Gutti Beerakaaya Kura – Stuffed Ridge Gourd Curry

Dishes made with stuffed vegetables like brinjals, bitter gourd, lady’s finger, ivy gourd and ridge gourd, tomatoes, bell peppers are common in Indian cuisine, especially down South and in particular Andhra. Gutti Vankaya Kura (stuffed egg-plants curry) is a classic example of a stuffed vegetable curry that is an Andhra speciality. Today, I prepared a stuffed curry using ridge gourd, a recipe which I first tasted at a friend’s place which had a wonderful lightly sweet, mildly spiced, tangy flavor.

Ridge gourd is a vegetable which is cooked by us Andhras usually as a pachadi, stir fry (vepudu), cooked in milk (Beerakaya Paalu Posina Kura), with lentils (Beerakaya Pappu, another classic Andhra dish) or cooked with prawns/eggs.

Beerakaya when prepared as a stuffed vegetable with a zesty filling made from spices like sesame seeds, coriander seeds, cumin seeds and red chillis that are roasted and ground to a fine paste along with ginger, garlic, onions and tamarind, has a mingling of flavors :- sweet-spicy-tangy. A delicious stuffed curry that goes well with both rice and rotis!

Gutti beerakaya kura

  Prepare time:
 Serves: 2

 Main Ingredients:

  •  ridge gourd


  •   1/2 kg ridge gourds (beerakaaya), peeled, cut into 2 inch pieces and make a + slit on top for stuffing
  •   2 medium onions, sliced
  •   4-5 dry red chillis, de-seeded
  •   1 tbsp ginger-garlic paste
  •   1 tbsp coriander seeds
  •   1 tsp cumin seeds
  •   3 tbsps sesame seeds (nuvvulu)
  •   1 tbsp grated jaggery (optional)
  •   salt to taste
  •   small lemon sized tamarind ball
  •   1 tbsp oil

Method for making Gutti beerakaya kura

Heat a tsp of oil in a frying pan and add the coriander seeds, cumin seeds, red chillis and sesame seeds and fry on medium heat till you get a nice aroma. Dont burn the spices. Just fry for 3-4 mts stirring continously. Remove and cool.
Once cool, make a paste of the above spices along with ginger garlic paste, jaggery, tamarind, salt and onions.
Take a tbsp of the paste and stuff each of the slit ridge gourd pieces.
Heat oil in a pan and add some curry leaves and stir fry for a 3-4 seconds. Place the stuffed ridge gourds in the pan and let it cook covered on medium heat.
After 4-5 mts, uncover the lid and turn the pieces so that they cook all over.
Cover and cook on low heat till the ridge gourds become soft. This could take about 20 minutes.
Turn off heat once cooked and serve with hot white steamed rice.


  • lakshmi

    chala bavundi Sailu e recipe, tapakunda try cheyala.
    yakadi ki velli poyeru, miss u friend.

  • Asha

    Excellent looking dish, Sailaja!Mouthwatering and new with Ridge gourd.Usually it’s stir fried or gravy with this veg for me.Looks great,thank you.

  • Srujana

    This is a unique way of preparing beerakaya. I wish you were more regular. I can’t wait for your next post already. But i understand that this is just a hobby, and not something you should be forced to do. Been lurking around your blog for a while now. Couldn’t help commenting today. Your beerakaya curry looks so yummy.

  • Vini K

    Hi Sailaja,nice recipe.I also make guththi beerakaya but with onions only.This one looks nice,Will definitely try this one.thanks to you and your friend Subha.:)

  • Shanti

    WOW!! Sounds and looks yummy.Good recipe sailu.Never heard or tried b4.I make gutti vankaaya,dindakaaya and kaakarakaaya.One more recipe in my book.Thanks.

  • Kothai


    This dish looks yummy and mouth-watering. I have been looking for a nice dish with sesame seeds for a long time. I will definitely try this one as I like ridgeguard too. Nice blog. I saw your blog only a couple of days back and will see it regularly.
    Nice photos and attractive blog design.


  • Jeff

    Those are super purty!

  • kanchana

    hai sailu,

    I tried ur recipe, gutti beerakaya kura. it was really nice….cud u give me mail id so that i can mail u if i have any doubts in cooking….


    You can email me at, Kanchana

  • Radha

    Hi Sailu,

    Ridge gourd is my husband and also my dad’s favorite vegetable. I make it often at home. I do sometimes make this recipe when i get time.Curry looks great.

  • jayakarthik

    Hi sailu
    a different recipe frm the usual (what i make)
    thanks for sharing it
    will let u know how it came out (hope i prepare just like urs ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

  • Mythili

    malli matumaayam ayipoyaara? (did you vanish again?)

    Btw, good recipes and fantabudelishgorgeous photographs.

  • Arjuna

    Great presentation. Looks like you have been busy lately..

  • shaheen

    really nice photos and i am sure the recipe will be good as all ur other recipes.

  • kothai

    I tried your recipe(gutti beerakaya), but it turned soggy. I added little water while grinding the paste. could that be the reason why it turned soggy or could it be because of cooking for a long time.

    Since beerakaya is a vegetable which leaves water while cooking, there is no need to add water. Cook it under steam and use fresh ridge gourd while cooking gutti beerakaya curry. And don’t add water while making a paste for the stuffing. Sometimes beerakaya doesnt hold shape while cooking this type of curry, so don’t worry about it, Kothai.

  • lakshmi

    Hi Sailu,
    Even I tried this recipe, came out good and everybody like it.
    Waiting for your next recipe.

  • Dev

    Sailu, made this curry today & it has turned out really delicious. Thanks a ton for the recipe.:)

    Could you please post the recipe for paruppu podi & the dhal (usually with greens or veg in it) served before sambhar in a typical andhra meal. I have had it in andhra restaurents in b’lore but whenever I try to recreate them, it doesn’t turnout that yummy. Is there any spice powder added to the dhals?

    Your most welcome, Dev. Are you talking about Kandi podi, made from tur dal?
    Generally no spice powder is added to a (dal) pappu dish. I will surely blog a couple of Andhra dal dishes.

  • Dev

    Sailu, I am not sure if the dhal powder is made from thoor dhal or roasted channa dhal… I’ve tried a few recipes with roasted channa dhal & it was quite near the taste of the dhal powder we get in restaurents… but I always felt something was missing…hmmm…

  • Saffron

    Looks lovely Sailu. I’ve never heard of stuffed beerakai before. I’ll be sure to try this out because I love ridge gourd vegetable in any form!!


  • Kothai

    Thanks for the reply.


  • Lakshmiammal

    Could not wait to go to Indian stores. I want to try right away. Your photos are so tempting…mm

  • ramesh chandra

    sailu the photos and recipes r exellent,

  • Sarah

    What a treasure to have found this site with this type of recipes! I’m an American not of Indian origin, but I have been married to an Andhra man for 11 years, living in Andhra. We’ve had a cook, but I have always felt so ashamed that I haven’t learned to cook my husband’s “heart food.” I have taken the leap and released the cook, and it has been ok so far, but with your recipes, especially these guthi kura ones, I think I can better show love. God bless! I will let you know how he likes them. I’m also excited to try ulli pakodas.

  • Shilpa

    Hi Sailu,

    This recipe looks yum..I am trying it today and will let u know…Really loved the idea.


  • shanti

    Hi Sailu,

    Just a doubt …in your picture i see senaga pappu and not in your ingredients.Do i need to add senaga pappu for my paste …Please clarify.

  • hansa

    Dear Sailu,
    This is a superb recipe
    i love ridge gourd, but could not imagine this texture to its taste. yumm, when i made it, today. Had it with chatnipodi and hot idlis for dinner on a rainy bombay evening.
    shall learn the original name of it!
    i dry roasted the ingredients without oil, and used a spoon of mustard oil to toss the stuffed vegetables.
    and used, like u suggested, no water in the mixer.

  • Rajee

    Hi Sailu,

    I tried ur recipe Stuffed Ridge Gourd Curry today.

    As u said that u add only one tbsp of oil in a pan, ur gravy looks reddish and oily. I think u can add more than one tbsp of oil.

    My gravy looks brown in color as I added only 4 dry red chillis. It came out excellent but I am sad as I couldn’t get it in red color like u.

    Can u pls help me how to get it in red color?

    Many people remove seeds in ridge gourd. I dint remove seeds too and I followed ur ingredients only and the taste is sweet, spicy and less bitter. Am I correct?

  • sailaja

    Hi Sailu,
    first of all i should thank u for starting such a gud site.i don know cooking much but whenever i try new recips frm ur blog i get so many compliments frm my family members. i tried ur ridge guard recipe and it came out very well.

  • sarvani akella

    hi sailu,

    gutti beerakai is really tasty. love to have stuffed curries like this. i want to know what recipies can we make using palak……i don’t take paneer. pls suggest something diff in palak except that palak dal ………i want to make palak in andhra style.

    sarvani akella

  • Shri

    Hello Sailu,

    Liked this recipe …something different. Have a big lot of Beerakaya and wanted to make something different than the usual ones. Whilst browsing for good recipes came across your site and yes this recipe too…have noted the preparation method and just waiting to return home from work to try this out today !! I am sure it will surely be a keeper…. the picture looks appealing too !!

  • Naveena

    Hi Sailu

    I tried this recipe, it came out pretty well, thank you so much, I tried many recipes from your site, it helps me well.

  • Vasundhara

    Hi Sailu,
    All your recipes look great in the blog. I have a
    Quick Question: In your gutti beerakaya the picture of the masala…I see something like chana dal..but in the ingridients of the recipe, you have not mentioned chana dal…just wanted to know…

  • Keerthy

    It is my alltime fav dish.My mom is an expert of this recipe.We call it nune beerakay.My mom’s version doesn’t hav jaggery n tamarind in it.Your blog is good.Well designed..Nice work

  • Radha

    Hi Saily,

    I tried your recipe gutti beerakaya, it was really taste and looks great.

    Thank you,

  • lavanya


    I prepared your beerakya, i added coconut into that…. it came out very well. thank u so much for ur receipe

  • sarita


    the ridge gourd skin is so smooth. Your must have peeled it really well
    I cant see even a spot of green