Endu Tomato Pachadi ~ Sun dried Tomato Pickle

Sun dried Tomato Pickle

Summer=abundant tomatoes=sun dry=pickle preparation. ๐Ÿ™‚ Many of you dear readers have been very patiently waiting for sun dried Tomato pickle recipe. Amma prepared this tangy red-colored pickle in February but I get to blog it in April since March was the month of chaat. With tomatoes available in abundance and very reasonably priced, we bought 5 kilos of desi vali or heirloom tomatoes (Rs.3 per kg at our farmer’s market) for pickle preparation.

Sun drying the tomatoes is a labor intensive process but is worth the effort keeping in mind the end result is a concentrated, intense flavored ‘red gold’. Amma made two versions of tomato pickle, a garlic flavored one and the other asafoetida based. Both came out stupendously good.

Farm fresh tomatoes ~ Endu Tomato Pachadi

The key is to use juicy, slightly under-ripe farm fresh heirloom tomatoes. Warmly spiced, with a heady, asafoetida flavor, the pickle has sweet and sour tones at the same time, a delight to the taste buds.

Endu Tomato Pachadi Recipe

Recipe Source & Prep: Amma

Sun drying: 3 days Prep & Cooking: 20 mts

Cuisine: Andhra



2 kg tomatoes, wash, dry and slice

50 gms tamarind

1/2 tsp turmeric pwd

3 tbsps red chilli pwd (adjust)

1 tsp dry roasted methi pwd

1 tbsp mustard seeds, dry roast till they splutter, cool and make pwd

3 tbsps salt

1/2 tsp hing/asafoetida

6 tbsps oil

1 Slice each tomato into 6 pieces. Add salt and turmeric pwd, combine and place lid. Leave aside overnight.
2 Next morning, squeeze out entire liquid from each piece and spread the tomato pieces over a cloth and sun dry. Sun dry the pieces till they are completely dry with no trace of rawness. This usually takes 3-4 days of good sunshine. Every evening, remove the cloth containing the tomato pieces, place indoors and next day again place back the cloth containing the tomato pieces to sun dry.
3 Pour the liquid in a very wide (shallow) vessel. Add tamarind and allow to sun dry. This could take at least 4 days of good sunshine. The liquid will thicken. Every evening, remove the tomato liquid and place indoors, place back again the next day morning to sun dry.
4 Once the tomatoes and liquid are sun-dried, combine the dried tomatoes pieces with the sun dried liquid and leave overnight, covered.
5 Next morning, blend this to a slightly coarse paste. Add red chilli pwd, methi pwd, roasted mustard pwd and combine.
6 Heat oil in a vessel. It should not be too hot. Once hot, turn off heat. Add asafoetida and leave for 10 to 15 secs in the oil. Be careful not to burn the hing. Now add this asafoetida infused oil to the tomato mixture and combine.
7 Cool and store in an airtight bottle. Refrigerate.

Endu Tomato Pachadi ~ Sun dried Tomato Pickle

  Prepare time:
 Serves: 2

 Main Ingredients:

  •  tomato


Many of you dear readers have been very patiently waiting for sun dried Tomato pickle recipe. Amma prepared sun dried tomato pickle in February. With tomatoes available in abundance and very reasonably priced, we bought 5 kilos of desi vali or heirloom variety of tomatoes (Rs.3 per kg) for pickle preparation.
  • http://deepthimuddu.blogspot.com Josh

    Yummy.. Just got a bottle of tomato pickle from India..home made by my mother.These pics look exactly the same. I like it with a little tadka added to the pachadi.
    Pics look awesome.

    • Sailu

      The garlic flavored tomato pickle is with tadka. Will blog it soon.

  • http://apskitchen.blogspot.com Aps

    I just loved it nd i mean it.. i m going to do this on monday ๐Ÿ™‚ hopefully by Saturday itl get ready ๐Ÿ™‚

  • http://myspicykitchen.wordpress.com usha

    My amma makes cooked tomato pickle… In the fridge, it lasts for almost a year… I always bring it from india. Endu tomato pachadi looks yummy!

  • http://ss-blogs-here.blogspot.com/ SS

    This tomato pickle looks really really delicious! ๐Ÿ™‚ Nice pictures too!

  • http://www.mriganayani.com Anu

    Looks delectable Sailu. Love it – we make something very similar and call it thakkali thokku. I always add a little roasted peanuts to our thokku. Will try your version soon!

  • Raja

    shailu i’ve been following your blog since many days and became a good cook these days ๐Ÿ™‚

    pics and recipe looks yummy

  • http://mharorajasthanrecipes.blogspot.com/ Priya (Yallapantula) Mitharwal

    Wow, looks so colorful and appetizing. Remembered the one mom makes, not exactly this, but looks like this.

  • http://mykitchenaroma.blogspot.com saritha

    Your snap is making me to lick the pickle,wonderful recipe,i loved it.

  • http://cilantro-cilantro.blogspot.com/ Cilantro

    Amma usually sun dried the tomatoes with only salt in them and then added the spices. This recipe is a little different. Sunshine is rare here so I am going to try in small batches when the forecast calls for some nice bright days.

  • tamara

    Oh that looks wonderful, I must try it with our tomatoes this year, just thinking about planting some but the weather is a bit against us still.

    I am going to work in Trivandrum in June for a month so if any of your readers have any suggestions for places to enjoy traditional Kerala cuisine I would love to hear from them.

  • http://kalyanikitchen.blogspot.com/ Kalyani

    hi sailu, i love this pickle .. will try this summer … thanks …..

  • VikasK

    how do you protect all this stuff from dust while it is sun dried? given the weather conditions in Delhi these days 4 days exposed outdoors would mean a lot of dust in the juice and tomatoes.

    i guess, i’ll stick to the cooked variety :).

    • Sailu

      Vikas, I use a baby insect/mosquito protection net that is in the shape of a dome. Its a pretty useful net especially while sun drying edible items. Not only dust but it helps in keeping away squirrels and crows.

  • Santhoshi

    Sailu garu march month antha CHAT specials tho tempt chesaru ippudu PICKLES specials start chesara? Tomato pickle snaps chala colurful ga unayi

  • suma kavan

    Dear Sailu Garu,Neenu mee blog regular ga chaduvuthu vuntanu, chaala recipes maa intlo try chesaanu, andhariki bhagha nachayi.Meeru post chesina tomato pachadi recipe kuda bhagha nachindhi, ayithe meeru Andhra Special “Aavakaya” recipe maa kosam ee summer lo post cheyyagalaraa plz. Thanks alot.

  • k.sarada bai

    dear sailu garu me vantalu anny chala bagunnaye vantalu anny chala is ga thayaru chesu ko vachhunu meru enka chala veraite s ni pettandi

  • http://www.delightsofcooking.blogspot.com Lakshmi Venkatesh

    The tomato pickle looks very tangy. Dear Sailu I would be greatly honoured if you would take a look at my site which is hosting T&T event this month showcasing you blog.

    Here is the link for the event announcement

  • http://mykookbook.blogspot.com Supriya Nair

    Love the color Sailu…very well made and clicked.

  • madhu

    hii sailu, so yummy, my palate is craving for it, finger lickin’ goooood. Awaiting more pickled recipes from your bouquet, like pandu mirapakaya pachadi, gongura, ssssss andhra avakai..pl do post them if possible..I will be awaiting eagerly..regards

  • Tarannum

    Long awaited, but looks pretty tedious for an amateur to make.. Will try it out all the same!

  • Uma

    Sailu garu, this is torture.nenu undedi michigan lo .enda vacchedi thakkuva.this pickle is my favourite.emi cheyanu , will have to get some from India.great website .

  • NRKS Chakravarthy

    This mouth watering pickle is my favourite since my childhood. Thanks a lot for sharing the receipe

  • Jyothi

    Hi Sailu,

    I made this tomato pickle, actually finished the process just yesterday. It turned out awesome ! Thanks for a great recipe. I tried so many recipes of yours, and they never failed me. Thanks for all your great recipes, amd keep them coming, please !


  • http://deliciouscusine.wordpres.com bindu

    Dear Sailu,

    I have been trying out one or the other thing from your blog. I am in Hyderabad and I got different recipes for this tomato pickle. But for 2 kg tomatoes will 3 spoon salt be sufficient??

    My neighbors here tell me for 2 kg tomato 1 packet crystal salt and one big cup chilly powder..

    Last time I had put less salt and tomatoes got spoiled!!

    Please clarify..

    • Sailu

      One whole packet will be too much. You can always add later after tasting the pickle. At the most 4 dessert tbsps of salt will suffice. Same way with chili pwd, add 3-4 tbsps and after tasting if the spice is not enough, add more.

  • Pavani

    Hi Sailu garu,

    We live in Canada. Here we dont have good sunlight. But we get sundried tomatoes salted. So what I did is I boiled some and added lil tamerind and grinded them to fine paste. and did the rest of the process just like the way you mensioned here. But its not that tasty as it looks like here/ my mom’s. So can you give me any advice with your expertese, on how to get the almost near this taste??

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  • Surekha

    Looks yummy..this is how my grandma makes very authentic… Since i live in cold country i m gonna a try to dehyrate the tomates in oven .. will let you know how it comes..:)