Gutti Dondakaya Masala Kura – Stuffed Tindora

Dondakaya happens to be one of my favorite vegetables and I just realised that I have blogged only one recipe of Tendli/Ivy Gourd, a stir-fry (vepudu). In Andhra, dondakaya being available all year round, this humble, rough vegetable is a regular with most kitchens concoting some wonderful recipes and transforming it into something exotic and delicious.

Stuffed tindora is one such classic recipe with each home having it own signature stuffing. Gutti dondakaya masala kura is a curry which calls for some S.Indian spices & ingredients like grated coconut, jaggery, sesame seeds, curry leaves and dashes cloves and cinnamom which blend so well creating a stuffed curry that brings together the sweet flavor of tindora and jaggery, nutty flavor of seasame with a tangy edge of tamarind. And with some hot white steamed rice, it makes a warm and satisfying meal.

Gutti Dondakaya Masala Kura

  Prepare time:
 Serves: 2

 Main Ingredients:

  •  tindora


  •   1/2 kg dondakayalu/tindora, chop ends, make a + slit length wise for stuffing and boil in salted water till half cooked and strain
  •   2 medium onions, sliced
  •   3 green chillis
  •   1 tsp ginger-garlic paste
  •   1 tbsp coriander seeds
  •   2 tbsps grated coconut
  •   1 1/2 tbsps sesame seeds (nuvvulu)
  •   1 1/2 tbsp grated jaggery (adjust according to your choice)
  •   1" cinnamon stick
  •   3-4 cloves
  •   small lemon sized tamarind ball
  •   salt to taste
  •   few curry leaves
  •   1 dry red chilli
  •   2-3 tbsp oil

Method for making Gutti Dondakaya Masala Kura

Heat a tsp of oil in a frying pan and add the coriander seeds, cloves, cinnamon and sesame seeds and fry on medium heat till you get a nice aroma. Dont burn the spices. Just fry for 3-4 mts stirring continuously. Remove and cool.
In the same pan, add about a tbsp of oil and add the onions and green chillis and saute for 4-5 mts. Finally add the grated coconut and toss for a few seconds. Turn off heat.
Oncee cool, make a paste of the above spices along with ginger-garlic paste, jaggery, tamarind, sauted onions, green chillis, grated coconut and salt.
Take a tbsp of this paste and stuff each of the slit half-boiled ivy gourds.
Heat the remaining oil in a cooking vessel and add some curry leaves, dry red chillis and stir fry for 5-6 seconds. Place the stuffed gourds in the pan and let it cook covered on medium heat.
After 4-5 mts, uncover the lid and turn the pieces so that they cook all over.
Cover and cook on low heat till the tendlis become soft. This could take about 15-20 minutes. Adjust salt.
Turn off heat once cooked and serve with hot white steamed rice.


  • asha

    Hi sailaja, I love this dish. Simple and delicious. Coconut paste itself looks good enough to eat!:) Although I don’t get Tendlis often here, I will save this recipe. I could add any other veggies too. Thank you. Have a great Valentine’s day!

  • sandeepa

    Hi sailaja
    I made your Pepper Chicken yesterday turned out great, thanks a lot
    the fennel seeds did add a nice flavor

    Am going to make the ch. balls again, take the pics and post both on my blog at the same time
    Thanks again

  • Sri

    Wow..beautiful snap sailja…my husband doesn’t like this vegetable…but i love them so we cook them seldom.

  • Prreetii

    Thanks for the recipe sailu…not a day passes by when I dont have a peep into your blog…waiting for some more chicken recipes like chilli chicken and chicken 65 since there are so many recipes and I can blindly follow yours since I am a fellow andhraite with same spice buds as yours…Thanks for sharing…

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  • madhuli

    Hey Sailu, tried ur Adraki Palak Tava Kebab and they were simple delicious! Thanks a lot. Will blog about it soon. This vegetable curry looks delicious too. Have to try this one too! Thanks again.

  • Gangadhar

    So delicious,Sailu!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    My son loves this curry very much..

  • mandira

    Sailu, what a fabulous recipe. I love the combination of sesame seeds and coconut, will try it this weekend. The pictures are beautiful!

  • Lakshmik

    Hi Sailu

    The dondakayya curry looks awesome. I am going to try it soon. Thanks for this yummy recipe.

  • RP

    I had no idea we could stuff tindoras! Just great, sailu. Thanks for sharing.
    And I enjoyed visiting your garden.

  • maheswari

    Didn’t know you could stuff tindora..i love this vegetable..will try soon..Looks delicious.

  • Mishmash !

    I had an idea that you coulld stuff this veggie. Cool! Btw, i’ve an eye on ur serving bowl ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Mishmash !

    Sorry , I meant “I had no idea ” ๐Ÿ™‚ Sorry for the typo ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Lakshmiammal

    Graet Sailaja, Tindora is always a crowd pleaser & by the way you prepare it, it is sure to make our noses sniff from this faraway land.

  • shaheen

    This in one of my favorite vegetavles too. I normally stir fry it or whole fry it but stuffing seems so interesting.Do u have a recipe for a tindora stirfry with coconut in it?

  • Linda

    Looks scrumptious! Beautiful photos, as usual… also loved your flower garden! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Latha

    Hey Sailu,

    Yummy looking recipe! Kinda on the lines of gutthi vankaya. We get tons of dondakaaya here and I sure will try it. It looks too yummy to pass it by!
    Will let u know as soon as I tried it. Your pictures are so amazing!

  • Padmaja

    nice recipe and lovely pics as usual.

  • Spice Lover

    What a nice recipe. The only form of dondakaya that I make is the fried one. I will def try this soon.

  • krithika

    looks mouth-watering. thanks for sharing this recipe

  • Chandrika

    Sailaja, thank you so much for a wonderful recipe. I made it yesterday for a get-together and it was a big hit!

  • anu

    hi sailu

    this not looks good, but tastes great. thank u

    happy shivrathri

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  • sujata

    thanks sailaja garu. gutti dondakaya try chesanu.chala baga carrotmilk try cheyabothunnanu.

  • Chinni

    yamandi yemitee vantala gola. ye vantakam coosina nooruri potundi. Koncham lavu avuta memonani bhayam vestundi. aaa teepi garelu, bangaladumpa pulusi…dani dumpa tega (lolz)…gutti vankaya kuralu…..I will be born in andhra again if just bcoz of this dishes…..

  • Apps

    Hello Sailu ,

    I have been great Fan of your site.Every other day i am chking for new recipes .Hey tried Dosa Avakai and turned out great .Please post the recipe of Tomato Avaki and Nimmakayya Avakai .

    Thanks so much for helping all the cooks .

    Looking forward for your reply .

  • Minti

    Hi Sailu,
    I just made this as well – it was very different. I liked the paste with coriander, sesame and coconut. I think my paste was liquid like a chutney (I added water to help with the grinding). Now do you put water in the gravy as well? Or is this supposed to be a dry dish?

  • padmaja

    Hi Sailaja,

    I regularly follow your site. I really feel amazed how do u prepare so many interesting dishes. i like this recipe and also tried this, looks interesting and also tastes wonderful. Have a nice valentines day.

  • deepika

    hi Sailaja,

    I found ur blog on google search,its very interesting and delicious(recipes),yesterday i tried ur guttivankaya(purple brinjal) came out very well..thanks for the wonderful will try ur stuffed Dondakaya.thanks once for sharing ur recipes with the people like us(i am also from andhra).WISH U A VERY HAPPY DIWALI TO YOU AND ALL UR BLOG VIEWERS