Sukhi Sabzi ~ Aloo Bhindi – Potato Okra Stir fry

Nearly everywhere I looked, during my recent visit to the Rythu Bazaar, there were farm fresh, tender okra waiting to be picked. Bought half a kilo.

Dal Palak, Aloo Bhindi and Brown rice ~ Our meal

I am very fond of North Indian stir fries. Earlier on I had blogged a sukhi (dry) sabzi recipe, Aloo Bhindi, that called for tomatoes. Yesterday, I prepared a slightly different version of Aloo Bhindi sans tomatoes. A nice change from the routine. I enjoyed the stir fry along with Palak Dal and rice. The spices melded beautifully with the potato and okra. Versatile recipe, you can use spices of your choice. Added a few curry leaves for that aromatic touch.

Sukhi Aloo Bhindi Sabzi Recipe

Prep & Cooking: 40 mts

Serves 4-5 persons

Cuisine: North Indian



2 potatoes, peeled and cubed

150 gms okra, chopped into small pieces

big pinch of asafoetida/hing/inguvva

1 tsp red chilli pwd

1/4 tsp turmeric pwd

3/4 tbsp coriander pwd

1/2 tsp saunf pwd

1/4 tsp jeera pwd

pinch garam masala pwd (1 cloves, 1/2″ cinnamon, 1 cardamom)

salt to taste

1-2 tsps lemon juice

few curry leaves (optional)

1 1/2 tbsps oil

1 Heat oil in a vessel, add the asafoetida, coriander pwd, jeera pwd, turmeric pwd, red chilli pwd, saunf pwd and 2 tbsps of water and saute for 10-12 seconds. Add the curry leaves and chopped potato and salt. Cover with lid and cook on medium flame for 5 mts.
2 Add the okra and combine. Add the lemon juice and combine. Cook without lid for 5 mts.
3 Add garam masala pwd and mix well. Cook with lid and cook till the aloo and okra turn soft. Serve hot with phulkas, or rice and dal.


Sukhi Sabzi ~ Aloo Bhindi – Potato Okra Stir fry

  Prepare time:
 Serves: 4

 Main Ingredients:

  •  potato
  •   okra


Nearly everywhere I looked, during my recent visit to the Rythu Bazaar, there were farm fresh, tender okra waiting to be picked. Bought half a kilo.

21 thoughts on “Sukhi Sabzi ~ Aloo Bhindi – Potato Okra Stir fry

  1. Hi Sailaja garu,
    Fantastic recipe. I love dry / crispy Bhindi. In Northern India, where I stayed most, sukhee subjis are the order of the day as they go well with rotis.
    Thanks again for the recipe.

  2. This is similar to the Bihari Cuisine Aloo Bhindi Bhoonjiya, which goes well with rotis, as well as Dal & rice. I simply love all those fried bhoonjiyas prepared. Mostly prepared with potato, cauli, bhindi, aloo bhindi etc.,

    Here in Andhra style, it is not that fried where as in Bihari style it is fried. That is what Bhoonjiya is, all about. That’s the difference. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Hi sailaja garu,

    I love bhindi’s. they go well with anything. Unfortunately we dnt get fresh okra’s. I use frozen one for pulusu. love your recipe .. will try this with frozen ones

  4. Hi Sailu

    Thanks for yet another wonderful recipe. Whenever I try anything with bhindi, it takes so long to cook and the other ingredients get charred while bhindi is still being cooked. any tips for it please.

    Use tender bhindi. If using onions, saute onions for just 2 mts and add the bhindi. Cook bhindi without lid till its half cooked and then add salt and place lid till it turns soft.

  5. Hi Sailu garu,
    Nice recipe. Can we use boiled potato cubes? Dal palak looks yummy. is it same recipe posted before?

    Yes, you can use boiled potato but add after okra is three fourth cooked. Dal palak is different recipe from the one I blogged earlier.

  6. hi sailu,
    i simply luv yr dishes. nostalgic memories r aroused. was living in hyd fr the past 20 yrs, hav recently shifted 2 deli. thanks.

  7. hi sailu ur blog is very very helpful to me. i recently married and came to US. daily i am using ur blog and start cooking.most thankful to u.s mall request, can u plz post how to make mushroom curry and mushroom fry, anything like how we make in andhra style. thanks sailu garu.

  8. This is a combination which I never thought of… will definitely give a try Sailu…
    Dal looks very nice, could u please post that recipe as well..?

  9. Hi Sailu garu,
    Happy Diwali (Deepavali). May this Diwali bring lot of happiness, joy, health and cheer into your life. May your family be showered with blessings of Goddess Lakshmi on this day of Festival of lights. Happy celebrations. Will be waiting for your festival blog.

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