Chintachiguru kobbari pachadi – Tender tamarind leaves coconut chutney

I chanced upon some fresh tender tamarind leaves while on a visit off the city limits. Its no longer available in the local subzi mandis/rythu bazaar and when I saw some fresh leaves, I just couldn’t resist the temptation. So with home grown freshly grated coconut, delicate raw tender leaves and a seasoning you can’t go wrong with, I made a simple pachadi to go with white rice.

tender tamarind leaves, chinta chiguru, imli ke patte

A pachadi with a pleasing sweet-tart flavor, a sort of compelling taste that makes one salivate and ask for more. The most nourishing, comforting and tantalizing tastes are brought forth through raw food and the simplest of ingredients and perfect for the nutrition conscious, reminding that they are eating right and light.:)

Chinthachiguru kobbari pachadi

  Prepare time:
 Serves: 2

 Main Ingredients:

  •  tender tamarind leaves


  •   2 cups tender tamarind leaves
  •   1 cup grated coconut
  •   1-2 green chillis
  •   salt to taste
  • For seasoning/poppu/tadka:

  •   1/2 tsp mustard seeds
  •   pinch of hing/asafoetida (optional)
  •   8-10 fresh curry leaves
  •   1/2 tsp split black gram (minappa pappu)
  •   1-2 dry red chillis, de-seed and tear (optional)
  •   1/2 tsp oil

Method for making Chinthachiguru kobbari pachadi

Grind green chillis, tender tamarind leaves, grated coconut and salt. Sprinkle a tbsp of water only.
Heat oil in a pan. Add mustard seeds and let them pop, add the split gram dal and let it turn red. Add the curry leaves, red chillis and asafoetida and toss for a few seconds.
Pour this seasoning over the pachadi and combine. Serve with hot steamed rice and ghee.


  • Asha

    I haven’t seen these leaves since I left India.Looks delicious!:))

  • Kalyan

    mouth watering as usual ๐Ÿ™‚
    thanks for posting !


  • Suganya

    Yeah, only off city limits. I have seen this in villages. They are mildly tamarind-y. I would munch the tender leaves when I was a kid.

  • Cynthia

    Long, long, long ago as a child I had tamarind leaves pounded with chilies and salt. This dish looks like another winner Sailu.

  • sharmi

    though was in hybd for long time never got a chance to have chintachiguru. looks fresh from garden!!

  • Kaykat

    This was a favorite growing up, can’t wait to try it again! Thanks for the recipe.

  • AJ

    Hello there!

    I have been meaning to tell you for a while. Your recipies are so amazing and so beautifully presented.Your site is a treat for sore eyes!

  • Nabeela

    I LOVE chugar….my mom used to make a delicious salan out of it…it’s been ages since I had it….*sigh*….lucky you!

  • Jyothsna

    I didn’t know tamarind leaves were consumed…. sounds tangy!!

  • Zlamushka

    what a beautiful chutney. Wow, i didnt know tamarind leaves were edible. Are they sour like their fruits ?

  • Sonal

    Hi Sailu,

    I was reading India Abroad this morning and I saw an article by Jasmine on food blog world. I was enthralled to see you chiefly mentioned there. Your blog was the center of the articles and few others were mentioned in it. There was also a talk about cook book from you. I have always loved your blog. I am not from Andhra but the food, the calmness and authenticity is great! Also your unassuming details make it all the more likeable. Congratulations and you deserve it!!
    I will surely buy a book coming from you!


    Thank you very much, Sonal for taking time to leave your comment. Really appreciate your encouraging and kind words.:)

  • krithika

    Read ‘India Abroad’ last night and yr blog and recipes are mentioned. Way to go, Sailu!! Congratulations!

    Thank you very much, Krithika.:):)

  • Puspha

    Congrats Sailu.

    Thank you, Pushpa.:)

  • Kumudha

    I never knew we could cook with these leaves.
    Looks so delicious!

    I just adore your blog. I have a long list of recipes to try from this blog. I like the delicious recipes and lovely pictures inthis blog!

    Thanks for sharing wonderful traditional and innovative recipes!

  • Supriya

    Hi Sailaja…wonderful mouthwatering chutney…wish i could get hold of these leaves here….

    I have added you in my Favourite blogs list. Thank you…:)

  • Timepass

    Dear Sailu, I just now read the article in featuring your blog. Congrats and best wishes.

    Thank you, Timepass.:)

  • Chandrika


    I saw one of your photos at I thought you would like to know..

    Thanks for informing me, Chandrika.

  • Linda

    Those baby tamarind leaves look soooo appealing ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Arul

    Very temptig recipe…can u plz post hyderabadi chiken briyani

  • Ramya

    The pictures look lovely. I am sure the dish must taste great too! Will try this out this week. Thanks


  • anusriram

    My friend makes a spiceeey chutney out of these tender tamarind leaves. I love it. But its long time since i tasted this and v dont get these leaves in US ๐Ÿ™ now my taste buds are watering seeing your recipe! Good one… Yummy…

  • Pritya

    Oh wow! What a nice variation to the kobbarikaaya pachchadi. Will try this the minute I can find the tender tamarind leaves. Thats a bit of a proposition. I use these leaves in making a dal. That tastes yumm too. Your dish sure looks good.

  • Supriya


    I was googling ‘tamatar aloo’ and came across this site which carries ur picture…just thot I’d let u know…

  • meena


    its really good.

  • Ramki

    Hi Sailu,

    Am blogging your pachadi as a model recipe in the 1001 Coconut Chutney cookbook at

    Thanks for the recipe.

  • Lalitha

    He Sailu,

    You can even make chintha chiguru pappu. The only thing is you need to add wee bit of roasted jilukara menthula podi before seasoning. Tastes very good.


  • bindu

    Wow, simple one. I bought these from Raithu bazaar (near JNTU)yesterday hoping I will find something or the other recipe for this. Will try this for sure.