Mango sago recipe

Mango sago recipe, easy mango desserts to beat the heat

mango sago
Mango sago

Mango sago is a delicious, addictive pudding made with fresh mango pulp and tapioca pearls. There are many versions to the basic mango sago recipe based on the region its prepared especially in South Asian countries like Singapore, Thailand or Hong Kong. Coconut milk and palm sugar are usually an integral part of this classic mango dessert but I have used dairy and replaced palm sugar with normal white sugar.

This easy mango sweet dish has a light, fluffy, creamy texture bursting with mango flavor and a sutble aroma of cardamom. One of the easiest mango desserts that is refreshing, smooth, creamy and perfect to beat the heat.

mango sago dessert
Mango sago dessert

This pudding has my favorite fruit go into its making and am so glad that I made it before the mango season ends in my part of the world. One of the main ingredients of this eggless dessert is tapioca pearls or sago aka sabudana which is made from gluten free tapioca starch and comes in different sizes. I have used the large size tapioca pearls which I washed thoroughly and soaked in water for 20 minutes. After they have been soaked, I washed and boiled the sago in lots of water till the pearls turned transparent yet held shape. The creamy texture of mango sago pudding contrasts perfectly with the chewy texture of soft tapioca pearls.

Instead of going for that boxed pudding mix for your next party, do consider serving this delicious mango sago dessert to your friends and family. You can easily make this eggfree pudding ahead of time and nothing beats homemade desserts made with fresh ingredients and loads of love.

mango sago pudding
Mango sago pudding

How to make mango sago recipe

Mango sago recipe

  Prepare time:
 Serves: 5

 Main Ingredients:

  •  mango
  •   sago


  •   Mango puree - 1 1/2 cups
  •   Ripe mango - 1/2 cup, peeled, cubed and chilled
  •   Tapioca pearls or sago - 1/2 cup, soaked for 15-20 mts in enough water
  •   Reduced milk - 3/4 cup (boil 1/2 lt milk till it reduces to 3/4 cup) OR evaporated milk
  •   Full fat milk - 1/2 cup (add more if the pudding is too thick) OR thick coconut milk
  •   Corn starch - 1 1/2 tsps, mix in 2 tbsps milk
  •   Sugar - 1/3 cup (adjust)

Method for making Mango sago recipe

Wash the soaked sago in water thoroughly and boil in a lt of water till they turn soft. Turn off flame and drain. Wash the boiled sago in normal water and drain. Place the boiled and cooled sago in fridge till use.
Boil 1/2 lt milk till it reduces to 3/4 cup. Turn off flame and bring to room temperature.
In another vessel, bring 1/2 cup milk to a boil. Reduce flame, add sugar and cardamom. Simmer till the sugar dissolves. Slowly add the corn flour mixture and keep stirring till the milk thickens lightly. This could take 6-7 mts. Turn off flame. Allow to come to room temperature.
Blend reduced milk, boiled milk+sugar mixture and mango puree till well combined. You can use a mixer grinder to blend.
Remove the mixture to a bowl, add the chilled sago and mix gently till combined.
Chill the mixture for at least 2-3 hours before serving. At the time of serving, divide the mango sago pudding among the serving glasses. Garnish with ripe mango cubes and tapioca pearls. Serve!


  •   You can replace reduced milk and sugar with 3/4 can condensed milk.
  •   If the pudding is too thick, you can dilute by adding more milk.
  •   Remember to blend all the ingredients at room temperature. The ingredients should not be warm.
  •   Cinnamon can be used in place of cardamom.
  •   Vegans can use non-dairy cream, almond milk and coconut milk instead of milk and fresh cream.


Mango sago recipe, an easy eggless mango pudding made with mango pulp & tapioca pearls. How to make mango sago dessert, a gem among mango dessert recipes.