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Palakura Pappu – Spinach Dal

Print version of Palakura Pappu – Spinach Dal
Palakura pappu, potato-beans stir fry, bottle gourd pachadi with rice ~ Our lunch

Palakura pappu is a delicious heartening dal using spinach greens – a classic Andhra pappu kura. Its full of protein, nutritious and you will enjoy preparing it because its easy, quick and your kitchen will be filled with an aromatic fresh flavor of spinach simmering with tuvar dal that absorbs the seasoning beautifully.

Spinach, palak, palakura

Palakura Pappu Recipe

Preparation: 20 mts

Serves 3-4 persons

Cuisine: Andhra



1 small cup tur dal/red gram dal/kandi pappu

2 cups chopped and tightly packed palakura/palak/spinach

1 onion, chopped

big pinch turmeric pwd

2-3 green chillis, slit lengthwise

1/2 tsp chopped ginger

salt to taste

1 1/2 cups water, approx

For seasoning/poppu/tadka:

1/2 tsp mustard seeds

1/2 tsp cumin seeds

1/2 tsp urad dal/minappa pappu/split gram dal (optional)

3-4 garlic cloves, crushed

2 dry red chillis, de-seed and tear

10-12 fresh curry leaves

2-3 tsps oil

1 In a pressure cooker, place dal, palak leaves, onions, green chillis, ginger and turmeric pwd. Add 1 1/2 to 2 cups of water and pressure cook upto 2 whistles. If cooking over stove top, cook till the dal is almost cooked.
2 Heat oil in a heavy bottomed vessel, add mustards seeds and as they jump around, add cumin seeds, urad dal, garlic, red chillis and curry leaves and stir fry for half a minute.
3 Add this to the pressure cooked dal along with salt and combine. Cook on slow to medium flame for 5-7 mts without lid or till you get the consistency of your choice.
4 Serve with white rice and a stir fry dish.


I sometimes prepare it differently by frying onions and palak leaves along with the tempering and combine the cooked dal with the fried onion-palak mixture.

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By • Jul 7th, 2008 • Category: All Recipes, Andhra Recipes, Green Leafy Vegetables, Indian Dal Recipes, Indian Lentil Recipes, Indian Vegan Recipes

  • sarita

    I savour all Andra recipes, and this particular one is my favourite.

  • Leon

    Looks Yummy:)

  • Sarah

    Looks good

  • Medhaa

    Lovely, I made the same thing with whole moong dal and posted it a few days back. Never tried it with tur dal. Will try next time

  • Sandhya

    Thanks so much shailja for posting this recipe. Will try soon :) Is bottle gourd pachadi same as ridge gourd pachadi?

    The preparation is slightly different for bottle gourd pachadi (lauki/dudhi chutney). Ridge gourd chutney (turai chutney) I have blogger earlier, Sandhya.

  • A&N

    I love Palak Dal, Sailu :) Good you reminded me. I should make some soon!

  • Cham

    Simple and good one the palak dhal :)

  • Prema Sridharan

    Hi Sailu, Fantastic recipe indeed! More tantalising was the imagination of mustard seeds trying to “jump around” instead of crackling. But truly an awesome recipe. Thanks a ton!

  • Sujatha

    Yummy looking! I love palak dal and is one of my comfort foods…

  • kalva

    Yes.., Sailu my mom does the fisrt way with everything presuure cooked together. and MIL makes the second with cooked dal…

  • Maninas

    Sounds gorgeous! I love dals!

  • alka

    Hi sailaja,
    This looks like Sindhi saibhaji(spinach)with few variations,like the tadka part
    But i can imagine the flavor of spinach with these yummy variations
    Btw ,there is something on Sindhirasoi for u,wish u will pick it up

  • deepika

    Hi Sailu,

    I am a great fan of your reciepes..I myself love cooking variety foods at my home.Your Paalakura Pappu looks Yummy..
    You can try the same reciepe with smaller variations to get Telangana Style Palakura Pappu.

    1)add 2 tsp tamarind paste instead of Ginger.
    2)In Seasoning, add pinch of Hing also.

    Let me know if it is interesting.


  • Sathya Sai Ram

    A really mouth watering dish.
    I feel like having it now….

    Sailu, you really have the passion
    for cooking & presenting them on
    this site.

  • R.Punitha

    Hai Sailu, i’m Punitha.
    Your recipe looks so good and tastes very very nice….
    My sons enjoyed the recipe and appreciated me….
    Really,the whole credit goes to
    YOU Sailu…. Thank you a lot.
    May God be with you…..

  • Miri

    This is my favourite way of eating paalak, thanks for posting!

  • Lakshmi

    Hi Sailu, pappu looks good. I tried another variety pappu from your blog and it was awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  • bhavani

    Hello Sailaja,
    Seems we have some intuition. whenever I think of some dish and feel about a recipe it appears in my inbox. great allam pacchadi and idli podi also.
    Thanks a lot for wonderful recipes

  • shankari

    Hi Sailu

    I made this dish for an Andhra friend of ours yesterday, who is pregnant. She was extremely happy and enjoyed the dish thoroughly. The tadka with garlic is awesome.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe, it made my day, seeing a smile on my friend’s face

  • Mallika

    Love this, looks delicious and very simple.

  • Ramki

    This technique of cooking greens / vegetables with dal is something Tamil cuisine sorely misses ! Never having eaten dal cooked this way in Tamilnadu, I was blown away by my first taste of Palakura Pappu – Avakkai combo.

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  • Bharathi

    Hi Sailu,

    I am a big fan of your website.I have tried many varities from your web site.I also make palak dal in the same way except i add some tamarind and hing in the tadka.

    Thanks for sharing your receipes.Can i get a receipe for bisibelebath?


    Here’s the link for bisi bele bath recipe, Bharathi.

  • Maninas

    Hi Sailu. I made this dal for dinner – we loved it! many thanks for the recipe!


    pay a look at my gongura pappu on kumpati

  • sunithareddy

    hi sailu

    naku mi vantalu nachayi, i want a favor from u. naku mi web sitelo 6th months babies ki sambandhinchina food details levu. pls naku 6th months baby ki yelanti food evvali avi yela thayaru cheyali anvi na mail id ki pamputhara pls mi web lo pillalaku sambandhinchina vivaralu unte bhaguntundi.

    thank u.

  • usha

    I totally agree with Sunitha. I think you should start a section on baby food. I have an eight month old baby and I really like ur recipies a LOOOOT.
    Please do mail me recipies for 9-12 month baby.
    thank you.

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  • praveen

    Great recipe!! Simple and it came out very tasty. Thanks

  • sushmae


    Great taste, i liked it…………………

    Thank u

  • Chakri

    Thx for the receipe Sailu !

  • Shobhasri Raghavan

    just made this and it turned out perfect. i didn’t have an onion so i skipped that, and i used 3 cups of spinach. but still, the result was excellent.

    in bangalore we get this dish in all andhra restaurants thali/sapadu/bana leaf-meals and i fell in love with this dish from the first time i tasted it. so thank you so much for this recipe.

  • Shobhasri Raghavan

    just made this and it turned out perfect. i didn’t have an onion so i skipped that, and i used 3 cups of spinach. but still, the result was excellent.

    in bangalore we get this dish in all andhra restaurants thali/sapadu/bana leaf-meals and i fell in love with this dish from the first time i tasted it. so thank you so much for this recipe.

  • guest

    no need of tamarind for it??????????????

  • Roshan Abraham

    good dish for amateurs, however I prefer the traditional way