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Chikkudukaya Bangaladumpa Vepudu – Lima beans Potato Fry

Print version of Chikkudukaya Bangaladumpa Vepudu – Lima beans Potato Fry

A simple, everyday stir fry recipe that incorporates seasons best lima beans aka chikkudukaya and my favorite root vegetable, potato. One of my favorite ways to cook beans with few ingredients and mildly spiced. Makes for a decent side with rotis or rice and sambar/rasam.


Chikkudukaya Bangaladumpa Vepudu Recipe

Prep & Cooking: 35-40 mts

Serves 4 persons

Cuisine: Andhra



1/4 kg chikkudukaya/lima beans, string, tear and par boil with 1/4 tsp salt for 5-6 mts

2 potatoes, peeled and cubed

1 onion finely chopped

pinch of turmeric pwd

1 tsp red chilli pwd

1 tsp coriander pwd

pinch roasted methi pwd (optional)

salt to taste

1 tbsp oil

For seasoning/poppu/tadka:

4-5 garlic cloves, crushed

10-12 curry leaves

1 Heat oil in a cooking vessel, add garlic and fresh curry leaves and saute for a mt. Add chopped onions. Saute on medium heat for 5-6 mts or till the onions turn transparent.
2 Add the coriander pwd, turmeric pwd, chilli pwd and methi pwd and combine. Add the cubed potatoes and salt. Combine, place lid and simmer for 15 mts or till the potatoes are almost cooked.
3 Add the par-boiled lima beans and combine. Sprinkle a few tbsps of water and place lid. Simmer for about 8-10 mts or till the beans and potatoes are tender.
4 Stir fry without lid on high flame for a mt and combine well. Turn off heat and serve with rice or rotis.

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By • Feb 12th, 2010 • Category: All Recipes, Andhra Recipes, Indian Fry Recipes, Indian Vegan Recipes, Indian Vegetarian Recipes, Recipes Vegetable Dishes

  • జ్యోతి

    భలే.. ఇవాళ నేను ఇదే కూర చేసాను కాని మెంతిపొడి బదులు మెంతికూర వేసి చేసాను.దానికి తోడుగా పప్పుచారు. మీలాగే నేనూ మెంతికూర ప్రియురాలిని శైలజగారు..:)

  • Antara

    Hi, Nice and quick recipe. Just a quick question – Why to parboil the lima beans? Cant they be cooked together with the Potatoes? Thanks.

    For stir fry, its better to par boil. If you cook the beans and potatoes together, you will need to add water to cook the beans and it will end up more like a gravy.

  • latha

    Love any kind of beans. Healthy and yummy dish.

  • sarita

    Me going to try this for sure. No updates in Suvastra for a long long time..

  • Sudha

    good combination sailu garu

  • indu

    hello sailaja garu,

    h r u?
    ur recipes r very good.
    i tried this recipe. came out good.

    great day