Andhra Snack – Pappu Chekkalu (Rice Crackers)

Pappu Chekkalu, Thattai, Nippattu

We made Pappu Chekkalu (Thattai, Nippattu, Rice Crackers) and Ribbon Murukku for Diwali. During my early days of messing around in the kitchen I was intimidated to prepare Chekkalu like most first-time nervous cooks trying to prepare traditional foods. Its not easy and certain food preparation does require some experience before they are perfected. I now prepare reasonably good chekkalu. :)

There are many variations to prepare chekkalu. Today, I’m sharing the recipe which requires rice flour. For those who are intimidated to prepare them, I’d encourage you to try a small batch following this fool proof recipe which works for me. These lovely savory munchables make a great tea time, travel or entertaining snack.

Pappu Chekkalu Recipe

Prep & Cooking: 1 hr

Cuisine: Andhra



1 cup rice flour

1 cup water

3/4 tsp red chilli pwd or green chilli paste

1/4 tsp asafoetida/inguva/hing

salt to taste

1 tsp cumin seeds

1 1/2 tbsps channa dal (soak in water for an hour and drain)

1 tsp ghee or butter (optional)

roughly torn few curry leaves (optional)

oil for deep frying

1 Bring a cup of water to boil. Add salt, red chilli pwd, asafoetida and rice flour and combine. Placee lid and turn of heat. Leave aside to cool.
2 Once cool, add cumin seeds, channa dal and butter to the rice flour mixture and combine well. Test the dough for salt before deep-frying.
3 Heat a wide heavy bottomed vessel with enough oil for deep frying. Take a small lemon sized ball of the dough, place on an oiled plastic sheet or banana leaf and using your fingers shape into a 2″ circle. Use a fork or knife to make small dents all over the chekkalu so that they don’t puff up when deep frying.
4 Once the oil is hot, slowly peel the shaped chekkalu off the plastic sheet and slide into the hot oil. Based on the size of vessel and amount of oil, you can deep fry a batch of 5-8 chekkalu. Don’t crowd the vessel with too many chekkalu. Reduce flame to medium and deep fry the chekkalu to a golden colour. Remember the frying has to be done on medium flame to achieve that golden color and crispness.
5 When the chekkalu turn a golden color use a slotted ladle to remove onto an absorbent paper and cool. Repeat the same process till the rest of the dough is done. Cool completely before storing in an air tight metallic container.

Andhra Snack – Pappu Chekkalu (Rice Crackers)

  • Prep time:
  • Cook time:
  • Serves:

Main Ingredients:

  1. rice flour



Pappu Chekkalu, Thattai, Nippattu We made Pappu Chekkalu (Thattai, Nippattu, Rice Crackers) and Ribbon Murukku for Diwali. During my early days of messing around in the kitchen I was intimidated to prepare Chekkalu like...


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43 Responses

  1. Alka says:

    I am drooooooooling…..just having my cup of tea now,so missing these crispies badly :-(

  2. Cilantro says:

    Lovely Sailu, Like you said, I have tried them too in my early years of cooking. This particular snack takes time and with practice it comes out perfect. Amma uses chutney dhal with the rice flour. Let me try yours.

  3. Divya Vikram says:

    My fav crunchy snack.Looks perfect.

  4. Vidya says:

    Looks Perfect! Your method of preparation is slightly different though. Will definitely try this way too.

  5. Uma says:

    aah! authentic pappu chekkalu! looks so mouth-watering sailu!

  6. Nags says:

    I posted this just last week :)

  7. Lubna Karim says:

    Wow looks yummy. Iam going to try this soon, b’coz these are all time favourite to me and with this simple recipe I can go on i think. Thanks for sharing.

  8. R.Punitha says:

    Hi Sailu,
    i add some gram flour to this recipe
    is it correct or wrong?
    Please answer me Sailu ,
    Any way your crackers looks awesome !!!
    but one drawback is there.
    When we start to eat this crackers we couldn’t stop,
    It is a non stop snack. Ok,tk, bye…

    Yes, you can add gram flour for variation, Punitha. You are right.

  9. Bhawana says:

    Hi Sailaja, one question, will this be very oily??? whenever I make something with rice flour looks as if rice flour soaks oil?? I was trying this so thought of askin.

  10. nikki says:

    Hi Sailu, Nice recipe. Do you know if the chekkalu can be baked instead of deep frying?

  11. aparna says:

    Looks so perfect.

  12. Anitha says:

    Hi Sailu,
    I am from Sklm by birth. But later we moved out from AP itself. When I was in Sklm, we used to get “Pappu Chegudalu” from local theliwala. It looks in Chegodi shape and is very soft. (Mettaga untayi). I love them a lot. Last time when I bought them and ate I got sick. May be I am no more immune :( But I love that snack. If u know the receipe, can u please post it.


  13. ayesha says:

    hi sailu, i tried pappu chakkalu which u posted last week n turned out to be yummy. so pls keep posting such mothwatering recipes.thks n cheers

  14. mohana says:

    my fav snack sailu garu
    thanx for posting nice recipes
    every week i always try your recipes
    than qqqqqqqqqqqq

  15. sashi says:

    sailu garu,

    for thattai what rice flour to use? raw or boiled rice flour.

  16. eastcoast says:

    Hi. graet article. what rice do you recommend?
    Cheers, Peter

    You can use Sona Masuri rice that is available in most Indian stores.

  17. MC says:

    Used store-bought rice flour; tripled the quantity of each ingridient; did taste really great. Many of them turned out to be chewy though. What did I do wrong? How do I make them crunchy?

    Thank you.

  18. Anitha says:

    Hi Sailu.I refer to your website very often.I just tried this recipe and had to throw away the whole batter coz something very important is missing.Is it gram flour or something other flour.What is the other type you make?

  19. Anitha says:

    Actually I might have messed up preparing the batter.I’ll try again.

  20. Anitha says:

    Hi Sailu.Got it this time.Used normal water.They taste great.Thank you.

    I’m surprised to learn they turned out great with normal water. Glad you enjoyed them.

  21. lakshmi says:

    Hi..its my favorite snack and its been yrs i ate it..
    today i made it as per ur instructions and it was a hit.
    Thanks for posting.

  22. Akal says:

    that’s my favorite snack, i call it elladai ( don’t know why). I love it, I alone can finish 500g of those thattais (that’s how they call it in pondy) in half an hour. looks yummy and crunchy!

  23. sanjeevani says:

    sailu consider this an sos….. aarella na son ki chala vedi chesinattu undi.. neerasanga untaadu.. food asale theesukuntaledu.. doctors ni consult chesaanu.. mandulu icchaaru gaani yemi antha prayojanam kaaledu.. maa aththagaaremo piththam ayindi antaaru.. yemi chesedi. waiting for your reply asap..

    anyyway… mee abbayiki ippudu six years ayintundemo kada..

  24. umaraj says:

    sailu, i like this very much but here where i am staying we r not getting good rice flour in the sense its ready made and not homemade but from super market. can i use that ready made rice flour? and butter also, we r getting here only amul butter. can i use that also? reply me plzzzzz

    You can use store bought rice flour and white unsalted amul butter.

  25. banumathy says:

    hi sailu,
    It was great….I tried it once and got it .
    But I feel that my Rice crackers were oily …is it bcos of too much of water in it. If I use 1 cup of water only as mentioned I am not able to combine and form a wet dough…looks dry and floury …so added slightly excess water but bcame oily.My question is Does the excess water lead to oily crackers ?…kindly reply..

    Use as less water as possible by sprinkling little by little till it forms a dough. More water means more absorption of oil.

  26. Agalya says:

    Hi Shilu. I tried this and it came out very well. Thanks.

  27. VANI SRI RAM ADIVI says:


  28. Sri Divya says:

    Hi Sailu,

    I tried your Rice Crakers they came out really good, i could not stop myself saying thanks to you.I often visit your site and i feel your receipes are almost like my mothers way of cooking.

  29. susmitha says:

    Hai sailu garu,

    tomato chutney try chesanu …baaga vachchindi..

    pappu chekkalu try chesanu gaani oil peelchinattu ayyindi…enduko teliyaledu…reason emi ayyi vuntundo cheppagalaru.

  30. vasavi says:

    Hi sailu………thxs 4r recipe…….i tried chekkalu….it came well..keep on posting da recipes.

  31. shilpa says:

    i tried pappu chakkalu.taste chala baga vachindi.maa abbayi ki baga nachayi..

  32. Pranava says:

    hi sailu..
    tried this recipe,tasted good but after some time they became soft..i dint cover them in order to cool them off..may be prob with dough :( ..can u tell me the consistency of the dough..thankyou for the recipe.

  33. Sonyjagatap says:

    really nice, very tasty recipie

  34. manju says:

    I did it, but not following this recipe. i think i added more butter in the rice flour mixture. i added 50gms of butter in 2cups of flour. its spreading totally in the oil. now i request u to advice me what to do please..?.. manju frm bangalore.

  35. manju says:

    I did it, but not following this recipe. i think i added more butter in the rice flour mixture. i added 50gms of butter in 2cups of flour. its spreading totally in the oil. now i request u to advice me what to do please..?.. manju frm bangalore.

  36. sravanthi says:

    I tried them and OMG!!! They were amazing. but for 1 cup of water i added 1 1/2 of rice flour and 1/4 cup of besan

  37. sree says:

    Hello Sail garu,
    I love your recipes and follow them to the dot.end result=yummy y food :) however,this one item did not turn out well.I needed to throw away the first batter and mix it again. I added water to the flour mixture and not the other way round and mixed it till it became like chapati dough. Then the chekkalu came crunchy and nice.

  38. Niloufer says:

    Hi! I made these yesterday and they have become very soft though i stored them in a air tight container. why did this happen and can i remedy this? i made a big batch. please reply asap….thx

  39. NKSA says:

    hi sailugaru, the water and flour ratio is incorrect. seems it shud be 2 flour to 1 water.

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