Mamidikaya Pulihora – Green Mango Rice

Our Ugadi festive meal was simple and not elaborate. I prepared mamidikaya pulihora, carrot kothimira pachadi, mokka jonna garelu (corn vadas), pesarappu payasam, white rice, rasam, vadiyalu, fried dried green chillis and curd. On Ugadi we celebrate the season’s fresh produce of mangoes by preparing Mamidikaya Annam (green mango rice), a South Indian rice delicacy, prepared on the same lines as lemon rice (nimmakaya annam) and is the most simple and easiest recipe one can ever make.

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A healthy rice dish unlike most pulaos and biryanis which call for a generous amount of oil or ghee. The key to this rice dish is mango which lends it a tangy flavor and is counter balanced with a fragrant tempering of dals, chillis, curry leaves and a good measure of peanuts.

Mamidi Kaya Pulihora

  Prepare time:
 Serves: 2

 Main Ingredients:

  •  raw mango


  •   3 cups cooked white rice (each grain should be seperate)
  •   1 1/2 cups grated raw green mango (remove skin) for more tangy flavor increase
  •   5-6 tbsps roasted peanuts
  •   2 tbsps roasted cashewnuts (broken)
  •   salt to taste
  • For tempering/poppu/tadka:

  •   1 1/2 tbsp oil
  •   1 tsp mustard seeds
  •   1 tbsp channa dal
  •   1 tbsp split black gram dal
  •   3-4 dry red chillis
  •   6-8 slit green chillis
  •   1 tsp grated ginger (optional)
  •   1/4 tsp asafoetida
  •   1/4 tsp turmeric pwd
  •   15-20 curry leaves

Method for making Mamidi Kaya Pulihora

Heat oil in a heavy bottomed vessel and add the mustard seeds. Once they pop, add the channa dal and gram dal and let them turn red on medium heat. Now add the red chillis, green chillis, grated ginger, curry leaves, ginger, turmeric pwd and asafoetida. Toss them for a few seconds.
Add the grated mango and stir fry it for a few mts (approx 3-4 mts). Add the roasted peanuts and cashewnuts, turn off heat and keep aside.
Spread the cooked white rice on a wide plate, sprinkle salt and add the tempering and use your hand to combine well till the tempering is well blended with the rice. Adjust salt.
Serve hot with vadiyalu, perugu or pachadi of your choice.


54 thoughts on “Mamidikaya Pulihora – Green Mango Rice

  1. ah sailu… mouth watering thali. nothing can beat traditional food served in banana leaf.
    hope u will post the recipe for carrot kothimira pachadi, mokka jonna garelu. they look so delicious. i will look forward to it.

    Yes, Sups, I will be posting the pachadi and garelu recipes.

  2. Looks elaborate to me Sailaja!:)) Nice selection of dishes with a great balance. I don’t get green mangoes but I will save the recipe. I love the banana leaf in there!:))

    Asha, what I meant was it’s not like the elaborate meals prepared by my grandmother and mother.:). Its simple compared to their festive meal preparations.:)

  3. Wow!!… Simple recipe. A perfect recipe for bachelors like me. :-). Trying it right away.. Thanks. And belated Ugaadi Subhakankshalu..

  4. Now that’s a feast.I make mango pulihora slightly different way by using a powder of dania,roasted peanuts and red chillies.Yours is very simple.Will sure try this.

  5. you call that ‘not elaborate’? that’s how much we cook in a week.

    Aren’t most of our traditional festive meals elaborate? And yes, Jai, I don’t usually cook like this everyday except on a festival day like Ugadi.:)

  6. Hi Sailu, Your dishes reminded me of my MIL. Now waiting for your recipe on mokka jonna garelu, payasam and pachadi. I always miss India when I think of festivals. Nice lovely spread of delicious food.


  7. Ugadi Bhojanambu..
    Vintaina vontakambu…
    Sailja gari vindu..
    OHOHHo make mundu…

    URs festive plate is tempting everyone sailu….

  8. Ugadi bhojanambu…
    Vintaina vontakambu..
    Sailaja gari vindu..
    Ohohho make mundu…

    Urs festive feast is tempting everyone Sailu…

  9. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am smiling at swapna’s comment above!
    You call this simple! Hello lady … I am so hungry! The garelu and pachadi look yummy! And of course mamidi pulihora is my all time favorite!
    Hope u guys had a wonderful ugadi!

  10. Hi Sailu,

    You made me to remember my home town now:((….Really wonderful delicious traditional spread…I need recipe for pesarapappu payasam

  11. Hi Sailu,

    Ugadi Subakhankshalu. Isn’t that an elaborate lunch? Looks yummy.

    I love mango pulihora and I can make it whenever I can get my hands on nice raw mangoes.

  12. Hi Sailu,

    That is one festive meal. Love mango puliharam, like shri said i make it whenever i get hold of a nice raw mango in the Indian store.

    Looking forward for the recipe of carrot kothimera pachadi.


  13. hi sailu , my friend had made this pulihora on Ugadi and i really liked how light n refreshingly delicious it tasted , i wanted a perfect recipe for it ever since ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks a lot for sharing n the way u have served it on the banana leaf , looks simply beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Sailaja, that picture and presentation looks quite authentic and traditional to me. and u re saying its not elaborate, but looks like a feast to me ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. are u working on ur website sailu? i have been trying to check ur blog since last 3 days. at last i made it. the link was not working till now.

    I’m so sorry, Sups. I’m having major server issues and am working on them and hopefully should be resolved soon. Thanks for your patience.:)

  16. hey nice to see u’r blog up and running.
    I was so restless these couple of days as i couldn’t access u’r wonderful recipes!!!
    u are back with a bang!!!

  17. Hi Sailaja
    Beautiful Thali.. It looks so peaceful when I look at something
    like this

    Other than the server prob you were having, I encounter one more prob which I don’t know if happens with everyone. It takes a lot of time for this site to load compared to a “Blogspot” site. Did you notice that Sailaja ?

    Yes, I’m aware of it, Sandeepa and am working on it.

  18. I have been reading your blog for a while now and am always excited to try your recipies.They are always wonderful and I enjoy making them.Thanks for these wonderful treats.

  19. Hi Sailu, what a lovely celebration feast! Thank you for sharing these lovely traditional dishes. Wishing you and yours all the very best for the new year (albeit belatedly) ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. I was wondering how mango rice is made! One of my chittis used to make it a lot – is it an Andhra speciality? I ask because my chitti has spent all her time in Secunderabad! The season is just right for this recipe! Thanks!

  21. Guess I am late to wish you ‘Happy Ugadi’ Sailaja, but never late to drroooll over ur thali.. *mango pulihora* is the best.. love the color..


  22. Dear Sailu
    Ugadi Wishes n advance to you n your family!
    Thats such a wonderful presentation…truly authentic
    reminded of my grandma back home n festive fun in india!
    can you please post the recipe for the ‘corn garelu’…?
    guess i too hungry for those!!:)

  23. sailaja garu,

    Goodmorning.This is sarvani from CANADA.I have seen yr copyrights saying u r from Gudivada.I hail from Gudivada .Now in Canada.

    cud u please tell me yr family name n whereabout’s in gudivada?
    I used to live near Rajadarbar hotel in S.N. puram, GDV.
    pL.respond me sailaja garu.

    Good morning, Sarvani garu. I have never lived in Gudivada ever and its just my surname.:)

  24. Sailu Garu,

    Carrot Kothimira pachadi gurinchi rasaru kada adi ela cheyali?

    Mee capsicum rice recipe try chesanu.. chala baga vachindi… regular masala prep kana chala bagundi plus easy kooda. I even added boiled potatoes… just try chesaanu


    Swati garu, I have blogged Carrot Kothimira Pacchadi. Capsicum masala rice meeku nachinanduku chala santhosham.

  25. what a superb spread….love the colours and that mango pulihara is next on my list to be attacked….with raw mangoes in the market…how can i resist!! belated Ugadi subhakankshalu….

  26. Dear Sailu,
    i went through all your rice verieties. i found you missing vaamu annam which is one of my husband’s you are in vizag you can get this reciepe.

  27. Dear Sailu,
    Plzz post vadiyalu recipes using rice, rava, sago…
    hope u will blog my request.
    I love ur recipes and try them all. U Rock!!!!

  28. hi sailu…..i like ur receipes.i keep trying all the time.they r really good ang vani.reply me…im from hyd…but done my graduation in gudivada.byeee

  29. Yesterday had a chance to make it really came out very good….have tried out couple of other rcps also…..!….but this was the beat I could get close to what you have described….!

  30. Hi sailu garu,
    Thank you very much .. for this recipie… i loved it and it came out excellent …

    Thanks for such nice recipies… keep in touch.

  31. we are Dubai Keralites! i just wanted to try a new taste. everybody at home liked it and it tasted different. thank you.. liza

  32. we are Dubai Keralites! i just wanted to try a new taste. everybody at home liked it and it tasted different. thank you.. liza

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