Chandra Kaantalu

A treasured sweet dish, very dear to us Andhras, are these golden bewitching treats, Chandrakaantalu. Classified as pindivantalu (festive foods), these classic favorites are absolutely delicious making you crave for more even after you have had your fair share. I actually have to remove the serving plate from the table to keep us from finishing the whole batch of chandrakaantulu at one go..:)

Although the ingredients are few and recipe sounds easy and simple, it does take some experience to prepare these melt-in-the-mouth temptations. It’s here that Chandralekha Aunty came to my rescue and has been very kind to share this recipe and Chicken Masala Balls recipe and here I am blogging this fragrant tender sweetmeat.

Split yellow moong dal is ground to a fine paste and cooked along with sugar and fresh grated coconut to form a thick paste and mixed with cardamom powder, the flavor enhancer. The cooked thick lentil batter is quickly spread out on a wet cloth and cooled before being cut into the desired shape, diamond and square being the favorite. With a subtle cardamom flavor and a soft, tender chew, the raw squares taste good even before being deep fried and don’t be surprised if you find that a few disappear even before they get to the deep-frying skillet..:)

These square delights while being deep-fried give the kitchen a really warm, sweet wholesome fragrance and emerge completely tender on the inside with a golden crisp crust. Those of you, new to this sweet, try them and you feel compelled to prepare them again and again.


Ensure that you keep stirring the mixture as it cooks. Gently remove the raw squares from the wet cloth only when the spread out mixture has completely cooled down.

Wishing you all a very Happy Pongal!. May this festive season be filled with lots of traditional festive foods and the people dear to you!

Chandra Kaantalu

  Prepare time:
 Serves: 2

 Main Ingredients:

  •  moong dal
  •   sugar


  •   1 cup split yellow moong dal/pesara pappu
  •   1 1/2 cup sugar
  •   1/2 cup fresh grated coconut
  •   1/4 cup chopped cashewnuts
  •   1 tsp cardamom powder
  •   pinch of salt (optional)
  •   oil for deep frying

Method for making Chandra Kaantalu

Soak moong dal for an hour, drain and grind to a fine paste adding a 3-4 tbsps of water. You can even grind it without adding any water.
Heat a heavy bottomed vessel and add the sugar, the ground dal paste, grated coconut, cashewnuts and mix well. You will find that the sugar melts and the mixture begins to form bubbles while cooking.
Cook this mixture on low heat, stirring continuously till it forms into a thick lump. Remove from heat and mix cardamom powder and pinch of salt.
Immediately transfer the mixture on to a wet cloth and spread the cooked mixture over it (like shown in the picture above). Using a flat laddle which has been oiled and gently spread the mixture to form 1/2" layer and cool.
Cut into desired shape and separate the pieces very carefully lest they break and keep aside.
Heat oil in a wide heavy bottomed vessel and deep fry the squares till golden brown. You can deep fry a batch of six to eight depending on the size of the vessel.
Serve warm or cold. Store in an air tight container as they last for at least 4-5 days.


  • sra

    Don’t think I’ve ever eaten these, Sailu! Which part of AP do they come from?

    I’m surprised, Sra. They are pretty popular in our parts here in Coastal Andhra. Of course its a very old traditional sweet.

  • Lera

    Hi sailaja, Nice to see your sweet post after a long time.chandrakanthulu picts look great,yummmmm ! Wishing you and your family a Happy pongal ๐Ÿ™‚

  • viji

    Nice presentation Sailaja, Wishing you a very happy pongal. Viji

  • Lakshmiammal

    Hi Sailu,
    The sweet is new to me, but am sure this is a keepsake recipe.Thanks for sharing!Happy pongal!

  • Asha

    Hi Sailu, I saw your post yesterday and loved it but just couldn’t open your web page for some reason to leave a comment. Lot of blogger trouble. I logged on first thing today to wish you. Happy Sankranthi. Have a wonderful day with sweets and joy!:))

  • Rajani

    Hi Sailaja garu,
    Happy Sankranti to u too. Very interesting post never eaten this sweet.
    Sounds interesting. Thank u for visiting my site and appreciate your comment.

  • soumya

    Hi Shailaja, Thanks for stopping by and posting a comment. You have a wonderful collection of nice recipes going on here. Really a nice one. i’m gonna add you to my bloglist. Thanks dear

  • Revathi

    Hi Sailu,
    Sanranti subakaankshalu !! The chicken balls look absolutely yummy. My eyes are burning just seeing the amount of chillies!!!!

    Sailu , I have a question.. Ur site takes a long time to load. Y is that ?? Do others also have the same problem or is it just me ???

    Sankranti Subakaankshalu, Revati. I am having some server issues which will hopefully be resolved soon. Thanks for being patient.

  • Jeff

    I’d totally want this warm!

  • Aparna

    Hi Sailaja,
    I was quite surprised to see your post on Candrakantalu cos i too made the same sweet for pongal and that was my first trial. They came out pretty well for me too. I would suggest a few changes though.
    1. Fry coconut in 1 tsp ghee till slightly brown and then add dal mixture and sugar to it.
    2. Soak moong dal with one tsp rice for 1-2 hours and then grind it coarsely. Adding rice gives crunchiness to the outer layer.
    Thanks for posting the recipe and the pics are awesome.

  • Vini K

    Hi Sailaja, I blogged about this one too recently..I had made it for new year. Just love this one. Nice pictures too.

  • Padmaja

    Hey Sailaja
    My mother in-law makes booralu with same Ingredients and procedure.
    By the way vizag lo meeru ekkada untaru?

  • Aruna


    Nice pictures, very tempting…

    But at which stage do you have to add the cashewnuts in the recipe ? I see it in the ingredients but not in the preparation/method. Kindly clarify…Thx

    Thanks for informing. Add along with grated coconut.

  • Pavani

    They look delicious and my mouth is watering already. Thanks for the recipe Sailu and thanks to Chandralekha aunty also.

  • maheswari

    Looks so delicious…yummy sweet..i have never heard of it before..will try….Thanks for the recipe..

  • Gangadhar

    oye, need these chandrakantalu,right now..hehe. Actually i like these sweets a lot.. My amma,sister,mom-in-law do these sweets.. but i like them done by amma only.. ๐Ÿ™‚ I wonder, all of them do it with same effort..but why the difference in taste?

  • Gangadhar

    And one vote from my side..
    thanks for all the preparation info..hope my people can better themselves! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • krithika

    looks divine. never tasted this before.

  • Aruna


    I tried ur recipe & it was delicious… Thx.

    But when deep frying (even though on low heat) mine turned brown quite quickly & could not get the golden hue as in ur pictures.. Any suggestions for that??

    It tasted heavenly though….

  • meghana

    HI Sailu didi,

    the sweet looks really yummy … i would like to try it out for sure, but could you please tell me what kind of cloth to be used , coz u mentioned that we need to pour the mixture on to a wet cloth, so shoudh this be that musslin texture or any cloth would do. please let me know.

    Meghana, any material will do, just ensure that you have at least 3 layers of the cloth your using. Fold whatever cloth your using to make 3 to 4 layers.

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  • vidhya

    thats seriously so awesome…muh me paani aa rahaa hai….u r so cool to put this recipe online….thanks

  • Madhu

    My ammamma used to do those for festivals…in srikakulam….
    I cant believe i saw this recipe here … now that ammamma is not with us anymore, i can use your recipe…. in her memory…
    Thanks a lot!!!

    -Madhu ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sailaja

    Hi Sailu garu..
    I am also sailaja from Vizag currently staing in US for last 10 yrs. I know this sweet but I would like to add an other ingredient .. which is Sanaga Pappu (Chana Dal). If you add the pesarapappu and sanagapappu in equal portions and continue the remaining procedure as it is.. it will be even tastier.


  • rani

    hai sailu
    nice recipe yaar
    can u help me in telling how to make gorimitalu?
    my son likes in very much .i don’t know how to do please help me.
    happy vinayaka chavithi.

  • Sumana

    Hi Sailu,

    I am totally impressed with the recipe for Chandrakantalu. I am from A.P too but this sweet is new to me. I tried it today and it turned out great. Just in time for my weekend party.

    Sailu I have a concern regarding your recipe being posted on another website. I thought I should bring it to your notice. Every detail in the recipe is the same. Check the link below.

    Thanks for your kind words, Sumana and appreciate you taking time to inform me.

  • joshmybench

    Hi sailaja garu..
    I try most of your recipes..and they turn out exactly like yours… but chandrakantalu were a failure… i made Kajjikayalu and chandrakantalu today and the texture of the chandrakantalu was soggy even though i struggled a lot to take care the texture comes right…. so ultimately i had to turn the paste into modak kinda thing and use it as kajjikayalu filling… First failure so far..i was badly disappointed.. but I guess its my mistake of not using a cloth… i used 3-4 layers of thick tissue roll. i am not sure if that’s what went wrong…I would give it another try!

  • Minti

    I made this one a while back -I was so excited before making it – somehow the recipe didn’t taste as good even though I followed it exactly.

  • swetha

    hey sailu, u have been wonderful in d world of cooking and can u please do a favour …we don’t know meaning of cardamom powder.

    Elaichi, elakaya aka cardamom.

  • kavitha

    Hi Sailaja Garu, I was intoduced to your recipes by my cousin…I tried Chandrakantalu for the first time today after following your recipe and it came out well….My children also loved the Veg patties and roti kathi….thanks for your lovely recipes…..Happy Diwali..

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  • muggulu

    Hi this is muggulu..the sweet looks really yummy รขโ‚ฌยฆ i would like to try it out for sure, but could you please tell me what kind of cloth to be used , coz u mentioned that we need to pour the mixture on to a wet cloth, so shoudh this be that musslin ..http//

  • arien everlast

    The chandrakantaalu look absolute gold! 5 stars for you Sailu garu! Now more people can cook them thanks to you!
    They look so much like mom’s…
    Mom made chandrakantalu after many years this sankranti, due to it’s prep she gets very flustered as there are other dishes to be cooked and the fact that sons-in-law and the little grand children are eagerly waiting for the lavish lunch…Oh and my sis likes the raw ones before the deep frying…I am the one who likes the red crispy ones. Yum dish this one!
    Good to know that there are other andhraites out there still in touch with the golden oldies in recipes.

  • Jitendra Kumar Sahoo

    Thanks for this recipe, I love this and I have been searching for this quite some time

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  • sandhya satti

    Today I tried it .I have followed same steps as you mentioned.But they turned out bad.First batch became black in color as shown in image and second batch when i put oil they separated as shown in image

  • Chida P

    Namaste Sailu garu. yesterday i have tried chandrakanthalu. i could not cut into pieces. when i am continuously stirring the laddle became very heavy and on the bottom of pan also neat and clean. immediately tansferred to wet cloth . but could not cut into pieces. First time from your blog recipe failure. Every time it was good . Taste was good .After looking at photos can you please guide me i would like to give one more trial on this receipe .where i made a mistake ?