Butter Paneer Masala

Paneer Butter Masala ~ How to make Paneer Butter Masala

Butter Paneer Masala, a bright orange-colored smooth,creamy and light buttery flavored North Indian fare, is one of the most popular main course food items in Indian restaurants.Calcium rich fresh homemade paneer cubes are simmered lightly with a rich buttery onion-tomato sauce and spices,flavored with pleasantly bitter dry fenugreek leaves and further enriched with cashew nut paste.


Butter Paneer Masala Recipe


250 gms paneer Рcubed and saut̩ in a tbsp of ghee till golden brown, remove into a dish and add a cup of hot water to the fried paneer cubes and let them sit in it for 5mts,then drain the water and keep aside
2 big onions (blanch for 10 mts and puree)
1 tbsp ginger-garlic paste
1 tsp red chilli pwd (I used kashmiri chillis) you can increase to 1 1/2 tsps
3 big ripe tomatoes (blanch ,de-skin and puree)
3 tbsps cashewnut paste
1 tsp coriander pwd
1/4 tsp haldi (turmeric pwd)
1 tsp kasuri methi (dry fenugreek leaves)
garam masala pwd (make a pwd of 3 cloves,1 green cardamom and 1” cinnamon)
salt to taste
3 tbsps butter
2 tbsps fresh cream

Heat 2 tbsp of butter in a pan, add the onion paste and sauté till light brown (approx 8-10 mts). Add ginger-garlic paste. Saute for 3 minutes. Add chilli pwd and combine, followed by the cashew paste and combine.

Add tomato puree, crushed kasuri methi,coriander pwd, haldi, garam masala and salt. Stir and let it simmer for 4-5 mts.

Add the paneer and simmer for 4-5 minutes. Add a small cup of water and let it cook on medium heat for 10 mts or till you get the desired curry consistency. Remove from fire, stir in remaining butter and fresh cream.

Let the curry sit for 10-15 mts before serving. Garnish with coriander leaves. Serve hot with rotis, naan , paranthas or simple steamed white rice.


Butter Paneer Masala is cooked on the same lines as Kadai Paneer , a creamy curry where paneer is cooked with bell peppers and tomatoes and served in a kadai (restaurant style).

I enjoy these melt-in-the-mouth tender cubes of paneer, appealing velvety texture and color, bursting with flavor butter paneer masala with rotis, salad and a glass of mango lassi. I love the color, texture and taste of this delicious vegetarian curry. So, now that you have Paneer Butter masala recipe, will you make it? 🙂

Restaurant style Paneer Butter Masala

Butter Paneer Masala

  Prepare time:
 Serves: 2

 Main Ingredients:

  •  paneer


Paneer butter masala recipe, a classic North Indian dish served in restaurants. Learn how to make Paneer Butter Masala, best among Vegetarian Indian recipes
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    Priya,hope I do justice to both the cam and food..:) 

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      I’ve been looking for recipes that I can make at home as there are no Indian restaurants in my region.

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    Wow,short cut 5 min version…..I’d love to hear more about that.
    I have invested in a SONY cybershot for [starters]!! :D)

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    Gayatri, this recipe should serve 5-6 people. 

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    This is my first time leaving a comment, I just couldnt resist and I tried your recipe and it just turned out like yours except I added mutter too ..thanks for a very dependable recipe.

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    Merry Christmas and happy new year.

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    After having tasted butter panner masala in Singapore, my 16 yr old veg son and 18 yr old almost veg daughter wanted the dish. I accessed your recipe and tried it. It turned out to be a six star recipe, an utter success. It’s the first time I made it and I must congratulate you. Rest assured that it will become a family favourite. Thank you.

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    I have one question though. How does ur curry end up with that amazing restaurant-like-color? Please let me know!

    Thanks and have a great time!

    Thanks for dropping by, Sandhya. The color of the curry is due to the use of the chilli pwd which we prepare at home by sun drying spices like turmeric, kashmiri chillis, methi seeds, garlic, cumin etc. Generally I use this masala chilli pwd or kashmiri chillis. When I fried the paneer pieces in ghee, I added a pinch of haldi too.

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    do we need to boil them in water for some time until they are soft?

    Boil some water and add the onions with a + slit of top and leave it for 4-5 mts. Turn off, cool and make a paste. Repeat the same with tomatoes, ensure that you blanch for 3 mts for tomatoes.

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    I tried this recipe looking at the lovely picture.It was mouth-watering.It turned out to be as good as it looked.My husband just loved it…..and me too.He said it tasted just like how it is made in hotels.PERFECT recipe for butter paneer masala.

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    You can use malai.

  • sonum3

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    what can i use for fresh cream, cool whip or sour cream…let me know….

    You can use top of milk (malai) if you don’t have fresh cream on hand. But no sour cream. I have no idea what cool whip is.

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    Yes, they have copied my image. Very unfortunate. Thanks for informing me, Resmi.

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    Loved reading the recipe, so i am definetly going to give it a try. How can i prepare fresh cream at home?
    Can curd be used instead? Thank you.

    You can use top of milk cream (malai).

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    Some changes for convenience:
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    – roughly chopped the onions and put it in a coffee grinder (easier to wash than a blender).
    -used one can of diced tomatoes. I saved the juice and used that instead of water in the last step.
    -Didn’t have any cashewnut paste…I suppose one could crush regular cashews right?

    Outcome: This is the 2nd Indian recipe i have made in my life. It was very easy and tasty. The biggest pain was the onions, but even those are available pre-chopped for those short on time or with sensitive eyes. Thank you for the pics which inspired me to try this recipe 🙂

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    I am glad you liked the recipe, Chandra Shekar.:) You can subscribe to my posts by leaving your email id in the side bar feedburner box.

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    Chaala thanksu..
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    I made butter paneer masala for dinner with roti and my kids and husband loved it very much.while making for kids i just excluded all the chillies and chilli powder and added some white pepper instead, my toddler also loved it.simply delicious!

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    dear sailu,
    hi! i tried out butter paneer masala for dinner and every one in my house liked it. it was very very yummy and i was searching for this recipe from a long time. thank you…
    please publish if you have any recipe for preparing chocolate cakes as well as ice creams to try out in this hot summer…

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    Can you suggest an alternative to kasturi methi, as we dont get it here in any of the Indian shops, does Paneer butter masala taste as good without Kasturi methi??
    Many thanks.

    Kasturi methi makes all the difference to this dish. You need to use it to get the authentic taste.

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    Its looking very good and yummy but i have a one question though, u said to make paste of blanched onions but how to do that? i mean how to blanch onions?

    Heat enough water, add peeled onion (but as a whole) and let the water come to a boil. Let the onions cook in this water for atleast 6 -7 mts. The large onions might take a little more time. Drain and cool. Then make a paste of the blanched onions for this particular recipe.

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    I just made this from your recipe, and it turned out as good (if not better) than I had from a restaurant two weeks ago!! I have book-marked this page as this was my first ever curry I have made and will never remember the way to make it. If I can make it turn out good, so can anyone!! Thanks for the recipe 🙂

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    I saw the same picture in other site for the dish, Mogalai Paneer.


    This is the link.

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    As long as you have credited the source, its fine, Shoumik. Thanks for informing me.

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    Hi Sailu
    can u tell me how many servings can be made with this recipe?I am preparing this for a party of 25.

    You can make 4-5 servings with the above recipe. You can prepare 1 1/2 kgs of paneer for a party of 25 people.

  • meena


    i tried this receipe it was really good.

  • Anuradha

    Hi Sailu,
    I’m a regular visitor of your blog and have enjoyed reading all your posts. I recently tried out Butter Paneer Masala and followed the exact instructions given by you. Needless to say, the end result was fantastic. Thank you so much for sharing this awesome recipe.

  • monica

    Hi, what kind of cream should I buy? What should I look for at the grocery store? Thanks, love it, love the pictures. yummmmmmmmmmmmmmy

    When you boil milk, the layer which forms on top, can be used or you could use fresh cream.

  • divya

    I had a dinner party on friday and tried this yuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmyyyy recipe,it was a hit.I had a problem in opening your website while trying to have a look at the method,so I carried on with my own method with the ingredients list in my hand.Sorry about that.i’ll make sure next time i’ll do it the same method.
    Whenever there is a party I visit your site to try new recipes.Among the recipes i tried everything was sure hit.Soya chunks vegetable pulao,methi chaman hariyali,punnukulu,gobi manchurian….wow…thank u so much for all the recipes.
    thanks a lot
    waiting for more vegan recipes

  • smit

    what is kasthuri methi?

    Dried fenugreek leaves = Kasuri methi. Learn more about methi/fenugreek

  • Beatrice

    Instead of 3 big tomatoes can we substitue tomato puree if so how much should we? could you please help me, coz I dont get good fresh ripe tomatoes at our place (germany) even if I go for it its too expensive in some supermarkets, this season. But I’m longing to try ur recipe. And cream what is the percentage of cream to be used 30 or 10% fat to get the richness?
    Thank you

    Beatrice, you can use 1 1/2 cups of tomato puree and 10% fat should do. How ever you could also use 30% fat. Hope this helps and you enjoy the dish. 🙂

  • Beatrice

    Thank you so much!!! For you speedy reply,this will help me and many others too, Sailu,for giving us a way out. shall try and get back soon to u! God Bless your Hands!

  • blinkandmiss

    My God Sailu!! You’ve hit the jackpot with this recipe. I made paneer butter masala tonight with some minor tweaks as per availability of ingredients and it was a super duper hit. Take a bow lady, this recipe tastes just like the restaurant version!

    When I prepare it again and manage to photograph it before I wipe the bowl clean, I will surely blog about it and share the joy!

    Thanks again.

  • Beatrice

    Dear Sailu,
    Your recipe is a perfect recipe and the substitutes you advised me were just perfect enough, nothing at all to say just one thing “Perfect”.

  • http://kavithabhargav.blogspot.com Kavitha

    Hi Sailu,

    I have answered a question in yahoo answers by referring your website and of course, I have mentioned the link to your blog.

  • Za

    Thanks for the recipe. My family enjoyed it very much!~ Added a half cup of cream.:)

  • raja

    very very nice recipes. we just made it and it came out nice in color and smell.

  • Munni

    Hi Shailu,

    Can you suggest which cream is good to use in paneer butter masala. i used heavy cream,it was O.K. Are there any other creams which work better than heavy cream (not home made)?


    The top of milk, also called malai aka meegada, work best. But you can also use whipping cream.

  • Sangeetha

    Hi Shailu,

    You are a wonderful cook. I tried this recipe, it came out really good. This site is a best gift for learners.

    Best Regards,

  • Pinaki

    I tried your paneer butter masala recipe today. It was awesome. It taste really very good.


  • http://indus-valleys.blogspot.com/ Indu

    I was searching for a butter paneer masala recipe and got a very very good looking picture 🙂
    Will definitely try this one , In btw how did you get this bright orange color? when i use tomato puree & cashew nut paste , i usually end up with a slight yellowish color, could you please tell me how you got this color


    Use very good quality Kashmiri Chillis. Soak in water and make a fine paste with turmeric pwd (1/4 tsp). OR use good quality Kashmiri Chilli pwd.

  • Mamatha

    I made this dish this weekend when we had company and I served it with saffron pulao and raita. It turned out so well that our guest wanted the recipe. Your recipes and instructions never fail. Thanks so much for the excellent job you’re doing by way of your blog.


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    • kalyani

      hi sailu
      i tried this recipe today
      it came out delicious
      this site is a good for learners
      thanks for this yummy receipe

  • siree

    nice recipe

  • Lucky

    Hiiii just tried this recipe and unfortunately it is a flop show .The curry is so bitter in taste i followed the same procedure as you said can u plz suggest me the changes plzzz i love paneer butter masala so much


  • Gayathri

    Hi Sailugaru,

    thank u so much for this recipe..made this yest… guests loved it… it was simply superb… I am a regular in floowing your blog for recipes,,, would say I ve become of ur cooking… thanks again


  • ax

    hi…i tried it and it came out awesum..just like in restaurants..!!..its simple,easy to follow,but it was just lip smacking good…really tasty..
    thanks a lot..!!!

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  • Gangka

    Hi Sailugaru;

    I couldn’t get any paneer over here in Malaysia nowadays. Last time the store that I used to buy is not selling this product anymore. My 2 yr old toddler loves this. Is there any other variation such as feta cheese or sheep/goat cheese that I can substitute. If can, how to do this? I hope you can guide me.

    Many Thanks.

    • chinku

      make your own

  • maruthi

    what is the cream means here?

    Venna ? or Sour Cream ?

    • Sailu

      Use top of milk (meegada/malai) or Amul fresh cream.

  • Rathi

    Hello Sailu

    Finally I thought I’d leave a comment on your blog…am like a “serial” follower of your page. Your recipes are awesome, and I have tried a lot of it, and not once did anything taste bad…matter of fact they were all “too” good!!!

    I tried this one too, and I swear by it, if I have to. One of the best, beats all the restaurant paneer butter masala! I loved it and so did hubby darling, and am making it again today for good friend of ours. One of my favorite recipe frm here is your “spicy chicken curry”..omg soo YUM!

    Keep more dishes and recipes coming in…I would love to see some baked Indian snack recipes from you.

    I have been recommending your page to everyone I know…and I tell them, just follow the recipe as is, dont tinker it..and you’d have a best tasting dish ever!


  • Sushmita

    Hi Sailaja Ma’m,

    Why do we need to keep the fried paneer cubes in water for few mins ? Does it make the paneer soft ?

    Thanks & Regards,

  • Deepa

    Hi Sailu,

    I’m a great fan of your cooking.I live in Chicago,US.I always try your recipes.Butter paneer masala came out awesome..My hubby & frndz liked it a lot.All the credit goes to you.Thanks for the wonderful recipe.Keep rocking dear!!

    Deepa Jaikanth

  • suhashini

    hi sailu, i m also from vizag and love your recepies.have you plans of starting your own restaurant? plz let me know cause i am already running one in a prime area….bye

  • Pooja

    it looks so delicious and yummy to eat.so colourful………..
    cant wait…………..

  • Latha

    I tried this recipe…it was delicious..


  • Priya

    Dear Mrs,Sailu:
    I am a great big fan of your site!
    I am going to try your recipe.How do you blanch onions?

  • Priya

    Dear Mrs,Sailu:
    I am a great big fan of your site!
    I am going to try your recipe.How do you blanch onions?

  • SasuraBadaPaisewala

    Oye, I got a really bad case of tatti after eating this crap! You are a cheat.

  • SasuraBadaPaisewala

    Oye, I got a really bad case of tatti after eating this crap! You are a cheat.

  • Azra

    Just made butter paneer masala.turned out awesome.thanks for sharing such a wonderful recipe

  • yen

    Sailaja garu, I tried this today and it came out very well, Thank you very much!

  • yen

    Sailaja garu, I tried this today and it came out very well, Thank you very much!

  • Snicka90

    May i know what fresh cream is this ?

    • Anonymous

      Its heavy cream.

    • Anonymous

      Its heavy cream.

    • Anonymous

      Its heavy cream.

  • Snicka90

    May i know what fresh cream is this ?

  • Anonymous

    hi sailu garu
    can i use mayfield heavy whipping cream as substitute for malai


    • Anonymous

      No.Use half and half if you do not have malai.

    • Anonymous

      No.Use half and half if you do not have malai.

  • Anonymous

    hi sailu garu
    can i use mayfield heavy whipping cream as substitute for malai


  • Anonymous

    sailu garu

    can u tel me what is heavy whipping cream mean for?

  • Anonymous

    sailu garu

    can u tel me what is heavy whipping cream mean for?

  • Ranjani

    Dear sailu,

    Thanks for posting this wonderful recipe. I tried this yesterday and it came out really well. My husband appreciated me that it tastes like in restaurants.

    I have one doubt. U have mentioned to use fresh cream. i had a big confusion when i went to store to buy this and bought this Nestle Light cream. Link for this,

    But still am thinking , did i use a correct cream…. If not, please suggest me some good products which i can get in India also?

    Please clarify my doubt. Awaiting for your reply to try more recipes

    Thanks in advance.

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  • ashitha

    is fresh cream necessary? or can i substitute it with something else???

    • Sailu | Indian Food

      You can use malai/top of milk.

  • Agnes

    Hi Sailu,
    I tried this recipe yesterday and it was excellent. Only one thing I would like to improve, maybe I’m doing something wrong but most of my dishes is little too much sour. Do you know what can be the reason? Maybe tomatoes? Thanks.
    Best Regards,

    • Sailu | Indian Food

      Yes, its the tomatoes. Reduce them.

    • Sailu | Indian Food

      Yes, its the tomatoes. Reduce them.

  • Agnes

    Hi Sailu,
    I tried this recipe yesterday and it was excellent. Only one thing I would like to improve, maybe I’m doing something wrong but most of my dishes is little too much sour. Do you know what can be the reason? Maybe tomatoes? Thanks.
    Best Regards,

  • Durga_harikb

    How to make cashew paste? Can we get that in ready made somewhere?

  • Laura Reese

    I am new to cooking indian food. What is the purpose of soaking the paneer after frying it? Made this today, and the sauce turned out very tasty. I didn’t have cashews on hand, so used almond butter instead.

    • Sailu | Indian Food

      It basically softens the sauteed paneer.

  • http://www.stylecraze.com/ Divya Kerani

    Hi Sailu,

    I love paneer curries. I have a doubt. Usually i will buy Paneer and cook on the same day. Ofcouse it tastes some times good and sometime not. My sister will normally store it for 15 to 20 days and uses it when is a need. Can you suggest me that “Using a stored paneer is good for health”?

    Thanks in advance

  • silpa

    hello sailu,
    thank you for all the lovely recipes and your wonderful blog.i have tried many of your recipes and for the most part they have been very successful.i tried this yesterday and found that the pureed onion paste took forever to brown and even then it only turned a very light brown,not the brown of fried onions,and i had to add lots more butter to the pan to keep the paste from sticking to the pan and frying than was mentioned in the recipe.was i doing something wrong?the final product was pretty tasty,but was hoping that you could tip me as to what i could do to save me the long laborious process of browning the onion puree next time.thank you in advance.

  • komala

    HI Sailu Garu,

    I tried this recipe, it came well,we enjoyed it.
    Thanks for posting good recipes

  • Zenab Khan

    tried this and came out very tasty !! just my paneer pieces became a little hard on the surface ! any solution for it?

    • Sailu | Indian Food

      Zenab, the next time you make this curry, you can follow this step for melt in the mouth paneer. Place the paneer in warm water for a few mts and drain. Do not stir fry the paneer. Add it directly to the curry for a soft textured paneer.

      • Zenab Khan

        thankyou so much !

  • nisha

    I tried this receipt today….n guess Wat…it ws delicious….I wanted to try butter paneer in different way….so thought to try this receipt….n seriously it ws yummy…

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