Idli Karam Podi

I’m a podi freak. Home made podis come to my rescue when I race against time or on those ‘just don’t feel like cooking days’. It spares me those extra few minutes in grinding a chutney or prepare a subzi to go with dosas. Simple in preparation, nutritious since most podis are packed with proteins and not to mention, tasty. Today, its Idli karam podi, not that you cannot eat this podi with dosas. Sure you can, its just that the podi smeared with ghee or oil makes a delectable combination with soft fluffy idlis. This same podi can be prepared with innumerable permutations and combinations. I hope to share more of these variations in future posts. For today, I hope you enjoy this recipe.:)

Idli Karam Podi

  Prepare time:
 Serves: 2

 Main Ingredients:

  •  chana dal


  •   1 1/2 tsps oil/ghee for roasting the dals and spice
  •   1 cup bengal gram dal/senaga pappu
  •   1/4 cup black gram dal/minappapu
  •   a little less than 1/2 cup coriander seeds
  •   10 dried red chillies, tear into two and de-seed (adjust to suit your spice level)
  •   8 garlic cloves
  •   salt to taste

Method for making Idli Karam Podi

Drizzle oil in a heavy bottomed vessel and roast the channa dal on low to medium heat for 3-4 mts. Add split gram dal, coriander seeds and dry red chillis to the roasting channa dal and continue to roast till the dals release their flavor and turn golden. Remove and cool.
Place the cooled dals and spices along with salt in a blender and grind to make a coarse powder. Add the garlic towards the end and grind for a few seconds.
Store in an air tight container and serve with South Indian tiffins like dosas and idlis with a generous helping of ghee or oil.


47 thoughts on “Idli Karam Podi

  1. Looks beautiful, perfect Idlis and Chutney pudi too. Wish my family eats those podis, I always have to make gravy or chutney with Idlis or dosas.

    I will be on break, see you when I come back. Take care!:)

  2. I have tried making idlis atleast 100 times,but mine never comes out so white and fluffy….Hmm will hunt your blog for the secret of making so perfect idlis..
    Podi looks so tempting too…i m always at loss of words and just keep gazing at lovely pics here

  3. Hi Sailu,

    I tried your idli-poDi recipe today and it looks and tastes great! As you mentioned rightly, there are so many varieties of this poDi. I make the poDi with lot more corriander seeds and hing (inguva) following my mom’s recipe, But, I always wanted to make and eat something like this. Thanks for sharing. Your idlies look delcious too:)

  4. Hai Sailu, i’m Punitha.
    Actually You initiate me to cook delicious items through your site. Nowadays this is my full time work.
    Today i forgot to cook lunch!!!!!! Simply keep on watching….
    In future i think i’ll be an expert in cooking???
    Thank you so much Dear…

  5. Hi Sailu,

    Perfect combination.I love this.Can we add water to this podi and have it like chutney?’coz my husband prefer chutneys than podi in tiffins.

  6. Hi sailu,

    I am a regular visitor of your blog. your photos are really tempting and recipes are great.
    Thanks for the podi recipe, will try it soon.


  7. lol – we make 3 different kinds at home – a spicy one for me, a green coriander one for my daughter and a sweet version for my husband!! now i’m gonna add a 4th! ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for your recipe!

  8. I am eyeing the Idlis they look so delicious, love this podi Sailu we always bought ready made ones and hubby has it with rice too. Thanks a ton for sharing it. Eagerly waiting for the other ones. Do we use a particular kind of red chili? once when I made Sambhar powder I did not get the red color and then my friend told me about using some other kind of red chili. I love the color of your Podi. can you please tell me which red chili you used?

  9. You are right. The variations are endless. I lve Podis so much that I catalogued the variations in the One page cookbook – 1001 Podis.

  10. Hi Sailu,

    I am new entrant to food blogging world, and have to learn lots from experienced food blogger like you. Podi looks really great and simple to make.

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  12. Sailu,
    I’m a novice cook, so pl help:
    1. Could you give me a fool proof recipe (low/med spice levels) for Sambar Powder? I find the MTR etc too spicy
    2. For the idli karam podi, for a low-med spice level, how many chillies wd you recommend?

    Thank you,

  13. Hi sailajagaru,
    I tried this podi today. It turned out good. The only problem I had was the colour. I did not get the colour as shown in ur picture. I used the exact measurements and steps as u said so could you please let me know if there is anything that I am missing.


    A lot depends on the type of red chilli used.

  14. heloo sailu,
    today, i was searching for diff versions of idli podi’s n came across ur version for it…my mil adds roasted peanuts also while grinding the above mentioned ingredients… tht too tastes reallyyy gd. do try it out next time…else all your recipes sound too gd n am sure taste gd too…keep up the gd work.
    take care,

  15. Hi Sailu….
    Which type of chana dal did u use?Is it pachi senagapappu or veyinchina senagapappu? I tried it with pachi senagapappu n it really turned out well.Btw thanks for the recipe.

  16. if you add raw curry leaves ,some dried coconut and a very little raw Tamarind to that it’s gives a nice flavour and taste….

  17. I made this idli podi today with the ingredients exactly as listed above – but I felt the taste of dhaniyalu is too strong. Are you sure that we have to use a little less than 1/2 cup of coriander seeds? Isn’t this too much?
    Padmavathi, Bangalore

  18. Hi Sailu,
    By black gram do you mean the one we use for making for making dal makhani? I know this sounds silly but I know of 2 variants of the black gram – one is split (i dnt know what we call it) and the other one is used in dal makhani etc.
    thanks as always!

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