Chikkudukaya Tomato – Indian Broad Beans Tomato Curry

Chikkudu kaya happens to be a favorite vegetable in our household and I know there are quite a few of you out there who are not very fond of these mildly sweet plump beans. I always felt there is something addictive about the beans, especially during their non-availability in the local market and when those cravings hit you – you really know what your missing! Now, you know why I buy them by the kilos during season.:)

Not a very pleasant looking bean but then is packed with a lot of fibre and nutrients like most not-so-good looking vegetables do. Today’s recipe is beans cooked in tomato, a very basic recipe and the addition of jaggery and garam masala makes a dramatic difference to an otherwise ordinary every day curry. The fresh, firm and plump dark green lima beans work best for this recipe and you wouldn’t want to compromise when you prepare this dish. Hope this recipe helps all you broad bean haters to reconsider and give these beans its well deserved recognition.:).


  Prepare time:

 Main Ingredients:

  •  broad beans



Method for making


  • asha

    Hate!!! I LOVE these beans and love to get my hands on these as well. NO,I don’t get them here. But loved the recipe and the photo which is mouthwatering. We used to cook these beans in B’lore at least once a week when in season.Nostalgia!

  • sandeepa

    Which bean is this exactly, didn’t quite get it, but the end result is mouth watering. Looks really good.
    Did I tell you I had made your Chicken with fennel Seeds and it was a big hit too?

    I think it also goes by the name of butter beans/lima beans and sem (hindi). You seem to be making a lot of chicken dishes, Sandeepa, I’m glad it was a hit..:)

  • shilpa

    I have seen these beans many times in B’lore but never knew what to do with them. I will see if I can get hold of them here, would love to try this as soon as possible. Thanks dear

  • swapna

    Hi sailu
    I too made this dish last week. It is waiting to appear on my blog. will post my version for this soon…

  • sra

    Nice vegetable to highlight, Sailu. This is my favourite – even the plain, beany version by itself is nice. I think this is what is called Lilva in Gujarati, somebody correct me if I’m wrong!

  • Padmaja

    hai sailu
    this is my favourite curry which my mom used to cook quite often as its her fav as well.But her version is so different to u’r recipe.I should try this weekend as u’rs look so good!!

  • Spandana

    Hi Sailaja…

    A very nice recipe… though I never tried it, because chikkudikaya was always last on my list 🙂

    But the picture is so tempting that I made my mind to try it this weekend…. Thanks for sharing…

  • Bhargavi

    Chikkudukaya tomato is one of my favourite comfort foods. My mom cooks the same way except for jaggery and garam masala.
    Good day!

  • Ruth

    Sailu, not sure I can find broad beans easily, but I’m definitely going to do this with string beans. Thanks for sharing.

  • Spice Lover

    Looks very good Sailaja.
    Maybe you would know… I saw a vendor selling the beans of the chikudukai, they were brownish and quite fleshy. I have them in my fridge now but dont know what to do with them. Have you ever used those?

    SL, you can remove the skin of the beans and make a rice dish, chikkudu ginjalu pulao. Follow the usual method to prepare a pulao and do add some mint leaves. You can also make a curry with the beans (with skin) adding some coconut milk.

  • seema

    You know what my hubby always calls those small thin beans as chikkudkai and I always argue with him saying this is not chikkudkai. Now I gottu show this to him. Loved the recipe gal. Gottu try it. Loved the picture as well

  • indosungod

    Sailu what a mouth watering dish, I have never cooked avarkkai this way. It looks like avarkkai and if indeed it is, it is called hyacinth beans (noticed Sandeepa’s question above).

  • viji

    A nice presentation Sailu as usual. We never prepared in this way. Tks Viji

  • RP

    Nice recipe Sailu.
    Don’t know why, sometimes it takes long time to load your website. 🙁

    The problem existed earlier, RP. Right now it has been fixed and you shouldn’t be having this problem.

  • maheswari

    I love these beans…delicious looking dish.I have never combined this beans with tomato though..might try this next time.I love the color of carrot milk too.

  • Menu Today

    Hi sailu,
    This type of curry is totally new to me. I add this beans to sambar it gives nice flavour and we make dry curry with coconut. I will try this next time when i buy this vegetable. Thanks for sharing such a lovely recipe.

  • shilpa

    Sailu, I tried this and it came out awesome. I had seen this beans many times but had never tried anything with it before. Thanks for introducing me to this tasty dish.

  • kavitha

    hi sailu…really yr foods and all r very nice…i really enjoyed…pls tell me how to make vegetable soup…pls

  • Rama.

    Hi Sailu,

    Today, prepared this dish for our lunch a very good change from the regular curry or paruppu usili. We all liked it very much, still, the consistency was little watery whereas, yrs in the photo seems to be very thick and creamy, how?? FYI, did not put coconut, could that be??

    Pls clarify..

    Maybe you should go slow on adding water to cook the beans. And coconut to a certain extent gives that thick appearance.

  • Rajani

    I prepared it today it was mouth watering Thanks a lot for the nice receipe.

  • Suresh

    Hi Sailu,

    Mouth watering,amazing, simple,delicate flavours, typical andhra style that we have been yearning for..


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  • Sree

    I love your recipes. Simple and tasty. for all your recipes that are to be par boiled how long should we should put in Microwave.Whats the difference between 1/2 cooked and par boiled.

  • Babitha


    I never used to like chikkudakayi, I tried this receipe today now I have started liking it.

    Thanks so much ,

  • nidhi

    i usually hate indian broad beans but when i made dis i started luving it,it turned out 2 b a gr8 dish luv dis dish………..

  • Sunil

    Love this recipe..

  • Shashi

    How long do we boil the beans.?how do we know they are ready to be cooked

  • Santhi

    Hi ,
    Thank you for all your wonderful recipes. I have learned so much from you through your website!

    This recipe does not load. Has it been deleted?

  • Sharon

    Hi Sailu,

    I love your recipes. I want to try this one but the ingredients and method of the recipe is missing. Can you please upload the recipe again?