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Kothimira Annam – Coriander/Cilantro Rice

Print version of Kothimira Annam – Coriander/Cilantro Rice
Kothimira Annam

Fresh coriander leaves are available in abundance especially during winters here in India. I am very fond of coriander (kothimera) and consider it as one of the versatile herbs and use it liberally in my cooking. Posting a healthy, tasty, Kothimeera Annam recipe which I make often during winters.

How to make Coriander/Cilantro Rice

2 cups rice, washed and soaked in water for half an hour and drained
big bunch of coriander leaves, washed and chopped
4 green chillis
4 tbsp grated fresh coconut
1″ ginger piece
6 garlic flakes
2 chopped tomatoes
whole spices (6 cloves, 3 green cardamoms, 1″ pieces cinnamon-2, bay leaf)
2 tbsp ghee (clarified butter)

Heat 2 tsps of oil in a cooking vessel, add the chopped coriander (kothimira) and green chillis and fry till rawness disappears approx 2-2 minutes. Remove from heat and cool.
Grind the fried coriander and green chillis along with coconut, ginger and garlic to a paste adding little water.
Heat 2 tbsp of ghee (clarified butter) in a kadia or cooking vessel, add the whole spices and fry for a few seconds.
Add the ground coriander paste and fry for 3-4 minutes and then add the chopped tomatoes. Fry for 3-4 minutes.

Add the drained rice and mix well and fry for 2 minutes. Add salt.

Add 3 1/2 cups of water and cook with lid on low to medium flame till rice turns soft. Garnish with fried cashew nuts (optional) and chopped coriander.

Serve Kothimeera annam hot with raita – perugu pachadi. Raita is a yogurt based salad made with chopped onions or cucumber, tomatoes,green chillis, salt and coriander leaves. It is generally served with all flavored rice dishes like biryani and pulao.

Kothimira Annam – Coriander/Cilantro Rice Recipe

Prep time: 10 min
Cook time: 30 min
Serves: 5
Main Ingredients: coriander leaves rice

Fresh coriander leaves are available in abundance especially during winters here in India. I am very fond of coriander and consider it as one of the versatile spices/herb and use it liberally in my cooking. a healthy tasty coriander rice dish which I make often during winters.

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  • Anonymous

    Nice blog you’ve got there, Sailu. Kothmiri Annam sounds really good. Will try your recipe and let you know how it turns.


  • sailu

    Thanks Faffer.Do try out and let me know…:)

  • Barbara Fisher

    That looks delicious. We shall have to try this at home.

    Thank you for sharing.

  • Kalyn

    I really love coriander (or cilantro as it is called here). This look delicious.

  • sailu

    Thanks Barbara,do try it ..healthy and tasty too..:)
    Thanks Kalyn..:)

  • Anonymous

    Hi Sailu,

    This is Raji. I like ur blog very much. I check ur site daily. I am interested in making different kinds of recipes with the RICE. Can I try mint in place of coriander in your coriander rice?
    Will it taste good?


  • sailu

    Hi Raji,
    I am glad you enjoy my blog..:)
    Yes,you can make mint rice too..reduce the quantity of mint leaves and you can add some coriander leaves as well (reduced quantity,of course).I have tried mint rice too and it tastes good.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Sailu,

    Thanks for your helpful information.


  • Richa

    hi sailu,
    kothmir rice sounds great!will try it out.
    thanks for a wonderful recipe!

  • Pratibha

    today i am going to try ur kothimira rice. previously i have tried many of ur recipies, they r really good. ur snack items r wonderful

  • R.Punitha

    Hai Sailu, Punitha here. cilantro rice sounds very nice, we enjoyed your recipe Sailu. Don’t take too much of time to blog your recipes. we are eagerly waiting and expecting more. Take care, bye……

  • zeetu

    hi what meat dish can accompany this kothmir rice?

    Any meat curry will do.

  • saritha

    Dear sailu

    I made this rice yesterday and it came out very well,my kids loved it a lot :)

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