Vegetable Masala Toast

Vegetable Masala Toast

This morning I prepared Iyengar Bakery style ‘Vegetable Open Sandwich’ for breakfast. Makes for a colorful lunch box treat for kids. While packing Nehal’s snack box, I went the grilled sandwich way. You can serve it as an open or grilled sandwich.

Heat a tbsp of olive oil in a cooking vessel. Add a chopped onion and a chopped green chili and saute for 4 mts. Add one chopped capsicum and one grated carrot and saute for another 6 mts. Add salt to taste, 1/2 tsp red chili pwd and pinch of turmeric pwd. Mix well. Add a tbsp of tomato ketchup, a tbsp of lemon juice and chopped coriander leaves and mix. Turn of heat and remove onto a plate.

Toast whole wheat or brown bread on one side, spread some tomato sauce, spoon some of the vegetable masala all over and toast the other side of the bread in a few drops of ghee or butter.

Iyengar Bakery Style Vegetable Open Sandwich

Vegetable Masala Toast

  Prepare time:
 Serves: 3

 Main Ingredients:

  •  bread
  •   carrot
  •   capsicum


This morning I prepared Iyengar Bakery style 'Vegetable Open Sandwich' for breakfast. Makes for a colorful lunch box treat for kids. While packing Nehal's snack box, I went the grilled sandwich way. You can serve it as an open or grilled sandwich.

33 thoughts on “Vegetable Masala Toast

  1. I cannot believe how you conjure up all these ideas and have the patience to click such beautiful pictures! Just these pictures are a true motivation to cook!

  2. Hi Sailu,

    great recipe. I have a question.. whenever i pack sandwiches for the kids, they complain that it turns soggy. How do you pack for Nehal? it is a silly question but appreciate your reply. My kids love all your recipes and they are simply wonderful and easy to make.

    Many thanks

    1. Usually I wrap in an aluminum foil and place in a ziplock bag. Its far less soggy this way. For most sandwiches, I place a dry lettuce leaf and then place the wet ingredients. Cheese slices help to prevent sogginess. And never use fresh tomato slices in sandwiches while packing them because its the surest way to a soggy sandwich.

    2. The secret of making a perfect sandwich/ sub/ burger is to layer the ingredients in such a way that each has a distinct role to play. For making a sandwich “non-soggy” is to firstly spread a layer of fat such as butter, spread, mayo, cream cheese, etc onto both sides of the toasted bread. This way the moistness of the sandwich fillings doesn’t seep into the bread. An extra barrier such as lettuce/ baby spinach/ other greens which Sailu mentioned also helps.

      Sailu garu, my version of this Bengaluru favorite has garlic powder and pepper powder instead of chilli powder and tomato ketchup. Buttering the toast gives it a more authentic taste. Sometimes I also make the “bell pepper-only gujju” and “carrot-only gujju” separately and make a double layer sandwich. When cut, the cross section reveals a distinct green and orange layers with the white toast outlining it. These curries/ gujjus can be stored in the refrigerator for a few days. This brings back childhood memories of my favorite iyenger-bakery corner joint.

  3. hello sailu garu… I made this masala toast today as an evening snack for my son…. and it came out fantastic. Thank you so much for this simple yummy item. Also if possible can u plz post makki ki roti recepie.

  4. Hai Sailu,

    I tried this today and my husband and daughter loved it.
    Thank you very much finally we got the taste which we lost long time ago.

  5. Sailu garu
    Thanks for ur nice recepie, my husband liked so much,and also it solved my sunday dinner instead of oats or cereals.

  6. hi sailu my name is also sailu i regularly watch your blog s and i like cooking and i like to learn some new food from your kitchen iwant sponge cake recepies if you have any of the recepies about sponge cake can you put them on your sailu,’skitchen bye i have tried some of your curries thanks and there are good bye

  7. Hai, sister sailu,
    Thankyou so much for this recipe hatsoff to you,,,,,,
    Can you pl. tell how can I save your Ebook…..? UR replay will be greatly appreciated.

  8. Hi Sailu,
    I tried this and it turned out very well. Iam a new bee here. Myself being newly married and a working women. Cooking is a bit difficult for me as i have never been into cooking before :P.
    Your blog is my life saver now.

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