Gobhi Parantha & Palak Methi Paneer

Sunday lunch was Gobhi Parantha and Palak Methi Paneer, a filling and comforting lunch. With abundant greens available at rythu bazaar (farmer’s market) I’m trying to make optimum use of them in my everyday cooking.

This paneer dish combines the goodness of fresh methi and spinach leaves in a onion-tomato spiced base to form a creamy consistency dish.

Palak Methi Paneer Recipe

Preparation: 45 mts

Serves 3-4 persons

Cuisine: North Indian



2 bunches spinach leaves

1 cup fresh methi leaves, add little salt, sugar and leave aside for few mts, squeeze all water

1 cup paneer cubes

1 onion, finely chopped

2 green chillis, slit midway

1 onion, blanched

1 tomato, blanched

1 tsp grated ginger

1 tsp red chilli pwd

1/4 tsp turmeric pwd

1/2 tsp coriander pwd

garam masala pwd (2 cloves, 1/2″ cinnamon, 1 cardamom)

1 tbsp malai or fresh cream

salt to taste

1 tbsp oil

1 Add big pinch salt + big pinch sugar to the methi leaves and let it rest for a few mts. Squeeze excess water from methi and blanch for a mt. Blanch palak leaves for 2 mts and make a puree of both palak and methi leaves.
2 Blanch onion and tomato and make a paste of both.
3 Heat oil in a vessel, add the grated ginger, green chillis and chopped onion and fry well for 7-8 mts. Add the onion-tomato paste and fry for another 6-7 mts.
4 Add coriander pwd, turmeric pwd, red chilli pwd and saute for a mt. Add the pureed green paste (palak-methi) and half a cup of water and cook for 5-7 mts. Add salt and combine.
5 Add garam masala pwd and paneer cubes and combine well. Cook for another 6-7 mts and turn off heat and serve hot with rotis/parathas.

One of the variations of Gobhi Parantha recipe that works well for my family.

Gobhi Parantha Recipe

Prep & Cooking: 30 mts

Makes 4-5 parathas

Cuisine: North Indian



For parantha:

2 cups whole wheat flour/atta

1/4 tsp salt

water to knead the dough

For stuffing:

1 cup grated cauliflower

1 tsp grated ginger

1-2 chopped green chilli

1 1/2 tbsp chopped coriander leaves

1/2 tsp ajwain (optional)

big pinch turmeric pwd

1/4 tsp cumin pwd

1/2 tsp coriander pwd

salt to taste

1 Add salt to the atta, combine, slowly add water to form a soft yet slightly firm dough. Cover with damp cloth and let it rest for 15-20 mts. Get the stuffing ready in the mean time.
2 Prepare stuffing by combining grated cauliflower, grated ginger, chopped green chillis, coriander leaves, coriander pwd, turmeric pwd, cumin pwd, pinch of salt and combine. Leave aside for a few mts.
3 Pinch a large lemon sized ball of dough and using your finger spread out to form a 3″ diameter circle. Place some stuffing and take the edges of the dough and cover the stuffing. Prepare with rest of dough and leave aside for 2-3 mts.
4 Dust the working surface with some atta and roll out the stuffed dough to form 6″-7″ diameter circles.
5 Heat a iron tawa and once its hot, place a parantha and let it cook for a little less than a mt. Flip the parantha and let it cook for a little less than a mt. Once lighly browned spots appear, drizzle some oil or ghee and roast to a golden shade on both sides. Use a spatula to press the puffed areas as the parantha gets roasted.
6 Serve hot with any curry of your choice or yogurt or raita.


I have blanched the cauliflower and dried out the florets prior to grating it for the paranthas. Ensure the blanched cauliflower is completely dry before grating it. You can blanch 3-4 hours prior to preparation. You can alternately, grate raw cauliflower, sprinkle salt and leave for a few mts. Squeeze out the water completely, place on an absorbent paper to remove any trace of moisture and use it to prepare parathas.

Update on TOI: Taste of India will be unavailable for a few more days.

Gobhi Parantha & Palak Methi Paneer

  Prepare time:
 Serves: 2

 Main Ingredients:

  •  cauliflower


  • http://smitha-randomthoughts.blogspot.com/ Smitha

    Hi Sailu, I just wanted to say how much I love browsing through your blog. I love Andhra cuisine and chanced upon yours while searching for a recipe for stuffed eggplants – which turned out terrific by the way. Waiting to try out the palak methi paneer! Waiting for your post!

  • http://kitchenflavours.blogspot.com Lubna

    Wow this is something and delish.

  • shaikhmohammed

    i will simply utter- WOW! GREAT.

  • vasantha

    i have tried your moongdal payasam, it was fantastic, thanks for the recipe.
    if you like onions, you can also add some finely chopped onions to the gobi mixture.

  • Dwight

    This looks delicious! Thanks for all your recipes, I have made many of them and love your cooking!

  • sudhamandava

    hi sailu garu, thanks for the wonderful recipe. i have one small doubt – do i use the big methi or the small methi?

    As long as its fresh methi, it should be fine.

  • http://sindhura-bayleaf.blogspot.com sindhura

    Yesterday my mom prepared alu paratha for me and my sister for our lunch box. I am feeling very great to have gobi parata today. What a coincidence! Great taste can never forget this combo.
    Best regards,

  • http://zaiqa.net Mona

    Oh, looks so comforting! With no time to cook proper meals, I am really missing some good home-cooked meals.. ๐Ÿ™

  • Shruthi Reddy

    Hi Sailu,

    A very nice recipe with palak and methi, I have never tried to cook them together. I make gobi parathas the same way but when I stuff the dough with the mixture and roll them out a lot of water comes out and usually it kind of breaks. I must try the way you said to squeze and place the grated cauliflower on absorbent paper. Thanks

  • Chuck

    Thanks for recipe.

  • Anuradha

    Hi Sailu,

    I accidentally came across your website and believe me I was completely cut off the world for the past one hour… Amazing collection of recipes. Actually I am also from Andhra and missing my mom made delicacies… thank you so much for all the info…

  • Stars

    Thanks Sailu for wonderful recipes! I would like to add a tip for making Gobhi Parathas.
    Once we grate the cualiflowers and squeeze out the water, the same water can be used to mix the atta with added plain water as needed. This way, the flavor is through out and the nutrients intact.

  • Latha

    Dear Sailu,

    I tried gobi paratha your way (left grated cauliflower in salt and squeezed out the water). The filling didn’t come out at all and rolling was so easy. the taste was superb too. also made the mango gravy to go with it. it matched very well with the parathas.

  • kranti


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