Dahi Bhendi – Okra Curry

Its been a while since I updated my blog due to unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances. Past few days, I was involved in organising an event and travelling, with hardly any time to access my computer. All is fine at home and thanks for all the enquiries made and wishes sent by my lovely blog friends and visitors.

Its time to blog now and today’s recipe is a simple lady’s finger curry where tender lady’s fingers are cooked in dahi (curds). It’s a recipe from Sanjeev Kapoor’s Low Fat Vegetarian Cookbook, simple to make, tasty, low in calories and goes well both with steamed white rice and chapatis.

Dahi Bhendi Recipe

Recipe source: Sanjeev Kapoor’s Low Fat Vegetarian Cookbook

Prep & Cooking: 30 mts

Serves 3-4 persons

Cuisine: North Indian



250 gms tender lady’s fingers (I used baby okra, wash and pat dry with a kitchen towel, trim the top and ends)

½ inch ginger piece

¼ tsp pepper corns

1 tbsp oil

1 dry red chilli (tear into two pieces)

1 tsp cumin seeds

2 green chillis slit lengthwise

1 tsp coriander pwd

pinch of turmeric pwd or haldi

1 tbsp besan (bengal gram flour) dry roast the flour stirring constantly till it gives a roasted aroma

1 cup curds (made from skimmed milk)

salt to taste

1 Peel the ginger and make a paste of pepper corns and ginger. Keep aside. Whisk the curds and keep aside.
2 Heat oil in a cooking vessel and add the dry red chilli and cumin seeds and stir fry till the aromas come out.
3 Add the green chillis, coriander pwd, turmeric pwd, besan and stir well for a few seconds. Don’t burn it.
4 Add the trimmed and cut lady’s fingers (which have been stir fried in a tbsp of oil for 3-4 mts) and salt and cook over medium heat stirring frequently for 4-5 mts.
5 Stir in the ginger-pepper corn paste.
6 Reduce flame and add the whisked curds and mix well and cook covered for 12-15 mts stirring occasionally or till the okra is cooked and you get the desired curry consistency.
6 Serve hot with white steamed rice or chapatis.


Cut each okra into two pieces if they are long. I usually heat a tsp of oil in a pan and fry the trimmed okras for 3-4 mts stirring continuously, before adding to the spices.

Dahi Bhendi – Okra Curry

  Prepare time:
 Serves: 2

 Main Ingredients:

  •  okra


  • http://flickr.com/photos/kalyan Kalyan

    Bendakaya + Pappu ? I’ve never heard/tasted this combination.
    But then,if *you* make it, it has to be good


    Kalyan, there is absolutely no pappu in this recipe. Its Bendakaya + Perugu combination..:)

  • Jeff

    I’ve seen a few okra recipes lately…I really should try making one at some point

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    I love okra and this is recipe looks delicious.


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    Wow Sailu
    Never heard of this recipe. Looks good. But tell me when u heat does the curds not split… Is it ok if it splits ???

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    Hi Sailu,

    Nice to see u back with nice yummy dish,bendakaya is my fav veggie,nenu try chestanu mee recipe nee tapakunda thanks for sharing this dish.

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    please do post chilli chicken and chicken 65 varieties also.
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    Your recipes are a treat!

  • http://www.dukkipati.blogspot.com ramana

    Hi Sailu,

    Your website is exhaustive with lots of recipes and done very professionally.. I do blog now and then in my site dukkipati.blogspot.com including pickle recipes. I have the recipe for nalla karam. I come from a place which is near to Gudivada, a small town with your surname.

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    Nice bhindi dish Sailu-this one looks so rich and creamy and yet it’s low fat, surely worth trying-

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    The recipe is different and good. i tried this out and liked it. usually i make okra with onions and tomatoes. this was different without onions , with curd and it was easy to make too.

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    after trying out a few recipes from ur site i fell in love with ur site.i didn’t know how to prepare a liquid curry with bhindi, but this recipe came to my rescue when my hubby constantly asked me to cook a curry with bhindi instead of the usual fry i make. just today i tried this recipe and it turned out excellent. thanq very much for a mouth watering recipe.

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    Hi Sailu,

    I prepared this recipe yesterday night and believe me it came out really good. We had it yesterday night and this afternoon with chapati. Loved it 🙂 thank you


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    Yahoo has stolen your bhindi picture. See the dining hall post on it. Inji Pennu has posted some screen shots, and I believe the fourth picture from your okra curry page has been lifted. YOu should check and confirm. See dining hall asap.

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    Tried this recipe and it turned out to be delicious.


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    Wow your pictures are simply superb! i believe its not the camera , its you! awesome. Heres my recipe for okra http://curryinkadai.blogspot.com/2007/09/spicy-okra-curry-bendi-masala.html

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    Hi, I tried this and sooo tasty. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Take care, Satya

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    Hey Sailu!
    I tried the recipe – it came out great! Made it a little on the drier side though… Waiting to try some more of your reicpes… Thanks for sharing!

  • Donna

    This dish seams to be great from the picture. Thank you for providing it. How can I make my oun curds?
    Thank you in advance.

  • Sirisha

    This dish “almost” worked, except that the curds curdled bad.
    I must have done something not quite right.

    How may I do this differently the next time I make this Dahi Bhendi Sailu, so I won’t end up with curdled curd?

    I’d love to make this recipe again – because it certainly tasted good.

    Thank You.

    • Sailu

      Add 2 tsps besan/chick pea flour to the curd, beat it. Follow rest of the procedure as per the recipe. It will not curdle.

  • Sirisha

    That Helps!

    Thanks Again Sailu.

  • Ami Parikh

    The recipe turned out very well. I am a big bhindi fan and so is my husband and he kept bugging me to do a bhindi curry. However, the Bhindi took a long time to cook in the curry, thus drying out the curry. Would it be better to let it cook longer in the stir fry? While, I did not try this, it may be worthwhile to slit the bhindi so that the curry taste is spread well. What do you think?

    • Sailu

      Its better to cook the okra for a longer period during the stir fry process rather than slitting the bhindi which might get gooey in the gravy.

  • Donna

    Dear Sailu,

    Thank you very much for this great recepee!

    By curd, do you mean yogurt, which I can by from the store, or you make curd from fresh milk by adding lemon or some other acid?

    Thank you once again!!!!!!


    • Sailu

      You can use store bought yogurt.

  • Donna

    Thank you, Sailu!

    Could you recommend a good recipee with chickpeas to me? I really like your taste for food, so I know that whatever you recommend will be great!

    Thank you in advance.


  • http://cookingadventuresofjosh.blogspot.com Jyotsna

    Hi Sailuji,

    I learned cooking of hard recipes by following ur blog.. With ur inspiration I started a blog in order to share some recipes from my end. Please have a glance @ http://cookingadventuresofjosh.blogspot.com. My love to Nehal.

  • Shahi….

    First time i hear this combination of Curd nd Bhindi…
    Its look different & looking good in taste…nd i will try this soon…

    So..Thnks for this beautiful Dish..

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    I tried this recipe and it came out well. Thanks a lot.

  • Ambika

    i tried it out today and it was brilliant! thanks :).

  • Ambika

    i tried it out today and it was brilliant! thanks :).

  • Ambika

    i tried it out today and it was brilliant! thanks :).

  • Rina

    Hi, about to make this dish but a bit confused. Is the curd yoghurt or lentils? I’m a beginner cook.

    • Sailu | Indian Food

      Curd is also called yogurt. Lentils are nothing but dal.

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