Gongura Mutton – Mutton cooked in red sorrel leaves

When one talks of Andhra food, the first thing they would say, ‘Spicy’. Honestly, its not as spicy as its made out to be. But then if they were to eat Gongura Mamsam, I will have to agree that its ’spicy’ indeed! An authentic Andhra non-vegetarian meal is incomplete without Gongura Mamsam, an absolutely delectable, mouth-watering dish.

Winter begs for hot spicy food and so it’s Gongura Mutton at our home. With fresh sorrel leaves available in abundance at our local rythu bazaar, I bought a few bunches to prepare this traditional dish. Mutton is cooked in a spicy masala base with sour red sorrel leaves enriching the flavor of mutton, giving it a distinctive fiery tangy taste and an aroma that is a delight to the senses. A delicacy prepared in most homes on Kanuma, the third day of our traditional harvest festival, Sankranti.

Gongura Mamsam

  Prepare time:
 Serves: 2

 Main Ingredients:

  •  red sorrel leaves
  •   mutton


  •   1 kg mutton, washed and drained
  •   2 cups packed freshly picked, washed red sorrel leaves
  •   4 medium sized onions, finely chopped
  •   2-4 green chillis, slit (adjust)
  •   1 tbsp coriander pwd
  •   1 tsp cumin pwd
  •   1 1/2 tbsp oil
  • Marinade:

  •   1 cup curd
  •   1 1/2 tbsp ginger garlic paste
  •   1/4 tsp turmeric pwd
  •   1 tsp salt
  •   1 tbsp red chilli pwd
  •   juice of small lemon
  •   Garam Masala Pwd:
  •   5-6 cloves
  •   1 1/2″ cinnamon
  •   2 cardamoms
  •   2 star anise/anaas puvu/biryani puvvu
  •   1 tbsp khus-khus pwd

Method for making Gongura Mamsam

Marinate mutton pieces in curd, salt, turmeric pwd, chilli pwd, ginger garlic paste and lemon juice and keep aside for half an hour. Pressure cook till the mutton is half cooked.
Lightly dry roast the spices under ‘garam masala pwd’ for 3-4 mts and cool. Grind the spices to make a powder. Keep aside.
Heat oil in a heavy bottomed vessel. Add the onions and green chillis and saute till transparent.
Add the sauted onions to the pressure cooked mutton pieces and cook on high heat for 2-3 mts. Add coriander pwd, cumin pwd and garam masala pwd and combine well. Add a cup of water and adjust salt. Bring to a boil and reduce heat and cook for another 10-12 mts.
Add the washed gongura leaves by roughing tearing them and combine well. Place the lid and cook till the mutton has turned soft and the leaves have blended well with the mutton masala base.
Serve hot with white rice or rotis.


59 thoughts on “Gongura Mutton – Mutton cooked in red sorrel leaves

  1. I plan to grow Gongura leaves this Summer. Dish looks great. We get Lamb here which has very different taste than Mutton.

    Happy new year Sailu, enjoy!:)

  2. This is my fav of all greens. I literally die for this combo. My GM use to cook for me most of the times. Hardly get Gongura here in Toronto. Thanks for the treat.. Looks Gr8 and tempting.

  3. Happy New Year Sailu..
    Great mouth watering recipe..simply love it! Next time I get gongura, this is what I’ll be trying for sure!

    Good to see you back!..


  4. This is my Hubby’s Favourite!! Just thinking about it makes our mouth water!!
    That dish is very special and so close to our hearts eh!!!
    My version is little different and I don’t use curd but I am going to try yours when i get my hands on gongura!!

  5. Hi Sailu,
    “WISH U AND UR FAMILY A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR”.Gongura mamsam really looks awesome. I am remembering my mom for that and i will try out soon,and my mom used to make gongura curry with channa dal,tamarind but i tried could not copy her it did not come out the way she used to prepare.


  6. Hi Sailaja ! Nice to see you back 🙂 Well, I have never heard about the kind of leaves you are talking about in this recipe, can you tell me what is it called in Hindi or Urdu? The dish looks yummy! Thnx. and A Happy New Year to you and yours..

    Thank you, Mona and wish you and yours the same. Its called ambad bhaji or khatta bhaji in Hindi.

  7. That looks awsome Sailu. I have a dinner at home 2moro, probably I will make this. I made ur Gutti vankai, it was really good.
    You and ur family have a blessed new year.
    Sailu, can post us good recepies with bitter gourd, we get big bitter gouds here in Australia, so can you pls advise.

    Many Thanks

  8. I’m so glad to see another person who agrees Andhra food isn’t all that spicy – no one believes me. I’m planning a piece around this, hopefully I’ll do it soon.

  9. Forgot to mention yest or did u change your template today??
    It looks simply incredible sailu!! neat and gleaming!

    Thank you, Padmaja.:). I changed it today.

  10. Hi Sailu,

    I have been visiting your website for a couple of months now, and must tell you that I love your site. I am new to the world of food blogging and am really amazed to find the variety around here 🙂
    I have tried quite a few of your recipes and all of them have turned out great – thanks to you 🙂
    Must also mention here that the new look on your website is great and refreshing…

    Thanks for giving us new recipes to try – I am a Keralite and your recipes are quite refreshing to try out 🙂 Thanks again.

  11. Hi Sailu, I have been a silent reader for a while… Love your recipes, this mutton looks amazing!
    Love the new look… BTW, I recently changed my theme, and I adapted from the mimbo theme for my homepage too… 🙂 Great minds think alike I guess… 🙂
    Wish you a wonderful 2008… I am going to try this mutton recipe soon…

  12. Dear Sailu,
    Love your new template – brings out the photos even more beautifully and is fortunately quicker to load that the earlier one….Hope to see interesting stuff from your kitchen! Have a great year!

  13. Hi Sailu! Have been a fan of your blog for a while. The new look of your site is really great! Gongura is probably my favorite green and I’m always looking for other ways to use it… Will definitely try this when I can get my hands on gongura again. Unfortunately, that will probably not happen until the weather gets warmer! 🙁

    Happy New Year!


  14. I used this recipe yesterday and it was very tasty thanks for sharing. I used spinach and dried fenugreek leaves (kasturi methi) instead of sorrell.

  15. Hi Sailu,

    Your website and pictures are truly amazing. The pictures make the dish look so mouth watering. We are definitely going to try some of your recipes!

    Hetal and Anuja

  16. Your recipies are so authentic, thanks for keeping the traditions alive.
    My mom is from costal andhra and I am born and brought up in Hyderabad. I feel your recipies truely represent the andhra cuisine. Great job.
    Keep it up.

  17. Hi Sailu,

    Have been reading your blog on and off for some time now. As a foodie and writer, must say your blogs are as mouthwatering as your recipes. I’ve moved to Vizag recently and I write for a dotcom. Maybe we can meet and exchange recipes sometime.

    Keep up the good work!

  18. Hey Sailu,
    You will probably not believe it but your site has helped me so much! I never cooked in my life and for the first time I wanted to help my wife and started looking for some recipes and stumbled upon your site which became a mainstay for all my recipes. Your simple style and detailed instructions are good for people like me. Finally not to brag but the success rate has been between 80-90% 🙂 Gongura Mamsam Rocks!
    So thank you, thank you, thank you. Keep up the good work!

    p.s: I was joking with my wife – does your husband have a big tummy? 🙂

    I’m glad you enjoy the recipes, VS.:)
    To answer your question on my husband’s tummy, he is a fitness freak and runs everyday.:)

  19. Hi Sailu, I have been looking for gongura leaves everywhere ever since I saw this recipe, but no luck so far. Since I have no idea what these leaves taste like, I can’t think of a substitution, do you have any suggestions? Thanks a lot.

    Sig, I’m afraid there aren’t too many greens that can be substituted with gongura. The only green close to it would be chukka kura/khatta palak. I am not really sure if its available at the stores there in US.

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  21. This looks so delicious- from some of the other comments I assume this can also be made with chicken? BTW I found a seed source for gongura for those living here in the states; I’ve seen recipes using this green before, but this one I could not resist- will make it this summer!

  22. I have tried lot of your recipes. I have lived most part of my life in Secunderabad and love Andhra dishes. I will try this one too. The photo is tempting. I will post my comments once I try it.

  23. I love this recipe but i could’t find red sorrel leaves(Gongura) in New Jersey. Can u please suggest where can i get that.

  24. This is a very popular andhra dish and is always on the menu in andhra restaurants. Believe me, one can never go wrong preparing this dish. Just make mutton curry and add gongura leaves in the end.

    Looks like several people here are looking for substitute for hard-to-comeby gongura leaves. The answer is use gongura pickle. Add 50% gongura pickle and 50% spinach leaves. It comes out just fine. In the worst case scenario, one could just use spinach leaves and add sufficient tamarind.

    Instead of gongura leaves one could also add tender tamarind leaves.

  25. Hi Sailu garu!
    I tried this dish and it turned out to be the best dish I ever cooked. I’m a regular visitor of ur site and I’m anxious to receive a recipe mail from u.

    God bless u ! Keep up the good job

    Even the paid sites for recipes r not as good as ur’s.

  26. Hi Sailu,

    I tried this dish today and it came so good.Everyone loves in my family.

    Thanks for sharing a nice dish with us.

  27. i am very much happy to view andhra food especially gongura mutton and kandi panchadi………

    i am living in saudi arabia…… and very rare to find such taste here.

    thanks a lot.

  28. Hi Sailu,
    this recipe looks mouth watering, just wanted to clarify if sorrell leaves is the same this as “Ambada Bhaji” as per hyderabad.
    my second question we can’t find these leaves in US any substitute for this maybe Palak Bhaji.

    Yes, its Ambada Bhaji. But palak leaves are not a good substitute for Sorrel leaves.

  29. Hi Sailu,

    This recipe seems to taste very delicious. My mother cooks this recipe very well and i love to have it once more in ur kind of style of cooking. Anyways thanks for posting such a delicious recipe.

  30. hey sailu,

    One advise from my side…

    dnt add raw gongura leafs…fry gongura leaves in little oil and let them boil(it looks like thick gravy)…….follow step 5…

    U can get the great flavour…

  31. HAI SAILU,


  32. Dear Sailu

    It is a shame that somebody has copied u’r photos and recipes without even acknowledging it…I dont know whether they have taken u’r permission for the same…but felt bad….Many of my recipes and photos are often subject to the same mean plagiarism!


  33. hi i really love this recipe..its easy ans awsomme…ive done it thrice already!!!…i love ur site ive done other recipes also…plzz keep blogging…grt cooking

  34. Hi Sailu 🙂

    Yesterday I prepared Gongura Mutton and it turned out so well that my family were full of praise. The entire credit goes to you.

    thanks for the great recipes you keep posting on your site.



  35. Hi sailu

    What time frame are we talking about pressure cooking the mutton till half cooked? How many whistles and/or how long in sim…I am new to cooking mutton. Pls help.

      1. we had guests last wknd, I made a whole load of meat recipes. And gongura mutton turned out to be the surprise package being the best of all. what more can I say except kudos and hats off to MY ROLE MODEL SAILU for this miracle, and this was the 1st time I ever tried mutton. Isnt she too good to be true? Are you for real, Sailu???

  36. Hai Sailu,
    Its very nice. my hubby likes it very much instead off mutton. i use prawns also, which also is a very nice combination and very good taste.

    Sailu can u post any healthy breakfast recipe for kids?

  37. Sailu garu,
    Gongura Mutton comes out very good.
    Can we prepare Gongura chicken also in same way?
    What adjustments should be made?

  38. sailu garu iam pregnant & craving to eat gongura but i dont know where to get it as i live in melbourne.can u plz let me know where to find them & what is the name of it.thank u,

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