Over the weekend, I made some Mexican snacks – quesadillas, tacos, corn chips (nachos) with salsa and sour cream. Tacos and nachos are a regular at our home as Nehal enjoys them a lot. But I had never tried quesadilla and I’ve been wanting to prepare it at home, right from scratch and hence this attempt from a recipe I got from here on how to make flour tortillas.

Quesadilla with salsa and sour cream

As I was searching for a good quesadilla recipe, I found that there were many versions, each differing from region to region and like most authentic original recipes it has gone through many changes adapted to the likes of that particular region. What I learnt, quesadilla is basically a toasted tortilla with melted cheese inside and you could use vegetables/meat as fillings.

Combined with the crunch of sauteed vegetable filling and the melted cheese of the quesadilla, I was quite pleased with the end result and my son relished it. I am happy that there is one more snack variety loaded with a lot of vegetables to add to Nehal’s list of evening tiffins. I’m so glad I tried it.:)

Quesadilla Recipe:

Prep & Cooking: 60 mts

Makes approx 6-7 quesadillas

Cuisine: Mexican



For flour tortillas:

1 3/4 cups flour

2 tbsps butter

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp baking pwd

approx 1/2 cup warm milk or water

For the vegetable filling:

onions, cabbage, beans, carrots, capsicum, baby corn, sweet corn, green peas, mushrooms, spring onions or any vegetables of your choice

salt to taste

red chilli flakes

3/4 – 1 cup grated cheese

1/2 cup sour cream (optional)

1 First combine all the ingredients except milk. Now slowly add the warm milk or water to knead to a soft dough, kneading well for 4-5 mts. Keep aside for 15 mts and during this sitting time of dough, prepare the vegetable filling.
2 Make lemon sized balls of the dough and using a rolling pin to roll out like very thin rotis of approx 8″-9″ size.
3 Pre-heat a griddle and place each tortilla on the hot griddle for only 4-5 seconds on each side and remove. They shouldn’t be roasted brown at this stage. Keep aside all the lightly toasted tortillas.

Finely chopped mixed vegetables and grated paneer

For the vegetable filling:
4 The vegetables I used were grated carrots, finely chopped cabbage, capsicum, baby corn, onions, sweet corn, grated paneer, tomatoes and coriander leaves. Saute the garlic first followed by the vegetables in olive oil for 3 mts, season with salt and red chilli flakes. (you can skip the saute part).

Vegetable filled flour tortillasVegetable filled flour tortillas before frying

5 Take the vegetable filling and place in the centre of each tortilla, spread a tbsp of sour cream, sprinkle grated cheese and wet the edges of the tortilla with water. Place another tortilla on top and press the edges. Take a fork and press along the edges as shown in the picture above.
6 Pre-heat a griddle and on medium heat roast both sides of the quesadilla flipping over to toast both sides. Ensure that you cook it over medium heat, you want the cheese to melt inside. Drizzle some oil if you want while frying the quesadilla. Remove quesadilla onto a serving plate, slice into triangles with a pizza cutter and serve hot with salsa or tomato sauce.


How to make a flour tortilla?
History and versions of quesadilla


  • Prep time:
  • Cook time:
  • Serves:

Main Ingredients:

  1. flour
  2. beans



Over the weekend, I made some Mexican snacks – quesadillas, tacos, corn chips (nachos) with salsa and sour cream. Tacos and nachos are a regular at our home as Nehal enjoys them a lot....


I'm a food blogger, food photographer and organic gardener based out of India. I enjoy cooking for my family using fresh produce from my vegetable garden and farmer's market. I love to try out various cuisines and perfect my cooking skills. I believe that hard work, self-discipline, and a positive attitude cannot help but reap a harvest of fantastic results. Say hello and join me on Pinterest, Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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62 Responses

  1. RP says:

    Wow!! Sailu, your quesadilla looks prettier than the real mexican ones. My daughter loves it too…but I cheat with store bought tortillas. :)

  2. sia says:

    thats a visual treat for mexican food lovers like me. i usually use flour paste to bind the edges. didn’t know that just water works for binding.
    sailu, do u have a recipe for sour cream? i have never tried making it at home.
    and thanks a lot for answering to my query. i am goona make idlis for weekend with kothambari pachdi. :)

    I knew some one would come up with that question. Well, my next post should answer your question, Sups, so look out for that..:)

  3. asha says:

    Yummy!!! Mexican is our fav. cuisine.Vegetarian is okay but you must try chicken Quesadillas.Mouthwatering. Looks great and I like the crimping on the edges.
    I just made something with Avocados,house is smelling divine!;D

  4. Mishmash! says:

    Sailaja, Quesadilla was the first mexican dish I tasted and ever since I am great lover of mexican food….love all their flavour and colors and resemble our food a lot rt ..u re really lucky to have all that chef friends for u :)recipe and pics are good.


  5. shilpa says:

    I love Mexican food. But somehow never made them at home. Your post is inspiring me to try making them. We have a taco bell just infront of house, so thats a great source of Mexican food for me. You are inspiring me to try so many new things Sailu. Thanks a lot.

  6. I have no idea about this. But ur picture and recipe inspiring me to try this, I will try soon….

  7. Sreelu says:

    OMG, How strange ,I did make quesadilla this weekend and did blog about it in my blog.

    Love your version too


  8. Scott says:

    That’s a nice looking quesadilla (and making your own tortillas is a rare touch too!). Here in the US, quesadillas are usually just some cheap cheese between a couple of store bought tortillas, the kind of thing a kid might make for themselves after school. Yours looks like a tasty stuffed roti. Also, quesadillas like this are more of an Americanized version of Mexican food- in most of Mexico you’re more likely to find corn tortillas.

  9. sharmi says:

    Sailu, The Quesadilla looks so delicious. Lovely presentation! I ve’ never tried making Mexican food before. But will start with this one. Thanks for the easy recipe.


  10. padmaja says:

    never seen anything so delicious!!! woh!! never tried this at home, u make it look so easy sailu!!! very passionate cook!!!!

  11. padmaja says:

    wonderful recipe and beautiful snaps!
    u tend to make it look so simple!!great

  12. Jyothi says:

    Hi Sailu,

    Lovely presentation, till now i didn’t taste mexican food.
    After seeing this i want to try this at home. This weekend i am going to try this recipe. Thank you.

  13. Malar Gandhi says:

    Wow….Great snaps here. The recipe sounds yummy. Will give a try soon.

  14. Priya says:

    hmmm…for someone who stays in India you are really adventurous and knowledgeable Sailu. I love the way you have adapted the recipe and made it so simple. No hard-to-find spices or cooking utensils. Will surely give it a try soon..with the ready made tortillas t should be a breeze to put together 😛

  15. sumitha says:

    Thanks for posting the pics of some of the steps,we get to see your finger too Yay!I have never made quesadillas myself,with your explanation I can give it a try!

  16. Trupti says:

    I am impressed….thats all I will say.


  17. sandeepa says:

    Sailaja that looks really divine. I like the way you crimped the edges with a fork and you made the tortillas and everything at home thats really great

  18. krithika says:

    Very impressive ! you made it from the scratch whereas I make it with store-bought tortillas.

  19. musical says:

    Hi Sailaja,

    Now that looks so appealing-why isn’t there a way to taste it straight from the blog :)). Great entry-quite easy to prepare and totally delicious.

  20. soumya says:

    hey Shailu,
    This really looks awesome.Cool one ..THe small compressed design what you have done at the edges looks great

  21. Menu Today says:

    Hi Sailu,

    Nice presentation….Thanks for sharing this step by step procedure…

  22. viji says:

    Dear Sailu, you have made it so simple with your stunning presentation as usual and I love the pictures as usual. How many varieties we have :) Tks for sharing the info also. Viji

  23. Lera says:

    sailu,Lovely dish,with a sumptuous filling.

  24. prema says:

    Hi Sailu,
    Never know that u make corn chips, tortillas and sour cream at home. we get all these readymade.great recipes with beautiful pictures. thanks

  25. pritya says:

    Wow Sailu! The quesadillas look simply beautiful – in fact, all the images are stunning. The recipe is so well written and the pictures are self-explanatory. I always like this dish and I am sure my guests will enjoy your recipe. Always enjoy visiting your blog.

  26. Aruna says:


    Oh My My, Delicious Quesadillas….You are something!!

    Btw what kind of cheese did you use in the recipe ? Chedder cheese??


    I used Amul cheese, Aruna.

  27. rosy says:

    hai Sailu,

    Quesadillas looks very pretty.
    hey can u be specific abt which flour did u use to make tortillas.
    is it maida or cornflour?????

    Maida/all purpose flour.

  28. jai says:

    what a fantastic effort to prepare authentic mexican food.

  29. Deepa says:

    Hi Sailu,
    This was my first visit to your blog and the quesedillas really motivated me to try it immediately. I tried it with our Indian Atta and it really came out very well. It was a good filling dinner dish too…
    What a wonderful and simple recipe!

    Looking forwardto many more such different recipes in this blog… :)

  30. Neetu says:

    Hi Sailu….
    I tried to make quesedillas …it was my firt attempt at making something other than Indian food!! So i was thrilled when they finally came out looking attractive enough…only that the sides didn’t cook well cuz of the huge filling in between… your pics look great can you tell how to get well toasted sides without breaking it in the middle. Thanks for sharing.

    The key to well toasted sides without breaking is to spread the mixture evenly all over and not like a lump of filling in the middle. Crimping the edges as well. And don’t use a lot of filling.:)

  31. anu says:

    hi sailu

    Your quesadilla pictures are amazing and could not wait any longer to eat them, tried yesterday and came out very well. I tried many of ur recipes and nothing failed as of till now. Thank you.

    Would u please try to post the recipe for onion samosa sold in the theatres, if possible.

  32. Priya says:

    Hello Sailu,

    I tried your Q recipe, being vegetarian I simply loved it. Thanks for sharing..

  33. sowmiya says:


    All the potos of ur recipes is mouthwatering…i m just gonna try out the veg quesadilla s rgt now…wen it comes out gud i ll bak to thnk u again…keep sharin ur wonderful recipes

  34. Yasmin says:


    I tried this recipe over the weekend. It came out superb. The Method as well as Quantity of Ingredients were spot on. This ones a keeper !!

    Many Thanks

  35. rekha says:

    did u prepare the tortillas at home or did u buy them at store

    They are home made tortillas.

  36. rekha says:

    the recipe is great i want to try but dont know abt tortillas

    Here’s the link on how to prepare corn tortillas at home.

  37. rekha says:

    I like Ulli Samosa and whole vankai bajji a lot…where ever i see, i find sliced eggplant bajji. do u know the recipe for vankai bajji where the whole vankai is used?
    plz tel me recipe for vankai bajji and ulli samosa which we usually get in indian theatres.

  38. Sabitha says:

    Sailaja, how do you know about all these international recipes by living in India? I never saw all this food when I was in India.

    Well, international cuisine is part of most restaurant menus here in India. Food festivals of different regions are a regular fare with international chefs visiting India for these festivals hosted by many hotels. I also make a conscious effort to learn about different cuisines and talk to chefs who are many a time willing to share their knowledge. I have been lucky. :)

  39. Jahnavi says:

    Hi Sailu,

    Can you please tell me what cheese you used for preparing Quesadilla Recipe? I really loved its look. Please let me know soon, can’t wait to cook this one.

    I used Amul Cheese.

  40. Nan says:

    well, i have to say it looks really good!! but that`s not a real quesadilla.
    it looks like more like an “empanada”

    but as i said it looks good! now i am hungry :)

    ps: taco bell isn`t mexican food!! it`s better if you try to find recipes like this one and cook your own food than eat in taco bell.

  41. Priyanka says:


    I grew up in California where you can find Mexican food on every corner, and I honestly have never seen a quesadilla as divine-looking as yours! And handmade tortillas? Your kids are so lucky!

  42. susmitha says:

    hi sailu garu

    this comes very tasty, but i tried it with karijalu plate, any how all my family members appreciated, my son rohan also ate this snack.
    thanks so much

  43. jujubs says:

    Iam new blogger and i keep looking for lunch ideas for my son and came across your site and wanted to tell you that all your recipes look really delish.My son has been asking for quesadillas for his lunchbox..i should try your really cute looking quesadillas sometime soon
    thanks for sharing..

  44. pt says:

    Hi Sailu.
    Do you cut using knife or use some shredder/mincer to cut your veggies so small/even and in little quantity? I really feel that cooking/cleaning are still doable but cutting small quantity in even sizes (different shapes) is tough. Would you suggest some tried/loved kitchen helper for this purpose?

    I used a knife to cut all the vegetables. I haven’t used any kitchen helper for chopping so far so I’m afraid I can’t suggest any tried and tested kitchen helper.

  45. Kavitha says:


    I prepared this for a first time and it came out well. Thanks for the recipe. For me it took more time to prepare this. Any suggestion to reduce the preparation time???

  46. Kavitha says:


    If I toast the tortillas for 3-4 seconds means, I could not press the edges with fork after filling the vegetables. Any suggestions???

    You should be able to press the edges if you toast only for 4 secs or so. Use water or butter along the edges to seal.

  47. shimee says:

    I love mexican prepared at home. This is an easy yet tasty dish.. I guess my hubby will love this too..


  48. Jonathan says:

    Dear Sailu,

    I love the way you made this – and that you made the “tortilla” part from scratch! I have wanted to make my own burrito (big tortilla) wrappers from flour, but haven’t yet. Lots of vegetables there! So, healthy and tasty! Make sure it has spice, cilantro, creaminess, gentle chewiness of the grilled flour… I will poke some more around on your site. Sour cream sounds delicious.

    – Jonathan, Georgia, USA.

  49. tara says:

    hi sailu,

    I found out your website while i was just browsing on the internet and had gone through it. It was really amazing. The description of the receipes is very clear. All the receipes are mouth watering. I would say its #1 on a 1 to 5 scale.


  50. Sia says:

    Hi Sailaja,

    I tried this out and it tasted so good…Thank you so much for sharing the recipes.


  51. Gayathri says:

    Hi Sailaja,

    I tried this recipe and it came out really very well…. Thank you so much….

    Keep posting :-)

  52. Sarita says:

    Hi Sailu

    can I use shop made tortillas. will it be the same
    I mean If they are already cooked I will not be able to make fork marks
    Also it may turn out very crip and dry


  53. akki arora says:

    hi sailu,
    It looks so nice i want to try. But i have some doubts, these tortillas and …. must be on grill or we can do on normal dosa pan

  54. Sundaygems says:

    thanks for the excellent recipe…

  55. supriya says:

    Hi Sailu,
    will the tortilla be cooked inside? Please reply. Thank you.

  56. Learningtocook says:

    Hi sailu, how many cups of vegetables did you use? Thanks.

  57. jyothi says:

    what type of flour used for quesadilla’s, atta flour or all purpose flour?

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