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How to make Naan (without yeast)

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All of us at home relish Naan. Most times we pick up at a take-away but in recent past I have been preparing Naan at home. Its almost close to the Naan prepared the traditional way using the tandoor (clay oven). Without the use of tandoor or an oven, and without yeast or egg, the popular Indian flatbread can be made at home with the help of our ever reliable iron tawa. It comes out wonderfully light and fluffy with a smoky flavor. I am yet to try the pressure cooker method of cooking Naan. Anyone had good results using a pressure cooker? Do let us know in the comments.

Our Sunday Meal ~ Homemade Naan and Methi Matar Malai

How to prepare home style Naan:

Naan Recipe

Dough resting: 2 hrs Prep & Cooking: 10 mts

Makes approx 8-9 Naans

Cuisine: North Indian



2 cups all purpose flour/maida

1/2 cup warm milk

1/2 cup curd/yogurt

1/4 tsp salt

1 tsp sugar

3/4 tsp baking pwd

pinch of baking soda

1 tsp kalonji or chopped coriander or herbs of your choice (optional)

1-2 tbsps butter

1 Sieve flour, baking pwd, baking soda and salt two times. Place the sieved flour on a wide plate. Make a well in the center of the flour and pour sugar, milk, yogurt and slowly combine, to form a soft dough. Cover with damp cloth and let it rest for 2 hrs.
2 After two hrs, knead the dough gently for 2 mts. Dust the working surface with some flour, pinch a large lemon sized dough and roll into a thick roti, slightly elongated in shape. Sprinkle a few onion seeds/kalonji.
3 Wet your fingers with water and run your fingers along one side of the roti.
4 Heat a iron tawa and once its hot, place the naan, wet side down and place a lid and cook for 40-45 secs on high flame. Remove the lid and you will find that the naan bubbles up. Now cook the other side of the naan over direct heat of the burner using tongs, spreading the naan all over the heat such that brown spots appear. Do this for a few secs only and not too close to the flame.
5 Drizzle some butter over the naan and serve hot with any curry of your choice like Methi Matar Malai or Nilgiri Chicken Korma.


Alternately, you can pat the roti instead of rolling it, and stretch it using your fingers.

Homemade Naan without yeast

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By • Feb 22nd, 2010 • Category: All Recipes, Flour Recipes, How To Cook, Indian Bread Recipes, Indian Vegetarian Recipes, North Indian Recipes

  • Santhoshi Srinivas

    Hi Sailu, would like to appreciate u for the efforts u put in making each dish wonderful…..WISH U ALL THE BEST!

    Thank you, Santhoshi. :)

  • Maninas

    Yay! Naan recipe! Thanks

  • sheila

    a naan not baked is not a naan at all professionaly n technically and naans are far more thicker.

    • B

      Hi Sheila: I for one am more interested in taste and nutrition than professional or technical definitions

  • Usha

    Nice recipe and better that it can be done at home

  • Vishnu

    Sheila, I agree with baking part, but “cook the other side on direct heat of burner using tongs” kind of does the same thing as a tandoor does, isn’t it?

    On the thickness front, we find a lot of thick and non-fluffy naans in the restaurants here in NY area. Fluffiness is a pre-requisite here, not thickness, IMHO. Thanks Saily for the recipe, looking forward to try it. Since I dont have direct flames (electric cooktop), I will try baking the other side in an oven and see how it comes out.

  • Asha

    I have tried so many methods of making Naans, still restaurant style Naan recipe is elusive to me. Your’s look great, tastes best when they are fresh.

  • AshaLatha R K Prasad

    That is a splendid yummy plate to relish upon…. I automatically saved it without any thoughts…… My mind acts immediately when something is really mesmerizing, even without me thinking about it…. LOOKS LIKE A FORTUNE…..


  • Valli

    Hi sailaja….

    i have one doubt…..i have an electric stove….i.e. coil stove not gas stove….so how can i cook on the other side……

    You can use an oven to prepare naan. Pre heat oven to 250 C and place baking sheet in the upper middle area and allow to pre heat for 10 mts. Place the naan on the baking sheet and bake for 4-5 mts.

  • subhadra

    Hi Sailaja,
    I tried these naans last night, they have come out really well.. I have added half a sachet of ‘Eno’ instead of soda, the result was equally good. Thanks for the recipe..
    Keep up the good work..

  • amy

    Hi Sailu,
    here is the link for naan in pressure cooker

    Thank you, Amy.

  • Anu

    Hi Sailu,

    I am a regular visitor to your site and it helps me a lot in my cooking.

    Naan looks great. I searched for methi matar malai curry in your web-site and didn’t find it. Can you please post it?

    Thanks & Regards,

    I am yet to blog it, Anu. Will post it today.

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  • Mallika

    Looks lovely. Does it come out soft? My great aunt has a recipe using self raising flour and soda water. Works a treat!

    Yes, Mallika, soft and fluffy. I should try with soda water the next time I prepare Naan.

  • Swapna

    Hi Sailu,
    Thanks for the recipe! Can we prepare the naan earlier and does it remain soft when we reheat it? Please reply! I really hate to stand in the kitchen in the night and usually prepare the dinner by evening!

    Yes, it will remain soft. Once you prepare the Naan, wrap it in a paper towel and heat it in a microwave when required.

  • Sathya


    I was looking for the naan recipe for so long in ur website. I got it now. Thanks for the recipe.

  • deepthiraju

    thanks sailu for sharing such a simple way of making naan…we tried it n they were very soft n tasty……..made palak paneer too from ur recipe n it was delicious….i really appreciate ur style of explaining even the minute details of cooking process which is a lot of help especially to beginners like us……

  • Anne

    What a great food site. I will definitely be back and try your naan

  • Hari Priya

    Hai Sailu garu,

    Just now came from dinner after having naans made with your directions. They came out very well. I entered your blog just to say thanks. Thank you for your postings. Without browsing your blog my day will not end. Thank you once again.

    Hari Priya

  • Latha

    Hi Sailu,

    I made the naans for lunch today. they came out exceptionally well, even for first try. I have a ceramic electric cooking range. I used the phulka roaster we get back in India (it has a handle and square shaped)for the directly cooking part. also i don’t have an iron tava so used the normal non-stick. sharing these infos for those who would like to try even without a gas stove:)

    have you tried with whole wheat flour?

  • swap

    wow! very nice i have searched for this trying without using yeast and oven. really thanx i liked this dish.really amazing! we could feel better if u can show this in live.

  • Nivedita

    HI Sailu
    Thanks for such a wonderful recipe. I have grabbed the recipe from your blog and taken it to my blog. Check out my blog!!

  • dee

    hi there
    i just wanted to tell you that i tried ur recipe today!!… i wasnt too impressed. they looked beautiful but did NOT fluff up, i felt like they were a little heavy. soft but not fluffy. I baked it on a hot aluminum pan.



  • Anupama

    Hello Sailu garu,

    I have been following your blogs for past 6 months now and have gained a lot of popularity as a cook myself. I really appreciate your work. I am going to try the naans tonight. Its good to get the authentic andhra cuisine as well as north-indian recipes all in one shot.

  • yamini

    Hi Sailu,

    I have a conventional oven and a toaster oven too. Can I tweek this naan recipe such that I can just roll the naan and put in either of the ovens?

    Can you please post a variation to the recipe with oven instructions, instead of usinga tava?

    Also, most naan recipes require yeast and your doesn’t, will the one with yeast come out softer?

  • jahan

    I just mixed everything in a food processor.I did use everything in your ingredients except baking soda because I dont have baking soda at home.I will see how it comes out.Usually I make naan with yeast but i was looking for a recipe without yeast because sometimes if air gets in the yeast then the dough does not fluff up and my dough gets wasted.So decided to try your recipe.So lets see.I usually bake the naan at 265 degrees farenheigt for 45 minutes in a toaster oven ,so i was wondering whether you baked naans in the oven.

    • Sailu

      I haven’t bake naan in the oven.

  • Deena

    Hi Sheila,
    I have also tried naan at home on my tawa and they have become really good, what I do is, I don’t put lid on tawa, after sticking naan to the tawa, I turn the tawa upside down and let the naan cook on direct flame it comes out really good in jjust a second. Btw I really like ur blog and have also tried most of the recipes. I must say u r too good.

    • Deena

      Hi Sailu,
      I m extremely sorry to mis-spell ur name in my earlier comment

  • Archana

    HI Sailu Ji,

    I tried making naan following ur recipe today and it turned out be awesome..
    Very soft and tasty..Thanq so much for the wonderful recipes u have shared…

    Btw we visited Vizag last week and we had a very nice holiday there…The city is beautiful,amazing scenic views…..

  • Kala

    Hiii sailu garu
    I tried the recipe and it came out very well…thanks for the recipe

  • Baby Monitor

    Thanks so much for this recipe. I have tried many times to make some lovely naan and this is the first recipe that my whole family likes. Thanks again.

  • Shivi

    Hey sailu……….thnx for ur naan recipe…………it proved to be a great dish for a special celebration dinner at my place…………god bless………

  • Shivi

    Hey sailu……….thnx for ur naan recipe…………it proved to be a great dish for a special celebration dinner at my place…………god bless…….thanx a ton sweets..

  • HP

    Very nice recipe enjoyed the Naan’s and loved them :)

  • http://gmail ghousia

    nice and helpful but could be with a vedio for more help for a easier way
    anyway loved the recipe wishing more such reipies :) ;)

  • vidwata

    Hi Sailu,

    I tried out your recipe.. It got delicious result. Thanks a ton… I just had one doubt..I used powdered sugar.. Did u mean that or the granular sugar only?

    • Anonymous

      Granulated sugar.

    • IDIET


    • IDIET


  • mona

    Hi Sailu, thanks for sharing this wonderful naan recipe, my husband & i are a great fan of naans, though my each attempt was just ok, but this naan surprises both of us amazingly, naan was so ‘cozy’, & tasteful. THANKS!

  • mona

    Hi Sailu, thanks for sharing this wonderful naan recipe, my husband & i are a great fan of naans, though my each attempt was just ok, but this naan surprises both of us amazingly, naan was so ‘cozy’, & tasteful. THANKS!

  • Zaara

    Hi Sailu, i tried your naan recipe today and they came out amazing! thanks for sharing this gr8 recipe.. :)

  • Schee culina

    Hi Sailu:) Thanks a bunch for sharing this wonderful recipe. And yes, I have tried making the naans in the pressure cooker:) See the result for yourself :)
    Ive reblogged this with references, hope youre ok with that?? Love

  • Renu

    Perfect Naan, so soft and so easy to digest. Especially when had fresh. Thanks a lot, ,y whole family enjoyed this recipe.

  • Renu

    Perfect Naan, so soft and so easy to digest. Especially when had fresh. Thanks a lot, ,y whole family enjoyed this recipe.

  • Ushasree Chevuru

    Hey…Sailu, i’ve tried this recipe and it came out really well. It was so soft (even when it is not so hot) and it was not saggy or chewy at all (unlike we get in the restaurants). I’ve made the dough as told by you and frying the naans was in a different way though.
    Thanks for the recipe and here is the link to your recipe (with a few changes) in my way ;-).

  • <3 :D

    so far it’s been going really well, thanks for the recipe, and i will enjoy it again and again! :D

  • <3 :D

    so far it’s been going really well, thanks for the recipe, and i will enjoy it again and again! :D

  • Melita

    I was just wondering, will this recipe work in the shape of a loaf? like a quick bread?

  • Meera

    Thanks for the recipe. I tried it today and they came out great. Have tried other recipes for Naans before but this one was the best.

  • Meera

    Thanks for the recipe. I tried it today and they came out great. Have tried other recipes for Naans before but this one was the best.

  • Sriya Aditya Bhardwaj

    I made naan and thaks a lot..MY Family loved it

  • kamal

    Hi,Wow my family liked your naan recipe ,I was looking for recipe without yeast and you have so many vegetarian recipes which i was looking for .Thanks for the recipe ,my next party at home for sure i am making them again.

    • mridula

      Hi, loved this recipe. I had a party and i was so scared how the naans are going to be, everybody loved them.
      thanks for the receipe

  • Christina

    Hi Sailu, I want to thank you for this wonderful recipe! It came out just as well as the yeast version I once made and it impressed my dinner companion. I’m making it again for dinner tonight!

  • mili

    Hi Sailu garu, I prepared this for dinner yesterday… I didn’t have both baking pwd and soda… also left the dough only for 1hr… but the naans were really okay… might have been excellent if I had all the ingredients and sufficient time… Thanks for posting this recipe… am turning out to be a very good cook by following your site :) Thanks a lot

  • Priyanka_9094

    thnx fr shareing the recipe ,its easy yet tasty…