Ulli Pachadi – Onion Chutney

Ulii Pachadi - Onion Chutney with Idli

Ulli chutney, a pleasing blend of sauted onions, tamarind and red chillis, has a perfect balance of sweet, hot and tangy flavors and makes a good and quick chutney with idli and dosa. A simple, healthy chutney that can be made in a jiffy and tastes best when made fresh.

Ulli Pachadi Recipe

Prep & Cooking: 12-15 mts

Serves 3-4 persons

Cuisine: Andhra



2 large onions

2-3 dry red chillis, de-seed

1/2 tsp cumin seeds

1 tbsp split black urad dal (minappa pappu)

salt to taste

1/2 tbsp tamarind extract

1/2 tsp jaggery (optional)

2 tsps oil

For seasoning/poppu/tadka:

1 tsp mustard seeds

few fresh curry leaves

1/2 tsp oil

1 Heat one tsp oil in a pan, add cumin seeds, dry red chillis and stir fry for a few seconds. Add urad dal and let it turn light red. Remove from pan and cool.
2 In the same pan, add another tsp oil, add the sliced onions and saute for approx 4-5 mts. Turn off heat and cool.
3 First grind the urad dal, cumin seeds and red chillis till coarse. Add the sauted onions, salt, tamarind and jaggery and grind to make a paste. You can add 2-3 tbsps water for a thinner consistency.
4 Heat oil in pan for seasoning. Add the mustard seeds and let them splutter. Add the curry leaves and turn off heat. Pour over the chutney and serve with idli or dosa.

Ulli Pachadi – Onion Chutney

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Main Ingredients:

  1. onions



Ulli chutney, a pleasing blend of sauted onions, tamarind and red chillis, has a perfect balance of sweet, hot and tangy flavors and makes a good and quick chutney with idli and dosa. A...


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21 Responses

  1. Nags says:

    Adding a pinch of hing to this creates wonders with the flavour!

    Yes, Nags, I agree with you. Sometimes, I use hing or alternate with garlic for variation.

  2. indosungod says:

    Sailu, Onion chutney is one of my favorites, looks super tasty.

    Gongura Mutton looked irresistible, I have to wait till summer for the Gongura leaves, hence used this recipe with Chickpeas minus the gongura leaves, the vegetarian version tasted great too. Will have to try with some mutton soon.

    I did read your post on the vegetarian version, indosungod.:)

  3. nandita says:

    Lovely pink colour to the chutney, Sailu…I’ve read another version in a tamil cookbook, where the onions are roasted on the flame the way we do baingan for a bharta…then follow the same procedure for a really smoky taste! I’m always looking for options other than coconut chutneys for our idli-dosas, onion thuvaiyal fits well!

    Yes, I heard of roasted onion technique too, must give it a try. Nandita, I’m also on the look out for good pachadi recipes.:)

  4. Happy Cook says:

    Yumm I love ulli chutney with dosa. While writting the comment i am drooling by thinking of the taste.

  5. Latha says:

    Looks awesome Sailu! We make the same thing except mom adds some hinguva to it! Beautiful photography.. love the look of the popu :-)

  6. Madhavi says:

    Hi Sailu!
    I make this pachchadi sometimes even we all like this.You have pictured it beautiful as usual.This new look of the website is good.I personally like the kondapalli pictures head bar you had in the previous look.

  7. TBC says:

    I love onion chutney! I posted my mom’s version recently.
    Love your pic.:-)

  8. Padmaja says:

    Sailu!! Ulli pachadi looks fab, I have never made it at home but loved to have it when i go to restaurants. My mom roasted them on direct flame and gives it a smoky flavour. Your recipe is so simple to make

  9. shriya says:

    Wow!Wow! What can I say? Chutney looks delicious and the pic is great. :-)

  10. Lakshmi says:

    Hi Sailu !

    You could add tomatoes instead of the tamarind extract and if you
    avoid adding any additional water, this chutney can stay fresh for a few days.

  11. kalva says:

    i do the same way sailaja…. i love the new look, but i do miss the chekka bommalu..!

  12. Suganya says:

    I used to make onion chutney with tamarind too, but not anymore. A tomato adds a beautiful red hue in addition to tanginess.

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  14. anusharaji says:

    meeku kuda sankranti subhakankshalu :)
    new look is refreshing. luv it

  15. venugopal guntupalli says:

    ulli pachadi is my favourite , my wife will be doing exactly how you mentioned, i appreciate your job of spreading and teaching of indian traditional food

  16. gayatri says:

    Hello Sailu garu

    I tried this onion chutney first, it came out really great and very combination with dosa. thanks for the recipe.


  17. Pushpa says:

    Sailu ji

    I am very happy to see this recipe. u made me remember my mother. i like this. my mother always makes this with idly.

  18. Prathap says:

    Good recipie.. It came out well !! We all liked it .. Thanks!

  19. sowmyareddy says:

    i was searching for this for many days thanks sailu 4 posting this receipe

  20. moulij says:

    wowwww sailuu tqqqq sooo much its sooo tasty

  1. June 17, 2010

    […] affordable.. Today i was thinking and thinking what curry to prepare . Fed up of eggs too.  Saw sailaja’s recipe in a daily newspaper and was overwhelmed to know that even onion can be made into chutney.  And .. […]

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