Chukkakura (Khatta Palak) Pachadi

chukka kura, ambat chuka, khatta palak

I can’t really think of many pachadis that give me a ecstatic feeling except for a gongura pachadi. But chukkakura pachadi also evokes the same emotion just by the thought of its preparation. Both pachadis are pretty much similar in flavor – tangy and spicy. Chukka kura (khatta palak/ambat chukka) is a sour leafy green available in our parts with fleshy leaves similar in looks to spinach and a flavor as tangy as red sorrel or gongura leaves. A common preparation in Andhra households is to cook it with tur dal, Chukka Koora Pappu and sometimes as a pachadi.

This vibrant green colored pachadi is so good that you could eat it even without the seasoning. But I feel a pachadi is incomplete without the tempering though sometimes it could overshadow the flavor of the main ingredients. I know of friends who feel that most pachadis really don’t need any kind of embellishments and taste good even without the customary tempering. But tempering is a very important and integral part of our Indian cooking and you can read more about its significance here.

With a garlicy flavor, a good balance of tart and spice, freckled with a colorful spice tempering and curry leaves, chukkakura pachadi can be savored with hot rice, a generous helping of melted ghee and chopped raw onions. Serve your family and friends, as an elegant accompaniment to a festive meal and you are sure to hear murmurs of pleasure.

Chukkakura pachadi

  Prepare time:
 Serves: 2

 Main Ingredients:

  •  malabar spinach


  •   3 big bunches chukka kura (greens), washed and chopped fine
  •   3-4 green chillis (adjust)
  •   2 tsps cumin seeds
  •   3-4 garlic cloves
  • For seasoning/poppu/tadka:

  •   1/2 tsp mustard seeds
  •   1/2 tsp cumin seeds (optional)
  •   1 tsp split black gram dal (urad dal/minapappu)
  •   1 tsp channa dal (senaga pappu)- optional
  •   1-2 dry red chillis
  •   few fresh curry leaves
  •   1 tsp oil

Method for making Chukkakura pachadi

Heat one tsp oil in a pan, add green chillis and fry on medium heat for 3-4 mts. Remove from pan and cool.
In the same pan, add the chopped greens (drizzle some oil if necessary) and saute for approx 5 mts or till the leaves wilt and rawness disappears. Turn off heat and cool.
First grind the cumin seeds, garlic and sauted green chillis till almost coarse. Add this ground mixture and to the stir fried greens along with salt and combine well till it appears like a paste. (you can use your hands)
Heat oil in pan for seasoning. Add the mustard seeds and let them splutter. Next add the cumin seeds, urad dal and channa dal and let them turn red, followed by the curry leaves and red chillis. Stir for a few seconds and turn off heat. Pour over the chutney and combine. Serve with hot rice, a dollop of ghee and chopped raw onions.


  • Nags

    looks lovely and healthy!

  • satya

    This pachchadi is youger sister to gongura pachchadi in taste and texture, Sailu. Tender chukka kura leaves can be chopped fine and added raw to curd to make raita. It is a great combination to mudda pappu.

  • Lakshmi

    Lovely ! i will buy this today and try it out…Thanks sailu !

  • indosungod

    Looks delicious Sailu, I am not still able to place the green or identify it, maybe someone will tell what the name of the green is in Tamil.

  • padma

    Hey,Shailu,I cant stop envying you had chukka kura pachadi..awesome friend..This is why I miss India the most being here in USA,hav no way that I’ll be getting chukkakura here…but your recipe looks yummy…would love to taste it right now…but may be next time I visit India…thanks for making me remember the greens which I almost hav forgot in life…

  • priya

    hi sailu,

    I’m not getting to read the full version of your receipe in my inbox? like before. Why is it?

    That is because of partial feeds where you will get only a portion of the post updated to your inbox.

  • Meera

    Looks wonderful, sailu. The plate looks so inviting…

  • TBC

    That looks so good, Sailu ! I feel like having some of that tadka right now. 😉
    I thought a pachadi had to have some coconut, but I think that’s only in Kerala…

  • Latha

    Looks delicious Sailu! Unfortunately i dont get these greens here! 🙁

  • meghana

    Hi Sailu,

    Another great Andhra recipe! I love reading you blog, have tried your kara dosa and some other items, they turned out great!

  • Mythreyee

    That is a wonderful recipe. Yet another fantastic dish from Andhra.

  • Padmaja

    Sailu!!! thats one goodlooking pachadi!! I just love it!!! That plate looks so simple n yummy

  • Shoba

    Hi Sailaji,

    I am a big fan of your website, lovely andhra receipes & pics, great work, Great recipe as usual, Is this chukka koora be replaced with palak we get in USA which are little more thicker & greenish than this chukka?


    Shobaji, chukka kora has a wonderful tangy flavor which normal palak doesn’t have. This pachadi is known for it tangy flavor and I’m afraid you won’t get the same flavor with spinach.

  • Shoba

    One more ques, the cumin seeds & garlic used for grinding with chukkakora has to be sauted or not?

    No need to saute either garlic or cumin seeds, Shobaji.

  • Pooja

    that looks lovely. nice pictures too. I think we dont get khatta palak here :(. can i make it with normal palak too ?

    No, Pooja, this recipe is best with chukka koora only.

  • Sapna

    Hi Sailaja,

    The picture looks delectable as always. My mom made this pachadi on my recent visit to India. I was so impressed with Chukkakura that I have bought some of its seeds to plant this summer. Thanks for the recipe, now I know where to look for the recipe once my greens grow.

  • pallavi

    Hi Sailu…I made this pachadi using (thotakoora)some other green & i feel it’s yummy,healthier & more time saving than doing deep frys………..thanq Sailu

  • Lakshmi

    I am very poor at identifying diff koora. Will look for the one shown in pic, next time when I visit market. The recipe sounds good.

  • RedChillies

    Sailu, This is a new type of palak which I have never seen before. It looks delicious though. Is this available in regular grocery or the Indian grocery?

    I’m not sure, RC, I don’t live in US.

  • Dee

    Sailugaru.. chukka kura moham chusi enni rojulu ayyindi… ivi mee site lo chusi anandinchadame.. My grandmother used to make all these pachadis.. I would like to thank you profusely for starting “Taste of India” . Thanks again!!

  • Miri

    Its been so long since I had this keerai….the pachadi looks really delicious and I can almost imagine the taste because of the dals..they always add a very welcome crunch!

  • usha

    Thank you very much for all the authentic andhra recipes. Nowadays I am the regular visitor of ur blog. keep going.

  • chandana

    It look soo delicious n mouth watering.i like cukkakura pappu but have no idea about pachadi.thank u for sharing such a yummy recipe.

  • Supriya

    Hi Sailu,

    You’re quite an expert with Andhra Food and I have been reading your blog from time to time. I write for a website called for which I would very much like to interview you. I too live in Vizag, so do get in touch.


  • Shalu

    Hi Sailu

    I accidently got through to your website when i was looking for a recipe (cannot recollect now). I registered the feed and I appreciate the update that i receive regularly. Thanks to you, I have viewed so many food blogs recently and come across so many new recipes. Khatta Palak looks delicious, will try it tomorrow.


  • kalva

    Love this chutney, nanamma makes this so good, we couldnt have enough… hmmmm miss those greens here…

  • prabha


    this pachadi looks really tasty but the place we live we dont get any chukka kura but i will try this when i go to india as we get lots of leafy vegetable. generally i do spinach the same way. even i will try this. thanks for the receipe

  • Laya

    hello sailu.. tried this recipe with korean parsley called Minari and it turned out great.

  • Prasanna

    I loveeeeeeee chukakura….this recipe is mouth watering…alas we dont get chukakura here 🙁

  • reshma

    your recipes are awsome sailu…

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  • Sravya

    Looks delicious.. Cooking it now.. Thanks Sailu Garu..Ure recipes are a treat at home!!!