Weekend Garden ~ Kanakambaram (Firecracker Flower)

Kanakambaram Puvvu, Aboli, Firecracker flower

Kanakambaram is a tropical shrub that is usually grown in pots. It has small fragile orange flowers also known as Firecracker. With no fragrance, these tiny flowers are often strung together into strands, sometimes along with white jasmine flowers.

In most cities down South especially near temples and street corners you will find flower vendors, busy stringing together these flowers into garlands that are offered to temple deities as well as adorn women’s hair.

Botanical Name: Crossandra infundibuliformis, Common Name: Kanakambaram

I am sending this off to Flower Fest – Orange hosted by Manisha.


  • http://gaurigharpure.blogspot.com Gauri

    lovely.. i think these are called ‘aboli’ in marathi.. a rage in maharashtra as well..

  • sudha

    These flowers r very light weight.
    These flowers are in different colors also like light radium color…i don’t know if those flowers r kanakambaram or not.

    Sailu garu i saw “Saturday eenadu paper” vasundara article. i saw ur photo in that article…(i dont remember exactly whether it is saturday r friday)


    You mean, you saw a food image from my blog in their article. They had recently used ‘Ganesh Chaturthi Neivedhyam’ image without my permission.

  • http://enjoyindianfood.blogspot.com/ Meera

    We call this flower “Aboli” in Marathi. This year, I have planted this flower in my backyard.

  • pr117

    Sailu garu,
    Isn’t it a simple, lovely and adorable flower?
    When can we see you on (y)our web site?

    I love this flower. Btw, Sudha (see comment above) meant a food image and not my image. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • sudha

    Ya exactly the article with ur food image!! How can they use others without permission?

    I think u know themahanandi.org food blog, from that also they posted one article long back but i don’t know whether she posted it or someone else.

  • Nimala

    Did you see the different kind of

    firecracker flower

  • rani

    I like these flowers like anything…I used to have a small corner entirely for these plats… miss those days!!