Rava Dosa – A Photo Tutorial

Its raining dosas in the food blogosphere, thanks to Srivalli’s Dosa Mela. Not to be left behind, I’m joining in to have some fun with this entry – instant, golden, crispy, Rava Dosa, my most favorite breakfast/tiffin item (other than Masala Dosa, of course):). My whole family are fans of dosas, all varieties. We used to have Punjabi neighbours who LOVED rava dosas like they could eat it for breakast, lunch and dinner. They would send home hot Aloo Parathas or Chole Bhature for breakfast, whenever they craved for Amma’s rava dosas. Their dinner, including ours, was Rava Dosa, courtesy Amma.:)

I have had innumerable emails from my visitors and readers on one question – How to make rava dosa? Here’s what goes into the making of rawa dosa:

2 cups semolina/rava
1/2 cup rice flour
1/2 cup maida (all-purpose flour)
1 1/2 tsps cumin seeds
1 tsp grated ginger
coriander leaves – 2 tbsps (optional)
curry leaves – few (optional)
finely chopped green chillies – 1 or 2
salt to taste
water – 6 cups (approx)
oil as required

Combine all the above ingredients except oil and let the rava dosa batter sit for half an hour to an hour. It might thicken after a while as rava absorbs the water. At the time of making dosas add more water such that it is of pouring consistency (like thick buttermilk). Pre-heat an iron tawa on high for a minute. Do the water test (sprinkle few drops of water over the hot tawa such that it sizzles) and reduce heat. Pour a ladle full of dosa batter from the outward base of the tawa in a circular motion (as shown in the picture below). Fill the gap in the middle with dosa batter. Don’t drop batter like a thick lump but pour all over, evenly, filling the gaps. Pour 1-2 tsps of oil like drops along the edge of the dosa and the gaps in the middle.

Increase heat to medium flame and let the dosa cook for around 3 mts. At this point increase flame to high and let the dosa roast for a half a minute or so. If you want a slightly softer dosa, remove the dosa at this point.

But for a crisper dosa, let the dosa roast further on high for another one mt or till it reaches a nice golden brown stage like shown in the image below. Serve hot with chutney or sambar.

It takes practice to prepare rava dosas. You need to keep in mind a few things while making dosas.
~ Prepare the batter at least an hour or half an hour before you actually want to eat the dosas.
~ There is no need of fermentation for ravva dosa batter unlike masala dosa batter. Its instant.
~ The batter should not be thick but of pouring consistency like a thick buttermilk consistency.
~ Letting the batter sit in the refrigerator for a few hours also helps in attaining crisp dosas not that you cannot prepare crisp dosas with batter sitting for just an hour. Infact the dosas you see in this post were prepared from dosa batter that was mixed just an hour before preparation.
~ Infact the most important factor in the making of ravva dosa is adjusting the heat control. An iron tawa requires higher heat as compared to non-stick pan. I have used an iron tawa and so adjust heat according to the pan you use to prepare dosas. You need to be around the stove while preparing these dosas.
~ There are many variations in preparing rava dosa. You could add grated carrot and coconut to the batter along with rest of ingredients. Or add some sliced onions while the dosa is cooking. Broken cashewnut pieces can also be added to the dosa batter.
~ At the time of preparing rava dosa, use the ladle to stir the dosa batter well, as the flours tend to sink to the bottom of the vessel like a thick residue. So combine well each time you pour the dosa batter over the tawa.
~ You can flip the dosa and cook the other side as well but I don’t usually flip the dosa. I let it cook on one side only.
~ A cast-iron tawa is best or a non-stick pan (used exclusively for dosas) can be used to prepare rawa dosas.
~ Don’t skimp on the oil to save a few calories, as it helps the rawa dossa get crisp. (don’t ever think of calories when you want to relish rava dosa):)
~ The batter can be stored in the refrigerator for 2-3 days after which it will turn sour (i.e the dosas prepared from batter more than 3-4 days old).

Ravva dosa, coconut chutney, besan chutney and home-made tomato pickle ~ Our Breakfast

Rava Dosa – A Photo Tutorial

  Prepare time:
 Serves: 2

 Main Ingredients:

  •  rice flour
  •   maida


  • http://mykitchentreasures.blogspot.com/ Happy Cook

    Oh yes i like this rava dosa, never made them, but sure i will try.
    I like that i don’t have to grind the rice and urid dal.
    Love the pictures of making the dosa.

    • Gyan

      Could you cut down on introduction, like my family loves it or my husband loved it (well you do have a husband thx for letting us know but we dont care) and my mother in law tauught me when I was sixteen before I met my husband. Just get into the business and explain the recipe please please , we dont have much time for the intro shit

  • http://www.spicyandhra.org Padmaja

    Sailu!! Those Dosas are just like my Mom’s!! She used to make the crispiest one you can ever have!! I tried n tried but never like my mom’s!
    Yours also reminded me of her’s !!
    Gorgeous dosas!!!

  • sandhya

    the dosa’s looks so crispy…. never tried rava dosa’s, am surely going to try these…

  • http://funwithspices.blogspot.com/ Divya Sharma

    The Dosas look perfect ..will surely going to try this ..Also the home made Tomato chutney looks delicious ..if u can please share its recipe 🙂

  • http://cooks-hideout.blogspot.com Pavani

    Those dosas look yummy.. I’ll definitely try these this weekend.
    Your rava idlis are a staple in my house.
    Thanks for the step-by-step instructions.

  • http://www.pearlsofeast.blogspot.com Shibani

    Hi I have never tried rava dosa, The step by step instruction is great.Bookmarked!!!!!!!!!

  • http://maneadige.blogspot.com Ramya’s Mane Adige

    yummm!!!! My mom makes amazing rava dosas…. yours looks so crisp and perfect!!!

  • Cham

    Wonderful crispy dosas, love rava dosa and it is perfect.

  • http://evolvingtastes.blogspot.com evolvingtastes

    Sailu, thanks, that looks so lovely! Can you tell me whether to use coarse or fine rawa for this? The two types are quite distinct in their uses.

    Coarse rava, ET.

  • Manasi

    Perfect rava dosas!!

  • Srivalli

    So glad that you joined the party…Rava Dosa is my all time fav too…those pictures look great..thanks for the detailed post!

  • http://www.tangerineskitchen.blogspot.com rachel

    nice-looking rava dosa there! I find it so difficutlt o get the right heat on an iron tava…non-stick tava is what I use..

    Besan chutney is something that i am yet to try!

  • http://foodtravails.blogspot.com/ ms

    Wow, thats one comprehensive post on rava dosa. Cool picture tutorial.

  • http://teluguruchi.blogspot.com/ Uma

    wonderful rawa dosas, Sailu! Nothing can beat a crisp dosa.

  • http://www.samaithupaarkalaam.blogspot.com Kalai

    Tutorial is so helpful and the end result is just awesome!! They look perfectly crispy! 🙂

  • Dee

    Sailu garu , chala baga rasara. The tips will surely help me to make better dosas!! Love the pictures as usual.

  • suj

    hey sailu…dosas look yummy…:)

  • http://siri-corner.blogspot.com Siri

    The photos are inducing hunger into my tummy Sailu. Lovely. adurs!!


  • http://hotandsweetbowl.blogspot.com/ Sukanya

    This looks so tempting….Looks yummy! Turned out so good and perfect…

  • http://www.peppermill-miri.blogspot.com Miri

    Great step by step instructions….I had a tough time figuring out how to make these till I saw one cook in a buffet dipping a steel katori into the batter and then pouring from it , instead of using a spoon. That really works for me!


  • http://soupsnsnacks.blogspot.com/ Anjali J.

    Sailu, thats a good looking dosa.. step by step pictures makes it more easy for the viewers.

  • http://potpourri-saswati.blogspot.com saswati

    Wow sailu the dosas look gr8 and authentic too….bookmarked it.I made your tomato chutney and coriander curd chutney for my dosa entry..posted on my blog yesterday..the chutneys were gr8.thanx:)

  • http://luvgoodfood.blogspot.com Jayashree

    Looks crisp, brown and perfect!!!

  • http://kailaskitchen.blogspot.com Jayasree

    Perfect, crisp rava dosas. Loved your tutorial. You have detailed all the points, which is important while making rava dosas. Great job. Very useful for a novice.

  • http://wwwcookspot.blogspot.com sushma

    Hey Rava dosa luks perfect and i like the saambar

  • Susmitha


    Thank you very much for your Rava Dosa recipe. It’s a big hit with me!!! I used to make it before too, but wanted to give it a try, and know what, I made better dosas.

    Though I fried the dosa for 3-4 mins, it wasn’t as crisp as it looks in the pictures you posted. Do I have to let it fry for some more time. Please let me know.

    Also, could you please post Mysore Bajji recipe for me sometime? I’m craving for it since a long time and I don’t get to et it here.

    Thanks once again! You’re the best!

    I’m glad the tips helped, Susmitha. Yes, do let it roast for a while longer for a crisper dosa. The time is approx and it depends on the pan and heat control. I will try to blog your request sometime.:)

  • http://rpunitha63@gmail.com R.Punitha

    Hai Sailu, the taste of rava dosa is tremendous!!!!!!! My family enjoyed the taste. Thank you for you ever. Take care……

  • R.Punitha

    Sailu, please give me the basan chutney recipe.

    Yes, Punita, I will be blogging senaga (besan) chutney recipe soon. You can look forward to that.

  • Mahima

    Hi Sailu,
    Dosa looks very good. I will try that. When you have some time, could you please blog or give me the recipe for tompato pickle(some waht sweet)
    that is served along with breakfasts in restaurants.


  • challa sarath reddy

    Hi sailu. Dosa looks wonderful.definetely iam gonna try and share my experience with my friends. Thanks again Sailu.

  • http://www.musicalskitchen.blogspot.com musical

    Lovely pictorial, Sailu! I love rave dosas, becuase they are such a quick eat-no soaking, no grinding and similar great taste 🙂 You have set off the cravings now 🙂

  • lalithamanohar

    hi sailu ..
    even my home town is vizag .. i love all ur recipes .. ur rava dosa looks yummyyyyyyyyy .. can u pls tell how to preapre besan chutney

  • http://www.messyvegetariancook.com Kip

    That looks fantastic! And who thinks of calories in the face of a nice treat, anyway? 🙂

  • sridevi

    hi sailu, ur dosa is looking gr8 and very crispy. I am very tempted 2 eat so i’ll try ur version of rava dosa 2day. Thank u for a delicious recipe.

  • mangala

    Hi shailu..this looks yummy and nice.. will try one of these days…..

  • uma

    Hai Sailu…Dosas are just awesome..
    In the video…the rava ,rice flour and maida ratios are different from wat you mentioned…please let me know…which one i need to follow…

    Uma, the video link helps us in learning another method of preparing rava dosa. I have not followed the method or recipe provided by the video.

  • http://en-ulagam.blogspot.com revathi

    Look at this –


    Copied from your site.

    Thank you for informing me, Revathi.

  • smitha

    Hi Sailu,

    Thanks a ton for the recipe and the effort you have taken to explain the recipe so clearly. I love rava dosa but never knew how to make it. Tomorrow the breakfast at our home is gonna be RAVA DOSA !!!

  • http://www.indianwok.blogspot.com Namrata


    It looks so good…less hassle than rice and dal dosa. I will definitely try..thanks for really helpful and nice pics..

  • Mamta

    Hi Sailu

    Thanks a lot for the recipe and the photo tutorial. Tried out the rava dosa and it turned out great. Thanks again.

  • http://thebuddingcook.blogspot.com/ TBC

    I make rava dosas frequently during the weekends.
    Today I tried your proportions for the ingredients and the dosas were just perfect.I replaced some water with a little buttermilk.
    Thank you! 🙂

  • sandeepa

    Thanks for the tutorial, surely this will help people like me

  • sruthi

    hai sailu, Thanks for ur recipes, i am eager to try ur rava dosas but i have a doubt. Is this upma rava or idli rava ?( i know it might be silly question).
    thankq S
    from S

    Sruthi, its upma rava (semolina).

  • http://spillay.wordpress.com Spillay

    I’m new here. Dropped by yesterday and found this tutorial. I tried your recipe today and the dosa came out GREAT!! Thank you for sharing!

  • http://foodiefreaks.blogspot.com Sashree

    Hi Sailu,
    dis website is really gr8 n even i wanna share my oatsb dosa in dosa mela n 1 more thing i wanna b 1 of ur contributer list…….so jus tell me how to proceed………………thanx……..

  • http://ta5tebuds.blogspot.com/ Bhagyashri

    Hi Sailu,
    Great post! I make Rava dosas too but never tried with the thin batter as you have given here. Will surely try this method as well…it looks yummy!

  • bhavani

    Hello sailajagaru,
    mee recipes try chestu vuntanu. Thanks for your wonderful recipes. can u tell me any other option other than biyyapupindi? craving to eat ravva dosas. pls reply

  • bhavani

    can u kindly post me easy way of making mysore pak.

  • http://indianfoodrocks.blogspot.com manisha

    Sailu, I made these tonight and they were really good! I used whole wheat farina with malted barley so they were brown in color. Also, since the rava is not as fine as upma rava, it took slightly longer to cook. But they were delicious and we had them with sambar as I didn’t have time to make any chutneys. Thanks for a great recipe!

  • Veena

    Thanks for the great recipe Sailu.
    I made several flop attempts before while making ravva dosas and finally by following your recipe, I made yummy ravva dosas successfully.

  • sailu
    I am happy and appreciate the feedback on all the successful attempts on preparing rava dosa. Overwhelmed by all of your encouraging comments.:)
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  • dolly

    Thanks for perfect rava dosa recipe…

  • http://tumyumtreats.blogspot.com/ sunshinemom

    Very nice…just the way it should be…:)

  • Nagaraja

    చాలా బాగుందండీ ఈ ఫోటో ట్యుటోరియల్

  • http://www.love4cooking.blogspot.com mahek

    Thanks a lot for your recipe…
    I was looking out for the dosa recipe but could not find the right one which made “jali” like the one you get in hotels this seem to be doing the trick.
    I always thought there was udad dal too in Rava dosa ..
    will let you know

  • susheela

    Hi sailu garu
    Thanks for the recipe.I tired this today came out ok.But not crispy as u shown in photo.May be i need practice.


  • varshik

    hi sailu… u were really sailing us very gud foods from over seas…..i tried this ravva dosa on my own by ur magical formula… pics r gre8…. they R self explainatary. thanks a lot.

  • Sirisha

    HI Sailu

    I prepared rava dosa. One time it comes very nicely, but next time it doesnt come at all. It gets stick to the non stick pan.
    Let me know any tricks/tip for non stick pan.
    The thing I am working and in usa. So what I do is dosa pindi prepare chesukoni fridge pedatanu so that next day ku use avutundi ani.
    Next day sariga ravatam ledu. Next day sariga ravalate emi cheyyali.

    Ur dosa preparation explanation is really gud. Thank You.

    One more thing, I want to know some snacks to be prepared in the evening. Maa husband ku daily 7.00pm ku snacks kavali. They should be prepared very easily within less time and I am calorie conscious. Endukante daily oil /any other fatty thing use chestu, I am worried abt his health. So okka maatalo cheppalante.. pls let me know snacks which r easy to prepare and also gud for health. I am waiting for ur reply.

  • divya

    hello sailu,
    I have become a new fan of ur site,all the recipes are simply easy and superb.
    I tried rava dosa yesterday,and i had a problem,the rava got sticky and was separated from the batter like bubblegum.I think I’m the only person to give a negative feedback,sorry,I’m a beginner in cooking.Can u please let me know where I might have gone wrong?

  • Nafisa

    Wow! the tutorial wuz perfect – if not for the pics i would have been groping in the dark with regards to the consistency etc!

    first i wuz a lil hesitant in pouring the batter on the tawa my hand hesitated and hence the dosa did not come as thin and crisp – then i got the hang of it as i splashed the hot tawa with the batter outer circle and then filled in a thin layer inside and let it cook on low, medium then high flame till i got the crispiest till it can be crispier no more!!!

    Thanks for the step by step tutorial and the numerous tips accompanied by it – just like how a special friend used to teach me once 🙂

  • Vijay

    I like the way you have explained each and every minute detail. Generally, people who write different recipes ignore limitations and challenges that one may come across cooking these items. I appreciate your detailed version and have also tried these dosas just today. They are simply wonderful.


  • roma

    Thanks a lot for sharing these tips. They are really useful.

  • sumi

    I have roasted rava, can I use it or do I have to get raw rava?

    Either will do, use raw rava if possible.

  • Swapna

    Hi Sailu,
    Yesterday I tried out the Egg curry recipe and it was a grand success. The full house was filled with the aroma of the curry!
    Why is this Video link not showing any thing. Can you please, please send this as an attachment to my mail address or can u give the site where I can view this. I reside in Kuwait and here YOU Tube is banned.

    Its not a video from my blog, Swapna. External link to a dosa making video by Chef Sanjay of Vahrevah.

  • kalyani

    hi sailu,
    great post, to make ravva dosa semolina fine or semolina coarse, which one to use?

    Use fine semolina.

  • laxmi

    hi mam,
    recently i tried rava dosa .but it does not come out well. it sticks to pan. i tried so many times. but still i did not get fine rava dosa. whats the mistake i am doing i do not know. can u plz tell the suggestions. this dosa is a favourite not only for me but my whole family. i am new to the kitchen. thank u sailu garu.

  • swapna

    hi,thank u for the recipe sailu,i have been searching for this rava dasa recipe.i luv rava dosa.this one looks easy and very brief .ur suggestions at the end of recipe were very helpfull.HATTS OF TO UR WORK..

  • revathy

    how many ever times i try i don’t get it let me try for the last time. canu u also give me the rceipie for badusha

  • Radha

    Greetings from New Zealand. Rava dosa is my favourite and I have never been able to replicate it at home like the hotel ones. Your recipe was excellent and I got fantastic results. Everybody at home including my neighbours enjoyed the rava dosa. I have read and tried only a few of your recipes and have always had excellent results.

  • Minoo

    Hi Sailu Garu,
    This photo tutorial is just awesome…I am joining the long list of people here who have tried and loved this recipe! I have a small query…Can maida in this recipe be substituted with anything else?
    Thanks a ton.

    Yes, you can use whole wheat flour (Atta).

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  • Malini

    Hi Saiu,
    Superb!! came out great without having to go thro the hassles of making the traditional batter. Pls also publish the recipe for Neeru dosa – ate it in a hotel in mumbai and wanted to make it ever since.


  • vahnika

    Hai Sailu,
    I have tried this recipe today its really delicious !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Abhilasha

    Me & my husband were craving for the yummily crisp rava dosas……and while searching for the eggless cake recipe I stumbled over the Rava dosa recipe….what luck I would say !!!!!!!!

    Thanks a lot !!!!

    The proportions work wonderfully well !!!!

  • Sandhya

    Hey sailu
    I tried this recipe last saturday and it was very tasty. i had only one issue. my dosa din’t look that crisp as it looks in the photo. Should i skip the maida?

  • Vani

    Hi Sailu,

    Great recipe..i followed the steps mentioned in recipe ..It went out well and very tasty.thanks for nice Recipe and wonderful tips to prepare dosa 🙂

    Thanks !

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  • Thenmozhi

    My hubby loves rava dosas, I tried your recipe yesterday by soaking in fridge for 30 mins, came out so well..Thanks for posting d recipe with exact proportions.

  • nagini

    i try your rava dosa recipe its really nice..thank u for the tips.

  • arpana

    i tried the rava dosasa at my place….they were awesome

  • mahnoor

    i will only comment after i try it

  • mahnoor

    i will only comment after i try it

  • mahnoor

    i will only comment after i try it

  • mahnoor

    i will only comment after i try it

  • mahnoor

    i will only comment after i try it

  • Rajirkiyer

    i tried this but it is not coming like u have displayed in the photo. which tava are u using. it is not coming properly in non stick too. i used beed ka tava.

    raji ramakrishnan

    • Anonymous

      I used an iron tawa.

  • Rajirkiyer

    i tried this but it is not coming like u have displayed in the photo. which tava are u using. it is not coming properly in non stick too. i used beed ka tava.

    raji ramakrishnan

  • Nagapurivijaya2009

    Sailu its a wonder full itum ravva dose and Veg idly than q

  • Maria John

    Looks yummy…I tried this and came out well…Thanks

  • Maria John

    Looks yummy…I tried this and came out well…Thanks

  • deepa

    Mouth watering……..

  • Jyothi

    Thanks to the receipe.. Being pregnant, I was looking for a quick snack and I tried this and came out good even after making dosa after half hr settling time. Thank you.

  • http://mykitchentrials.wordpress.com/ Rajani

    Made these for dinner now and it came out really well! Thanks for the step by step photos and great instructions 🙂

  • http://mykitchentrials.wordpress.com/ Rajani

    Made these for dinner now and it came out really well! Thanks for the step by step photos and great instructions 🙂

  • Gsashikala38

    I tried it. very nice

  • Gsashikala38

    I tried it. very nice

  • Swati411

    I tried the rawa dosa receipe..but they dint turn out cripy..Was wondering what could have gone wrong.
    Regards Swati

    • Sam

      Add more rice flour, and leave it on the tawa an extra minute or two after the bottom becomes really brown.

  • Swati411

    I tried the rawa dosa receipe..but they dint turn out cripy..Was wondering what could have gone wrong.
    Regards Swati

  • Nayaki_84

    dosa looks amazing
    i try tomorrow

  • Shalmali

    The dosas turned out great..thanks for the recipe!

  • Shalmali

    The dosas turned out great..thanks for the recipe!

  • Shobha

    Your rava dosa is so relishing.Thanq you.

  • Ravi

    Coarsely ground black pepper added to the mix will make this recipe perfect.

  • JT

    how many dosas does this recipe yield? thanks

  • sona

    hi Sailu,
    i tried this but the batter just stick to the tawa…cud n’t figure out where i went wrong pls. help…

    • Sam

      To Sona. This is what I do. Before the batter is added on the hot tawa, rub the tawa well with a freshly cut onion. You would notice the tawa surface turning out exceedingly smooth with a very thin layer of onion juice, almost invisible to eyes sticking on the surface. Pour the batter on it now, while the tawa is hot. Don’t touch the dosa until the bottom turns brown. Add oil or ghee from the side. After a minute of so, slowly turn it with a steep spatula. You’d find no sticky dosa.

      • Ruhi Saxena

        We dont eat onion and garlic..so what’s the substitute then?

        • shipra singh

          always use a used tawa, if it has some chicknai in it , it will be good. allow the tawa to be very hot , sprinkle some water on it and wipe out it. then start making dosa.

        • Nithi

          Take a small amount of tamarind, wrap it in a white cotton cloth. now rub the tamarind on the dosa pan before making dosas if you dont use onion.

  • Yes Cook

    Love Rava Dosa. Thanks for posting.

  • Vijaylaxmi Sreeshant

    Hi Sailu
    Today i tried rava dosa..Taste was very good but did not come out out that crisp.where was i wrong,

  • Hema

    Hi sailu

    I tried making the Rava dosa, but unfortunately it didn’t turn out to be like Rava dosa…taste good though!
    The recipe said semolina.. Is it coarse semolina? Since I can’t find coarse semolina, could I use fine semolina, what would be the measurement be. And the rice flour does it also have to be coarse.

    Thank you

  • anoos

    1cup semolina,1/2cup maida,1/4 cup rice flour and let it sit for 1hr.exact recipe of hotels told by a hotel friend.

  • anand

    Better to add butter milk to the batter to get extra taste and also it gets fermented fast. Add a little more rice flour if it is sticking to pan.

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