I say…this turned out to be such a hit!
    i serverd it with Rotis and plain Moong ki dal.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • vijaya

    Hi Sailaja gaaru, i start my day by reading ur recipe in sakshi, i eagerly wait for different varieties. all r simple & superb,thanx, ur helping us a lot. can i share my recipes with u?
    brinjal curry is my husband’s favourite dish, he liked it very much, credit goes to uuuu. regards, vijji

    I’m happy to learn the dish came out well. ๐Ÿ™‚ Sure, do share your recipes with us.

  • Hima

    Hi sailu,
    As usual, the recipe turned out great my husband simply loved it. He is a big fan of brinjal. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  • VR Reddy

    Sailu garu,
    I’ll specially congrat U. Our ladies, now a days due of TV channels, they Know Ur Website and make tastye items for their family. They also are ready to send more items to our Telugu food eaters. Thank U and take my hats off to you.

  • ani

    Hi Sailu,

    will be it be same recipe for egg plants we get in US? I heard in US, it needs to be cooked more or need to preassure cooker coz they are hard compared to what we get in India?

    I am not sure of the eggplants available in US. I live in India, Ani.

  • Asha

    Hi Sailu,
    Just wanted to hop over and say a big thank you for such a wonderful recipe. I tried it a couple of times and it turned out yummy.
    Its easy and tasty and my family loved it! I really appreciate the way you explain the details so well.

    Thanks again

  • Laura

    This recipe looks really great I will definately try it. Do yo n=know what variety of aubergines you have there – I grow all my own vegetables and would like to grow some aubergines like these. Thanks for all the great recipes and site.

  • kranthi

    hi sailu really very nice recipie with very nice pics
    actually i dont lilke to add tamarind for this recipie can i try this with out adding tamarind extract to this and with out adding water can i fryand the same stuffing can i use for other vegetables lilke ladies finger ridge gaurd or bitter guard

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  • Sharon Jha

    Dear Sailu, I tried cooking the above recipe. Everything turned out perfect but the brinjals were bitter. I have observed that everytime I cook brinjals the curry always becomes bitter. What may be the reason?

    • Sailu

      Sharon, quite a few times the brinjals we buy have a bitter taste. If the brinjals have the bitter taste, it spoils the flavor of the dish. If the seeds are dark, throw away the brinjals. Buy tender on touch yet fresh brinjals. After chopping, try biting on a raw brinjal, if you find that you can tolerate the flavor, proceed preparing the dish otherwise discard them. Always try making a small portion of the dish and if it works out well, use the remaining brinjals on hand.

      • Sharon Jha

        Thanks Sailu. I will try this next time. I also tried you Chicken pulao. Was a hit in my house. As my husband is from North India and I am from the South, our food habits are extremely different and I have to think 100 times before I cook. My husband like Andhra food as he had a friend back in Delhi whose mom used to cook yum food. The first recipe of yours which I tried was the pepper chicken roast. He loved it. From that day onwards I have to visit your site everyday and majority of the dishes I cook are inspired from your blog. Thanks for making my life easy.

        • surya

          tats nice..

      • Rachna

        Hi Sailu..if I can help….as I have observed most people from Karnataka (and I have adopted the method .) ..before preparing any dishes with aubergine…aka baingan..(except bhartha ..)… Slit or chop the vegetable as required and immerse it in salt n water mixture for about five to ten minutes.The idea is to deworm it and also to get rid of the sharp taste of few brinjals which when cooked gvs the dish a bitter flavor.
        It is worth a try.

  • Bams

    Hi Sailu,

    I tried this one and everyone at home loved it!! Especialy my baby relished it!!! Tomorrow I am going to make your Methi Murgh. I am sure it will be a hit too. thanks for posting such nice tested recipes.


  • srutika

    Hi sailu,
    Today I tried dis receipe, realy it is awesome. All my inlaw parents were very happy.realy I m speechless.

  • Rachna

    Made this one today …sweet and tangy flavor . Perfectly well balanced favors. Thank you.

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  • Sreelekha

    I tried this recipe couple of times.. And it is THE BEST …THANKS SAILU GARU